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2024 vibrates with the powerful energy of the number 8, focusing on growth, success, and balance. It’s a time to embrace our inherent strength, use our inner self-discipline, think long-term towards realizing our ambitions, goals, and dreams, as well as heal old traumas and burn our karma. Let’s look at how we can consciously tap into the energy of the 8-year and make the most out of 2024.

Long-term thinking and discipline

Saturn, with its beautiful rings, symbolizes structure and discipline, long-term goals, and perseverance. Saturn resonates with the earth element and provides us with inner stability, resilience, robustness, and endurance so that we can work steadily and persistently towards becoming the version of ourselves we are meant to be, and bring our full life mission into the world for the benefit of all.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

CREATE A LONG-TERM PLAN: Imagine your future. What are your ambitions for next year, and also for the next five years? Break these down into actionable steps – annually, monthly, and weekly – to guide yourself on your own path with clarity. Continuously fine-tune this plan.

DISCIPLINE IN DAILY LIFE: Follow up on your goals by creating a daily routine that reflects your values and gradually leads you towards your goals.

DAILY REFLECTION: Make it a habit to conclude each day with an inner reflection to connect with your higher self and gain a broader, more uplifting perspective from your soul. Imagine that each day is a pearl in a continuous strand, together forming a beautiful and meaningful chain of life.

Embrace your strength and resilience

The number 8 represents a robust and resilient personality, and the 8-energy of the year is an invitation for us to tap into our unique inner strength.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

MENTAL RESILIENCE: Incorporate daily affirmations and meditation. These practices promote focus and resilience, allowing you to face life’s challenges with grace and courage.

IDENTIFY YOUR CHALLENGES: Do you find yourself saying things that trap you in a negative spiral? Try to identify these thoughts and create an antidote. For instance, if you say: “Oh, I have no time for myself,” replace it with: “I am good at creating time for myself.” Listen to the negative statements you make and replace them with their positive counterparts.

Harmony between the material and spiritual aspects of life

For many people, there exists a significant divide between the material and the spiritual aspects of life, elevating and over-focusing on one while neglecting the other. However, the energy of the number 8 encourages us to integrate and appreciate both sides. Finding the balance between material and spiritual aspects is essential to harnessing the potential of the number 8.

Begin by embracing fundamental elements from both realms; maintain your finances while delving into a spiritual practice. By doing this, you will quickly notice how the law of resonance works to intertwine these two worlds in countless ways, which can heal and permanently unite this division.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

PERSONAL FINANCES: Manage your resources wisely. Allocate funds to savings, investments, and personal growth. Be mindful of your expenses and ensure financial health and freedom.

SPIRITUAL PRACTICE: Create a regular practice that grounds and centers you in yourself, and elevates your personal vibration and consciousness to new heights. This could be yoga, meditation, or spending quiet moments in nature, reconnecting to the earth and yourself.

Leadership and Influence

The energy of 8 favors leadership and authority. This year is a good time to seek greater influence or take new steps in your career. As you take a few steps in this direction, the energy of 8 easily guides you further, and through the law of resonance, you will attract more of what you are doing.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

LEADERSHIP ROLE: Seek leadership opportunities in your work or community. Lead projects, initiatives, or teams with a vision of empowerment and collaboration. Cultivate a network of supportive and inspiring individuals. Engage in workshops, seminars, or online meetings that align with your professional aspirations.

SELF-LEADERSHIP: We are all leaders regardless of whether it is part of our job title, as all areas of our lives – personal and professional – require leadership. Take a look at yourself to explore how you lead yourself. What is your leadership like in your own life? In your family and towards your children? In relation to your diet, health, and body? Etc. Go through the different areas of your life, and feel how your leadership is on the various levels.

Healing and Trauma Resolution

Many things we do that don’t serve us stem from trauma. Even “small things” or experiences from childhood that have not been processed correctly can have a significant impact on us as adults and have created unhelpful thought patterns and emotional ruts that we cycle in.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

FORGIVENESS PRACTICE: Cultivate forgiveness, both for yourself and others. Reflect on past issues in your relationships with compassion and let go of those you need to forgive, which will free your heart and mind.

