Find the values of words and names
Consonant/Vowel Calculator

When you find words and names, it is also important that you know what the vowels and consonants add up to. The consonants are the word/name’s energy outward whereas the vowels are the word/name’s “essence”. NOTE! Attempt to avoid following consonant and vowel values: 11/2,12/3,16/7,18/9,22/4,26/8,28/1,29/2,30/3,31/4,35/8,38/2,39/3,40/4 og 44/8.

NOTE! In English, y can be both a vowel and a consonant depending on its location in the word. For example, in the English word “yes” y is a consonant and the word “yes” will therefore have vowel number 5 – and not 6 as indicated in the calculator.

The Chaldean System
The Letter Values

Each letter in our alphabet is associated with a number from 1-8:

1: A, I, J, Q, Y
2: B, K, R
3: C, G, L, S
4: D, M, T
5: E, H, N, X
6: U, V, W
7: O, Z
8: F, P

The Chaldean alphabet number is based on the phonetic sounds of the letters, and not their alphabetical order.

It originates in the Persian Empire, where the alphabet Cuneiform, which had the same sounds found in the Latin, Greek, Russian and Arabic alphabet, was used.


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