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Number 19 Meaning

The Heavenly Prince

The digits in the number 19 have the digit sum 1 which resonates with the Sun.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 19 are:
Great luck in life, "all that you touch becomes gold", winner mentality, success, luck, wealth, leadership, authority, optimism, a mind full of light, purity of the spirit, economic freedom, personal freedom, high manifestation power, fortunate in money matters, guided by Cosmos, spontaneity, lives its dream life with ease and pleasure.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 19 are:
Confusion, manic, too many ideas, doesn’t achieve its dreams, too many thoughts, doesn’t grow up, childish, spoiled, postpones unpleasant decisions, cannot stand or deal with adversity, cannot get up after a crisis, negative thoughts running in circles, too intense, high blood pressure and stress.

The number 19 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 19th and which themes might be present in your life.

19 gives you luck, purity, and intuition.
1 and 9 add up to 10, which again adds up to 1, which is the number of the Sun.

Like the Sun, the number 19 is full of energy and the spark of life.

The Sun shines on its surroundings and leads others full of goodwill – the Sun gives a strong winner mentality, positive energy, and optimism.

The number 19 aspect of the number 1 stands for innocence, freedom, luck, and intuition.

The tarot card for 19 is called "The heavenly prince" – who is the naked child that is shown on the card riding a white horse. The symbolism is purity (the nakedness), great luck, a bright future, and that "everything you touch turns to gold." With the number 19 as your birth energy, you have access to a tremendous inner optimism and courage. You can experience synchronicities, lucky "coincidences," leading to your desired results and to you being carried forth in life.

Happiness and optimism

As a 19, you are optimistic and have a pure mind with pure thoughts. Your self-confidence and luck play together to guide you to success in a playful way allowing all your dreams to become a reality.
19/1 is all about pleasure and the joy of life in all that you do. The diamond contains a number 2, which is the number of the moon. The 3 in the diamond essence signify that you build things up step by step with a good sense of grounding and reality.

The number 1 in 19 gives a strong will and optimism. The 9 in 19 provides the structure and wisdom. We have the sense of reality from the 9 and, therefore, a structured execution of goals and plans. The movement from 1 to 9 signifies going from the start and taking it to the end – which is why the number is called "everything you touch turns into gold."

Enjoying life, optimism, creativity, and sense of aesthetics

With the 19/1 energy supporting you, everything in life becomes pleasurable, happy, fun, creative, and aesthetic. You wish for both personal and economic freedom and achieve both with ease. These two forms of freedom are two sides of the same coin, and the 19 energy helps you to fulfill your deepest wishes in all domains of life.

At the same time, your high optimism and luck enable you to see the light at the end of the tunnel, no matter what might happen along the way.

Pure intentions

This number is about having pure intentions and thoughts. The positive expectations of the future make it easy for you to manifest your purposes and to make your plans succeed and bear fruit. You are always in movement and do things with speed.

Retains ones youth

You keep your young charisma and shine even in old age, and this can be seen. You have an inexhaustible inner well of happiness and vitality.

CHEIRO and other sources

Cheiro, the famous Chaldean numerologist, writes:

"This number is regarded as fortunate and extremely favorable. It is symbolized as the Sun and is called" the Prince of Heaven." It is a number promising happiness, success, esteem, and honor and promises success in one's plan for the future."
The Vedic numerology scriptures write that the bearer of the number 19 will lead a pure life and look younger than he/she is. The number gives optimism, enthusiasm, and mental purity and takes you to ultimate victory.

Biggest emotional issue to greatest liberation

The 19's most significant problem is a tendency not to want to see the issues. You become so overly optimistic that you close your eyes to the challenges and wind up not taking responsibility for your life, so you live in a dream world. You shut out the problematic emotions, which instead are repressed and thereby not processed. Everything is made into a party of fun and games – and yet you still can't quite enjoy yourself because the problems are rumbling in the background.

This tendency to bury the problems can make you seem childish and un-centered to some people, so you don't get taken seriously. Your ideas seem to be without reality or grounding, and you might have so many of these ideas that they never materialize.

There can also be a tendency to put off or postpone adult choices and responsibility that could take you to the next level. You prefer living in a free dreamlike world where everything is possible. You delay decisions about career and prefer to keep your options open – a perpetual "when I get big" syndrome.

You can also have a fear of old age and attempt to live in a kind of perpetual youth – which backfires and instead gives you an air of desperation.

There can also be a tendency to find it hard to rise again after a crisis, so it becomes difficult for you when life goes against you.
The diamond of number 19 reveals to us that it's essence number is 21 – a number that symbolizes the achieving of ultimate success after following the necessary steps. 21 knows how to define winning strategies, thinks before acting, and puts in the required hard work. When the 19 chooses to pursue this strategy, the combined power of the creative and optimistic force of 19 and the meticulous success mindset of the 21 will bring forth the best in the number 19.

The 19 in balance is:

  • Innocent, has child like purity and keeps a youthful glow all its life
  • Free, spontaneous, happy, optimistic, and lucky
  • Full of light - has pure intentions, emotions, thoughts and spirit
  • Able to turn 'all that it touches into gold' - high manifestation power
  • Fortunate in money matters - has economic and personal freedom

The 19 unbalanced is

  • Refusing to see the problems of life face on and remains a child
  • Delaying the adult and responsible choices in life
  • Stressed, ungrounded and manic depressive with high blood pressure
  • Childish, spoiled, entitled. Throws tantrums at the least resistance
  • Expecting things to be finished and done not putting in the work

19 is under the influence of the SUN

The Sun is magnificent and expansive, the giver and initiator of all life.
In the same way, the number 1 is an initiator - giving life to new ideas, thoughts, and actions. The number 1 starts all processes.

The Sun stands alone at the center of the solar system. In the same way, the number 1 wishes to stand alone and to be admired. When the 1 is praised and adulated, it gives love and energy back by radiating its surroundings with attention and optimism.

The Sun creates its own energy through an internal fusion process that is not dependant on anything else in its surroundings. In the same way, the number 1 can only find its real source of energy from within.

The number 1 is indivisible and symbolizes the unity of the universe.

Sun people are leaders by nature, incredibly strong personalities who are always noticed. They are enthusiastic, impulsive, and have a natural talent for business and leadership.

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