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The Numerology Chart
The Vocation Chart

The third of the 5 charts
The Vocation Chart

In this article we will take a closer look at the the Vocation Chart which is the green chart in the bottom right of the 5 Chart Numeroscope™.

The Vocation Chart, also referred to as the “Hearts Desire Chart” or “Soul Urge Chart,” offers insights into the heart’s energies and the underlying architecture of your desires. It reveals how the soul descends through the five chart numeroscope, manifesting in different ways within the physical world.

While your day vibration serves as an indicator of your primary archetype (for further details, please read our article about the higher self chart), the soul establishes a profound connection with you on a day-to-day basis through a potent medium: the vowels in your name. The Vocation Chart unveils the formation and modulation of these energies, providing a deeper understanding of your vocational path.

To the right you can see the Vocation Chart of the famous actress Scarlett Johansson. 



There are 5 numerology charts:

The Higher Self, which shows our talents, strengths, karmic life lessons and unique life mission. It is calculated via our full date of birth.

The Psyche Chart shows our psyche, the subconscious mind, how we think and feel. It is also calculated via our full date of birth.

In addition, we have the Main Name Chart, the Vocation Chart and the Personality Chart, which are calculated by our current names. They show how we are affected by our names in all areas of life, from love life to career and more.

We look at all of this …
Overview of the Vocation Chart

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the Vocation Chart and how they provide insights into a person’s vocation. Here is an overview of what we will cover.


There is a special connection between the vocation chart and the energies of our heart and soul.



  • The vocation mental diamond (your inner mental desires)
  • The vocation emotion diamond (your inner emotional desires)
  • The hearts desire numbers (your will power and overall conclusion of the Vocation Chart)

We will also present you with numerology use cases of the vocation chart focusing on the hearts desire numbers, vocation mind diamonds, and vocation emotion diamonds of the world’s three greatest pop icons of all time.



  • The Vocation Chart shows your deep and hidden motives
  • The Vocation Chart acts as a resonator that activates the law of attraction
  • The numbers in your Vocation Chart should align harmoniously with the numbers in your higher self and psyche chart
  • The power of the Vocation Chart needs to be AWAKENED
  • Changing your name(s) changes your Vocation Chart and thereby your desires in life


The vocation chart shows
1. The Energy of the Heart

The vowels are SUBTLE and very much connected to the breath. Your breath comes out of your lungs, which are subtly connected to the HEART. In esotericism the element of AIR is connected to the heart.

This is why in numerology we call the vowel values in your names your HEARTS DESIRE or SOUL URGE.

The soul resides above our body and is connected to the crown chakra (“Sahasrara” in yoga terms), but there is also an extremely strong connection of the soul directly to the heart chakra (“Anahata” in yoga terms). It is through our hearts that our soul whispers to us – and this is why “our heart knows” before anything else in our mind or body.

And this is why we should always listen to the heart – and not the mind.

The heart is is synchronous and directly linked to our soul and to the universe outside of time and space. The mind though, is trapped in the outer world of time, space and causation. While the heart already knows through silent immediate knowledge, the mind is struggling to keep up by thinking, strategizing, justifying and filling out the blanks.

In numerology the knowledge of the heart is mapped onto the vowels, making the VOCATION CHART one of the most powerful charts that we can contemplate.

The vocation chart built up by the vowels in the name shows us the most subtle and refined aspects of our names. The names are linked to our present physical incarnation as they are chosen for us by our parents and dictated by social and cultural norms. The vowels in the name are the most refined aspects of the name and therefore the aspect of the names that have the greatest contact with the energies on the soul (as seen in the higher self and psychic self charts).

In this way the vocation chart modulates the energies that come from the higher and psychic self and channels them into the physical world as your vocation, desires, wants, likes and dislikes.

Energies in your vocation
2. The Architecture of Your Vocation

The Hearts Desire Numbers

The heart’s desire numbers (The big and small hearts desire) are some of the most significant numbers in your chart. It is the voice of your soul, expressing itself through the modality of the emotions, longings, and desires that you feel in your life.

The big life path number in the higher self is an indication of where you need to go to harvest the highest potential in your life. The big life path does not have a specific object or modality through which it wishes to express its desire but is more a kind of longing to become a particular “archetype.” The big heart’s desire is more attached to specific outcomes that can be seen, measured, and felt in the physical world. So, for example, your big life path number might be 34/7, which is a number called the “Spiritual king,” whose highest calling is to lead other people towards the light. The soul yearns to feel like a spiritual king. At the same time, you might have the big hearts desire 41/5, which is a number called “the businessman.” Your inner desire to feel like a king will be expressed in the physical world through the desire to become a successful businessman.

