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Number 8 Meaning

The Advisor

The number 8 resonantes with the the planet Saturn.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 8 are:
Strength, personality, character, can see right from wrong, balances the energies, survival instinct, ability to act, self-confidence, inner power, ambition, eccentric (in a good way), drive, power, never gives up, high intellect, many levels of abstraction, spiritual, religious, mystical, intuition, great success, unifies, practical sense, financial and administrative talent, is remembered (the number of infinity), eternity consciousness, great wisdom, as above – so below, unites the philosophical/spiritual with the worldly, great depth of personality.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 8 are:
Significant upheavals, karmic debt, thinks only of itself, fanatic, stubborn, provocative, hard, deep inner wounds, lacks self-confidence, insecurity, great defeats, profound grief, fights with life, hides the emotions, hard defensive layer, seems arrogant, cold, deep cynicism, mistrust, misunderstood, overly checks other people out, incessantly explores other peoples motives, either ungrounded and over mental with no practical common sense or too materialistic with no spiritual understanding, creates a web of power and manipulation.

The number 8 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 8th and which themes might be present in your life.

The number 8 gives strength and ability to balance energies and to judge any situation wisely.

Celestial body

As a number 8, you resonate with the planet Saturn.

Saturn, with its rings and a mysterious hexagon on its north pole, is one of the more eccentric planets. Saturn resonates with the earth element and was the Roman god of the harvest – by the Greeks called Kronos, who was a God who ruled in the early times, where all lived in harmony with nature.


The number 8 is a strong personality with a high survival skill and ability to never give up in the face of hardship. As an 8, you are focused, ambitious, and possess a high intellect. The 8 can typically plan everything in the mind before executing the plan in real life.

Saturn is a planet of fate and karma, so you may have encountered many difficulties and obstacles in life. But this has also equipped you with enormous perseverance to overcome any challenge.

The symbol of the number 8 is the same as the symbol of infinity, and in this way, the number 8 resonates with eternity. Many 8's are remembered after their death.

As an 8, you can be both passionate, well organized, and intensely spiritual or driven by a higher purpose at the same time.

8's in balance unite their spirituality with a practical sense. At the same time, an 8 in imbalance is either exclusively in the upper or lower part of the 8 - neglecting either the spiritual or material side of life. This can make the 8 overly materialistic or overly mental or spiritual like an imbalanced number 7.

Like Saturn, 8's are unique and eccentric. They go their own ways and are unaffected by what others think about them.

An 8 in balance is warm, passionate, rests in itself, and is honest and loyal.

Love life

Inside, you can feel misunderstood and lonely, and often want to be alone. You see it as a weakness to ask for help, and you could potentially hide your feelings from others who can perceive you as being cold and cynical. Your loved ones will know that you are processing, but others may not know this.

You have a big heart and high moral values, and once you feel respected, you will do everything for others. The keyword here is respect.


8's naturally become philosophers, artists, freedom fighters, religious leaders, judges, politicians, or administrators.

Biggest emotional issue to greatest liberation

When the number 8's energy is weakened, they become insecure about everything and everyone and are afraid to show who they are. Like Saturn is surrounded by a majestic system of rings – the number 8 can have a subtle ring system around itself keeping others at bay – its more comfortable to keep somebody at a safe distance where they can't hurt you emotionally or physically.

The opposite of strength is weakness, and the 8 may face severe issues with self-worth and self-confidence.

When the energy is too powerful, they become edgy, cranky, impatient, and verbally aggressive. They can be brutal, cold-blooded, Machiavellian, and selfish with their agenda.

Your purpose in life as a number 8 is to follow your passion and create heaven on earth by uniting your innate spirituality with your practical sense and strength – to merge up with down.

Your most prominent life lesson is to forgive others, trust in life, and discover that you truly belong here.

The 8 in balance is:

  • Contained and guarded
  • Creating balance
  • Planning
  • Planting and harvesting
  • Evaluating

The 8 unbalanced is

  • Miserly
  • Guarding its emotions and is suspicious
  • Remembering all minor transgressions
  • Provocative and hard - misunderstood
  • Spinning a web of power and manipulation

8 is under the influence of SATURN

Saturn is perhaps the most beautiful of all planets with its huge ring system.

At Saturn's north pole, the clouds form a hexagoic geometric shape. The shape is vast spanning over 13,800 km making the shape wider than the planet Earth. The hexagon has six sides. The hexagon and the number 6 stand for love and beauty. In the middle of the 8 diamond, we also find the number 6 (digit sum of 15). This symbolizes the deep love and longing for love that number 8 feels at its core.

The vast rings of Saturn symbolize Saturn's resonance with eternity and eternal memory. But they also express Saturn's trait to keep people at a safe distance. There can be mistrust and skepticism.

Saturn people are receptive, often do not find understanding among others, and can suffer from loneliness. Their outward coldness and alienation hide the longing for a deeper and more profound love (the 6 core), but they do not know how to show it (the rings that keep people at bay).

Saturn people do not like superficiality; they like order and material security. Unfortunately, as Saturn is a planet of karma and fate, everything comes to them with difficulty, and everything must be achieved on their own.

Saturn people honor rules and laws. They are pragmatic, prudent, cautious, punctual, and methodical in everything that they do. They are hardworking and persistent in achieving their goals and ideas.

The energy of Saturn demands material well being and certainty of the future.

Saturn people both give and demand loyalty, and they are very reliable people.

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