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Numerology and the numbers
Numerology 88 Meaning

Planet neptune associated with the numerology of 88

The Karma Burner

The digits in the number 88 add up to 16 called the secondary digit sum, which again adds up to 7 called the primary digit sum which resonates with the planet Neptune. 88 is often written as 88/7 where the primary digit sum is placed after the slash. To understand 88 more in depth we recommend you also read more about the secondary digit sum 16 here and the primary digit sum 7 here.

The Numerology of 88: Its Meaning and Significance

The number 88 vibration gives great beauty, charisma, and the power of fascination. But it also gives a fearful nature where one is afraid of the consequences of one's actions. In the number lies a powerful lesson about learning from one's mistakes, from this or past lives. It is a number that is very difficult to master and can give many tests in life.

The number 88 is a number of karma and fate – both because it is a master number (that brings extra karma with it) and because we here have a "double-up" of the 8 energy, which symbolizes karma. And not only that, the digit sum of 88 is the number 16/7, which is also called a karma number.

88/7 can be found in the charts of people who have gone through immense suffering and mental anxiety but who often have transcended the pain to find new spiritual paths forward. Our research found that the leading combination of day of birth and lifepath among priests, bishops, and clergy, in general, is an 8 day (the 8th, 17th, or 26th) and an 8 lifepath. This shows that people of the church understand deep in their being the meaning of karma and atonement, lessons that come with the number 88/7. We also found that the leading day of birth and lifepath combination among founders was 88/7. A founder is someone who founds a school, or academy, or university – some sort of institution. This is because the number 8 resonates with eternity, and founders make something that still exists to this day, which makes founders resonate with the 8 energy (Numerologist PRO Statistics).

In imbalance, one may feel paralyzed and unable to take action due to internal conflict and doubt. There is often a feeling of walking a very thin line because veering off course might have unforeseeable consequences. The 88/7 can constantly vacillate between different choices and can never decide out of fear of the consequences. There is a feeling of "damned if I do, damned if I don't." The number 8 and digit sum 16/7 together can also create an extremely miserly energy where one holds on to one's money and resources due to fear. The 88/7 is burning the karma of many lives, giving a lot of fear, anxiety, confusion, and longing.

In balance, you become a master of analysis, able to see both sides of an issue and find your way through a jungle of opposites. There is beautiful and hypnotic energy in the aura of the 88/7 that fascinates others and can drop people dead in their tracks. It is a power of fascination that stops the mind and makes people completely freeze in wonder. In its highest hypostasis, the number 88/7 resonates with the universal laws and the Akashic records.

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The 88 in balance is:

  • A powerful master number that understands balance, harmony, and the laws of karma
  • Charismatic, beautiful, fascinating, and hypnotically mesmerizing
  • Understanding and living by the universal laws
  • Having access to the akashic records and burns the karma of previous lives
  • Transcending time and rising to the transcendent layers of existence

The 88 unbalanced is

  • Drowning in the negative karma of many lives
  • Submerged in a profound existential anxiety
  • Constantly vacillating between different choices and can never decide
  • Feeling that it is continuously walking on the edge of a knife, "damned if I do, damned if I don't."
  • Extremely miserly – holds on to its money and resources due to fear

The number 88 is a master number

The number 88 is a master number meaning that the first digit is the same as the last digit. This means that the "inner lessons" (dictated by the inner digit) are the same as the "outer lessons" (dictated by the outer digit). So how we manage our inner life is reflected in the outer life.


Master numbers in our charts are the carriers of "karma" - if you didn't understand the lessons represented by a certain number in your previous incarnations, you get double up in this life - either in your birthday numbers or in your names. So having master numbers can feel "heavy" or "difficult."

But this karma can also be burned quickly if you start performing the right actions. Since the inner and outer digits are the same, there is a tendency that whatever you think becomes a reality - which is bad news if your inner world is full of pessimism and dark thoughts. But once you start aligning your inner world with the power of the number in its balanced form, the opposite also holds - you will begin manifesting a life of beauty and abundance.

Master your thoughts

One of the first lessons, when you have a master number in your charts (for example, a birthday number or essence number), is that you have to start mastering your thoughts and what vibrational frequencies you send into the world. What you think and focus upon should revolve around the balanced aspects of the inner digit (in this case, the number 8) and should be expressed out in the world through the digit sum of the number - in this case, 16.

