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Number 36 Meaning

The Corporate Leader

The digits in the number 36 have the digit sum 9 which resonates with the planet Mars.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 36 are:
Good at manifestation (the 3-6-9 triad), a number that signifies mental discrimination - using the mind as a sword that cuts through information to get to the essence, while 27/9 stands for personal and people leadership 36/9 stands more for corporate and societal leadership, gets things as it wants, magnificent success, lifts everyone around it using knowledge and people skills, active, productive, warm and strong radiance, result-oriented, resonates with large organizations, corporate business vibe, CEO vibe, leads large groups of people, humor and warmth, powerful charisma, strategic sense, good intellect, creates unity and community, has a great popularity, removes problems at the root, inner strength, pragmatic approach to life, concerned with social etiquette.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 36 are:
No success, problems completing projects, paralyzed, blocked, always behind, hard work with no results, nothing gets done, leadership that fails due to poor mental discrimination and overview, selfishness and competition, creates fear in others, unsympathetic leader, dishonest to others and itself, jealous of other peoples success, overly concerned about what other people think, always tries to live up to the social norms, always concerned with public opinion and keeping up with the "Joneses" - a need to show that it has the same career, family and life success as those around it, a desire to show social and career success by "faking it".
The number 36 is a vibration that gives success, and expansion. With its 3-6-9 triad, it is one of the most treasured number 9's, providing a unique strength and ability to use mental discrimination to find the best path or solution.

In imbalance, it is somewhat akin to a mafia boss typology, who leads using manipulative and selfish methods.

When balanced, it brings personal power and strength, intelligence, leadership, and the ability to create something great and significant in the world.

The 36 in balance is:

  • A corporate leader who is often the director of large companies
  • Good at lifting entire groups of people towards a common goal
  • One of the most powerful manifestation numbers (3,6 and 9)
  • Using both masculine strategic sense and feminine guile to succeed
  • Removing the unessential with a sword of mental discrimination

The 36 unbalanced is

  • Desperately trying to keep up with the Joneses
  • Afraid of being judged concerning status and etiquette
  • A hard, insensitive and power hungry leader that offends others
  • Is controlling and leading others like a mafiaboss
  • Leadership that fails due to poor mental discrimination and overview

36 is under the influence of MARS

Mars is a reddish planet, and it's surface is covered by towering rock formations and mountains that are twice as high as Mount Everest. There are Grand Canyon-like rock abysses, so scientists believe that there once was water on the surface.

Mars is 2/3 of the size of the Earth and has only approx. 60% of the gravitational field, so you can jump much higher on Mars than here on Earth.

Mars is the Roman god of war, which brings the final judgment and the end of times. Mars people are often warrior like and ready to conquer and subdue the world. They have the courage and strong will and, thanks to these qualities, achieve great success.

But impulsivity hurts their activities. They often do not weigh their strengths and do not distribute them rationally.

In love and partnership, they can experience difficulties as they are both often stubborn, proud, and insensitive.

Mars gives excellent organizational skills and leadership talent.

If they correctly harness their innate strength, discipline, enterprise, and focus, Mars people can achieve tremendous success.

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