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Lift Your Vibrational Essence With Our
Personal Numerology Sessions

We offer numerology sessions where we analyse your date of birth and current names. We also provide you with the optimal name vibrations specifically for you, that will boost your career, communication, health and love life.

Take Your Life To The Next Level
Why Get A Numerology Session?

A session with a trained numerologist can be one of the best and most profound things that you ever do for yourself

In a numerological analysis of your birth date and full name you can get answers to some of the following questions:

  • What are the greatest obstacles/problems in your life
  • What are the vibrations that influence you at the deepest level of your being
  • What life lessons are you here to accomplish
  • What is your personal path to more abundance and success
  • How is your love life influenced by the numbers in your name
  • What difficulties do you encounter again and again
  • How you can change your inner attitude and your life circumstances to match your deepest essence

The Energies in Your Name
Your Names Affect Every Aspect of Your Life

Every letter has a corresponding number value – and so your names add up to certain numbers. Certain numbers are more HARMONIOUS than others, while others cause grief, pain, money loss and heartache. Your name number values also need to match your birthdate vibration so the numerologist looks at how your names vibrate with your birthdate vibration.

There are certain numbers which create disharmony in the personality. For example, the number 11 can make you a people pleaser, while the number 13 placed in the wrong place can give a continual longing for something else in your life (the “grass is greener” syndrome). The number 18 can give a lot of suppressed rage and the number 16 can make you feel empty, sad and afraid to lose what you have.

This is why people who get a numerological name change experience a letting go of old patterns which no longer serve them – and why their lives start to flow more freely. With new positive name you can live an abundant life from a place of deep inner harmony.

After The Name Change
Flow, Abundance And Higher Consciousness

A lot of new things happen after a numerological name change, both in your inside and outside worlds.

The new vibrations begin to influence you slowly and after 2 years the new vibrations will be working at a maximum level.

Many people describe their experiences in the following ways:

  • Life becomes less of a struggle and more like a flow or a dance with the universe
  • This flow spreads to all the areas of life creating more harmony and abundance
  • Old patterns and emotional blockages begin to let go off your being
  • A gradual opening at the level of the heart – leading to a deep feeling of love and connection

One of the Cornerstones of Numerology
The Law of Attraction

‘The law of attraction is one of the most fundamental laws in the universe and is one of the cornerstones in numerology.’

Numerologist, Estel Ehvass

1. With law of attraction, we are working with the universal vibrations – whether you are conscious in your attraction or not, the law of attraction teaches us that what you focus on is what you get.

For instance, if you desire a promotion, but you moan and groan about your current job, all your energy and attention go towards the job, which you are frustrated with. And because you end up focussing (consciously or subconsciously) on what you don’t appreciate, then that is what you get more of.

2. Now, the reason why numerology works so well in relation to law of attraction is that first you get totally clear about what your wishes and desires are.

Then we look at the energies you have come into this life with, in essence your soul purpose and your strong personality traits. And then, based on this, we create a new set up for your “human life” vibrations – we do this by giving you a new vibrational set-up through your name vibrations (a new name). A set-up which is specifically created for you, based on who you are and what you wish to get in life.

3. What happens next is close to a miracle. As your fantastic new vibrations gives you a sense of calm and passion in the direction of your desires and dreams, you will naturally start focussing your attention on those areas of your life.

Here the law of attraction gets a giant boost as you now, not only send out vibrations aligned to your desires all the time (name), but also that you now simply feel no frustration towards the parts of your life that you previously didn’t feel worked. And, as your attention shifts, you will draw more and more of what you really want into your life.

Happy Clients


I already know a lot about Numerology and it has been a wonderful journey to experience the numerologist interpreted my chart, energies and numbers. I also had new name numeroscopes made for my children, my dog and my business.

Changing your name is a big thing, and you need to feel confident in your numerologist. The professionalism and warmth easily make me recommend Numerologist PRO to anybody who is interested in numerology, since I also know what an imbalanced numeroscope means and what consequences it has.

My numerologist had a sharp intuition and with regards to my business it has been wonderful to share my dreams, visions and future plans with her.

Vienne Fisker - Stockholm, Sweden

My numerology reading was a truly eye opening experience.

I went for it after hearing a recommendation from a friend and it more than lived up to my expectations.

Hearing about my personal analysis was like listening to a story about myself, a story that had parts that were unclear to me up to that point. But somehow the session managed to put light on the whole picture of “me” in such a way that it left me speechless from a new level of understanding.

I could easily and immediately relate to both vices and virtues and even start to take different choices in my life – choices that were based in awareness. The analysis is quite complex and many leveled – which helped my sceptical mind avoid simplifying generalizations, and felt truly personal

The recommended name change actually really altered my life in unexpected and exciting ways. Besides the sensitive personal approach of the numerologist based on her vast knowledge about numerology, I was also very pleasantly surprised, by her practical advices and help in the name changing process.

