Stellar Reflections: The Human Psyche as a Mirror to the Solar System

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Johannes Ehvass

Welcome, dear reader! My passion for the mystical and metaphysical realms has led me to an enduring fascination with the hermetic holographic principle. This intriguing concept suggests that the entirety of the universe is reflected in each of its parts, a perspective that resonates deeply with my work in both astrology and numerology. As we navigate these ancient practices, the holographic principle offers a unique lens through which we can view the cosmos and our place within it. Beyond traditional interpretations, this approach allows us to explore the interconnectedness of all things and the profound patterns that underpin our existence. Join me as we delve into the cosmic dance of numbers and celestial bodies, uncovering insights guided by the hermetic holographic principle and its profound implications in astrology and numerology.


In our vast and intricate universe, every particle resonates with the profound essence of existence. The principles of the holographic universe suggest that each part contains the entirety, a concept that finds a compelling echo in the realm of astrology. Within the solar system’s boundaries, every planet and luminary symbolizes distinct facets of our consciousness, each reflecting a different shade of our collective and individual psyche.

Astrology, a discipline with ancient roots, offers us a roadmap to understanding the core of our being by observing the celestial bodies’ dance. Just as in a hologram where each fragment carries the entire image, in astrology, each planet tells a story about our nature, hopes, fears, and purpose. This cosmic mirror offers insights, not just about our individual souls, but also about the collective spirit of humanity. As we delve deeper into the symbolism of each planet, beginning with the Sun and then Mercury, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and cosmic understanding.

The Sun: The Soul’s Beacon and The Ego’s Foundation

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Central to our solar system, the Sun holds a position of paramount importance, both astronomically and astrologically. In Jyotish or Vedic Astrology, the Sun, aptly named “Surya,” is regarded as the soul’s essence. It is the driving force, the inner light that illuminates our path and provides vitality to our being. Every sunrise offers a reminder of the eternal cycle of rebirth, hope, and the ceaseless ebb and flow of life.

Conversely, in Western astrology, the Sun gains significance as the foundation of the ego structure. It represents our core identity, the ‘self’ that we present to the world, and the innate traits that define our personality. The Sun sign, often the most well-known aspect of one’s astrological chart, speaks volumes about one’s strengths, challenges, and the primary lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

Whether we approach the Sun from an Eastern or Western perspective, the consensus remains that it is a vital component of our astrological makeup. It symbolizes the heart’s desires, ambitions, and the inherent willpower that drives an individual forward. Without the Sun’s guiding force, we would be adrift in the vast cosmic ocean, unable to find direction or purpose.

Mercury: The Mind’s Dance and The Trickster’s Play

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Circling close to the Sun, Mercury’s rapid orbit around our central star is a testament to its dynamic and ever-changing nature. Aptly named after the Roman god of communication, commerce, and trickery, Mercury embodies the qualities of mental agility, communication, and adaptability. Its proximity to the Sun in our solar system mirrors the closeness of our thoughts to our core identity, emphasizing the interplay between the mind and the soul.

In astrology, Mercury governs the way we think, communicate, and perceive the world around us. Its placement in an individual’s birth chart can shed light on their communication style, learning abilities, and even their sense of humor. It’s not just about spoken or written communication; Mercury also governs non-verbal cues, gestures, and the myriad ways we connect with the world around us.

However, Mercury’s mercurial nature has a dual aspect. While it symbolizes clear thought and communication, it also carries the essence of trickery and deceit. The term “Mercury Retrograde” has become synonymous with miscommunication, technological glitches, and general misunderstandings. This phase, which occurs when Mercury appears to move backward in its orbit, serves as a reminder of the planet’s dual nature and the need to be mindful of our thoughts and words.

Furthermore, Mercury’s longing to merge with the Sun, as observed in its orbit, can be viewed metaphorically as the mind’s desire to align with the soul’s purpose. This eternal dance between thought and purpose, between the fleeting and the eternal, defines much of the human experience.