We achieve the greatest joy in life when we live out our hearts desire in a way that respects our big life path number. If we continue with the example from before, if you follow your heart’s desire and become a successful businessman, but your business does not lead other people to “find the light,” you will not be fulfilling your highest soul potential.

In the same way, as the big life path shows a potential that unfolds itself over the long term, the big heart’s desire number is also something that reveals over the long run. All the desires, emotions and longings that express themselves on a daily day to day basis (expressed through the little heart’s desire number) converge towards a higher and more fulfilling conclusion as shown in the big heart’s desire number.

The Vocation Mind diamond

The vocation chart’s mind diamond (also called hearts intention diamond) represents the primary and first energy through which your soul’s voice expresses itself.

It represents your deepest intention and your soul’s aspiration. This position is extremely subtle and refined; it is the faintest of whispers that you only can hear through the silencing of your mind and the awakening of your heart.

Your heart’s intention is subtle and acts as a background vibration that activates the law of attraction and attracts the qualities of this number into your life.

The Vocation Emotion Diamond

The vocation chart’s emotion diamond represents the “emotionalization” of the heart’s intention. Here we find our deepest desires and longings.

It is essential that the numbers here work well with the vocation mind diamond and that our desires in life harmonize well with our true needs (as they are expressed in the higher and psyche self).

We, humans, desire many things, but more often than not, that which we desire is not that which we need. Our deepest needs often get masked behind a labyrinth of desires. The vocations chart’s emotion diamond show what these desires are.

Numerologist PRO Cases
The Vocation Charts of The 3 Greatest Pop Icons of All Time

Here we will look into the numerology of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. The selection of these three as the greatest pop icons of all time is based on their immense popularity, cultural impact, and lasting influence on the music industry.

Elvis Presley’s fusion of various genres, his charismatic stage presence, and his cultural impact as a symbol of rebellion helped shape the foundation of modern popular music. Michael Jackson revolutionized the music video medium, set new standards for live performances, and achieved unparalleled success with his album “Thriller.” Madonna, with her provocative image, empowered female artists, and pushed the boundaries of artistic expression in pop music.

These three individuals have had an enduring influence on subsequent generations of artists and continue to be recognized as icons in the world of pop music. For this reason it is interesting to study their numerology charts. In this article we will look closer at their vocation charts.


One of the most important numbers in the Vocation Chart is the Heart’s Desire number, which represents the culmination of all the numbers within the chart. It signifies our willpower and drive, elevating it beyond simple desire. In Elvis’ case, we see that it is 17/8. This is a number of shine and celebrity and it appears multiple times in the full 5 chart numeroscope of Elvis Presley.

In Elvis’ case, we see the same numbers in the mental and emotion diamond, creating a vertical symmetry. This is powerful because it suggests that his thoughts and feelings about his desires are in harmony. This congruence provides a person with a potent drive and increases the likelihood of achieving their desires. It minimizes conflict between heart and mind. The composite number here is 51/6, derived from the 5 on the left aura and the 1 on the right. The number 51/6 number is full of ambition, striving for recognition and social prominence.

What’s also intriguing is the presence of the composite number 96/6, known as “Casanova.” The 9 represents masculinity, and the 6, femininity, so 96 is concerned with the interaction between the two. As part of the Vocation Chart, it indicates that Elvis had a huge charisma that would greatly impact the opposite sex. In Elvis’ time, the hysteria exhibited by his female fans was a new phenomenon. His nickname, “Elvis the Pelvis,” was aptly given. From a numerological standpoint, it’s no surprise that women were captivated by him, as he embodied both masculine and celebrity qualities while also being a Casanova at heart.

However, there is a downside to the 6 and 15/6 that we find in both of the centers of the Vocation Chart. 6 is associated with comfort, particularly comfort found in food, while 15/6 in imbalance can give a tendency to indulge and to get easily tempted. Elvis was no exception; he indulged in unhealthy foods when not dieting. When he strayed from his diet, the karma was immediate, manifesting as obesity and low self-esteem, the negative aspects of the number 6.


Michael Jackson exhibited an unwavering determination towards greatness and originality, as reflected in his 18/9 little Heart’s Desire and 27/9 big Heart’s Desire numbers. He was renowned for his exceptional work ethic, which he channeled into composing music and choreographing his dances.

