Numerology and Lifepath
Numerology, Success and Abundance

Who wouldn’t want a life with more joy, success, abundance and wealth?

We tend to struggle to achieve our dreams of success and financial independence.

But is there a way to achieve these goals with less struggle and more enjoyment, fulfilment and purpose?

Numerology gives you a powerful tool in knowing how you best align yourself with the will of the universe.

Great achievers, celebrities, and luminaries out there are all in some degree of alignment with their numbers.

Their success comes from a FEEDBACK loop of knowing WHERE to go and EMBRACING the opportunities and feedback that come back when receiving the ANSWERS and following the guiding SYNCRHONICITIES from the universe.

Not only will abundance and career opportunities start to roll in, but also the right people start coming to you.

So how do you use numerology to awaken your wealth potential?

Look further down below to see the three main methods you can use numerology to increase your vibration and resonance with wealth and abundance.

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3 methods
How To Use Numerology To Attract Success, Wealth And Abundance

If you want to use numerology to enhance your success and abundance vibration, there are three main areas you can choose to work with:

1) METHOD 1: Getting the best out of your birth numbers
2) METHOD 2: Getting the best out of your name numbers
3) METHOD 3: Working with wealth and abundance numbers

Getting The Best Out of Your Birth Numbers

Our soul chooses the date of birth according to complex processes of resonance. After the last incarnation the soul has gathered a certain “karma” – the sum of energies that it accumulated in that incarnation. When the soul reincarnates again it needs to find a date that is a “vibrational match” to this karma.

That is why our date of birth shows us what karma we come with, but it also shows us our greatest potential. How can we make use of our “baggage” from the previous incarnation and progress on our highest path in this incarnation?

The numbers and specific combinations of numbers in our birth date play an essential role in our ability to create wealth and abundance for ourselves.

All numbers have positive and negative potentials. So if you give in to the lower aspects of your numbers you will experience a lot of these negative potentials in your life, but if you focus on their positive potentials the opposite holds true – you will start experiencing the positive aspects of those numbers in your life.

For example, if you were born on the 18th of the month you are born with a strong energy of the number 9 – because the 1 and 8 in 18 add up to 9 – the number that represents Mars – the God of war. So there is a certain tendency in people born on the 18th to display anger. On the other hand, the positive aspects of 18 are disciplin, focus, drive and leadership. So which do you choose?

So in this case, part of the “succes” or “abundance” code of a person born on the 18th of the month would be to be focused and show leadership – and not to give in to anger or resentment.

So all numbers have “an abundance code” – a certain thing that they do best and which you can activate.

Apart from that there are also certain numbers that have a slightly easier and more natural potential for helping the person who bears those numbers to achieve wealth. The main ones being the numbers 1,19,28,14,21 and 23. More about these “wealth” numbers down below.

So if you don’t have these wealth numbers with you in your date of birth, does this mean that you are “doomed” to an eternal life of poverty and ill means? Not at all! All we are saying is that the aforementioned numbers give a slight “edge” or advantage. This is both according to what the ancient Chaldean theory tells us about these numbers, but also confirmed through our extensive research on the numerology of the people on the Forbes list.

Here you see the 5 major Chaldean charts. The birth day numbers are all placed in the higher self chart – the top purple colored triangle.

Your day vibration is placed at the bottom of the higher self chart. This number accounts for 30-50% of your personality. Working in alignment with your day vibration is important in order to achieve success, abundance and harmony.

Your life path numbers are created by adding up all the digits in your birth date. These numbers show your karma and latent potential.

Getting The Best Out of Your Name Numbers

Our names are given to us by our parents. So while our soul chooses the date of birth it is “the world” through the agency of our parents that chooses our name vibrations. These names can be either harmonious or “disharmonious” – they can affect us in a positive and negative way. Our names can also bring forth the best in our birth date energies or “work against” them bringing forth the negative karma.

So the two main ways we can work with numerology if we want to improve our alignment with abundance and wealth is to either start living more in alignment with our birthday numbers OR to get new names that support us in a better way. Whether or not this option is viable to you depends on a lot of factors. First of all you may not even want to change your names, which is fine. Like you can work with your birth date numbers to get the best out of them, you can certainly do the same with your names. Second of all it might not even be possible for you to change your names. Where we come from (Scandinavia) it is an easy process to change ones names – which is also why name change numerology thrives in Scandinavia, where many people choose to change their names to achieve more of what they want in life.

You can also choose both methods. You can get new names AND work with the energies in your date of birth. This is by far the most efficient method.

Numerological name change is a complex and fascinating science.

In a numerological name change consultation the numerologist gives you harmonious number values and lists of names that correspond to those values.

So in method 1 we mentioned that there a certain numbers that “resonate” with wealth and abundance. Having names that have these values will help you to attract more wealth and abundance into your lives. This is due to the laws of attraction and vibration. With a new name you will be thinking of that name all the time and other people will be calling you that name – in this way you will be “evoking” more of that energy into your life.

So is it as simple as just getting names with good number values?

No, not quite! The number values of the names have to add up to a life expression that also has a good number value! And not only the life expression number. In the numerological name chart called “The Numeroscope” there are MANY number positions that are created by the interplay of the name numbers – and ALL of these numbers have to be good and strong numbers. This is why it is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that the name number values are found for you by a professional numerologist.

The name chart is the big central chart colored dark yellow

The names are placed on the central line of the chart and the life expression (the names added up) is placed at the bottom. The life expression shows your career path and relationship to money.

