Numerologist Pro Software

The 5 major Chaldean charts, personal and global forecasting, advanced numerology tools and much much more

Software tools for the modern numerologist

Explore the world of Chaldean numerology through advanced tools

  • Profiles for each person that that can hold many charts
  • The 5 major Chaldean numerology charts
  • In depth descriptions for all the positions
  • Astrology charts
  • Destiny Rhythms
  • Year rows
  • Day vibrations
  • Global forecasting
  • Relationship tool
  • Quiz tools
  • Chaldean numerology course included
This video is a run through of the software and shows all the most important features

A revolutionary new approach
Why Numerology software?

Chaldean numerology has become the most advanced form of numerology on the planet with many different kinds of charts, overviews and forecasts. 

With this level of sophistication it is a great help with software that allows you quickly and reliably to see the different calculations. 

The need for numerology software arose as we were teaching our students numerology. It was no longer satisfying for us or our students to draw the charts by hand. A small error early on in the calculations often meant bigger errors propagating throughout the charts.

After years of use the software has grown increasingly sophisticated and is now the industry standard among Chaldean numerologists. 

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user you will find many different tools in your software that will be of great use to you. If you are a beginner the software comes with tutorials and a learn Chaldean numerology course that quickly will get you up to speed. 

Johannes and Estel

Creators of Numerologist PRO Software

Your hosts
Software Creators

Together Johannes and Estel lead the largest school of numerology in Scandinavia
where they have certified over 100 professional numerologists.

Numerologist and certification leader
Estel Ehvass

Estel is a numerologist, coach and psychotherapist, certification leader and software designer at Numerologist PRO.

Estel met numerology at a very young age on a trip to India, and has been interested in numerology ever since.

She researches and goes in depth with the ancient sources of numerology, and has modernized the ancient knowledge of consonants and vowels in the names to a whole new level. Estel also researches empirically on the effects of numerology – especially in the name change process.

Estel was originally educated in musicology at the university of Copenhagen. She has studied many forms of spiritual wisdom systems, and has been practicing meditation since she was 19 years old.

Numerologist and software developer
Johannes Ehvass

Johannes is a software architect at Numerologist PRO in addition to numerologist, coach and education manager.

Johannes has a degree in computer science and after many years as a software engineer has worked independently as a coach. During this time his interest in numerology and the more spiritual aspects of life have grown so he today fully integrates his interest in software development and numerology.

Johannes has a systematic and step-by-step approach to the learning process, number combinations and interpretation, where he combines knowledge and intuition with his eye for the fascinating mathematics that underlies numerology.

Johannes grew up in Swaziland and Hong Kong and has a daily practice of meditation, yoga and kung fu.

The Numerologist Pro PLATFORM
Packed With Cutting Edge Features

A Unique Experience Awaits You

Our unique platform gives you both course videos, tailored quizzes and is backed up by access to the world’s most advanced numerological software.


With the software you play and explore your own or others’ numbers. For example, you upload friends or celebrities and click around in the different charts to read about their numbers. Or you explore your own year rows, find your karmic relationships, or learn more about the numbers for the relationships between you and your loved ones.


The software comes with advanced personal and global forecasting tools.

With the personal forecasting tools you see how your own life unravels and which energies will come to you.

With the global tools you can see the energies that will affect everyone on the planet.


The software tutorials and quizzes help to lift your learning to a new level where you not only become good at numerology, you also learn to use the principles in your own life.

Integrated in the course and the software you find an incredibly sophisticated quiz module that allows you to train and to remember your newfound numerological knowledge


The software comes along with a database of over 100.000 celebrities whose numbers and charts you can explore. This is an amazing way to get more insight in numerology and how the worlds luminaries have used their numbers to their fullest capacity.


Through the 6 cornerstones you are lead through the most profound knowledge from Chaldean numerology. Every cornerstone builds upon the previous module enhancing and deepening your knowledge.

