Numerology and the numbers
Number 38 Meaning

The Peacemaker

The digits in the number 38 have the digit sum 2 which resonates with the Moon.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 38 are:
People come from far and wide to get advice on how to best live their lives, advisor, balance between strength and gentleness, skilled mentor and coach, attracts respect and admiration, is highly loved and appreciated, exudes confidence and openness, sensitive and loving inside, wishing good for all others, broker and peacemaker, creates peace and harmony in its surroundings, sees the profound aspects of relationships, understands societal issues, empathetic and understanding, knowledge of what it means to be human, strategic and wise, body and energy conscious, good at energy work, understands meridians, energy channels and Feng Shui.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 38 are:
Is overly sweet in order to make itself likable, lacks healthy boundaries, feels weak, loses energy, people pleaser, attracts unreliable people, insecure, does things to please others, is easily taken advantage of, tears and sorrow, does not stand firm, would like to have success but feel too vulnerable, hidden motives one does not admit, attracts litigation, hard time taking action, resistance in taking action, may be both dependent and dominant in relationships, always depending on somebody else's approval, temperamental and hypersensitive, SM tendency.
The number 38 has a unique ability to create harmony in the surroundings and is a strong messenger of love and peace, as well as possessing a great power to convince others.

When imbalanced, there is a tendency to feel unappreciated, not heard, and overlooked. There can also be an extreme preoccupation with exploring the balances of power in relationships, which in some instances, can lead to sadomasochistic tendencies.

When balanced, the number 38 can harmonize the energies in the surroundings through an acute sense of awareness that allows it to feel energy flow, energy spheres and meridians.

The 38 in balance is:

  • Softness and strength united creating harmony around it
  • A broker, peacemaker, peace lover and world savior
  • A skilled advisor, mentor, and coach who also gets how society works
  • Attracting people from far and wide who come to get advice
  • Body and energy-conscious, works with meridians and feng shui

The 38 unbalanced is

  • Temperamental and hypersensitive - oscillating between opinions
  • Asked for advice all the time which is energetically stressing
  • Desiring strength and success but just feels weak and drained
  • Using SM to vent tension between power and vulnerability
  • Is both dominant and dependant in relationships

38 is under the influence of the MOON

The moon is feminine and reflective. It reflects the Sun's light and brings light to places that otherwise would be dark.

The moon's cycles are very obvious to us here on earth. The moon always influences our moods - moods that swing between volatile and unpredictable (when it is a full moon) or inward going and transcendent when it is a new moon.

People of the Moon are emotional people with many mood swings who readily adapt to their surroundings and circumstances. The moon resonance gives artistic talent and creativity. There is a complex inner world with a fertile imagination.

They achieve their goals by going around or avoiding obstacles and intuitively using favorable opportunities.

Moon people are always unconsciously looking for a "sun" person who can shine their light on them and who they can rely on.

They are family-oriented, loyal, sensitive, and don't take many risks.

Moon people are excellent diplomats as they are soft-spoken.

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