Your brand numbers are all the numbers in the top half of the name chart. These numbers very much dictate your public image, communication skills and money flow.

Working with wealth and abundance numbers

You can get the best out of all numbers and activate their wealth codes, but there are certain numbers that have a great resonance with wealth and abundance – these numbers are 1,14,17,19,20,21,23,27,28,32,33,37,41 and 54. Number 28 though should be used with care as it also attracts court cases and litigation.

In this article we will look specifically at 14,19,21 and 23.



14 is a number of communication, networking, the union of opposites, and business innovation.

The number has an excellent sense of balance and timing – so you say the right things at the right time and master the subtle art of situational awareness and communication.

14 allows you to easily attract good friends, good deals, quick cash, and helps you to always be at the right place at the right time. It makes you good at bringing people together and creating harmony between different kinds of people and social groups by removing differences and prejudices.

14 also give magical communication. You can do things in a way that is fascinating to others and you can go far by merely using your charm. People tend to like you and wish to cooperate with you. You are perfect at job interviews and always make a super good first impression.

With the energy of 14/5, it is easy to meet new people and quickly acclimatize to new social groups. You will also experience that people begin talking to you without knowing you because they feel drawn to you and also fell safe with you.

14/5 is all about quick deals, smart ideas, and concepts that are so good that they sell themselves. One of the best numbers for attracting abundance and wealth.


19 gives you luck, purity, and intuition.
1 and 9 add up to 10, which again adds up to 1, which is the number of the Sun.

Like the Sun, the number 19 is full of energy and the spark of life.

The Sun shines on its surroundings and leads others full of goodwill – the Sun gives a strong winner mentality, positive energy, and optimism.

The number 19 aspect of the number 1 stands for innocence, freedom, luck, and intuition.

The tarot card for 19 is called “The heavenly prince” – who is the naked child that is shown on the card riding a white horse. The symbolism is purity (the nakedness), great luck, a bright future, and that “everything you touch turns to gold.” The number 19 gives access to a tremendous inner optimism and courage. You can experience synchronicities, lucky “coincidences,” leading to your desired results and to you being carried forth in life.

19 gives optimism, a pure mind with pure thoughts. Self-confidence and luck play together to guide you to success in a playful way allowing all your dreams to become a reality.
19/1 is all about pleasure and the joy of life in all that you do. You build things up step by step with a good sense of grounding and reality.

The number 1 in 19 gives a strong will and optimism. The 9 in 19 provides the structure and wisdom. We have the sense of reality from the 9 and, therefore, a structured execution of goals and plans. The movement from 1 to 9 signifies going from the start and taking it to the end – which is why the number is called “everything you touch turns into gold.”

With the 19/1 energy supporting you, everything in life becomes pleasurable, happy, fun, creative, and aesthetic. You wish for both personal and economic freedom and achieve both with ease. These two forms of freedom are two sides of the same coin, and the 19 energy helps you to fulfill your deepest wishes in all domains of life.

21 gives knowledge, diligence, and the ability to achieve great success after putting in a significant amount of effort.

The number 21 is a magical number that symbolizes the entire universe and that you can crack the code of success. The number 21 gives intelligence and the ability to get results with all that you do. It gives unique, almost magical ideas that you act upon with ease. It grants ambition helps you to reach far up in the hierarchy. At the same time, it gives healing skills and spiritual gifts that allow you to enjoy unprecedented success.

The first number is 2, the moon, that stands for creativity and relating to other people. The 1 stands for perfectionism and winner mentality, and the digit sum 3 stands for success and that things succeed and materialize. These numbers together give a thorough preparation before starting any creative process or project, which ensures the success.

In the number 21, you also find an excellent ability to communicate innovative ideas to the world in a way so that the concepts are understood and received. In this way, you can achieve a significant influence and become a leader in your field.


The greatest and richest athlete ever is the basketball star Michael Jordan. He is known as the greatest basketball player ever to have played the game and at the same time he has a fortune well over 1 billion dollars – the richest sportsman of all time. Michael Jordan had the number 23 on his jersey which was his “luck” number. When he was not wearing his number 23 jersey, he did not have the same power and dexterity.

23 is one of the most fortunate numbers in the Chaldean system of numerology, giving you great potential for harmony, wealth, protection, and flow.

The Tarot card for number 23 is called the “Royal Star of the Lion” and is a symbol of the inner and outer abundance.

It is often referred to as the HIGHEST vibration in numerology. It gives protection against dangers and accidents. This is because all the 5 elements are present in 23/5 in the best and most harmonious way, which offers the ultimate flow and protection.

At the same time, everything will come with incredible ease so that you almost don’t have to do anything to make things succeed.

Together with 32 and 37, 23 is one of the most significant money numbers. It gives a good economy, a lot of material wealth, and an inner feeling of abundance.

23 makes you highly loved by all people – always forgiven for your faults. It gives a great love and trust in all people. With this vibration, you will have a great love for everything in existence. You can love yourself no matter what happens and have a great love for all living beings – people, animals, and plants.

With this vibration, you will live your life with great trust in the process of life and always feel that things are going in the right direction. You have inner light and healing powers, and you readily share your positive vibrations to all your fellow human beings – positive vibrations that go full circle and which you then again receive tenfold from the universe

Other people feel fascinated and attracted by what you do and say – almost as if you owned a magical power of charisma. This will make it easy to communicate your message. You have a beautiful and soft energy that other people feel like being close to.

You easily attract help from people high up in the social stratosphere and career ladder who help by clearing the path for you. You attract the chances and opportunities in life that are necessary for success, and your actions lead to success.

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