TRAUMA RESOLUTION: Find ways to identify and resolve old traumas. Healing traumas is also a way of burning one’s karma.

Concrete skills and self-confidence

Developing and improving new skills is a journey that not only increases our competencies but also our self-confidence. As we learn and master new abilities, it gives a sense of accomplishment and self-understanding, which is transformative and empowering. This growing self-confidence is a direct result of our persistent effort and the challenges overcome. It’s a cycle where each new skill not only increases our practical abilities but also our belief in our own capabilities. This reflects a harmonious balance between Saturn’s principles of patience and perseverance and the focus of the number 8 on structure and growth. In this process, we become not only more skilled but also more conscious and purposeful, ready for future challenges with deep, inner strength and renewed wisdom.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

SKILL DEVELOPMENT: Identify a skill that aligns with your goals. It could be improving your communication, learning a new language, or pursuing a professional or personal development course. Dedicate time to grow and excel by learning one or more new skills.

Know your life mission and unfold it

Our mission is to blend our spiritual wisdom with practical actions, to learn and grow from life’s lessons. But each of us has a unique way of doing this, and every individual’s take is needed.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

MEDITATE ON YOUR LIFE MISSION: Reflect on what you would like to contribute to humanity. Then consider how it should take shape. The energy of 8 guides us to envision it internally before we implement things in practice.

TAKE A STEP IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION: If you are blocked in your vision, start with some initial steps in the direction you can see. Through the law of resonance, the energy of 8 will guide you further, even if the full result may only become apparent after some time.

SEEK GUIDANCE: Seek spiritual guidance, get guidance or mentoring to help you unfold your life mission. The energy of 8 can manifest as blockages that need to be overcome, and sometimes it is necessary to bring in new energy from outside.

Karma and reward

Saturn and the number 8 reward us when we go through all the lessons and experiences life presents to us with an attitude that everything is there to help us learn and lead us to new heights. The energy of the number 8 also has karmic consequences. Our actions and intentions have long-term effects, and this is especially true for the things you create in an 8-year.

Action steps to awaken the vibe:

ETHICAL DECISION-MAKING: Always consider the ethical consequences of your decisions. Choose paths that are beneficial not only for you but also for others.

EMBRACE AND HEAL YOUR LIFE LESSONS: View your challenges as opportunities to learn and to advance to your next level. They are there to show you new paths and how you can transcend and energetically resolve anything through the law of resonance.


In 2024, the energy of the number 8, which brings purposeful strength, combines with the shadow number 24, adding harmony, beauty, and a sense of familial love, creating an atmosphere of balance and unity. 24/6, known as the “queen number,” mixes elegance and strength with deep inner consciousness and a desire for harmony, resulting in a soft but potent energy. This special blend promotes cohesion and warmth and values beauty, art, and traditions.

When 24/6 and 8 interact, a harmonious balance between love and responsibility emerges. 24/6 is a number for family on an individual level, and for cohesion with one’s country and community on a larger scale. It is also a number for patriotism and a sense of familial belonging to the groups and structures one is part of.

24/6 reminds us that our ambitions do not have to be a lonely endeavor. By integrating familial warmth into our goals, the journey towards success becomes more enjoyable and harmonious. At the same time, 24/6 adds a softening effect to the structure and discipline of the number 8.

In 2024, we are encouraged to embrace both the energies of 24/6 and 8. It’s not only a year for material success but also for creating deep connections, community spirit, and a beautiful, harmonious life.


8 and 24/6 are the fundamental energies for 2024. But looking further into the year’s diamond for 2024 reveals a series of sub-energies, creating the precise mix – the unique color tones, which are also part of the “main color”. They can be compared to the tones in a color, or the overtones formed in a musical sound.

Here you see the full diamond for 2024, where we will go through some of the most important ones, and how they add more depth to the year’s energy.


In 2024, the grand diamond chart reveals an exciting dynamic with the essence number 13/4, which, with its transformative and rebellious nature, stands in stark contrast to the disciplined and authoritative energy of the number 8. 13/4 vibrates with originality and transformation and is linked to innovation and new ideas, while its rebellious nature seeks to overthrow outdated systems in favor of something new and better. However, this dream of change can create tension with the desire for stability and predictable progress of the number 8.

