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Number 27 Meaning

The Scepter

The digits in the number 27 have the digit sum 9 which resonates with the planet Mars.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 27 are:
Strong leadership supported by the "higher powers", growth, authority, respect and admiration from others, occult capabilities, finishes projects, structured, clarity in emotional life, the flow of ideas, empathy, justice, bright, says things as they are, keen intuition, knows people, deep insight, progressive, winner mentality.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 27 are:
All head and no heart, leads others in an unempathetic way, works too much, paralysis – cannot act, always behind with the work, dictatorial and harsh, speaks badly to and about others.

The number 27 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 27th and which themes might be present in your life.

27 gives you strength, overview, and an ability to lead teams through a unique talent of finding the best constellations of people to solve specific tasks.

Specific about the 27

The tarot card for the number 27 is the ace of wands. The card is the highest energy card and symbolizes the masculine consciousness and that all blockages have been removed so that you can start from the beginning again in a new and reinvigorated way.

In numerology, the number is called "The scepter," as it stands for a leadership that has been ordained and is protected by the divine powers.

Team leader – sees other peoples potential

The 27 gives you a unique ability to see other people's qualities. By understanding how each person can contribute, you can put together the best combinations of people in a team – a skill that will take you far as a leader.

Courage, power of action and creativity

27 gives a high power of action. You are productive and successful, and it is easy for you to create the results that you want. Others see that you are a leader who is centered and rests in him/herself and has strong power, and with this number, you dare to stand up to who you are. You have your own ideas and high creativity.

Taking care of your self

You are good at setting healthy boundaries, and you take good care of your inner child. You have a sharp intuition and feel your own needs. This helps you to stand firm in your inner truth.

Balances hard numbers

The number 27 balances other numbers, such as the number 16 (which is often fearful) and the number 11 (which often lacks strength and inner centering). This is why Chaldean numerologists often give names with a value of 27 to people who need courage or inner strength and centering.

A person with a lot of 27/9 energy can help and guide fearful and insecure people in a compassionate way.

Awaken your heart!

27s tends to mentalize everything , something that comes from the inner number 7 that is both a very mental and spiritual number.

To access the truth of the heart, the 27 must let go of what others think of them and learn to trust their own emotions.

A tremendous potential ability - but also a great life lesson - for 27, is that of awakening the heart and learning to listen to what the heart is saying. The whisper of the heart can only be heard by silencing the mind.

When too much in the mind, there may be a tendency to become the misguided preacher or guru who focuses too much of their life around a particular religion, system, or dogma. The dogma then turns into a kind of mental prison that makes 27/9 feel secluded and cut off from the world and the energy of love.

Other people who do not trust their hearts and inner guidance are thereby also attracted to these "dogma preacher/gurus" through the law of attraction, and start following the misguided 27 whose strong mental opinions are mistaken for spiritual authority.

CHEIRO and other sources

The famous Chaldean numerologist Cheiro writes:" This is a good number and is symbolized by a scepter. It is a promise of authority, power, and command. It indicates that reward will come from the productive intellect; that the creative faculties have sown good seeds that will reap a harvest. Persons with this command number at their back should carry out their ideas and plans."

The Vedic numerology scriptures write that you will have success in career and money and that you will save other people who have problems. You will also be hard working and have success. You will be interested in spirituality and Tantra (in this case, meaning the theological and practical tools of divine worship or the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm).

Biggest emotional issue to greatest liberation

If the 27 energy is weak, the 27 reacts by becoming insecure, confused, depressed, impractical, and irresponsible. If the 27 energy becomes too powerful, the 27 becomes oppressive, dictatorial, also hardworking, and militant.

The inherent sense of justice can become a self-righteous meting out of justice, and the 27 can walk around like an explosive volcano – impulsive and unreasonable.

You can also meet a lot of resistance in your projects and that things do not go as planned.

All these imbalanced aspects can make you unpopular, which makes you sad because inherently, the 27 wishes to be a good shepherd.

Your life lesson is to stand for your feelings and to feel your deep inner strength. In this way, you will become wise and balanced. As a 9 you must always be on the move challenging yourself to reach higher. If you stagnate, the energies will remain in the lower energy centers where they result in the imbalances mentioned earlier. So it's essential to have a mindset that if something goes wrong that you adjust the goal or the means – and that you continue striving.

The number 9 stands for the divine ending and perfection. The number 9 contains all the other numbers and therefore has access to a vast inner palette of wisdom and higher consciousness.

As a number nine, you have the fire and heart chakras awakened, which stand for the ego and the soul. Your quantum leap will happen when you start actively awakening the heart and living your life from this inner space of truth and oneness.

The 27 in balance is:

  • A natural-born leader with empathy, people skills and fairness
  • Seeing others potential and bringing out the best in them
  • A 'guru' - enjoying great respect and reverence from others
  • Learning to lead from both heart and mind
  • Creating the perfect teams of people to do the job

The 27 unbalanced is

  • All head and no heart - and suffers from anxiety as a result
  • Leading others in a calculated, unempathetic and dictatorial way
  • Working too much for what it perceives as the common good
  • Paralyzed – cannot act and is always behind
  • Speaks badly to, and about others behind their backs

27 is under the influence of MARS

Mars is a reddish planet, and it's surface is covered by towering rock formations and mountains that are twice as high as Mount Everest. There are Grand Canyon-like rock abysses, so scientists believe that there once was water on the surface.

Mars is 2/3 of the size of the Earth and has only approx. 60% of the gravitational field, so you can jump much higher on Mars than here on Earth.

Mars is the Roman god of war, which brings the final judgment and the end of times. Mars people are often warrior like and ready to conquer and subdue the world. They have the courage and strong will and, thanks to these qualities, achieve great success.

But impulsivity hurts their activities. They often do not weigh their strengths and do not distribute them rationally.

In love and partnership, they can experience difficulties as they are both often stubborn, proud, and insensitive.

Mars gives excellent organizational skills and leadership talent.

If they correctly harness their innate strength, discipline, enterprise, and focus, Mars people can achieve tremendous success.

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