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On this page you can read more about who we are
and why numerology is so important to us – and the world!

Why do we do what we do?
Mission Vision

Our vision is a world where people have a more profound understanding of the sciences of numerology, vibration, and resonance. When more and more people live in harmony with their true vocation and life purpose, the planet’s vibration will lift, and there will be less warfare, conflict, confusion, anger, sadness, and more peace, cooperation, and joy.

Our mission is to channel the most advanced form of numerology on the planet through public speaking, reports, online programs, advanced software, and our certification education.

The ancient Chaldean Numerology connects you with your true destiny and life vocation.

Numerologist and software developer
Johannes Ehvass

Johannes is a software architect at Numerologist PRO in addition to numerologist, coach and education manager.

Johannes has a degree in computer science and after many years as a software engineer has worked independently as a coach. During this time his interest in numerology and the more spiritual aspects of life have grown so he today fully integrates his interest in software development and numerology.

Johannes has a systematic and step-by-step approach to the learning process, number combinations and interpretation, where he combines knowledge and intuition with his eye for the fascinating mathematics that underlies numerology.

Johannes grew up in Swaziland and Hong Kong and has a daily practice of meditation, yoga and kung fu.

Numerologist and Certification Leader
Estel Ehvass

Estel is a numerologist, certification leader and software designer at Numerologist PRO.

Estel met numerology at a very young age on a trip to India, and has been interested in numerology ever since.

She researches and goes in depth with the ancient sources of numerology, and has modernized the ancient knowledge of consonants and vowels in the names to a whole new level. Estel also researches empirically on the effects of numerology – especially in the name change process.

Estel was originally educated in musicology at the university of Copenhagen. She has studied many forms of spiritual wisdom systems, and has been practicing meditation since she was 19 years old.

Our 6 Fundamental Pillars
What Makes Our Numerology Teachings So Unique And Powerful?


Built on Chaldean Numerology

Dating back thousands of years …

Our teachings are based on the most profound form of numerology on the planet – Chaldean numerology in its most pure yet advanced form.

In Chaldean numerology, the numerical values assigned to the alphabet is built on the laws of phonetics and vibration. These laws give Chaldean numerology great accuracy when analyzing a person’s date and names and foretelling future events.

In Chaldean numerology, all numbers are considered – not only the numbers 1-9 and 11,22, and 33 as is done in Pythagorean numerology. Having the tools to analyze all numbers gives Chaldean numerology a more nuanced and deep interpretation.


Deep Research

Looking back into old sources.

We do historical research in numerology sources, which shows us that the world’s largest numerology systems – Pythagorean, Chaldean, Indian, and Kabbalah were once one united system.

We research deeply into what has been lost and what is intact in each of the main traditions and get an overview of the essential sources. In this way, we get closer and closer to the deepest underlying commonalities and archetypical truths.



Power in the numbers …

We have conducted numerological research on a database of over 100.000 of the greatest thinkers, scientists, philosophers, musicians, politicians, artists, etc., in world history.

Our numerology and computer science background has allowed us to develop a wide range of numerological software tools to analyze thousands of people. We are continually refining our abilities to quickly spot patterns in the numbers that translate to specific personality traits. Numerology becomes easily quantified and measurable with software, giving us a remarkable efficacy in our numerological readings.

The research confirms a deep correlation between our birthday energies, name energies, personality traits, deepest desires, and vocation in life.


Education and perfection

Dedicated to the science of numerology.

We teach and certify professional numerologists with our Numerologist PRO Certificate Education, a PROFESSIONAL numerology education that spans over a year.

We educate people to a whole new level of Chaldean Numerology. Our certified numerologists can perform a wide range of different professions – for example, conduct ‘one on one’ sessions in numerological analysis, give new names, make personal numerological forecasts, etc.

We are the biggest school of numerology in Scandinavia, located in Copenhagen, Denmark. After completing the full education, you receive the title “Numerologist PRO Certified Master (see badge to your right).


Tried and tested

Numerology has seen a HUGE GROWTH in Scandinavia.

Numerology has seen a HUGE GROWTH in Scandinavia, as it is EASY in Scandinavia to officially change your name (passport, identity cards, driver’s license, etc.). Name change numerologists can work unhindered and gain rapid feedback – to test and refine the art of numerology to the extent that has not been possible in other areas of the world. A vast revival of ancient and fascinating knowledge has sprung forth from Denmark and spread to the neighboring countries of Scandinavia.


Numerology software tools

The worlds most advanced numerology software.

We have developed software for professional numerologists – making it easy to create profiles, charts, find names with the best vibrations, make personal and global forecasting.

With our business numerology tools, you can also easily find the best dates for starting new businesses, finding the best domain names, and finding the perfect prices for your products and services.

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