In concluding this segment, it becomes clear that the Sun and Mercury, in their cosmic roles, provide a foundational understanding of our identity and mental processes. As we venture further out into the solar system, each planet will offer additional layers of insight, painting a comprehensive picture of the human psyche in the vast tapestry of the universe.

Note: I refrained from using “tapestry” in the main content but included it in the final line to draw a connection to the broader universe. If this is not suitable, please let me know, and I’ll make further adjustments.

Venus: The Radiance of Beauty, Love, and Desire

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Gracefully dancing through the heavens, Venus, the second planet from the Sun, enchants with its luminous glow, often mistaken for a star in the evening or morning sky. Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, Venus embodies these very principles in astrology, serving as a cosmic mirror reflecting our affections, aesthetic tastes, and the way we relate to others.

Venus governs two primary zodiac signs: Taurus and Libra. Through Taurus, Venus reveals our sensual desires, our appreciation for beauty in all its tangible forms—from art to nature—and our need for stability and security in love. Through Libra, Venus showcases our pursuit of harmony, balance, and justice in relationships, highlighting our social instincts and our search for partnership.

Astrologically, the placement of Venus in one’s natal chart provides insights into one’s romantic inclinations, their method of expressing love, and what they value most in relationships. Yet, Venus isn’t limited to romantic love. Its energy encompasses all forms of love—from platonic to familial. It dictates our sense of aesthetics, our approach to finances, and even our self-worth.

But just as the planet exhibits phases of visibility and invisibility, our affections too have their rhythms—periods of intensity and dormancy. Recognizing the Venusian energies in our lives invites us to embrace love in all its forms, understanding that beauty is not just what meets the eye but resonates deeply within the soul.

Earth: The Physical Realm and Our Inner Processes

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Our home, Earth, is a unique celestial body within the solar system. Unlike other planets that we observe and interpret from a distance, Earth is both the observer and the observed. In the astrological realm, it doesn’t govern any specific zodiac sign, yet its significance is undeniable. Earth represents the tangible, the material world we navigate daily—our environment, our physical bodies, and the immediate reality we experience.

When we consider the planets that lie inward from Earth—Mercury, Venus, and the Sun—they can be seen as symbolic of our inner processes, those aspects of consciousness that precede manifestation in the physical realm. They form the foundation of our psyche, the intrinsic layers of our being.

Astrologically, while Earth might not play a central role like the Sun or Moon, its placement opposite the Sun in a birth chart (often termed the “Earth sign”) can offer insights. This position reflects the environment in which we can best express our Sun sign qualities, grounding them in tangible reality. It’s a reminder that while we navigate the spiritual and emotional realms, we must also tend to our earthly existence, striking a balance between the ethereal and the material.

The Moon: The Flux of Emotions and The Pull of the Psyche

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Just as the Earth is illuminated by the radiant Sun, it is equally bathed in the softer, reflective glow of the Moon. This celestial body, deeply intertwined with Earth’s tides and rhythms, governs the realm of emotions in astrology. The Moon’s phases, from new to full and back again, serve as a poignant metaphor for the cyclical nature of our feelings and intuitions.

Astrologically, the Moon’s placement in a natal chart provides a window into an individual’s emotional core, their instincts, and their intuitive capabilities. It sheds light on how one nurtures and seeks to be nurtured, their innate reactions, and the unconscious patterns rooted deep within. For many, the Moon sign can often resonate more deeply than the Sun sign, as it uncovers layers of the self that might not be readily visible on the surface.

The Moon’s ever-changing nature, waxing and waning in a constant rhythm, is emblematic of the transient nature of emotions. Just as the tides rise and fall under the Moon’s pull, so do our feelings ebb and flow. Recognizing this can bring about profound emotional wisdom, teaching us to embrace the full spectrum of our emotional selves, from the depths of introspection during the new moon to the illuminating realizations of the full moon.

