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Superdates 2024 and Beyond

Get the most out of 2024 and beyond! As you begin to perform your actions in accordance with the numerological energies of the dates, you will experience more synchronicity, flow and luck in business and in your personal life.

Numerological superdates
For you who wants to make the most of 2024 and beyond in your business or personally

Are you a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or someone involved in marketing or communications? Are you ready to harness the power of numerology to skyrocket your success? If so, Superdates is the precise tool you need.

From the moment of your purchase, you gain access to the best dates, including Superdates, that enable you to amplify your personal and business success. Imagine knowing exactly WHEN and HOW to communicate with your market, launch your products, or establish a new business. Every date carries a unique resonance and specific success codes, and armed with this knowledge, you can achieve more significant results.

From digital product sellers scheduling impactful launches, to holistic healers, therapists, and coaches aligning their services with positive vibrations, Superdates empowers you to leverage the science of numerology for better outcomes.

Our unique product is designed to help you harmonize your business activities with the powerful vibrations of numerology. And the potential doesn’t stop there. Event planners, real estate agents, retail business owners, restaurant or cafe owners, and travel agencies can all optimize their operations with Superdates.

Marketing and PR agencies, e-commerce businesses, startup founders, fitness centers and yoga studios, artists or creative professionals, and professional service providers can all schedule important events or initiatives with Superdates for a favorable response.

But Superdates isn’t just for business. If you’re someone who simply wishes to optimize your life throughout the year, Superdates is for you too. Now, you don’t have to be tied to a specific year but can plan your time a year ahead from any moment. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the best time to undertake various actions in alignment with universal harmony?

No matter your ambition, Superdates helps you align your endeavors with the flow of the universe, enhancing your chances of success. With Superdates, you’re not just planning your activities; you’re strategically aligning them for exponential growth.

Embrace control of your destiny today – Supercharge it with Superdates!

Johannes and Estel Ehvass

2024 meets you with…
A Year of Challenges and Positive Change

2024 is going to be a year of big contrasts. We will see a lot of karma coming back to us, which means our past actions might start to have noticeable effects. This year could bring a lot of internal struggles, where people are trying to figure out what they really believe in and want. We’ll also see a rise in nationalism, which means people will strongly support their own countries, sometimes causing disagreements and division among different groups.

But 2024 isn’t all about difficulties. It’s also a year where love and big changes for the better can happen. Even though there might be disagreements and conflicts, there will also be a lot of kindness and understanding between people. This will help us all come together and make positive changes in our lives and in the world.

So, while 2024 might have some tough times, it’s also a year where we can grow a lot and make things better, both for ourselves and for others.

Numerological guided business planner


Planning, launching new products, events or initiatives according to the numerological superdates and monthly energies according to the numerological rhythms, means there is room for everything in your business. You know when to fill yourself up with inspiration, and when to go out full on and put your products on sale.

In your personal life you will also know what you need to do when, in order to get results.

Success numbers and growth codes
What are superdates?

SUPERDATES are the days of the year filled with numbers that are described in ancient numerological sources as particularly lucky and successful in relation to business, communication, financial gain, reputation and achievement.

These are numbers such as 17/8, 19/1, 91/1, 14/5, 23/5, 32/5, as well as the growth codes of the World Conqueror (5-8-13/4) and the Money Triad (3-5-8).

One of our missions is to investigate numerology in depth through statistics, among other things, and our research confirms that these numbers produce good results, whether they are in people’s name numeroscopes or business registration dates.



What you can experience …
When you use the numerological superdates


When you begin to align your actions with the energies of the dates, you will experience more flow and ease in your actions. You begin to experience synchronicities and things happening at the right times.


When you act from a state of flow, there is a harmonization in your own being, which is now aligned with the energies of the cosmos. Inner resistance and doubt disappear, replaced by an inner state of harmony.


More of your actions will bear fruit, and there will be less wasted time and projects that go nowhere. Good results reinforce each other and lead to greater and greater success.


When you start sending out the right communication at the right time, you get a deeper connection and more positive response. Gradually, this gives you more power and influence and strengthens your popularity.


When you know the super dates for the whole year, you can plan efficiently and boost your productivity. You know when to do what for the best results. Take the guesswork out and plan for success.

Many possibilities
What can you do with superdates?







Business startup

Statistics show that the most successful companies in the world are created on dates with the same numbers as numerological superdates. Why not start your own business on a superdate?


Knowing super dates and good dates is an invaluable tool in your marketing. Remove the doubt about when it’s best to send out emails, Facebook and Instagram posts, put on courses or products for sale.

Product launch

If you look at many of the dates of successful product, book or movie launches, you will often notice that they use super dates or specific dates where many of the same numbers appear in certain patterns. 







Important events

Plan both your professional and personal events on dates with good energies. Whether you’re hosting a party, wedding or business event, you can find a great date to match your event.

Inspiration and new ideas

Some days are good for getting inspired, picking up new ideas from the cosmos and brainstorming about where to go next. The greatest success in life and your business comes from tuning into the right ideas.

