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Two powerful sister esoteric sciences
Numerology and Astrology

Numerology and astrology are esoteric systems of wisdom, both concerned with decoding people’s innate potentials, weaknesses, strengths and karma. Astrology works with planets and numerology with numbers. But the numerological numbers also have a celestial body associated with them. Therefore, in many ways, the two systems speak the same language.
  • The sun is 1
  • The Moon is 2
  • Jupiter is 3
  • Uranus is 4
  • Mercury is 5
  • Venus is 6
  • Neptune is 7
  • Saturn is 8
  • Mars is 9

More than 4500 years in the making
The first horoscopes and the numbers 1-9

In ancient Egypt, numbers had archetypal properties and were associated with a deity or goddess. The even numbers were feminine, goddesses, and the odd, masculine deities

Both the knowledge of Phi and the Fibonacci series also existed already in Egypt. It was described as Isis (2 numbers) + Osiris (3 numbers) = had the son Horus (5 numbers). Thus the fibonacci sequence was set in motion. Nowadays, we attribute fibonacci to the Italian mathematician of the same name, but it was already used in ancient Egypt. The numbers 1-9 simultaneously showed the creation of the universe and were also basic archetypes, each with its own “power” – something that has been preserved in numerology to this day.

1 stands for the beginning, but also the ego
2 signifies seeing the “duality”, that there are others than me
3 signifies growth and expansion, as 1+2 gives a new and greater result
4 allows you to question what you have created and maybe change something
5 signifies connecting to all other numbers as 5 is in the center of the whole number line
6 stands for love as the “glue” that binds everything together
7 signifies the spiritual or divine aspect behind matter
8 signifies the uniting of the spiritual with the material
9 symbolizes the end, the completion of the goal, and to see the totality of the path of all the numbers to complete the circle – which is the zero and Cosmos.

It is interesting that this understanding of the numbers 1-9 has been preserved so accurately to this day, considering that it has been as long as at least 4,500 years in the making. It is also in Egypt that we find some of the first birth charts, and it is from here that the concept of the 12 houses originated.

In Mesopotamia, we also know that horoscopes existed and many other divination techniques were used. The ancient alphabet CUNEIFORM is also thought to have had vibrations or numerical values assigned to it, and in this way it was some of the first numerology.

In India, both astrology and numerology are also found.

In India there is also both astrology and numerology, and Indian astrology, Jyotish, derives from the Vedas, which are over 7000 years old.

Number mysticism
Leiden Papyrus

The Leiden Papyrus confirms that number mysticism was used in Egypt at least as far back as 2,500 BCE, and probably even further back in history.

The deep connection between you and the universe
Personality and destiny in Numerology and Astrology

What the two systems have in common is that they can help us to understand ourselves and to read our own and others’ destiny, life path, talents, strengths and innate karma.

Let’s start with one of the most important concepts in both systems – how to read the personality.


In astrology, the basic personality of a person is described by the sign of the zodiac in which the Sun is located at birth. As you know, you can be an “Aries”, be a “Libra” or “Pisces”, etc. This refers solely to where your sun is. It also matters if you are born at the beginning of the zodiac sign’s period or at the end.
And last but not least, there are many other planets in a person’s horoscope. So when we read a horoscope in a weekly magazine, it is not very targeted to the individual person.


In astrology, the ascendant, like the sun sign, plays an important role in personality. It is said that the ascendant is what others most often see, and it can affect your appearance, your attitude and the way you interact and affect others.

The ascendant is what others most often see, and it can affect your appearance, your attitude and the way you interact and affect others.The ascendant is the sign on the horizon when we are born. Therefore, it changes quite quickly, so if we are born just a few minutes earlier or later, it can give us a completely different ascendant. The ascendant is also what determines the position of our houses (they are a kind of life area that the horoscope is divided into), so the whole picture of our lives, characteristics and energies can change significantly if our birth time is shifted just a little bit.

The ascendant is the sign on the horizon when we are born.


In numerology, a person’s basic personality is described primarily by the day of the month in which they were born. You can be a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9. But there is also the whole number, and there is a big difference between being born a 1 on the 1st, the 10th, the 19th or the 28th.


Just as in astrology we have an ascendant that complements our sun sign, numerologically we have a life path number that tells even more about us than our day vibration alone would. It is calculated from our full date of birth.

For example: 15.11.1984 becomes 1+5+1+1+1+1+1+9+8+4=30/3
This person has 30/3 as their life path number.

The life path number shows our highest potential and also shows our karma, talents, challenges and strengths.


