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The 7 Spiritual Pillars of Numerological Life Wisdom

In the ancient numerological sources one can find a lot of information about the philosophy of life and the spiritual principles that underlie numerology.

Many of the most essential points numerology shares with the alchemical tradition dating back to ancient Egypt and Greece, but also with the philosophy of yoga and the enneagram of Sufism.

You could also say that many modern spiritual teachers available today also teach many of the same principles.

We have selected 7 of the most important spiritual life wisdom principles from numerology, which you can read about in this article.

1. You have a life mission

Numerology tells us that every human being has a life purpose, a special contract on the soul plane, which throughout our lives will be a guideline leading us towards a specific purpose.

Many people know that they have a life purpose, but many are not in touch with it, while others do not recognize that they have a life purpose at all.

So how does it work in practice? Our deep subconscious and higher selves contact us and send us messages through our dreams, intuitions and deepest longings. Our unique life mission whispers to us as our driving force towards the things we are interested in and want, as well as the abilities we are born with and acquire throughout our lives.

It is the combination of what we love and our unique talents – everything we are good at in one way or another.

When we don’t know or live according to our life purpose, life feels random and chaotic.

We may have a sense that there is more to life than what we have, but we can’t put it into words or pictures, and it remains a gut feeling that something is missing.

This is actually quite natural and one of the basic conditions of life. One of the big reasons we incarnate on this physical plane is precisely to reveal the great mystery of who we are, why we are here and what it is we are here to do – and until we actively start asking the right questions and connecting to our soul – the feeling that something is missing will always be there.

You could say that life itself is about unlocking the great mystery of who we are, why we are here and what we are meant to do.

Until we do, we can feel like we are traveling through life blind.

Once you know your numbers, they are a guide for you to figure out how you want to use them specifically. The numbers are a guideline, a map, a guidance you can use.

2. You have an essence

For centuries, common denominators have been sought to better understand the forces that shape the human personality. Numerous tools of insight from both psychological and mystical traditions have emerged at different times and in different cultures. Numerology is one of the most powerful systems for describing human personality through archetypes.

All these methods and mappings of human consciousness represent our attempt to demonstrate that our universe and our psyches are not random or chaotic, but have some structure and order.

Numerology shows a clear, objective method to understand our psyche in relation to the universe and bring us clarity about our life purpose.

All the numbers we carry with us are like notes in a symphony and we each live out these energies in our own unique way.

We may well have the same date of birth and the same name as another person on earth, but the way we live out these energies is our unique way.

Another personality system from ancient times that can be mentioned is the enneagram, which originates from the esoteric Sufi tradition.

Here people are divided into 9 basic types, where each number in many ways overlaps with the ‘numerological basic energies (the day of the month you are born).

Similarly, there are many people who are 1’s, or 8’s according to the enneagram, but those people will not be exactly the same – they will share an archetypal basic energy in their personality structure and share certain commonalities.

Numerology (and astrology) are the most complex personality systems as they show a “mix” between several different archetypes. Instead of us being just a single number, they show how we each blend the 9 basic colors into our own unique cosmic painting, with lots of different shades of color.

The numbers 1-9 are a holographic image of the universe, with each number from 1-9 reflecting a particular evolution of consciousness in the process. This idea of the numbers as archetypal energies dates back to ancient Egypt where the numbers were used to describe the creation processes of the universe, and at the same time stood for an archetypal basic energy, described in the form of a god or goddess with their own special qualities and abilities.

The universe is holographic in nature, with each part reflecting and containing the whole, and each individual psyche fitting into a larger pattern of order.

Our number system is the perfect microcosm that acts as a mirror image of the macrocosm – the universe.

The number system continues upwards indefinitely, but no matter how large the number is, the cross sum of all numbers is always 1-9, which shows that the universe is both cyclical – but growing like a spiral at the same time. The numbers and the wondrous cross-sum mathematics show how our universe can be stable and cyclical, but spiral, dynamic and evolving at the same time.

3. You have a soul

The soul is the deepest core of wisdom, and the collective memory of all your incarnations. Virtually all spiritual wisdom systems work with the concept of “soul”, in terms of something eternal and transcendent that lies deep within us, although of course it is called different things.

Your soul is timeless and has access to all your incarnations. What you did hundreds of years ago in a previous incarnation, and what you do in an incarnation hundreds of years from now, affects you here and now. Today, science is even beginning to tell us that past and future are illusions from our limited perspective, and that both past and future exist simultaneously and affect us in what in physics are called feedback loops. Therefore, according to the deepest spiritual wisdom, our souls are all connected to the same divine network. That we are part of a cosmic network, and in this way are one on the soul plane, is something found in virtually all spiritual wisdom systems.

