Numerology and the numbers
Number 34 Meaning

The Spiritual King

The digits in the number 34 have the digit sum 7 which resonates with the planet Neptune.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 34 are:
King archetype, high spiritual strength, wisdom and experience, authority by virtue of its wisdom, strong idealism, in contact with itself and its intrinsic value, trusts the process of life, life works through it, thinks freely, both spiritual and material, teaches through hands-on experience, clear mission in life, goes for its dreams fearlessly, wants to know how the world works in the exterior and the interior, expertise and professional skill, creates a "kingdom" around like-minded people, is respected and valued for its wisdom, understand and respects others, creates step by step systems to convey knowledge.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 34 are:
Wears masks, hides its feelings, impulsive and reactive, manic and impatient, burns out too quickly, fanatic outlook on life, does not respect other people's attitudes, blind to the views of others, inner conflict between material and spiritual goals, too individualistic, tries to turn others to its beliefs, a tendency to over-interpret people and situations, hypersensitive and sensitive, feels like the world is chaotic, does not feel appreciated, feels misunderstood, a propensity for alcoholism, overly hard on the outside and too sensitive on the inside.
A central theme in the number 34 is connecting the spiritual with the material

One can create step by step systems to gain more profound wisdom and insight and can be a professional leader in a field, community, or business with a higher purpose.

In imbalance, there is a tendency to be withdrawn, drown in one's feelings, or have different kinds of addictions (such as alcohol, smoking, or sugar), rather than using one's spiritual power to rise above the lower desires.

In balance, the number 34 gives an almost priest-like vibration that attracts others to it due to a high level of spiritual wisdom coupled with a more earthbound practicality that allows people to see how spirituality can be applied in daily life.

The 34 in balance is:

  • Creating step by step systems for knowledge, healing, and success
  • Creating beautiful and clever products with practical application
  • A regal, priestly and sagely energy that offers others spiritual advice
  • The most grounded of the number 7s - connecting heaven and earth
  • Creating a 'kingdom' of like-minded people specializing in a certain field

The 34 unbalanced is

  • Feeling an inner split between material and spiritual goals
  • Insulted by insinuations and small things - and creates drama
  • Psychically unstable - the potential for alcoholism and addictions
  • Feeling small and lost inside and over compensating on the outside
  • Unknowingly very sensitive with its status and what people think of it

34 is under the influence of NEPTUNE

Neptune is the last planet in the solar system and resonates with the deep depths of the Cosmos. Neptune has a deep blue color and looks like a beautiful astral version of Earth.

Neptune has the strongest winds of the solar system, which are faster than the speed of sound here on Earth. In the middle of the planet, though, we find an ocean of serenity. Many scientist believe that there could be a vast ocean of water under the clouds of Neptune. This symbolizes that Neptune people have overactive psyches that are ridden with angst and worries, but that they can tap into deeper layers of their minds to achieve inner peace.

Neptune (in Greek called Poseidon) is the God of the sea and stands for the psyche and the subconscious mind.

The architecture of Neptune symbolizes a deep property of Neptune people. On the surface, the quick winds symbolize an overactive mind and psyche and a tendency towards anxiety. At a deeper level, Neptune people resonate with calmness, spirituality, and deep tranquility that is in touch with the Cosmos.

Neptune people are often philosophically, religiously or scientifically minded, and they can be a bit compliant as there is a strong fearful streak.

They have deep and profound thoughts but can often lack the power of finality, which ground the thoughts into practical conclusions or results. Usually, they prefer to step back and observe instead of acting or participating.

These are people with subtle and highly sensitive natures - sensitive to the mood of others. They are usually not good at making decisions, often physically weak, and appear fragile. They do not accept or like quarrels and conflicts.

Neptune people sympathize and empathize with the suffering of the world.

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