Thank you!

Sofia Anneli Svensson - Prague, Czech Republic

After getting a session, I must say that the interpretation was very precise. I got an incredible insight into myself, and the numerologist had a great knowledge about numerology which elevates the level out of the ordinary. I can definitely recommend a Numerologist PRO personal session.

Daniella Cecilia Johansson- Copenhagen, Denmark

Emmelines name change – a personal story

Here Emmeline tells us about how it was to experience a numerological name change after a session with us.

I had for many years considered changing my name because I basically had a feeling that the name I had did not really suit me.
It felt like the time was right and that I was ready to change my name if it should prove to be beneficial for me according to numerology, so I booked a session.
I felt very well welcomed by Estel and her professional guidance. After our conversation, she gave me a numerology chart, that fit perfectly into the energy of my soul vibration and my purpose in this life. I got some name list that she recommended me to choose names from, and it only took me a few days to decide which names I wanted. It was a fascinating process to select a new name for oneself – very beautiful and deeply personal.

After the name change, I have felt a greater inner harmony and the ability to be authentic in all the settings that I am part of. I feel a greater confidence in myself and my values and I dare to be honest about my opinions no matter who I am with – something that I couldn’t do before. I no longer feel that it is “dangerous” to show who I am and what I believe in when in the company of people who I think have a different point of view.

It also surprised med that I get a positive response at work where I now dare to be honest about my spirituality and beliefs. My colleagues embrace my beliefs and views without prejudice. My family has also embraced the name change – something that I was a little anxious about on beforehand. I am always so happy when people now call me my new name. It feels right.

All in all, my “fear” of the outside world’s response to my decision proved to be completely ungrounded. I’ve only met a positive and open-minded response to my name change, something that I’m really happy about.

I am so happy for making this decision and can only recommend others who have an openness and curiosity about numerology to book a session with Estel. Her knowledge and in-depth guidance will definitely give you food for thought, and perhaps lead to a change of name – if you are open to it.
For me personally, this was the best gift I could give myself – and I can only recommend others to do the same.

Emmeline Vestergaard - Copenhagen, Denmark

Social worker

Book a Session With
Numerologist PRO Founder Estel Ehvass

How to Book a Session

You can choose between 3 session types:


A thorough analysis of your birthdate and names


Analysis of your birth date and names AND new harmonious names that fit with your date of birth.


The numerologist sends you a new name setup via email within 7 days afters returning the answer to a questionnaire we send you after booking.

Choose the session type that you would like below. Once you have bought the session you will be lead into a membership site where you will find all the details.

Special Bonus When You Buy a Session
The Full Birthday and Name Report

When you purchase one of our sessions we will also give you access to the Numerologist PRO Birthday and Name report. This report comes as a membership site and a report that you can download that tells you everything about your birthday and names.

Each of the 5 Chaldean charts adresses a specific layer of your personality structure and will help guide you, like a compass, to achieve the highest version of yourself.

Your Higher Self Chart Reveals your karma, hidden talents and highest potential

Your Psychic Self Chart Shows your true genius, psychology and development from childhood to adulthood

Your Vocation Chart Brings you in alignment with your deepest and most hidden desires and awakens the law of attraction

Your Personality Chart Shows your charisma and how others see you. In most people these numbers lie dormant, but you can awaken these numbers to 10x your charisma, power of influence and sex appeal

Your Name Chart Shows what you attract into your life – people, objects and experiences

Reading this report before your numerology session is the best way for you to prepare for the session itself because it will give you a fundamental knowledge in numerology and the charts.

Next Steps
What to Expect After Booking

After payment

After clicking the BOOK HERE button of the session you wish to book, you will be lead into our calendar booking system where you can choose a time. After this you enter your email and payment details. You can also choose to enter your phone number if you wish to get an sms reminder before your session. After completion you will receive an email confirmation of your booking.

ATT! If you book an email session the time you choose in the calendar is the time you agree to send in the answers of the questionnaire that you will receive when we have registered your booking.

Your session membership site and email from us

When we have registered your booking you will get access to a membership site that will prepare you for the session. Instructions on how to enter the membership site will be sent to your email. The membership site includes instructions, things to think about before the session and a myriad of resources. If you have booked a name change session there will for example be a questionnaire about what you wish from the name change session and also name lists that you can use to find new names. Estel will also contact you via email to establish contact.

The session itself

If you have booked a zoom session the mail that Estel sends you will have a Zoom link in it that you will use for the session. If it is a mail session you will receive an email with your new name values based on which values fit well with your date of birth AND the answers you give in the questionnaire.

The session will be recorded and sent to you after the session so that you can watch it again whenever you wish.

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