In our personal growth, self-awareness and adaptability are key. We are encouraged to be mindful of our urge for rebellion or dissatisfaction and use these feelings as signals to evaluate and adjust our path. At the same time, we can respect and build on existing traditions with new perspectives and improvements.

Overall, 2024 invites us to a complex but rewarding dance between the stability of the number 8 and the need for change of 13/4. By understanding and harmonizing these energies, we can honor tradition while simultaneously paving the way for necessary changes.

THE MAIN ENERGIES IN 2024: 8, 24/6, AND 13/4

In 2024, the composite energies of 8, 24/6, and 13/4 will bring a unique dynamic to family life, where structure, love, and personal expression can flourish together. This combination of energies allows us to create a home where solid frameworks, warm emotions, and personal freedom coexist harmoniously.

In this year, where the number 8 brings structure and discipline, we will lay the groundwork for family life with clear objectives and responsibilities. It is time to organize our lives, but also to recognize the importance of regular family meetings where every member’s voice and dreams are heard and valued.

24/6 adds deep love and cohesion to the family dynamic. It is here that we are nourished by shared meals, celebrations, and daily routines that bind us together. This energy reminds us of the importance of open and empathetic communication, where everyone can feel heard and understood.

With 13/4, we are reminded of the importance of maintaining a space for individuality and personal expression. This is where we encourage each other to explore our own interests and passions, even when they break with traditional norms. This encourages a family culture where unique paths and creative thinking are valued and supported.

By integrating these energies, our families will not only be places of security and stability but also of personal growth and unfolding. We will see families where weekends are dedicated to communal activities, and weekdays provide space for individual projects and interests. Conflicts and disagreements will be met with a mix of love and open dialogue, recognizing and respecting each member’s unique perspectives.

2024 offers us an opportunity to transform our family life, where everyone can thrive. By embracing both structure, love, and personal expression, we can create a home that is rich in traditions and yet open to change and growth. This year is an invitation to create family bonds that are both deep and flexible, shaping a year of harmony, understanding, and personal unfolding.


With the unique combination of 8, 24/6, and 13/4 in 2024, New Year’s resolutions could focus on integrating structure, discipline, love, family values, as well as rebelliousness and personal freedom. Here are some New Year’s resolutions that make sense in light of these energies:

  1. Commit to personal development with structure: Set goals for personal growth that are both ambitious and realistic. This could be taking a course, learning a new skill, or improving an existing one. Schedule regular times in your day for these activities to build discipline and structure.
  2. Promote family cohesion and love: Prioritize time with your family and loved ones. This might include regular family dinners, shared hobby projects, or family outings. The value of 24/6 is about strengthening bonds and showing love and appreciation in daily life.
  3. Express your individuality and creativity: Let the rebellious energy of 13/4 inspire you to break the routine and try something new. It could be starting a new hobby, traveling to a place you’ve never been, or taking steps in your career that reflect your true passions and interests.
  4. Strengthen your spiritual practice: With 24/6’s focus on harmony and wellbeing, dedicate time to meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices. These can help you find balance and inner peace amidst daily hustle and bustle.
  5. Set clear goals for your career or business: Use the energy of the number 8 to create clear, measurable goals for your career development or business growth. Make a plan, and follow it with discipline and determination.
  6. Be open to changes and adjustments: While setting structured goals, remember the lesson of 13/4 about renewal and adaptation. Be ready to revise your plans and goals as necessary to embrace new opportunities and changes in your life.
  7. Engage in community or volunteer work: Reflect on how you can contribute to the community or support a cause you are passionate about. This could be volunteering, supporting local initiatives, or simply performing acts of kindness in your daily interactions.
  8. Add more love to your daily life: Consciously work on expressing more love, gratitude, and positivity in your daily communication and actions. This can enhance your relationships and contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing.

These New Year’s resolutions can help you channel the unique energy mix of 2024 in a way that promotes personal growth, familial harmony, and a life filled with meaning and personal freedom. Remember, the most important thing is to find the goals and activities that resonate most with you and your path.


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