Numerologist PRO Software
Advanced Features That Bring Out
The Best in Your Day


Along with the course you get access to our software

that makes it easy to start using numerology in your own life …


NP Profiles
Organize All Your
Numerology Cases

You can save hundreds of numerology cases/people in our system. Each person has a profile with their charts

The system is built up around profiles. Each profile contains all the charts of a person, business or product. Organise your profiles according to category and easily access all your different profiles. Use the filter to only see the profiles that you want to see.

NP Chartview
Create Gorgeous Charts

That allow you to explore every aspect of a person down to the smallest details

See your highest potential and karma in the higher self chart.
Understand how your psyche works in the psychic self chart.
Uncover your secret desires, longings and wishes in the vocation chart.
See how others may be seeing you and what your charisma looks like in the personality chart.
Understand your love life, mental life, social life and career in the name chart.

NP Walkthrough
Go in Depth With Your Numbers One by One

Walk through mode allows you to visit each position in the chart one by one and gain both an incredible overview and depth of understanding

In walk through mode you can visit each part of the chart position by position. This allows you to get an overview while at the same time allowing you to go in depth not leaving a stone unturned

NP Destiny Rhythms
See Your Whole Life Unfold

In your destiny rows you can see how your life unfolds in distinct periods ranging from 1-9 years from your birth until old age

See your life in the light of VORTEX MATHEMATICS, the sacred mathematics used by luminaries such as the famous scientist Nicola Tesla. Vortex mathematics show how our lives unfold in something called “Destiny Rhythms”. How have your years unfolded since your birth? What are the main overarching themes? When can you expect the most turbulence or crises in your life? In which periods of your life should you be focusing on specific areas?

NP Year Rows
See The Energies in Your Coming Year

In year rows you can plan every month of the year so you always know what you should be doing to integrate into your highest flow

With the year rows you can plan your year month by month – see when you should focus on the different areas of life. There is a time for love, a time for work, a time for family, a time for rest. In some periods you should be full of action, while other periods are best used for introspection and contemplation.

NP Day Rows
Plan Your Day Hour by Hour

Personal forecasting – plan your day hour by hour to get the most out of your energiese

With the day rows tool you can plan your day, hour by hour – the tool shows you how to align your inner state, your desire, your motivation and your actions to a deeper overlying harmony in all that you do.

NP Number Fun
Master the Numbers from 1-99

With help from the diamond chart in the software you can interpret all the numbers from 1-99 in depth

We are surrounded by numbers wherever we go – and all numbers SIGNIFY SOMETHING. And this is valuable knowledge. When we understand numbers they become our silent vibrational guides. When you start acting in accordance with numbers and vibration you become one with the underlying will of the universe.

NP Relationship Tool
Explore Your Relationships

Make your connections more profound by understanding the numerological relationship dynamics

Through the big diamond chart you can analyze all your essential relationships. What are the major potentials and challenges? How do your collective energies interact to create new energies? What simple shifts in awareness can be made that will radically transform the relationship to a higher octave? What are the 5 action steps that you can take that will lift the relationship to the next level?

NP Price Tool
Find Magnetic Prices That Sell Your Products

More than double the sales of your services and products by finding the right prices

Learn to read prices – what are the hidden background motives and resonances of the creators of the product and the products themselves? Also use the tool to find the right prices for your own products and services. This could double, triple or potentially tenfold your sales amount.

NP Day Forecast
Follow The Flow of the Day

The state of FLOW is achieved when you allow yourself to go along with the universal energies

How is the day unfolding for everybody? How can you get the most out of the universal energies of the day? When you know how best to put in use the energy of the day, you will quickly enter into the state of FLOW where your work feels EFFORTLESS – and where your creativity can be boosted by 500-700%.

NP Super Date Tool
Find The Best Days For Your Events

Find the best dates for all your important events with our super date tool

Use the date planner tool to find the perfect days for marketing, business, meetings, weddings etc. If your event matches the archetypical energies of the day it, all that happens on that day will be backed up by universal energies and the event will become something that is remembered and cherished.

NP Celebrities
See The Numbers of Celebrities

See the most intimate numerology of over 100.000 celebrities in our chart database. What is it that makes them tick?

What better way to learn numerology than to study the birth date and names of over 100.000 of the worlds greatest celebrities. How have they used their numbers and potentials to gain fame and to bring humanity forward?

