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Number 2 Meaning

The romantic creative

The number 2 resonantes with the the Moon.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 2 are:
Artistic, imaginative, creative, sensitive, sensual, entertaining, fun, loves life, harmony, gentle, open, friendly, romantic, the emotions, happiness, empathy, receptive.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 2 are:
Restless, confused, melancholic, oversensitive, no sense of reality, no grounding, emotionally attached, needy, unrealistic expectations, takes things too personally, moody, easily gets sad, indecisive.

The number 2 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 2nd and which themes might be present in your life.

The number 2 gives you receptivity, creativity, fantasy, and empathy.

Celestial body

2 is the number of the moon. The moon is a symbol of the water element, the subconscious mind, and the emotions. Number 2's are sensitive, open, and easily affected by other people's moods. They are soft, charming, open, and loving beings with an empathetic sense and compassionate hearts.


As a 2, you are very likely affected by the phases of the moon and can often change moods like a pendulum that swings back and forth between extremes. Your state of mind is very linked to the phases of the moon. For example, the full moon can bring forth animalistic lower desires or over emotionality, and the new moon can bring forth elevated states of consciousness.

You feel nurtured in beautiful surroundings. If there is disharmony in the surroundings, you quickly feel uncomfortable. You might easily get headaches, migraines, or other physical discomforts if you dislike the environment.

You maintain a childlike charm throughout your whole life and are not too fond of life's tedious duties and routines. Sometimes you also lack concentration and grounding and tend to procrastinate.

As a 2, you are a master of following the flow of life and quickly attract abundance, prosperity, and people around you. You live out your creativity and patiently allow your ideas to bloom with easiness and enjoyment.

Many 2's love parties, social gatherings and are good at entertaining others.


2's are attracted to jobs where they can entertain others, such as acting, circus jobs, stand up comedy, and also tasks that involve helping others such as assistants, coaches, customer service, etc.

A number 2 feels good in communities and working closely with other people.

Love life

The moon always reflects the light from the sun and profoundly yearns for the original state of oneness. This yearning makes the number 2 a romantic at heart who longs for the perfect lover who can lead them back to unity. As a number 2, you are a sensitive and passionate lover. You quickly fall in love but can also become overly dependent on your partner and unrealistically idealize them.

As a 2, you yearn to be "conquered" by the hero who climbs up your tower with a flower in his mouth.

The most significant emotional issue to greatest liberation

The most significant challenge for a number 2 is to balance their inherent sensitivity with greater awareness and also to decipher what are their own emotions and which emotions come from other people.

A number 2 can often feel separated from the wholeness and feel trapped in this world of dualities.

When the 2 energy is imbalanced, the 2 becomes impolite and rejects others but suffers inside as a consequence. There is also a tendency of over sensitivy and taking everything too personally.

They can easily become fanatic in their self-giving for a cause or for a community.

As a balanced 2 you can develop your compassion and empathy to such a degree that it becomes a kind of telepathy where you intuitively know what others are thinking and feeling.

The 2 in balance is:

  • Soft
  • Sensual
  • Playfully romantic
  • Playful and entertaining
  • People oriented

The 2 unbalanced is

  • A codependent people pleaser
  • Childish
  • Constantly craving attention
  • Spineless and dependent on others
  • Taking things too personally

2 is under the influence of the MOON

The moon is feminine and reflective. It reflects the Sun's light and brings light to places that otherwise would be dark.

The moon's cycles are very obvious to us here on earth. The moon always influences our moods - moods that swing between volatile and unpredictable (when it is a full moon) or inward going and transcendent when it is a new moon.

People of the Moon are emotional people with many mood swings who readily adapt to their surroundings and circumstances. The moon resonance gives artistic talent and creativity. There is a complex inner world with a fertile imagination.

They achieve their goals by going around or avoiding obstacles and intuitively using favorable opportunities.

Moon people are always unconsciously looking for a "sun" person who can shine their light on them and who they can rely on.

They are family-oriented, loyal, sensitive, and don't take many risks.

Moon people are excellent diplomats as they are soft-spoken.

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