In astrology, we have planets that are in certain houses and signs of the zodiac. The planets are like the “actors” in the movie of our lives, each playing a different role. But some of them can be weak, while others can be strong. Perhaps our Venus, which stands for love life, is strong because it is well placed in a sign of the zodiac where it feels comfortable. It may be conjunct some of the planets it is “friends” with. Or vice versa. It could be in a sign of the zodiac where it doesn’t feel at home, and close to some planets that it doesn’t get on well with.

In this way, all the planets and their mutual relationships can tell you how a person is affected in all the different areas of life. Maybe you have good energies in the family area, but a lot of problems in your career, or vice versa.


The numbers from the date of birth show the innate talents, strengths and our innate karma. Again, we have numbers that love each other, some that are neutral to each other, while other numbers are what we call “enemies”. This simply means that you have some energies that need to learn to talk to each other, but when you do, you have understood the life lesson that the planets represent.


The special thing about numerology is that we also have energies that come from the names – and not just from the time of our birth.

The numbers formed by the names also affect us in different areas of life, such as love life, family life, career, communication, health and much more.

But by changing our name, we can bring in new and better energies that create harmony in all areas of life and help us harmonize the “difficult” energies we carry with us from our birth date – both astrologically (from the planets as they were when we were born) and numerologically (the numbers in our birth date). In this way, we are supported in living out all the numbers we carry with us from our birth date – our essence and deepest potentials – in the best possible way.

You could say that numerology offers us a new opportunity for empowerment that astrology does not. After all, we can never change our date and time of birth like we can change our name, it goes without saying. But astrology helps us in other ways, so the two systems complement each other very well.

As an astrologer, you can create much more value for yourself and others by learning the art of numerology. Conversely, you will also become a much better numerologist when you know a little about astrology and can both read a person’s horoscope and their numerological essence and potentials.


When talking about the connection between numerology and astrology, one must also mention the name “Cheiro”.

Cheiro was one of the greatest Chaldean numerologists of our time, but he was also an astrologer. He was trained by masters in India, where these things come together in the system called “jyotish”, which is a complex system of Indian astrology, Vedic wisdom, Chaldean numerology, and knowledge of crystals, and it takes many years to master the full system.

The code that combines astrology and numerology
The Secret Manuscripts of Cheiro

There are many books on numerology written by Cheiro that can be found in libraries, bookstores and online, and they are all readable for beginners.

But what most people don’t know is that he also created some hidden works that were dedicated to his students and people with a special interest in mastering his system. These works are not available to the public and only a few copies exist worldwide.

One of Cheiro’s hidden works is about how to combine the numerological and astrological reading. Cheiro taught this profound knowledge exclusively to a small group of initiates, as is often the case when we talk about deep numerology.

We are one of the only ones in the world to have obtained this rare work. We had to travel to the other side of the world, as the owner would not copy the work, sell it, or otherwise pass it on, so we had to show up physically in his private library. In return, we could feel like Indiana Jones on an adventure. In his library were a huge number of fascinating works on numerology, occultism and other spiritual paths.

Cheiro’s hidden work explains in depth how to combine the knowledge of astrology with the knowledge of numerology, in a way that he has never before conveyed in his widely known books. It’s too complex to go into here, but it’s something you’re introduced to in the training program to become a professional numerologist.

Numerology’s lunar energy versus the astrological zodiac sign

Something that has caused confusion for most numerologists is how to interpret the monthly energy numerologically, in combination with the astrological zodiac sign. Cheiro explains this, among other interesting topics, in the hidden works.

See deeper
Astroview in Numerologist PRO

As something relatively new, we have created an astro view in the software program Numerologist PRO.

Here you can see your astrological setup next to your numeroscope. In the education, our students, from module 7 onwards, learn to include the important astrological components as it was originally intended in numerology.

This knowledge has been lost, and most numerologists use only numerology – just as most astrologers use only astrology. Similarly, the wisdom of crystals was originally part of the practice of numerology, something that you also learn in the training to become a professional numerologist.

Go to the next level
Do you want to learn more?

The full scope of the relationship between numerology and astrology is provided by the Professional Numerology Training Program.

In the master part of the numerology program, you will learn how to use the main astrological influences to look deeper into a person’s numerological setup.


However, this knowledge is mainly for those who already know a bit about astrology and numerology and the main concepts of both systems.

The following readings can complement each other numerologically and astrologically:


  • Personality: The Sun sign and the ascendant, which can be seen in relation to the base vibration and the destiny number numerologically
  • The career path: MC-IC and the ascendant, which can be seen in relation to the dharma line numerologically
  • The spiritual path of development: the Moon Nodes, which can be seen in relation to the life theme and pillar of the Psychic Self numerologically
  • The Karma: Lilith and Chiron astrologically, which must be seen in relation to the numerological karma (it is read in several places in the numerological setup)

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