NP Astrology
Special Bonus:
Astrology Tool

Back up the numerological knowledge with the profound and esoteric knowledge found in astrology

Astrology and numerology are like siblings that share a lot in common. You can use astrological insights to deepen the knowledge from numerology and vice versa. In our software we also have astrocharts that you can make for each profile, allowing you to compare the numerological and astrological data.

See how you can use numerology in your life
Unlock The Powers of Numerology Using Our Knowledge and Software

With this system you have access to a profound numerology knowledge and a set of advanced numerology tools that will help expand your universe and let you understand life from a deeper place.

Not only is numerological knowledge in itself alluring, deep, spiritual and fascinating. Through numerology, you can also learn to read other people better, to see their energies and potentials, to understand your own energies and potentials – and not least to surf on the cosmic energies, so that you begin to feel the universal field of vibration that lies behind any event or situation in life.

See down below how our students and software users use numerology in their lives and work!

Use cases from our students and clients
See How These People Use The Numerologist Pro Platform to Advance to The Next Level

Numerology and Marketing
Meet Laura

My name is Laura Loop and I am a professional numerologist educated by Johannes and Estel.

I use the software on a daily basis both to make and see the different charts of my clients, but also to plan out my marketing.

With the personal and global forecasting tools I can see which days are good for sending out emails, Facebook and Instagram posts. I absolutely love the software!

Numerology and Hiring
Meet Erik

My name is Erik and I am the CEO of a shipping industry company. I am educated in Numerology by Johannes and Estel and I use the software on a daily basis.

I use the software mostly during the hiring process to look into the numbers of the different prospects. I can use the numerological information to look for and to see certain personality traits in people. This saves me incredible amounts of time as I can effectively screen for the people that I need in my company.

It also allows me to understand my employees at a deeper level, which has dramatically improved the ambiance in the work place.

Numerology and Coaching
Meet Zimon August

My name is Zimon and I received my degree in numerology from Johannes and Estel in 2019.

I am a certified feng shui expert and I use my knowledge in numerology to deepen my understanding of my customers and what they need in order to create a deeper level of energetic harmony in their lives. It is my experience that feng shui and numerology speak beautifully with each other giving me a deeper and more holistic understanding of my clients.

Numerology and Personal interest
Meet Ninna

I use numerology in all facets of my life - and its uses are endless!

I understand my child at a much deeper level - I see now the potentials he comes with but also the challenges. The same goes for all the other members in my family.

At my work place I now also understand my colleagues at a deeper level. Where before I didn't get why certain people act in certain ways I now see their more hidden motivations - but also their challenges and what they have to struggle with. I especially love the relationship tool which lets me see how my own energies interact with those of my colleagues and friends - giving me an insight of how I might possibly be contributing to misunderstandings. Sometimes its the smallest shift of perception that can unlock the hidden treasures in a relationship.

Join Us On An Incredible Journey
Meet Some of our Software Users

All from different walks of life

Simple, easy
and affordable

The software is intuitive to use and you will be up and running in no time.
There are tutorials for all the software tools and
videos, manuals and quizzes to help you learn numerology
quickly, effectively and step by step

Sign up today to the
Numerologist Pro Software

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In the Numerologist Pro software you have access to the profiles you make, the numerology charts and the myriad of specially designed software tools that provides you with a magical journey into the universe of numerology.

In the Numerologist Pro software you also have access to a rich set of tutorials, quizzes, number descriptions and learning materials that will put you up to speed with your numerology skills.

We Hope to Meet You Inside the Software platform
Estel and Johannes Ehvass

We run the largest school of numerology in Scandinavia based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have Educated over 100 professional numerologists who now use our system in their businesses. We offer both a basis and master education in numerology and help our students to become professional numerologists.

Through our coaching, we have served over 1000 clients in numerology. We guide our clients on how they can reach their fullest potential through understanding the potentials that lie within their day of birth and names. We also help clients who wish to have new names that come with new energies and new possibilities.

We have over 20 years of experience with numerology and coaching and have been a myriad of times in Danish/Scandinavian media.

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