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Number 24 Meaning

The Queen

The digits in the number 24 have the digit sum 6 which resonates with the planet Venus.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 24 are:
Venus vibration, empathy, love, loyalty, popularity, motherliness, community consciousness, cosmic consciousness, social magnetism, the number of the queen, quickly gets help from others, good network and business connections, gathers people together, meets the right people at the right time, happy love life, fulfills the dreams, good luck with money.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 24 are:
Love gone wrong, drama in relationships, does not get help from others, feels alone with everything, economic disaster, overspending, plans don’t materialize, an imbalance between giving and receiving, manipulative, dramatic, stubborn.

The number 24 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 24th and which themes might be present in your life.

24 gives you beauty, harmony, charisma, and ability to gather people around you and create a vibration of togetherness based on a feeling of being together in a family.

Specific to number 24

The Tarot card for number 24 is called the Queen of Wands. The card shows a queen in a yellow gown sitting on her throne. She holds a staff in her right hand and a sunflower in her left hand. At her feet sits a black cat.

The card symbolizes inner feminine self-discovery that unites wisdom and strength. The queen has a Venus energy, which is about love, harmonious family life, personal magnetism, and power of attraction. 24 is called a queen number because it unites these Venus aspects with high inner consciousness and strength – exactly as is expected from a queen.

The 24 diamond has a 9 essence, the number of Mars, which shows the communion between the feminine (6) and the masculine (9). This communion becomes a number with high vibration and soft energy – but which has a strong inner core of consciousness, which strives for something higher.

Love and trust

This energy gives harmony, balance, and love in all relationships. It could be family relationships, friends, or couple relationships – but also concerning life and to oneself. It is the balance between giving and receiving in one's relations and that you are filled with love from the inside.

Feminine energy

You have a beautiful, mild, and loving charisma (2 and 6) and are at the same time in contact with your inner strength and consciousness (9). 24 is a caring and feminine energy that makes it easy to move through life with an internal state of happiness. Life is always giving loving feedback, and you learn about life through the lesson of love.

24 being a feminine energy does not mean that it only suits women. On the contrary, it's a very beneficial energy for men who learn to be in contact with their emotions and to lead themselves and others from the level of the heart.

Power of action and luck in business

With this number, you also get a great power of action in the outer world and are very progressive and able to get things done. The charisma of the 24 gives luck in business. You are good at creating cooperation, business deals, and business opportunities.

Magnetic attraction

This vibration gives a significant power of attraction on the opposite sex but also a strong social appeal on other people in general – your communication has a magical vibe to it. Hence, people wish to listen to what you say and to be close to you. They support and back up what you say, and an emotional bond is easily created to others when you speak. You are therefore admired and loved by all people that feel that they are with a person who understands them and, at the same time, a worthy and exalted queen.

Creativity and healing

Many creative souls, musicians, and artists have 24/6 energy with them. There is a lot of innovation and new ideas in number 4, which is also a number of healing oneself and others. Through our social magnetism, we have a healing vibration, and people's hearts are healed by being in our presence.

Attracting help from the right people

With this vibration, you easily attract the right people at the right time. You attract people with a high status that can see your potential and who wish to help you by giving you a chance and possibilities. You will have the experience of getting the help that you need in all areas and which enables you to gain success. Things come to you in the right order, which helps you to live your dreams with ease.

CHEIRO and other sources

The famous Chaldean numerologist Cheiro writes:" This number is also fortunate. It promises the assistance and association of those of rank and position with one's plans; it also denotes gain through love and the opposite sex. It will always fulfill one's needs and one's dreams."

The Vedic numerological scriptures write that the energy of 24 will get you a high ranking job and that it will be easy for you to rise through the ranks.

Biggest emotional issue to greatest liberation

If the number 24 is imbalanced by unfortunate numbers in the chart, then you can experience the diametrical opposite of the good qualities that the 24 comes with. This means that you can feel alone with everything and that there is no love or support. You could feel that you deserve more respect and admiration than what you get and that it is as if the inner queen does not come forth and is not seen.

By studying the number constellations in the diamond of 24, we see that the number has essence number 81, which stands for power and strength. This tells us that the path of 24 is to show strength and to embody the power of the number 9 – meaning the ability to act, the ability to be centered in one's emotions, and the ability to stand firm in the face of adversity.

The 24 in balance is:

  • Harmonizing and creating love and nurture in the surroundings
  • Creating a good network and business connections
  • Receiving help from people in higher positions
  • Motherly and regal, nurturing family and loved ones
  • A strong patriot and a pillar of strength in the community

The 24 unbalanced is

  • Not getting help from anybody - and feels alone with everything
  • Experiencing love dramas and relationships that go wrong
  • Having economic problems and spending too much
  • Manipulative, dramatic and extremely stubborn
  • Angry, controlling and dominating in close relations

24 is under the influence of VENUS

Venus is enshrouded by clouds that cover her like a veil. She is beautiful, enigmatic, mysterious, and almost the same size as planet Earth. Venus is the energy of love, and people ruled by the number 6 have a lot of sensuality, charisma, and beauty.

But don’t let that fool you! Venus is filled with volcanoes and lava rivers. When you look at the 6 diamond, you see that the essence is 9 – the warrior number. In this way, 6 becomes a symbol of feminine power. It is mysterious and beautiful on the outside but has a considerable power inside.

The Venus person radiates sensuality and has a deep inner knowing of what it means to love and be loved.

Their charm helps them to bypass all the obstacles in life. Venus people use love and their charisma to get what they want in life, and they are often married to a wealthier partner who can provide for them.

Venus loves everything beautiful, and Venus people are very attractive people. Sometimes they are arrogant and give too much attention to their appearance.

They keep up with the times; they are enterprising, sociable, and artistic.

If they have to achieve a goal, they can be stubborn and hardworking, but they mostly prefer to give their soul to experience the pleasure and joys of life.

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