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Welcome, dear reader! The mystique of Mayan astrology has long captivated our collective imagination. Unlike other astrological systems, its unique cyclical perspective offers a refreshing and different understanding of time and destiny. Perhaps most famously, the 2012 predictions embedded within Mayan cosmology stirred up a whirlwind of speculation, excitement, and debate across the new age community and beyond. Was it the end of an era, a new beginning, or a profound spiritual awakening? In this article, we will journey deep into the heart of Mayan astrology, exploring its intricate cycles, profound insights, and the enduring legacy of its 2012 prophecy.

Mayan Astrology: The Mesoamerican Dance of Time and Cosmos


Mayan astrology pyramids

Emerging from the verdant jungles of Mesoamerica, the Mayan civilization stands as a beacon of brilliance in astronomy, mathematics, and time-keeping.

With towering pyramids reflecting their cosmic understanding and intricate calendar systems encoding the cycles of time, the Mayans wove astrology into their daily and ceremonial life.

Far from the familiar zodiacal system of the West, Mayan astrology reflects a culture deeply connected with the rhythms of nature and the cosmos.

The Mayan Calendar Systems

Understanding Mayan astrology necessitates diving into their intricate calendar systems. Contrary to popular belief, the Mayans had not one but several calendar systems, each serving a unique purpose.

The Tzolk’in: The spiritual calendar, consisting of a 260-day cycle. This count is the product of two smaller cycles: 13 numbers and 20 day signs, resulting in 260 unique combinations.

The Haab: A 365-day solar calendar, which mirrors the solar year. It’s made up of 18 months, each of 20 days, with an additional short month of 5 “nameless” days known as Wayeb.

The Long Count: This is the calendar that famously pointed to December 21, 2012, as a significant date. It measures longer chronological cycles and is crucial for tracking longer chronological events.

These systems intertwine, reflecting both the celestial cycles and the spiritual essence of time as perceived by the Mayans.

Day Signs and Galactic Tones

The core of Mayan astrology is the Tzolk’in. Each of its 260 days combines one of the 20 day signs with one of 13 galactic tones. These combinations provide an astrological profile, much as a zodiac sign and planet might in Western astrology.
The day signs include symbols such as Imix (Crocodile), Ik (Wind), and Akbal (Night), each with its mythology and significance. Meanwhile, the galactic tones, numbered from 1 to 13, add another layer of meaning, symbolizing the different universal energies present at one’s birth.

Ceremonial Time: The Ebb and Flow of Energies

For the Mayans, time was as much spiritual as it was chronological. Specific days were considered auspicious or inauspicious for particular activities, from sowing seeds to engaging in warfare. High priests, versed in the intricate dance of day signs and galactic tones, would advise rulers on the optimal days for various undertakings. The concept of “divine time” permeated every decision, ensuring harmony between the material and celestial realms.

Mayan Zodiac and Lunar Mansions

While the Tzolk’in holds central importance, the Mayans also had their lunar-based zodiac, consisting of 28 signs, akin to the lunar mansions in other astrological traditions. These signs reflected the moon’s journey and were essential for rituals associated with fertility and agriculture, given the moon’s association with water and growth.

Planetary Movements: Venus and Beyond

The Mayans held Venus, the morning and evening star, in special reverence. Its cycles, particularly as the morning star, were tracked meticulously, with specific hieroglyphs depicting its phases. The heliacal rising of Venus, where it first becomes visible in the dawn sky, was deemed significant, often correlating with major events or ceremonies. Moreover, Venus’s appearances and disappearances from the night sky were essential for warfare timings, as Venus was associated with conflict and disruption.

While Venus was paramount, the Mayans also observed other planetary movements, including Mars, Mercury, and Jupiter, and integrated them into their astrological calculations and prophecies.

Mayan Astrology Today

Despite the decline of the ancient Mayan civilization, their astrological practices persist. Modern-day practitioners, especially in regions with Mayan ancestry, utilize the Tzolk’in for personal readings and to determine auspicious days. The blend of cyclical time understanding with spiritual significance continues to resonate, offering insights distinct from Western or Vedic astrological systems.

Commonalities with Babylonian/Hellenistic/Modern Astrology

While Mayan astrology, with its unique calendar systems and symbols, stands apart, some universal threads connect it to Babylonian, Hellenistic, and Modern astrology:

Lunar Importance: Just as the Babylonians gave significance to lunar cycles, the Mayans too had a profound respect for the moon, evident in their lunar-based zodiac.

Planetary Observations: Like Hellenistic and Modern astrology, the Mayans observed planetary movements, especially Venus, and deduced their significance.

Auspicious Timings: Babylonian priests, much like their Mayan counterparts, determined propitious times for events based on celestial occurrences.

Spiritual Essence of Time: Both Hellenistic and Mayan systems imbue time with spiritual significance, viewing it not just as a chronological progression but as a dance of energies.

Integration with Daily Life: In all these systems, astrology wasn’t a mere abstract study. It deeply integrated into governance, agriculture, and daily decisions, underlining its universal appeal across civilizations.


The rich tapestry of Mayan astrology provides a window into a civilization that viewed time, not as a linear progression, but as a spiral of intertwined energies. While their pyramids, glyphs, and relics provide tangible reminders of their astronomical prowess, it’s in the living practice of Mayan astrology that we find the heartbeat of a people attuned to the cosmos’s rhythms. Their legacy, while distinct in symbols and systems, echoes the age-old human quest to find purpose and meaning in the stars’ patterns.

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