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The Psyche Chart

The second of the 5 charts
The Psyche Chart

In this article we will take a closer look at the the Psyche Chart which is the blue chart in the top right of the 5 Chart Numeroscope™.

The Psyche Chart is a map of how your psyche works. It is one of the most profound and mysterious of the 5 numerology charts because it tells you how a person thinks and feels from the inside.

We have studied the Psyche Chart of everyone from living celebrities to famous people throughout history and it adds a whole new dimension to the interpretation. In this article you can read how the Psyche Chart is interpreted and see examples of how 3 different celebrities live out the same energy in their Psyche Chart.

To the right you can see the psyche chart of the famous actress Scarlett Johansson. 


There are 5 numerology charts:

The Higher Self, which shows our talents, strengths, karmic life lessons and unique life mission. It is calculated via our full date of birth.

The Psyche Chart shows our psyche, the subconscious mind, how we think and feel. It is also calculated via our full date of birth.

In addition, we have the Main Name Chart, the Vocation Chart and the Personality Chart, which are calculated by our current names. They show how we are affected by our names in all areas of life, from love life to career and more.

We look at all of this …
Overview of the Psyche Chart

Here you can see an overview of all the different aspects of the Psychic Self chart and what it can tell you about a person’s psyche.


  • Stages of growing up Childhood, teenage years, twenties, and adult potential
  • Life lessons What life lessons you encounter in life based on what you have gone through in the different stages of growing up. The consequences of passing or NOT passing certain life lessons
  • Crises Whether one went through crises during life, e.g. in the transition from childhood to adolescence, or from 27 to 28 years of age, and the deeper meaning behind these crises



  • The mental diamond (thought forms)
  • The emotion diamond (inner emotional life)
  • Where the psyche finds happiness and rests (the psychic life theme and pillar)



The color of the psyche – which numbers appear most often and thus color the psyche in a certain direction
Balance of the psyche – whether the numbers in the psychic self are balanced within themselves and create harmonious connections between them
Polarity of the psyche – whether the psyche is mainly feminine, masculine or neutral
Health of the psyche – whether there are personality disorders, mental illnesses, neuroses and obsessions one could potentially suffer from
The psyche in perspective – How does the psyche compare to our statistics conducted on over 100,000 celebrities and famous people?

From childhood to adulthood
1. The Psyche Throughout Life

In the psyche self, we read how the psyche works. This chart is divided into an outer and an inner part, and a mental and an emotional part. This gives us 4 main areas, which reflect 4 parts of our psyche. These 4 areas also tell us how we felt during our development in life from child to adult.

The subconscious corresponds to childhood. Here we live in a state where we are very open to absorbing the energies around us, from parents and others. In this area of the Psychic Self we can see what the emotional climate has been like within us in childhood. As adults, this energy continues to influence our subconscious mind, and thus all our close relationships, family life, emotional life, etc.

Our mental thought forms correspond to the teenage years, where they are formed as a reaction to the many emotions of childhood that are now being mentally processed. Here we may have made positive mental suggestions, but we may also have made negative mental suggestions (beliefs) that inhibit us. All our basic beliefs about ourselves are formed during this period and will affect us for the rest of our lives unless we consciously purge and change them.

The area of our social intelligence corresponds with the energies that affect us throughout our 20s, when we begin to open up to the wider world on an emotional level. This social intelligence, which we formed in youth, continues to influence us throughout our lives, showing how we are perceived and interact socially in our immediate environment.

The fourth area is our ‘conscious self’, who we want to be and appear to be. This energy is formed in the area corresponding to adulthood, from the age of 27 onwards.This energy helps shape our personal brand and charisma, and the way others see us.

Numerologist PRO Cases
Examples With The Number Combination 9 and 16/7

In these examples we look at the influence of 9 and 16/7 on the personalities of three different celebrities.

16/7 can cause a great deal of anxiety and fear, often making you lonely or withdrawn, but also deep thought and can awaken a great, almost spiritual power within you that can be used as a driving force to change the world.

The aura in which the number is located shows at what point in life you are under its influence. Thus, we can see at what point in their lives these people have had a powerful lesson with the number 16/7 – whether it is in their childhood, teenage years, twenties or as adults.

In all three cases, the number 16/7 is created by the numbers 16/7 + 9 = 16/7. When 9 joins 16/7, it means that there is a huge lesson about overcoming the anxiety, fear, loneliness and pain inherent in 16/7 by showing great courage, willpower and self-discipline (the 9).


Elon Musk has 16/7 (formed by 9 and 16/7) in his “subconscious”/childhood aura, which is a sign of a lonely and difficult childhood with fear and aggression.

After his parents divorced in 1980, Musk lived with his father, who was cruel and verbally aggressive towards him (9 and 16/7 influence). and he detests him to this day. Elon Musk was an awkward and introverted child who was bullied throughout his childhood. He was once hospitalized after a group of boys threw him down a flight of stairs (9 and 16/7 impact). As a child, he was distant and transcendent in his vibe (16/7 affect), and doctors at one point suspected he was deaf, but his mother thought he was just “in another world”.

Elon Musk uses his ability to think deeply and transcend reality (16/7) to this day, where he is known for his genius in science and engineering. An ability that has helped make him one of the richest people in the world – combined with the fact that he has a lot of strong money numbers in his name chart, vocation chart and personality chart.

The combination of 9 and 16/7 also makes you extremely hardworking. With his 18/9 year number, the 9 in the psyche mental center and the many 16/7s, he is a classic example of this, and is known to often work 80-100 hours a week.


Mother Teresa has 16/7 (formed by 9 and 16/7) in the “social intelligence”/the aura of the twenties, which has its greatest influence on the personality from the age of 18 to 27.