Your personal life

Use the superdates in your personal life. Plan big things like weddings on one of the best superdates of the year with the energies that appeal to you most. Travel on vacation, or hold your party on dates with good communication and loving vibes.

Plan your year
Super dates, good dates and watch out dates

We have categorized 3 types of dates during a year into: super dates, good dates and watch out dates. Here you can read how to use the different dates to get the best out of them.


The ultimate best dates of a year, have the strongest success numbers and often one or more of the numerological growth codes. They have both a good energy on the day itself, and in the “long run” and are used to give a start date in an official system, which affects energetically many years to come. You use your super dates for all your most important things, for example starting a new business, publishing a book or music, and for wedding dates. If you self-publish, for example, an e-book or online course, you can choose whether to publish on a good date or a superdate.

Good dates

Good dates can be used for marketing, events, travel and all kinds of celebrations. They don’t have quite the same potential as superdates in the long run. That’s why they shouldn’t be used for new business start-ups – that’s where you should choose a superdate. However, they have really good energies on the day itself. You can use good dates for training, workshops, social media, advertising and newsletters. Not all months have super dates that can be used for business registration. But pretty much all months have good dates that you can use for other business initiatives.

Watch out dates

When there is a Watch out date there is a risk of bringing into play some of the unbalanced aspects of the day’s energies. Therefore, avoid launching new things, holding big events or sending out marketing and communications. On these days there can be a tendency for everything from misunderstandings in communication, to arguments or technical problems. You might risk your well-meaning Facebook post being misunderstood, or you might have technical problems at your workshop. Also avoid activities such as extreme sports, and planning long trips or journeys.

What do the numbers say?
Our research on statistics and dates

The ancient science of numerology has been handed down through the ages, and we were the first in the world to study it using modern methods such as statistics. We’ve looked at more than 10,000 dates for everything from world-famous events to company start-up and release dates. When you zoom out that much and look at that much data, you see certain patterns that greatly confirm the ancient numerological knowledge.

CASE: Business startup

Statistics show that the number 5 is very important for business and marketing. Many successful businesses have been founded on a day with a 5 digit sum day vibration (i.e. the 5th, 14th or 23rd of the month), in combination with other success combinations and growth codes.

Here are some examples of companies founded on a 5 day:

SpaceX was founded on March 14, 2002.

Nvidia was founded on April 5, 1993

The Guardian was founded on the May 5, 1821 (a 5 day in a 5 month)

Information, a big newspaper in Denmark was also founded on May 5,1945 (yet another 5 day in a 5 month)

The biggest bank in Denmark was founded on October 5, 1871

The biggest newspaper in Denmark, Politiken was founded 1.10.1884 (the date has 23/5 life path number)


Businesses born on days with digit sum 1 are known for quick success, winning mentality, luck and flow. Here are some examples of companies founded on a 1 digit sum day vibration (ie the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th of a month):

CNN was founded on June 1, 1980. A date with a Day 1 energy, as well as the success numbers 14/5 outer diamond, 17/8 (spotlight number) year and world conqueror 58/4 combination in the psychic self.

The 2 main TV channels in Denmark were both launched on 1 days. The biggest of them has a triple 1 energy with a 1 day in a 1 month and 1 as the life path number digit sum.

Volkswagen was founded 28.5.1937, a date with a strong winning mentality of 28/1, a strong communication month of 5 and a 35/8 money triad as the life path number. 28/1 does, however, bring the danger of lawsuits, of which Volkswagen has had many.

Apple was founded on April 1, 1976. A date with an outer diamond 14/5 (which gives cash flow), life path number 28/1 is seen in many billionaires, and a psychic self chart with 14/5 and 23/5.

Tesla was created July 1, 2003.A date with an outer diamond 17/8 (giving shine and spotlight), essence number 13/4 giving innovation, and a 1 fundamental vibration giving drive and winning mentality.

CASE: Domain names

Here are domain creation dates that reinforce business qualities: domain was purchased on August 23, 2005. It provides a “world conquering growth code” (5-8-13/4) between day and month, which is also in the name itself, and 23/5 is about communication and is a social vibe. domain was created on June 4, 2004. The inner and outer diamond of the date is the number 46/1, which is about glamour and shine, focusing on the outer appearance and appearing polished and beautiful. domain and company was created 4.9.1998. The date’s inner and outer diamond is the number 49/4, a number about systematizing and categorizing. domain was created 21.1.2000. 21 is a number that stands for image and branding. The date also contains many success combinations. domain was created on 11.11.1997. 11/2 is a number for entertainment and is seen a lot with actors and talk show hosts, for example. domain was created on 13.1.2001 which is a date that resonates with originality, innovation and large amounts of complex information (13/4 day vibration combined with 8 life path number).

The 6 keys
Make the most of the date

All dates are described with 6 keys to get the most out of the day.
So you know what to focus on and what energies your events, releases or business will be affected with in the future.