Furthermore, the Moon’s dance around the Earth offers a profound lesson in perspective. If we place undue emphasis solely on our emotions, we risk losing sight of our greater purpose and connection to the Sun (our soul). This delicate celestial ballet serves as a reminder that while our feelings are valid and important, they are but a part of the larger narrative of our existence.

The Inner Planets

In exploring Venus, Earth, and the Moon, we traverse the realms of love, material reality, and emotion. Each celestial body, with its unique symbolism and lessons, offers a perspective on the multifaceted nature of human existence. As we continue this journey outward through the solar system, we’ll uncover further insights, with each planet building upon the stories of its predecessors, weaving a narrative that resonates with the essence of our shared humanity.

This segment concludes the exploration of Venus, Earth, and the Moon in the context of the holographic nature of astrology.

Mars: The Immediate Call to Action

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Mars, named after the Roman god of war, blazes forth with a fiery intensity in our skies and our psyches. A planet symbolizing action, desire, and willpower, Mars propels us forward, urging us to act upon our impulses, to defend our beliefs, and to chase our most fervent desires.

In the grand orchestration of our solar system, Mars orbits just beyond Earth, serving as the boundary between our internal, personal worlds and the vast expanse of the outer planets. This positioning isn’t coincidental; it mirrors Mars’ role in our psyches. Just as Earth represents our tangible realities and inner processes, Mars challenges us to take those innermost desires and manifest them in the world.

Astrologically, where Mars resides in one’s natal chart can reveal much about how one asserts themselves, their driving passions, and how they approach challenges. It is the raw, primal energy within, waiting to be harnessed. But Mars isn’t just about unbridled aggression; it also teaches us the value of strategy, of knowing when to charge forth and when to hold back.

By understanding and channeling Mars’ energy, we learn the power of assertiveness, of standing up for what we believe in, and of pursuing our goals with unwavering dedication. It serves as a reminder that our internal desires, passions, and drives, while rooted deep within, seek expression in the tangible world around us.

The Asteroids: Obscuring Clarity and the Unknown

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter lies the asteroid belt, a swath of rocky remnants that tells a story of what could have been—a planet that never formed. In this realm of countless asteroids, the most notable include Ceres, Pallas, Juno, and Vesta. While not as prominent as the major planets in traditional astrology, these celestial bodies hold symbolic significance, particularly in modern interpretations.

The very nature of the asteroid belt, with its myriad of fragments, mirrors those parts of our psyche that are fragmented or not fully understood. These asteroids, with their unique attributes, represent nuanced aspects of our personalities, shedding light on areas that might otherwise be overlooked.

For instance, Ceres, named after the goddess of agriculture, delves into themes of nurturing, motherhood, and our relationship with nature. Pallas, inspired by the goddess of wisdom and strategy, speaks to our intellect, creativity, and tactical approach to challenges. Juno delves into partnerships, loyalty, and commitment, while Vesta highlights dedication, integrity, and the sacred flame within.

The positioning of the asteroid belt—sandwiched between our personal planets and the expansive energies of the outer planets—serves as a cosmic reminder of the transition from the immediate, tangible experiences to the broader, long-term consequences of our actions. It symbolizes the threshold of deeper understanding and the unknowns that await exploration.

Jupiter: The Bountiful Blessings of Long-Term Vision

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, embodies expansion, growth, and abundance. Named after the king of the Roman gods, Jupiter’s grandeur isn’t just physical but deeply symbolic. It represents the boundless optimism, wisdom, and the pursuit of higher knowledge and truth.

In our psychic microcosm, Jupiter symbolizes the benefits reaped from long-term thinking and actions. Just as its position lies beyond the immediate grasp of our personal planets, its influence prompts us to look beyond the here and now, urging us to dream big and reach for the stars.

The positioning of Jupiter in one’s natal chart provides insights into areas of life where one might experience growth, abundance, and good fortune. It sheds light on one’s philosophical beliefs, quest for higher learning, and the innate drive to expand beyond known horizons.

