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The ancient numerology can decode what the numbers tell about your life, your soul urge, your deepest aspirations and longings, your mission in life, your love life, your career, your life path and the obstacles that you meet along the way.

The energy of your soul is imprinted in your birth date numbers and the energy of your personality is imprinted in your names. If these two energies do not match, you will lead a life where your personality is continually getting in the way of what your soul wishes to express. In numerology there is a specific methodology used to find the names that perfectly match up with the energy of your soul, so that you can experience an incredible flow.

However, not everyone wants or feels ready to change name. But just knowing your personal numbers and how they influence you, can help you to get in ALIGNMENT and COHERENCE with your true nature.

Why do we do what we do?

Our mission is to channel the most advanced form of numerology on the planet.

The ancient Chaldean Numerology connects you with your true destiny and life vocation.

When more and more people live in harmony with their true vocation and life purpose, the vibration of the planet will lift, and there will be less warfare, conflict, anger, sadness and tension.

Fundaments and Philosophy
What Makes Our Numerology Teachings So Unique And Powerful?


Built on Chaldean Numerology

Dating back thousands of years …

Our teachings are based on the most profound form of numerology on the planet – Chaldean numerology in its most pure, yet advanced form.

In Chaldean numerology the numerical values assigned to the alphabet is built on the laws of phonetics and vibration. This gives chaldean numerology great accuracy when it comes to analyzing a persons date and names and foretelling future events.

In Chaldean numerology all numbers are taken into consideration – not only the numbers 1-9 and 11,22 and 33 as is done in Pythagorean numerology – which further gives Chaldean numerology a more nuanced and deep interpration.



Everything in the universe VIBRATES.

Behind the reality that we perceive with our limited senses is an ocean of vibration. Numbers are a bridge between the world that we perceive and the underlying sea of vibration.

Dates have vibrations and your names have a vibration as well. That is why the date that you are born together with your names create a network of vibrational frequency around you, either attracting abundance, joy and love or sadness, anger, guilt and shame.

Numerology is a tool that allows the numerologist to DECODE the underlying vibrations affecting your life so that you gain a deeper understanding of why you face the challenges specific to you. With knowledge comes the power to heal, transform and let go.


Education and perfection

Dedicated to the science of numerology.

We teach and certify professional numerologists with our Numerologist PRO Certificate Education, a PROFESSIONAL numerology education that spans over the course of a year.

We educate people to a whole new level of Chaldean Numerology. Our certified numerologists can perform a wide range of different professions – for example conduct ‘one on one’ sessions in numerological analysis, give new names, make personal numerological forecasts etc.

We are the biggest school of numerology in Scandinavia, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. After completion of the full education you receive the title “Numerologist PRO Certified Master (see badge to your right).


Tried and tested

Numerology has seen a HUGE GROWTH in Scandinavia.

This is due to the fact that it is EASY in Scandinavia to officially change your name (passport, identity cards, drivers license etc). This has allowed numerologists to work unhindered and to gain a very quick feedback – to test and to refine the art of numerology to an extent that has not been possible in other areas of the world. A huge revival of an ancient and fascinating knowledge has sprung forth from Denmark to the neighbouring countries of Scandinavia.


Numerological software tools

The worlds most advanced numerological software.

With a background in numerology and computer science we have developed a wide range of numerological software tools allowing us to analyze thousands of people – thereby continually refining our abilities to quickly spot patterns in the numbers which translate to specific personality traits. With software numerology becomes easily quantified and measurable giving us a remarkable efficacy in our numerological readings.


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