The primary energy of the day

The primary energy of the day is the digit sum for the day of the month. The primary energy of the day or “fundamental vibration” tells about the main characteristics of the day and what it can be used for.

Essence of the day

The day’s life path number is created by adding all the numbers in the date. The essence tells you about the emotional energy of the day, what inspiration you receive, and how you feel on the day itself.

Natural talent of the day

The natural talent of the day is a synthesis of the primary energy of the day and the essence of the day, and shows how to tap into the greatest flow, creativity and productivity of the day.

The day’s charisma and integrated action

The radiance of the day is created from the primary energy and the energy of the month, and tells what kind of integrated actions are best to take during the day.

The day’s inner motivation and drive

The inner motivation and drive of the day is created from the primary energy and the year energy, and shows how the mind, thoughts and emotions work during the day. This number should be used to tune into how to use your mind.

The day’s portal to success

The days portal to success is a fascinating and magical number that shows how to awaken the higher mind (the supramental mind). It is an energetic shortcut one can take to access the highest potential of the energies and make the most of the day.

What should your focus be month by month?
The 12 Month Energies and Success Codes

I also give you a guide to the coming 12 months’ energies, focus and success codes – their “dharma line”. Something you can choose to do to be in alignment with the energies from month to month, and take an energetic shortcut to faster results.

As a business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a marketing professional, imagine the unparalleled advantage of aligning your actions with the vibrational energies of each month. The universe plays by its own set of rules, and with Superdates, you gain the ultimate playbook.

At the moment of your purchase, you unlock an expertly curated guide mapping the energies, focus, and unique success codes – the dharma line – for the forthcoming 12 months. Each month delivers a comprehensive package of insightful explanations of that month’s unique energy vibrations, along with actionable steps to tap into this energy, both in your personal life and business.

Picture the power of aligning your activities with the month’s energies. Feel the surge of extra support and flow in everything you do. And should the monthly theme resonate with a challenge in your life or business, experience the transformative healing as you consciously engage with the energy. No effort is too small, as every action aligned with these monthly themes multiplies in impact and bears abundant fruit.

But Superdates is more than just a guide to monthly energies. It’s a dynamic business toolkit, providing you with actionable steps inspired by business principles, practices of successful companies, and insights from renowned business leaders. You’ll be guided on how to apply these strategies in alignment with each month’s energy.

Imagine walking in the footsteps of industry giants, making decisions and moves in sync with the universal energy codes of each month. You’re not merely reacting to the month’s events but strategically orchestrating them for your exponential growth.

With Superdates, you don’t have to wait for the New Year to plan your success. Now, you can plan your life and business strategies a year ahead from any moment, aligning your steps with the universal harmony and the rhythm of success.

Unlock the secrets of the cosmos, align with the principles of business legends, and fast-track your results. Supercharge your personal and business journey with Superdates today!



Here is what you get …
Digital tools, calendar, book

Membership site

On the member page you have access to everything and can easily log in daily. Here you will find the Superdate calendar and the Day Energy tool, and you can also download the book Business Superdates.

Superdate calendar online

In the Superdate Calendar you have the full overview of all superdates, good dates and watch out dates a year ahead from your purchase (or current date if you choose the subscription model), and can scroll from month to month, as well as read about the energies of the individual dates, and enter your events and actions.

Energy of the Day (365 days) online

In The Energy of the Day online, you get a description of ALL 365 days from your time of purchase (or from the current day if you get the subscription solution), so you can align yourself and your business with the energies of every day throughout the year, even when it’s not a super date.

Business Superdates book

You can download the book “Business Superdates” and print it or save it on your desktop so you can quickly refer to it when planning your life and business. You can also read in depth about the days numbers and the keys to making the most of today’s potential.

Substantial Savings Await …
Compare This to the Cost of Individual Sessions

Hiring a numerologist to determine a single ideal date could easily cost you between $300-1000 (or more!).

If you’re running a business with numerous initiatives scheduled throughout the year, the costs of constant numerology consultations can rapidly escalate.

With access to “Superdates 2024 and Beyond”, you have at your disposal ALL the advantageous dates of the year. You can handpick those that align seamlessly with your events and actions, aided by comprehensive descriptions of each date’s energy.

Your next step…
Start your journey here

After purchase

After payment, you will be taken to your member page. It looks like the screen you see above. Select the box called “Super Dates 2024”. An email with all the login details will also be sent to the email you provided at purchase. NOTE! If you use gmail please check your spam folder for the email with login info.

Membership page

Once you have entered the member page, you can do various things.

  1. You can download your e-book “Business Superdates” telling about all superdates, good dates and watch out dates in 2024.
  2. You can go into your online calendar which shows you an overview of the whole coming year.
  3. You can click on the “Day energy tool” to see an in-depth description of the energies of all 365 days of the year.

Business Superdates book

From the members page you can download the Business Superdates book to your desktop. Here you have the option to print the manual so you always have it at hand. The manual contains descriptions of all superdates, good dates and watch out dates in 2024 and beyond, so you know how to use the energies and get the most out of the day.

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