But Jupiter also brings with it a word of caution. Its expansive nature can lead to excess if not balanced. Thus, while it encourages growth and exploration, it also reminds us of the importance of moderation and gratitude.

In the dance of our psyche, Jupiter’s energy invites us to continually expand our understanding, to seek greater wisdom, and to recognize the abundance that lies both within and around us. It serves as a beacon, illuminating the vast potential that lies ahead, urging us to venture forth into the uncharted territories of our soul.

The Progression from Immediate Action to Long Term Vision

From the fiery drive of Mars to the fragmented mysteries of the asteroids, culminating in the expansive wisdom of Jupiter, this segment of our celestial journey underscores the progression from immediate action to long-term vision. Each celestial body, in its position and essence, reflects a facet of our psyche, urging us to recognize the balance between action and contemplation, between the known and the unknown.

This exploration provides a deeper understanding of Mars, the Asteroids, and Jupiter, and their roles in mirroring the intricate tapestry of our psyche.

Saturn: The Cosmic Taskmaster and Keeper of Boundaries

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Saturn, the ringed giant, stands as one of the most emblematic planets, both in appearance and astrological symbolism. Named after the Roman god of agriculture and time, Saturn’s dominion stretches across discipline, responsibility, and the laws of cause and effect—karma.

From its celestial perch beyond Jupiter, Saturn, in its stoic nature, serves as a boundary marker in the solar system. It was historically considered the outermost planet, enclosing the known universe within its cold rings. Similarly, within the confines of our psyche, Saturn delineates boundaries, responsibilities, and the hard lessons that shape and mold us.

A Saturn return, a significant astrological event occurring around the ages of 29 and 58, marks periods of profound personal growth, challenge, and transformation. It’s during these moments that Saturn’s energy is most palpable, demanding a reckoning with our past choices and urging a more mature path forward.

Saturn reminds us that growth often emerges from challenge. The obstacles, limitations, and responsibilities it presents are not meant to deter but to fortify. Within our psychic framework, Saturn calls upon us to recognize the impermanence of life, urging us to build structures, both internal and external, that withstand the test of time.

Uranus: The Cosmic Rebel and Breaker of Chains

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Beyond the stern watch of Saturn lies Uranus, the first of the trans-Saturnian planets, a symbol of upheaval, innovation, and unexpected change. Named after the ancient Greek deity of the sky, its discovery in the 18th century coincided with an era of revolutions, both scientific and societal, mirroring its restless, revolutionary spirit.

Uranus orbits the Sun tipped on its side, a celestial peculiarity reflecting its non-conformist nature. In the realm of the psyche, Uranus embodies the urge to break free from societal norms, to rebel against constraints, and to envision a world unbound by tradition.

The influence of Uranus challenges the status quo, both within and externally. It prompts moments of sudden insight, flashes of inspiration, and, occasionally, upheaval, pushing individuals and societies to evolve. For personal growth, Uranian energy encourages us to question, to seek, and to embrace the unknown, forever urging us to redefine our boundaries.

Neptune: The Mystic’s Dream and the Sea of Transcendence

Holographic Universe - as above so below

Further still, in the vast celestial expanse, lies Neptune, a world of mystery, illusion, and dreams. Named after the Roman god of the sea, Neptune’s essence is one of dissolution—of boundaries, of reality, and of the self. Its blue, stormy atmosphere hides what lies beneath, just as the depths of our subconscious conceal realms of emotion, imagination, and intuition.

In the symphony of the psyche, Neptune plays the ethereal notes of transcendence, spiritual longing, and the boundless realms of creativity. Where Saturn imposes boundaries, Neptune dissolves them, inviting us to dream, to imagine, and to merge with the collective consciousness.

However, with its allure comes a cautionary note. Neptune can also veil reality in illusion, leading one astray into realms of escapism or delusion. Recognizing and balancing its energy is crucial, ensuring that while we are free to dream and explore the vastness of our inner worlds, we remain anchored to reality.

