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Number 31 Meaning

The Misunderstood Genius

The digits in the number 31 have the digit sum 4 which resonates with the planet Uranus.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 31 are:
Originality, innovation, transformation, revolutionary ideas, thinks out of the box, geniality, highly intelligent, thinks deeply and differently, unique inventions or products, recharges by being alone, want to contribute to a better world, special/geeky interests, investigates and goes deep, expertise, takes leadership of its projects, chooses a unique way of life or career, intellectually brave, challenges the status quo, alternative views and angles, sense of systems, data and science, looks behind reality, very mental, analytic, unique worldview, wants to improve and reform.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 31 are:
Withdrawn, social isolation, lacks empathy and social intelligence, tired of people, tired of communication, introverted to an extreme degree, hard to relate to others, easily misunderstood, is the black sheep, strange personality, condescending, always knows better, angry at the world, little faith in the world and humanity, suspicious, skeptical, doesn't like others, a tendency to autism, dementia and memory impairment.

The number 31 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 31st and which themes might be present in your life.

31 gives originality, genius, and a desire for solitude.

This number is often called the “misunderstood genius.” The number is the inversion of 13/4, but where 13/4 has the number 5 facing outwards in its diamond giving excellent communication skills, the number 31 has a 7 facing outwards, making it less easy to understand and is often perceived as a bit odd or weird by others.

The number gives deep intelligence, genius, a unique life mission as well as transformative and healing capabilities.


There is a tendency in the number to be secluded and misunderstood – a slightly nerdy personality that can have a difficult time communicating with other people. There can be a tendency for autism and later in life to suffer from dementia or memory loss, which is extra painful, especially if you were intelligent and had a good memory in youth.

Idealistic but does not share the norms of society

You can be very idealistic and think great thoughts, but at the same time feel that the norms of society do not match your wishes and ideologies. This potentially gives a feeling of being a social outcast or the black sheep in the herd. This can make you close down or ignore your emotions and retreat into a tortoise-like shell – in this way, excluding the outer world and staying safe.

Economic problems

There is also a tendency to have problems with money. Since you could be so different, it could be challenging for you to catch or comprehend what other people need and desire – making it difficult to create value that society understands.

Cannot find home

It could also be a challenge for you to find your place in life, and as a reaction, you choose to go against the current – so you not only wind up being in an unconventional place, you also end up isolating your self. So there is a danger of following a life path that nobody else understands or is only based on being angry, rebellious, and different – and not based on your deepest essence.

Low regard for humanity

There can be a tendency to “look down” – not only on the individual you are dealing with here and now but with humanity as a whole. Perhaps you feel that humanity is full of egoistic patterns, and you really couldn’t bother relating to it. At the same time, you could have a nihilistic view on life, which can seem to you as being without value or purpose. The philosopher Friedrich Nietzche had number 31 as first name number value, so this nihilistic aspect of 31 is expressed as part of his philosophy.

The awakening of genius

When awakened in a harmonious way 31 becomes the most “genius” of all numbers – and this means genius in all the senses of the word. You could be the archetypical genius who has a high intelligence and high IQ. You could also be the kind of genius that is highly skilled in something so specific that few other people share that same skill – something that can set you apart and that you should use to your fullest.


The famous Chaldean numerologist Cheiro writes about the number 31:

”With this number one tends to isolate himself from other people and become very withdrawn. When a person isolates itself, it can easily isolate him from inside, which can cause senile dementia at early stages. It is not a materialistic good number.”

According to Vedic numerology, the number 31 will have expertise in the occult sciences but will lack clear goals. There will also be a tendency that unexpected things happen to you (4 is a karmic number) and that you will make hasty decisions as a consequence.

Biggest emotional issue to greatest liberation

The number 31 comes with some inherent challenges – there is the danger of solitude, nihilism, and being/feeling misunderstood.

So the unique challenge is to open your heart to humanity while at the same time remaining true to yourself and your unique ideas and outlook on life. Pure genius and geniality, the most important aspects of being a number 31, can only be channeled when motivated by more profound love.

The 31 in balance is:

  • A number of deep thought, genius, and intelligence
  • Therapeutic and heals others through ingenious methods
  • Transforming the world through innovation and unique ideas
  • Challenging status quo with different and unique thinking
  • Analytical and good with systems, data, and science

The 31 unbalanced is

  • Very introverted and feels different from and unaccepted by others
  • Thinking that other people are stupid and motivated by low desires
  • Dejected and has no faith in the world and other people
  • Not sharing the norms of society and cannot find its place
  • Very odd and has strange/peculiar habits and ways of doing things

31 is under the influence of URANUS

Uranus is the coldest planet in our solar system and has a temperature of about -220 degrees centigrade. There are large cloud formations in the atmosphere, created by water in the lowest clouds and methane in the upper cloud cover. The planet itself is made up of ice and rocks. The clouds give a cloudy light blue impenetrable look. Much like the planet itself, Uranus people are mysterious, profound and don't reveal much about themselves at first glance.

Uranus is the quietest of all planets. In contrast to this, Jupiter makes a lot of electromagnetic noise as you approach it.

Uranus has large, vertical rings around it. Where Saturn's rings are horizontal, Uranus' rings are vertical. This symbolizes an opposition between the two planets.

The axis of Uranus is tilted almost 90 degrees. This makes Uranus "roll" along its axis, while the other planets are like spinning tops on their trajectories. This makes Uranus unique among all the worlds. In Uranus people, this translates to them doing and saying the opposite of what everyone else is saying. There is both an excentric and contrarian streak.

It takes Uranus a full 84 years to orbit the sun, and the eccentric axis of rotation means that while one hemisphere is bathed in light, the other is in constant darkness - for an entire season. This gives very long summers and winters. The transition between summer and winter happens very quickly on Uranus, symbolizing upheavals, and violent transformations. That is why Uranus represents changes that occur very suddenly, and that changes a person, a generation, or the whole world.

The long winter represents that Uranus energy goes in-depth. It is not fast and flighty but thorough and profound.

The north and south poles are not fixed, which means that Uranus does not stand firm on how things are, and the truth is perceived as relative and can be continually challenged.

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