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Microcosm Macrocosm
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Upon observing the numeroscope chart, a fascinating resemblance to the human body becomes apparent. Even the different elements of the numeroscope bear references to bodily aspects. For instance, the top circle represents the “heart/mind center,” while the bottom circle symbolizes the “solar plexus.” Moreover, the life theme located at the bottom of the numeroscope provides guidance on our life’s path, akin to our legs and lower body.

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Microcosm Macrocosm
The Holographic Universe of Numerology

From this intriguing similarity between the numeroscope and the human body, we recognize that numerology and the numeroscope are essentially a HOLOGRAPHIC system—where the macrocosm of the body is intricately mapped onto the microcosm of the numeroscope.

This concept is not new; throughout history, individuals have employed smaller representations of complex entities to comprehend or heal larger entities. For instance, skilled palm readers can perceive an entire life story imprinted in the palm of one’s hand, as the hand serves as a microcosm of the body and life itself. Similarly, acupressurists can restore the well-being of internal organs by stimulating specific points on the soles of the feet, and the iris of the eye can reveal the overall health of the body. Astrology also adheres to this principle, as the state of the solar system (macrocosm) is believed to be encoded in one’s being (microcosm) at the moment of birth.

Thus, it becomes evident that to comprehend the numerological charts accurately, which represent a microcosm of ourselves, a precise understanding of the entire human anatomy is required. By mapping this macrocosmic understanding onto the charts, we can unveil deeper insights.

Where can we turn to obtain this accurate macrocosmic perspective of the human being? Ideally, such a model should encompass all dimensions of human existence. One suitable model is Maslow’s pyramid of needs, while another is the chakra system that maps energetic centers along the spine. However, the most comprehensive and expansive model known to us is the “Pancha Kosha” from the ancient yoga system of India. India’s rich heritage in producing enlightened masters, gurus, and sages is attributed to this incredibly precise model of human beings and their interconnectedness with the universe.

Given that the modern form of Chaldean numerology, widely used in the UK and Scandinavia, has its roots in India (where Cheiro learned numerology), it is fitting to employ the Pancha Kosha in order to deepen our understanding of numerology within this context.

Ancient sublime wisdom
The 5 Bodies

“Pancha Kosha” or “the Five Bodies” represents one of the most ancient conceptualizations of the human experience, offering us a profound perspective.

As human beings, our existence encompasses five interconnected layers: the physical, energetic, mental, intellectual, and spiritual. These layers are not only present throughout the universe but are also mirrored within us, signifying a holographic reflection of the cosmos.

The Bliss Body (Anandamaya Kosha):

This represents our “body of consciousness” and is the most subtle layer of our being. It emerges in fleeting moments of pure bliss, where we experience a profound sense of unity with the universal consciousness.

The Wisdom Body (Vijnanamaya Kosha):

Composed of wisdom, this body encapsulates our knowledge, values, beliefs, and inner sense of discernment. Awakening this body enables us to perceive beyond the surface of reality, enhancing our intuition and deepening our understanding.

The Emotional Body (Manomaya Kosha):

This body is shaped by our mind and heart, housing our perceptions of the world, ourselves, and others. Within this layer resides our ego, emotions, and behavioral patterns, influencing our interactions and responses.

The Energetic Body (Pranamaya Kosha):

Made of energy, this body encompasses our life force or prana, which flows through the circulatory, lymphatic, and nervous systems. It is through this body, in conjunction with the emotional body, that our aura is primarily shaped—emitting energies that others unconsciously perceive in our presence.

The Physical Body (Annamaya Kosha):

Constituting our flesh and bones, this body is literally formed by the nourishment we derive from the food we consume. It represents our most vulnerable layer, as imbalances from the other layers can manifest in physical ailments and disharmony.

Together, these five bodies provide a comprehensive framework for understanding the various dimensions of our human experience, shedding light on the intricate interplay between our physicality, energy, thoughts, emotions, and consciousness.

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The 5 Chart Numeroscope™

In numerology, we explore the profound impact of our date of birth and names on our being through five essential charts, collectively known as the “5 Chart Numeroscope™”.

The first chart, known as the Higher Self, exclusively consists of the numbers derived from our birth date. It serves as a window into our karma and highest potential in this lifetime, unveiling our primary personality archetype.

The second chart, referred to as the Psyche Chart, illuminates the functioning of our psyche from childhood to adulthood, offering insights into its intricate workings.

The third chart, known as the Vocation Chart, provides a glimpse into our desires and aspirations, unraveling the intricate tapestry of our professional longings.

The fourth chart, called the Personality Chart, offers valuable insights into our individuality, charisma, and the impact we have on others in our social sphere.

The fifth chart, known as the Name Chart, delves into the numerology of our names and sheds light on the profound influence they exert on vital aspects of our lives. It uncovers the significance of our names in relation to our love life, mental well-being, friendships, social interactions, career trajectory, and financial aspects. Among all the charts, the Name Chart holds a more tangible connection to our physical reality.

These five charts form the foundation of the 5 Chart Numeroscope™, allowing us to explore and understand the intricate interplay between our birth date, names, and various facets of our existence.

Holographic insights
The 5 Chart Numeroscope™ in the light of Pancha Kosha

As we delved into these charts, a remarkable harmony emerged between their profound meanings and the Pancha Kosha.

The Higher Self chart finds resonance in the connection between Anandamayakosha, the body of bliss, and Vijnanamayakosha, the mental body. It bridges the essence of our soul and greatest potential (Anandamayakosha) with the notion of individuality and personality (Vijnanamayakosha). Our Higher Self serves as the conduit to our soul and the divine, revealing the highest potential we can awaken in our lives. It illuminates the path to our deepest and most profound bliss (Ananda).

The Psyche chart aligns with the connection between Vijnanamayakosha, the mental body, and Manomayakosha, the emotional body. It translates our values, beliefs, and inner wisdom (Vijnanamayakosha) into tangible feelings and emotions (Manomayakosha) that shape our interactions with the world.

The Vocation Chart (Vowel Numeroscope) corresponds to the relationship between Manomayakosha, the emotional body, and Pranamayakosha, the energetic body. It captures the transformation of feelings and desires into concrete inner images of what we yearn for. Our emotions manifest as objects of desire, guiding our focus. When we direct our attention towards something, prana/energy flows in that direction.

The Personality Chart (Consonant Numeroscope) aligns with the connection between Pranamayakosha, the energetic body, and Anamayakosha, the physical body. It channels our life aspirations into the physical realm. When others encounter us for the first time, they perceive our intentions manifested in the physical world. They witness our communication, energy, and the direction in which our intentions propel us.

The Name Chart corresponds to Annamayakosha, the physical body, and subtly incorporates references to all the other bodies and numerological charts. It encapsulates the culmination and integration of all energies from the aforementioned charts, finding their ultimate expression in the physical realm.


A path from the divine down to our physical body
Our Subtle Anatomy

By intertwining the intricate knowledge of Chaldean numerology with the profound wisdom encapsulated in the Pancha Kosha, we have forged an extraordinary advancement in the realm of numerological understanding. This synergy has allowed us to unravel the intricate functionality of each chart, elevating the interpretation to a level of unparalleled depth and significance.

This comprehensive comprehension of the charts also unveils a more profound and effective approach to numerology for name changes. It grants us a heightened awareness of how each level of human architecture operates and the profound impact a name change can have on each facet. This awareness forms the bedrock of our highly successful system of numerological interpretation and name changes.

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