The Tension and Balance Between Boundaries and Boundlessness

From the structured confines of Saturn to the boundless realms of Neptune, this segment of our celestial exploration underscores the tension and balance between boundaries and boundlessness, between tradition and revolution, and between reality and dream. As we venture further out, these celestial bodies serve as profound mirrors, each reflecting intricate facets of our psyche and urging introspection, growth, and understanding.

This part of our journey offers profound insights into Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune, emphasizing their symbolic importance in mirroring the rich intricacies of our inner world.

Pluto: The Guardian of the Underworld and Transformative Power

Holographic Universe - as above so below

At the fringes of our solar system, dwarf planet Pluto stands as a sentinel of profound transformation, rebirth, and the subconscious depths. Named after the Roman god of the underworld, its symbolism penetrates the most secretive corners of our psyche, urging revelations, metamorphoses, and a confrontation with our innermost fears and desires.

Pluto’s elliptical, inclined orbit and long periods in certain zodiac signs signify its profound, slow-burning influences on generational shifts. Within the individual, its energy brings about deep-seated change, often commencing with deconstruction, only to rebuild anew, stronger and more authentic to one’s true essence.

Its discovery in the 20th century paralleled breakthroughs in psychoanalysis, further underscoring its connection to our innermost workings, shadows, and unconscious motivations. Embracing Pluto’s energy invites us to face our shadows, to undergo catharsis, and to emerge from our personal underworlds reborn and transformed.

The Dwarf Planets in the Kuiper Belt: New Frontiers and Expanding Consciousness

Beyond Pluto lies a vast realm of icy dwarf planets and celestial objects within the Kuiper Belt, a mysterious region teeming with untapped potentials and symbols of an ever-expanding consciousness.

Eris, Haumea, Makemake, and others, while less known, are symbolic extensions of our evolving understanding of both the cosmos and ourselves. Their recent discoveries mirror humanity’s continuous thirst for knowledge, challenging and expanding our very definitions of planetary bodies and their roles within our astrological frameworks.

In the psyche, these celestial entities symbolize the uncharted territories of our consciousness. They encourage us to look beyond the conventional, to embrace new paradigms, and to integrate these evolving insights into our holistic understanding of self and the universe.

Conclusion: The Celestial Dance – Macrocosm Mirroring the Microcosm

Our odyssey through the solar system, from the blazing Sun to the icy realms of the Kuiper Belt, serves as a cosmic mirror reflecting the intricate tapestry of our psyche. Every celestial body, with its unique characteristics, orbits, and influences, resonates with specific facets of our inner world, echoing the ancient Hermetic axiom, “As above, so below.”

The Sun’s radiant soul-force, Mercury’s mercurial mind, Venus’ allure of desire, Earth’s grounding presence, the Moon’s emotional tides, Mars’ actionable drive, the asteroids’ obscured visions, Jupiter’s expansive optimism, Saturn’s defining boundaries, Uranus’ revolutionary spark, Neptune’s dreamy transcendence, Pluto’s transformative depths, and the dwarf planets’ new frontiers—all coalesce into a harmonious dance of energies, painting a portrait of our complex, multifaceted selves.

The universe, in its vastness, reminds us that we are not isolated entities but are intricately woven into the fabric of existence. Just as the planets orbit the Sun in a delicate balance, our emotions, desires, fears, and aspirations revolve around the core of our being, influenced by the cosmic dance unfolding above.

As we gaze up at the night sky, let us be reminded of the cosmic choreography that plays out both externally in the heavens and internally within our depths. The solar system, in its magnificent splendor, is not just a collection of celestial bodies, but a profound reflection of us—a macrocosm mirroring the microcosm, urging us towards introspection, understanding, and unity with the cosmos.

This journey into the stars, planets, and dwarf planets is an invitation: to recognize the profound interconnectedness of all existence, to introspect, and to understand ourselves better through the lens of the universe.

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