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Astrology has the “Horoscope”. Chaldean numerology has the “Numeroscope”.


The 5 Chart Numeroscope numerology chart reveals how your NAME and BIRTH VIBRATIONS influence your love life, sex life, career, social life, cash flow, reputation - and much much more.

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In your chart view we start by covering
Your Birthday Numbers

Day Vibration
Your Personality Archetype

Your day vibration (the day you are born in the month, a number from 1-31) tells all about your main personality archetype.

Life Path Number
Your Inner Being and Unique Karma

Your life path numbers shows who you are at the deepest levels of your being and also shows the unique karma you come with.

Big Life Path Number
Your Highest Potential In This Life

Your big life path number shows the highest potential of your soul and shows how you can manifest your highest aspirations in life.

The we look at what you attract in life
Your Name Chart

Life Expression
Your Money and Career Luck

Your names total vibration are shown in your life expression number which shows your money, finances and career luck.

The Relationship Aura
Your Intimate Relationships

The name chart relationship aura shows how you interact with those closest to you. What is the quality of your love life.

Your Mind Center
Your Communication

The name chart mind center number shows how good your communication is and what to be mindful of when communicating to others.

Your First Name
The First Impression You Give Others

Your first name is an aspect of your heart energy that extends out to other people. It also shows the first impression you give to others.

Your Surname
Your Family Karma And Its Influence

What energies do your family name bring into your life? How do you assimilate the karma that comes along with your family name?


In your 5 chart numeroscope you can see your most important numbers. You can see your natal numbers, your name values and your life expression.


The 5 Chart Numeroscope can be seen in different “views” that make it easier to learn all the principles. There is everything from beginner to more advanced view.


Everything is fully explained in the tool – enough to give you a basic understanding of the chart and to get you going on your numerology adventure!

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The free numeroscope tool is the first of many of our coming tools that will give you a deeper understanding of Numerology. With this tool you will get a deeper understanding of the numbers in your birth date and your personal name vibrations.

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