Many spiritual wisdom sources describe the soul’s journey in this way:

In the beginning, the divine, or supreme consciousness, was all that existed. But over time, the divine consciousness begins to yearn for self-knowledge. Therefore, the one becomes the many, the unity becomes the multiplicity. Eternity without time becomes time unfolding. In order to know itself, the divine consciousness divides itself into an infinite number of souls. The souls are sent out into the universe so that the divine can find its way back home to itself by learning through the learning process of the individual souls. This is why you incarnate again and again, and with each incarnation you learn important life lessons.


4. You are on the way to the top of your mountain

Our path in life can be symbolized as a mountain path leading to the top of a mountain. When we reach the top, a new level of inner freedom occurs, which in many traditions is called transcendence or liberation, e.g. moksha, samadhi, etc.

Seeing our life’s journey as a mountain path is a valuable comparison because it tells us that the journey is not always easy!

Some parts of the path are steep so you have to hold your tongue, some are easy and pleasant, and some are particularly beautiful. Facing challenges is ingrained in our existence, and to overcome the difficult parts of the path we need courage, determination and wisdom.

But one thing is clear – if it is in the cards that we discover numerology and discover the meaning behind our numbers AND choose consciously and with love and power to follow the call of our highest life purpose, the Universe will help us in every possible way through signs and synchronicities. The right opportunities, people and situations will present themselves to us – and the road to the top of the mountain will become a magical journey.

Then one day, when we finally reach the top, we find that we can continue – we can transcend – because the deepest purpose of life is the way UP. The soul is always seeking upwards, always seeking back to oneness, or what most spiritual traditions call a kind of divine process of liberation. In numerology, this is represented by the level where we are completely free and can tune into each and every number with the power of our consciousness, as a universal archetypal energy.

This level is lost in all recent numerological sources, but can be found in the Kabbalah tradition, with which the numeroscope has a common origin, namely via the sacred geometry underlying the tree of life.

“Read the signs!”

5. You both have a destiny and a free will

According to numerology, achieving our life purpose is represented by reaching the top of the mountain, while the numbers in our date of birth show the road itself. We all have a destiny – a mountain to conquer. But we also have a FREE WILL that allows us to set the PACE.

We can sometimes stop to rest before moving on.

Many people give up along the way and resign themselves to staying where they are for a while.

We have FREE WILL, so how you choose to climb your path is entirely up to you.

But the mountain will not go away because you don’t want to climb it. You can put it off, choose to ignore it, or choose to spend your days in the valley. But in the end, you will have to climb it, because the mountain is your destiny and life will keep challenging you to climb it.

Numerologically speaking, we can say that if we fail to climb to the top of the mountain in this life, we incarnate again with the same numbers and life challenges that we will have to go through again.

6. You have karma

Karma is the baggage we carry with us from our past actions and past lives. Numerologically, our karma is primarily seen in our fate number and basic vibration, but also in our birth name. In addition, we have some karma that is tied up in OUR KARMIC CONNECTIONS, which are the people in our lives that we have agreed to meet in this life on the soul plane to solve a particular challenge. This is all part of our innate karma.

If you have positive karma, this means you don’t have a lot of baggage and can run up the mountain path more easily. It’s like wearing a light backpack. If you have negative karma, it means that you start your journey with large and heavy luggage, which you drag and drag with you up the mountain path.

In one of our upcoming articles we will talk more about karma – about the 4 kinds of karma and how to think about it.

But one thing is clear – karma is essentially something positive, a universal force symbolized by the energy of the 8th power, which ensures that we are always evolving. So the universe, which is basically good, will always help us in every possible way through signs and synchronicities. The right opportunities, people and situations will present themselves to us so that we can learn our lessons and burn or harvest our karma.

7. Your numbers show your journey and path of development

The numbers in our birth date tell us about the specific journey we are facing. Of particular importance is your day vibration (the day of the month you were born), which represents your outer personality archetype. As well as the life path numbers (which are all the digits of your full birth date added together) which show the deepest lesson you have to learn in this incarnation. These are the two most important numbers, but collectively all your numbers tell you about the mountain you were born to climb.

The energies of each of the primary numbers are:

1) Winning mentality, creativity and confidence
2) Sensitivity, collaboration and balance
3) Expansion and self-expression
4) Stability, originality and process
5) Freedom and discipline
6) Love and acceptance
7) Trust and openness
8) Abundance, responsibility and strength
9) Integrity and wisdom

0) Inner gifts and connection to the cosmos

There are 4 development steps to get in touch with your life purpose

We do not recognize that we have a life purpose and may not give it much thought.
Theoretically, we know that we have a life purpose, but we can’t get in touch with it and it can feel like a great pain and longing.
We begin to listen to our life purpose from our soul’s calling, and gradually find our way to it, perhaps through numerology or other spiritual wisdom systems.

We fully live out our life purpose, and in the process understand that the life purpose itself is not a concrete “thing” but rather something that is dynamic, and may even shift on the outer plane – but is part of an “essence” we carry with us.

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