In his mental diamond, we find the composite number 91/1, formed by the 9 in the top left aura and the 1 in the top right aura. The 91/1 signifies a deep desire to achieve greatness and make a significant impact. Additionally, the top part of his vocation chart reveals the composite number 13/4, derived from the mind center 10/1 and the middle name vowels 12/3. This combination evokes a strong inclination towards originality and creating innovative works that push boundaries.

However, when examining his emotional diamond, we encounter some complex aspects. The combination of 9 and 15/6 in the emotion center can potentially lead to manipulative behavior in personal relationships, emotionally and sexually. This is further amplified by the presence of 15/6 in the emotion center, which arises from the 16/7 in the bottom left aura and the 17/8 in the bottom right aura, resulting in a 78 emotion diamond. The 78 can represent challenges related to darker aspects or occultism when not balanced. Furthermore the combination of the base 2 day vibration and the 9 hearts desire is a combination that often gives rise to bisexuality. These specific number combinations can create a volatile mix of energies, potentially attracting negative influences or impure energies. Michael Jackson’s personal life did exhibit complexities and controversies, as seen in some of his music videos from “Thriller” and the testimonies of individuals who claimed to have been harmed by him.


Madonna possesses both a little Heart’s Desire number of 14/5 and a big Heart’s Desire number of 41/5. These numbers hold significant power in the business realm as they align perfectly with the market’s demands. Madonna’s notable skills as a trendsetter and her ability to craft compelling messages in her songs and videos are widely recognized.

In her vocation mind diamond, Madonna’s number is 72/9, which is derived from the 16/7 in the top left aura and the 11/2 in the top right aura. The 72/9 represents a belief in the “brotherhood/sisterhood” of humanity, emphasizing the importance of collective collaboration to manifest a higher vision. Additionally, there is the presence of the composite number 91/1, resulting from the mind center 9 and the middle name vowels 19/1. These numbers evoke a strong desire and drive for perfection and greatness.

Madonna’s emotion diamond is represented by 59/5, comprising the 14/5 in the bottom left aura and the 9 in the bottom right aura. The 59/5 is associated with free speech and a sharp, quick-witted nature. Madonna is well-known for fearlessly expressing her opinions on issues such as the oppression of women, LGBTQ+ rights, and racism.

The composite number formed by her base 7 day vibration and the base 5 Heart’s Desire yields the number 75/3, often referred to as “the Majesty.” This number carries an air of “royalty,” adding to her moniker as “The Queen of Pop.”

While Madonna encompasses various energies, it is worth noting that her personality chart and higher self exhibit qualities associated with a “dominatrix.” Additionally, there are numbers suggesting a strong occult energy present within her overall chart.

Things you need to know
3. Aspects of Your Vocation

The Vocation Chart shows your deep and hidden motives

The vocation chart tells about the hidden motives behind everything that you do.

These are energies that we usually keep to ourselves and that we don’t wish to share with the world.

They can stand for hidden desires or compulsions that we don’t want others to see.

They can often also signify aspects of our sexuality that we are ashamed of or wish to hide from the world. 

The Vocation Chart acts as a resonator that activates the law of attraction

The numbers in the vocation chart are “resonators,” meaning that the more you activate them, the more they will attract what you desire into your life. These numbers show how you like to use your time – your hobbies and your interests.

The vocation chart serves as a bridge between your physical incarnation (as symbolised by your name chart) and your soul, so following and awakening these numbers allows you to sync your soul and physical life, which is why harnessing the power in these numbers activates the law of attraction – bringing all the things that you truly desire into fruition.

The numbers in your Vocation Chart should align harmoniously with the numbers in your higher self and psyche chart

When the numbers in your Vocation chart align harmoniously with your higher self and psychic self, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. However, if these numbers are discordant or don’t resonate with your higher self, for instance, if they express desires that diverge significantly from the understanding of who you are based on the higher and psychic self charts, it can lead to emotional upheaval and drama in your inner life and cause you to always second doubt yourself.

The power of the Vocation Chart needs to be AWAKENED

For many people these energies lie dormant, like a potential that never gets fulfilled. But when you suddenly discover their power you tap into a huge force – you tap into the very essence and highest octave of your NAMES. So when you align yourself with these numbers you activate a powerful force of manifestation that spreads into your personality and name charts dynamizing you in a powerful way.

Changing your name(s) changes your Vocation Chart and thereby your desires in life

People may experience new desires and longings after changing their name. We often witness this in women who take their husband’s last name after marriage. For some, this change introduces new numbers and brings positive life changes. However, for others, love that was fueled by the numbers in the Vocation Chart may suddenly shift or even vanish – which is, of course, a bit tragic 

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