The Numerology Chart
The Higher Self Chart

The first of the 5 charts
The Higher Self Chart

In the numerology higher self chart where we place your birthday numbers, you have a series of numbers that together show your talents, strengths and challenges – and how to make the best use of them. These numbers are your personal codes for success, happiness and inspiration.

You can use these insights to understand how to better use your talents and live your unique mission.

But you will also understand how you function on a spiritual level, as well as what challenges and life lessons you have “signed up for”.

The innate energies we carry with us from the date of birth are themes that we as souls have chosen to work with in this life. If you do not use the energies you have available, you will typically feel blocked and that something is not as it should be. It can also be difficult to figure out what you are supposed to do in life and what your unique life mission really is.

Perhaps you are trying to be something other than what the number influences you to be, because you have learned that it is best to be in a different way (e.g. through parents, teachers or cultural norms). In that case, it can be a great relief to find a way that may in fact be far more natural for you to be in the world, both externally and internally.


There are 5 numerology charts:

The Higher Self, which shows our talents, strengths, karmic life lessons and unique life mission. It is calculated via our full date of birth.

The Psyche Chart shows our psyche, the subconscious mind, how we think and feel. It is also calculated via our full date of birth.

In addition, we have the Main Name Chart, the Vocation Chart and the Personality Chart, which are calculated by our current names. They show how we are affected by our names in all areas of life, from love life to career and more.

Your Soul and Essence Numbers
Positions in the Higher Self Chart

The day of birth is placed at the bottom of the triangle, the month in the left corner and the year in the right corner. By adding these numbers together in the higher self we get the life path numbers which are placed in the circle in the middle of the triangle.

In the example to the right you see the higher self chart of Elvis Aaron Presley born on the 8th of January 1935:

The essence numbers (common denomination of all the numbers in the Higher Self) are some of the most fascinating numbers in numerology as they tell the story of your unique life mission in this incarnation.

The numbers in the higher self can never be changed as you cannot change the day that you were born!
From the different combinations of numbers in the higher self chart the following fascinating numbers can be seen:

The Higher Self Chart
Your Innate Essence

Your personality and what you attract in life
The Day Vibration Potential

The day vibration is the day of the month you were born. All numbers have a digit sum (the digits added up) that range from 1-9. In this way, we can say that there are 9 different day vibration “base numbers”.

Besides that, your day vibration is also a number from 1-31. This number adds an extra dimension to the base number, so there is for example a difference if you are a 4 born on the 4th, the 13th, the 22nd or the 31st of the month. All of them have base number 4, but they each also have their own unique characteristics.

The day vibration is very much about the way we do things and what we are motivated by, the way we want success, but also the karma and life lessons we carry with us. That is, the life lessons that need to be learned before we can really open up our full potential and live out the positive things about our day vibration.

The day vibration is the energy that radiates in and out of the personality from the cosmos. It is an active energy that drives you towards certain types of life lessons and life lessons that you must “pass” through life.

Your day vibration is the most important vibration in Chaldean numerology (along with the life path numbers) as it influences your personality and what life experiences you attract, and also your career choices and innate talents.

The negative aspects of your day vibration are the things that can cause trouble and havoc for you both personally and career-wise.

But it is very much possible to get to a place where you live out the positive aspects of your day vibration.

When you learn to master the life lessons that need to be mastered according to your day vibration, then what used to be your weaknesses can become your greatest strengths.

Your spiritual nature and the most mysterious of your numbers
Life Path Numbers

Our life path numbers (sometimes called the destiny numbers) are base numbers between 1-9, but can further be divided into the “small life path number” and the “big life path number”.

The small life path number is our daily consciousness, while the big life path number is our greatest potential.

The small life path represents our deepest essence. When we know this number intimately, we know why we are the way we are.

The small and big life path numbers help to decode our life purpose, talents and our own unique genius zone – the things we are naturally great at, but can often be unconscious to us.

The life path numbers are also called the destiny numbers, because in them lie great and profound life lessons, as well as potentials and challenges to be learned and mastered.

It is without a doubt the most profound and mysterious of the numbers we carry with us. It tells us both our greatest positive potentials and our greatest inner “faulty programming”.

When you know the meaning of the life path numbers in depth, you can understand other people’s deepest intentions, desires and inner soul longings on a very deep level. A deep understanding of the life path numbers is the key to becoming a truly skilled numerologist, and to understanding yourself and your loved ones. When we are true to the qualities that come naturally to our life path numbers, it becomes much easier to feel what we should and should not do in life.

Another important number is how our day vibration (outer personality) communicates with our life path numbers (our essence or inner personality).

Some people are born with a strong contradiction between the energy of their day vibration and their life path numbers, and in that case you have a particular challenge in getting the two energies to “talk to each other”. Here you can use your personal crystals, for example, which will help you to bring out the most harmonious aspects so that you can live both numbers in harmony (See the crystal report).

All combinations of day vibrations and life path numbers can be mastered and you can get the most optimal energies out of them. All combinations are unique and huge potentials that we can learn to use and awaken in ourselves, once we have understood their positive potentials and can tune into them, and steer around their negative potentials and tendencies. Therefore, every birth date is a unique and positive potential, although some birth dates represent a greater challenge or life lesson to be mastered.

The key to successfully living your life purpose
Dharma Line

The Dharma Line stands for the “code” that we need to use in order to be most successful in living our life purpose. It tells how your subconscious and conscious minds communicate. It is the nature of your “supra mental” mind and shows how you communicate with the divine.

The Dharma Line is one of our 3 most important key numbers in the higher self, along with our day vibration and life path numbers.

