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Full Numerology Report (Birthday & Name analysis)

Personalized report covering your 5 major Chaldean charts, including birth date and names. Membership site and 200+ page report.

Numerology Soul Affirmations

Experience the dynamic force of these personalized numerology affirmations for manifesting your dreams and desires.


The Crystal Report: Heal Your Energies

Discover the healing power of crystals with our tailored Crystal Report, based on your birth date numbers.

Superdates 2024: Amplify Your Luck and Success

Boost your 2024 using the power of key numerological dates. Experience increased synchronicity, flow, and success in business and personal life.

Chaldean Numerology Beginners Course

Master Chaldean numerology with the worlds leading learning and software platform. Engaging video lessons, manuals, quizzes, and tools.

Numerologist PRO Software

Chart profiles, all 5 major charts, in-depth info, day and year charts, relationship and business tools, advanced quizzes, celebrity database.

Transform Your Life With Numerology
Get a One on One Session With Estel

Estel is the co-founder of Numerologist PRO, coordinating teacher on the Numerologist PRO Certificate Education and also offers one on one sessions where she will look into your name or business numerology.

These are super intense and life changing sessions where your deepest numerology is revealed.


In these sessions we look deep into your numerology. You can also choose a name change session. Changing your name according to advanced Chaldean Numerology, can help you to align your personal energies with your unique life path, and live a life in connection with your deepest essence.


Numerology can help your business to thrive. We calculate the best date of the year for you to start a business, and to name your company with the vibrations of business success.

An Education In Five Levels
Numerologist PRO Certificate Education


We have many years of experience in teaching and creating the perfect ambience for learning numerology. The first level of our education “LEVEL 1: FOUNDATIONAL” can be taken online and consists of videos, manuals, quizzes and access to the most advanced numerology software in the world.

LEVELS 2-5 are in-depth live sessions on Zoom and access to our software and teaching platform with pre-recorded videos and manuals. Level 2 starts February 2022

Boost Your Career With A Numerology Certification
Your Life as a Certified Numerologist

With a Numerologist PRO Certification your life and career will receive a boost upwards.
Numerology is on its way to becoming the next big thing and can be combined with any kind of
coaching, healing or consultancy work to gain a deeper insight into your clients.
  • You can start your own practice and provide numerology sessions and numerological coaching with your coveted knowledge.
  • You can use numerology to supplement your work if you are already a healer, therapist, or coach. 
  • You can take the training for your own sake as a spiritual development journey. 
  • You can get in deeper contact with your essence and life mission and help your customers do the same.
  • You can help companies strengthen their brand and cash flow.
  • You can help spread the positive effects of a numerological vibration shift, such as more joy, flow, inspiration, and inner peace. 
  • You can understand yourself and others much deeper, e.g., you will gain a deep numerological insight into people’s motivations, longings, desires, emotions, thought patterns, and aspirations.
  • You can read the energies of the year, months, and days and thus live in more harmony with the global vibrations.
  • You can develop your higher consciousness, strengthen your intuition and see life from a new and deeper perspective.

Make your life easier!
Free Numerology Tools!

From our online software Numerologist PRO


Use this tool for finding words with specific number values.


Use this tool to see the Chaldean number values of names and words.


The ancient Chaldean numerology chart reveals how your NAME AND BIRTH VIBRATIONS influence your love life, career, social life and more.

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About Numerology and her Sister Sciences

Welcome to our Numerology Articles section! Dive into the fascinating world of numerology and uncover the secrets that numbers hold about your life, personality, and destiny. Our extensive collection covers everything from Chaldean Numerology to the connections between numerology and astrology. We offer detailed insights into life path numbers, name numbers, and individual numbers from 1 to 1000.

Also explore how numerology can enhance your success and abundance and discover the wisdom of Tarot, which complements numerology in guiding your life decisions. Start your journey today and let the wisdom of numerology and Tarot illuminate your path to a more fulfilling life.

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