As a child, Mother Teresa was fascinated by stories of the lives of missionaries and their service in Bengal, India, and by the age of 12 she was already convinced that she should commit herself to a religious life. Her determination was strengthened on August 15, 1928, when she prayed at the shrine of the Black Madonna in Vitina-Letnice (South Serbia) where she realized her vocation in life. This event was just before her 18th birthday and occurs due to the influence of the upcoming 16/7 energy in the aura of youth/social intelligence.

She left her home in 1928 at the age of 18 to join the Loreto Sisters at Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham, Ireland, to become a missionary. She never saw her mother or her sister again.

She arrived in India in 1929 and began her novitiate in Darjeeling in the lower Himalayas, where she taught at St. Teresa’s School near her convent. She took her first vows on May 24, 1931, and her vows of honor on May 14, 1937 (at the end of the 16/7 social intelligence aura), and took the name “Mother” as part of the Loreto custom.


Nelson Mandela has 16/7 in the “Conscious Self” aura (also called the adult aura).

Nelson Mandela spent much of his adult life (27 years) in prison for opposing South Africa’s apartheid system. He was subjected to harsh conditions designed to break his will (9 in combination with 16/7), but refused to give up his ideals and his efforts to end apartheid and achieve equality for all people.

Mandela has said that if he had not been in prison, he would never have become South Africa’s first black president. Prison life forced him to do one important thing – to sit down and think deeply about things. In prison, Nelson Mandela overcame his ego and anger and consciously decided to forgive his executioners. It is precisely this act of forgiveness that allowed him to act as a unifying force for both black and white people as president.

Energies in your psyche
2. The Architecture of the Psyche

The mental diamond

Here we look at the numbers that lie in the upper half of the psyche chart, specifically the diamond created by the digit sum of the upper left aura and the digit sum of the upper right aura. This number shows a lot about what you are thinking about and how your thoughts are structured. What the subjects are of your thoughts and how the architecture works in your thought forms.

  • How is information taken from the external world and processed internally?
  • How is information taken from the inner world and projected onto the outer world?
  • What are the survival strategies?
  • What is the outlook on life?
  • What mental strategies are used to balance the needs of the external world with the needs of the internal world?


The Emotion Diamond

Here we look at the numbers that lie in the lower half of the psyche chart, specifically the diamond created by the numbers in the lower left aura and the lower right aura. The numbers show your deepest needs in your emotional, love and erotic life and how you communicate these needs to the outside world.

These numbers show how you take emotional energy that comes from outside and process it with your innermost being. It also shows how those inner needs and emotions translate into psychological strategies in the outer world.

These numbers also show how you balance and reconcile the emotional energies from the outer with those from the inner.

  • How are emotions from other people processed and understood by your inner reality?
  • What are the strategies to protect your inner life?
  • How do external expectations match your inner feelings?
  • What emotional strategies do you use to balance the needs of others with your own needs?
  • What are your needs, likes and dislikes in your emotional and love life?

How the psyche finds happiness and peace

In the psyche chart, we can also see the “Psychic Life Expression” which stands for the development path we basically want to follow in life in order to feel happy. A number 7 as a psyche life expression means, for example, that we want to be on a spiritual path, to follow our intuition to move forward in life, and that spiritual development and self-knowledge is an important element in our lives in order to feel happy and on the right path. A 5 as a life expression means that we follow a path of communication, networking and business, and have a desire to gain new experiences, new knowledge and a great curiosity. Constant development in these areas is an important parameter for us to be happy and feel on the right path in life.

We can also see the Psyche Pillar, which is how the psyche rests. If we have the number 17/8, we find peace and psychic stability in being visible, getting attention and being on, as well as in creating something archetypal and long-lasting/eternal of value. If we have the number 22/4, we find inner peace in building things up step by step through life, so that we get a more and more solid foundation to stand on. We also find peace in maintaining harmony and avoiding conflicts.

The energies in your psyche
3. The Qualities of the Psyche

Polarity of the psyche

The psyche is made up of masculine, feminine and neutral forces.

If it is mostly made up of masculine numbers, the psyche will tend towards the rational and logical.

If it is composed mainly of feminine numbers, the psyche will tend towards the intuitive and emotional.

If it is composed mainly of neutral numbers, the psyche will tend to be neutral, being neither over-rational nor overly emotional.

If there is a large amount of masculine AND feminine numbers and not so many neutral ones, you have access to both masculine and feminine ways of thinking, feeling, perceiving and processing information.

The color of the psyche

Which numbers appear most often and thus color the psyche in a certain direction. For example, if there are many 7s and 3s, we are talking about a rather mental person, or if there are many 2s and 6s, we are talking about a very emotional person, etc.

The balance of the psyche

Whether the numbers in the psyche chart are balanced within themselves and create harmonious relationships between themselves. For example, if there are many 16/7 there may well be a tendency towards depression or anxiety, or if there are many 12/3s there may be a tendency towards an inner sense of victimization, etc.

Health of the psyche

Different combinations of numbers in the mental self can tell us whether there is a predisposition to different kinds of mental illnesses or tendencies. For example:

  • Paranoid personality disorder
  • Schizoid personality disorder
  • Schizotypal personality disorder
  • Narcissistic personality disorder
  • Antisocial personality disorder
  • Histrionic personality disorder
  • Borderline personality disorder
  • Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder
  • Avoidant personality disorder
  • Dependent personality disorder

The psyche in perspective

How does the psyche compare to our statistics conducted on over 100,000 celebrities and famous people?

Which celebrities and famous people have the same psychological self as you do, and how can you learn from their example and life?

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