The Dharma Line is an important key to awakening our life purpose and succeeding in it – but is not the life purpose itself.

Below are some ultra-short examples of 9 different dharma lines and their codes, for people born in January or October.

However, there are 99 different dharma lines in total, and you could write a whole little book about each of them and their unique paths to success.

  • January or October of a digit sum 9 year: Follow your cosmic guidance and use an “optimism code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 1 year: Think community-minded and use a “feel-into code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 2 year: Act on what will bring you the most growth and expansion, and use a “knowledge code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 3 year: Think in an innovative way and out of the box and use a “transformation code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 4 year: Communicate and intuit your way forward and use a “spontaneity code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 5 year: Awaken your personal magnetism and use a “charisma code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 6 year: Observe deeply, intuitively and keenly and use an “intuition and wisdom code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 7 year: Think in terms of what is most universal, eternal and archetypal and use a “balance code”
  • January or October of a digit sum 8 year: Act with strength and conviction, and use a “personal principles code”

Your keys to inner harmony
Inner Diamond

The inner diamond is the relationship between your day vibration and your year vibration. The year vibration is very much about your inner world and represent subconscious tendencies that are common to everyone born in a particular year. It draws out the more sensitive and introverted aspects of your day vibration, forming the number called the ‘inner diamond’.

The inner diamond is very much about the way you process things emotionally. It is your inner world and ways of thinking, imagining, being and feeling.

On a personal level, our inner diamond is about what it takes to meet our innermost needs, what is important to us in our emotional life, family life and how we function internally. It is therefore not always clear to others what our inner diamond is, unless they know us very well.

For career purposes, the number tells us how we like to work, how we process knowledge and information inside ourselves, as well as our creativity and what we need to focus on to create a good flow of inspiration. It also shows what is important for us emotionally in a job or workplace to feel balanced.

Your outer action codes
Outer Diamond

The outer diamond is a code for how best to use our agency. We must use the energies we have available, otherwise they will represent a blockage in our lives. Our way of being empowered is deeply individual, and by finding the most natural way for us to use it, we become most effective. The outer diamond (the power of action in the outer world) also interacts with the numbers you have in your inner diamond (the inner feeling).

You can find your outer diamond by taking the digit sum of your day vibration and putting it in front, followed by the digit sum of your month.

For example, if you were born on a 5th day in June, you form the outer diamond “56/2”.

We all have a kind of innate code for our agency that is completely unique. It is the way we are most effective, and at the same time it is the easiest for us to act on, and gives us the most enjoyment, luck, joy and success with our actions.

If you have a very gentle number as your action power, it does not necessarily mean that your action power is “weak” – but that you are actually most effective when you take action in a very gentle and gentle way and feel your way forward. This can apply if you are born on a 1st day of January or October.

If you have numbers for great popularity and ability to make good connections and agreements with others, then you are supposed to use this vibe in your way of acting, for example by gathering others and getting them to act with you. This can apply to you if you are born on a 5th day in June, as in the above example.

If you have numbers for great individuality and innovation, you act best in a very independent and unique way. You will only be at your best if you have the freedom to come up with your own unique version. Your flow and inspiration will feel completely blocked if you have to follow certain rules and do something that others dictate exactly. This can apply to you if you were born on the 1st day of March or December.

If you have the numbers for great discipline and diligence, it is also important that you make use of this energy. If you don’t use your daily dose of self-discipline to achieve goals, this energy can easily turn into anger or dissatisfaction with yourself. This can apply to you if you were born on an 8th day in January or October or a 1st day in August.

Harmony with your numbers
A Universe of Vibration

As you can see, it is possible to do a fairly complex analysis of all your innate energies and how they interact. Each of us is like a huge cosmic painting, containing a complex mix of different energies and archetypes represented by our innate numbers. We call this deep analysis a Soul Blueprint because it shows a kind of map of you and your soul’s potential.

Each of us has our own unique blend of energies.

Your unique, numerological Soul Blueprint is the science of how you can be even more yourself and make the most of your life potential.

Tune in
More quality of life, happiness and spirituality

Here are some of the benefits you can experience by knowing your innate energies and potential numerologically:


By resonating with our inherent energies, we become conduits for the specific universal energy we’re destined to channel in this life. When we tune in to our designated frequency, our vibrations become pure and clear, attracting those in need of our unique energy. This resonance draws ideal clients, business partners, opportunities, friendships, and relationships to us, as we vibrate on the frequency we were created for.


Understanding your numerological numbers allows for the gradual healing of internal blocks and transformation of negative beliefs. This knowledge illuminates our potential pitfalls and pathways to harmony, showing us there’s not just one way to think or act. This awareness brings unconscious imbalances and tendencies to light, while reminding us of our unique gifts and potentials. For many, understanding their innate strengths and talents instills a newfound sense of confidence.


Gaining insight into your unique life mission through numerology empowers you to intuitively discern what actions to take and what to avoid. By listening to the whispers of your numbers, you can transform your ideas into fulfilling, successful endeavors that are in alignment with your unique mission. You learn to sense what is meant for you and understand what the Universe expects of you.


Acting in alignment with your inherent energies enables you to experience more flow and success, while using less energy. You learn to create harmony in your actions, knowing what to strive for and aim towards. This alignment resonates with the frequency of your inspiration, ensuring your efforts are more fulfilling and less strenuous.


Understanding the lessons of your karmic connections can free you from burdens in both past and present relationships. Comprehending the fundamental energies between you and your loved ones promotes healing that you can continually revisit for inner wisdom and inspiration in various situations. This understanding brings harmony to your relationships, enriching your interactions with loved ones.

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