The lessons of 88

Since this is the number 88 it means that your inner karma that you come with (8) aligns with your outer karma (8) - meaning you will burn a lot of karma in this life. For this reason life can feel very difficult (the imbalanced aspect of the 88 digit sum 16/7). The key is to start looking deeper - to develop a gaze that transcends the physical world and to look deeply into the world of cause and effect (8). Karma can be burned unconsciously - meaning all sorts of unpleasant things happen to you in order to teach you the lessons that you stubbornly refuse to grasp - or it can be burned consciously - meaning that you for example meditate deeply on everything that happens in your life in order to find the kernal/seed of resonance in your mind/subconscious which is causing those things to happen. When you start working in this way you can start penetrating your mind/body system in a very profound way. For this reason we see the number 88 in a lot of people who work very intensely with spirituality, for example through akashic record healing, past life healing or soul journeys.

Keywords for inspiration

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 88 are:

A number of karma and fate - master number (double 8), the balance between inner and outer values, high charisma, beauty and fascination, great personal power and an elevated vibe, thoroughly analyzes systems and plans, both spiritual and scientific, sees the connection and wholeness between everything that exists, builds wealth on the inner and outer levels, likes accurate answers, likes quality, likes fairness, masters its knowledge and skills, great self-discipline, assertive, understands and lives by the universal laws, challenges the authority of others if it feels that what is being said or done is not valid, challenges the establishment, ambitious, business number, creates its path, more in touch with the universal laws than the laws of man, a skilled teacher and advisor - exudes high authority, feels the collective consciousness, many internal purification processes, grand visions, universal brotherhood, feels connected to humanity on a higher plane, lessons with forgiveness from others, learns the spiritual principles through its life lessons, must always consciously choose the positive point of view, but also capable of it, wants to create harmony and that the material world is in harmony with the spiritual laws, a unique inner strength expressed in crises and adversities.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 88 are:

Fanatic and dogmatic tendencies, may be afraid of being manipulated by others, can be very skeptical of others, it takes a long time to let others in, switches between being selfish and generous, must burn more karma than it can handle, fear of karma and fear of being punished, can imagine many things that can go wrong, attracting one adversity in life after another, feels hunted by life, weighs options incessantly - should/shouldn't, always asking itself if it is doing the right thing, can never decide, procrastinates to avoid making choices, fear of following own intuition and inner voice, feels like balancing on the edge of a knife - a fateful feeling, "plague or cholera" feeling when making choices, damned if I do and damned if I don't, may be afraid of the forces of darkness and lower entities, can be fearful of the dark, especially as a child, holds tightly on to everything due to fear of loss, keeps itself artificially afloat by suppressing emotions, can't let go and enjoy life, may feel sunk entirely into darkness, fear and anxiety fill its life, may be afraid of other people's "power", forgets its own power.


Celebrities with 88 in their numerology chart

Birth day number 8 and lifepath 8

The 88 energy can be seen in the chart of people born on an 8 day (the 8th, 17th, or 26th) with an 8 life path, subtly giving the number 88. This constellation gives a certain degree of "toughness" typical to the number 8, but it also provides a magnetic and hypnotic charisma.

Here we have Roger Federer (tennis), Enrique Iglesias (singer), Lauryn Hill (singer), Matt Damon (actor), Helena Bonham Carter (actress), Sandra Bullock (actress), RuPaul (drag queen), Chris Isaak (musician), Martin Scorsese (director), Stanley Kubrick (director), Paul Newman (actor), Francois Mitterrand (former president of France), Douglas MacArthur (general), George Bernard Shaw (dramatist), Ferdinand von Zeppelin (general and inventor), and Dmitri Mendeleev (chemist).

88 is under the influence of NEPTUNE

Neptune is the last planet in the solar system and resonates with the deep depths of the Cosmos. Neptune has a deep blue color and looks like a beautiful astral version of Earth.

Neptune has the strongest winds of the solar system, which are faster than the speed of sound here on Earth. In the middle of the planet, though, we find an ocean of serenity. Many scientist believe that there could be a vast ocean of water under the clouds of Neptune. This symbolizes that Neptune people have overactive psyches that are ridden with angst and worries, but that they can tap into deeper layers of their minds to achieve inner peace.

Neptune (in Greek called Poseidon) is the God of the sea and stands for the psyche and the subconscious mind.

The architecture of Neptune symbolizes a deep property of Neptune people. On the surface, the quick winds symbolize an overactive mind and psyche and a tendency towards anxiety. At a deeper level, Neptune people resonate with calmness, spirituality, and deep tranquility that is in touch with the Cosmos.

Neptune people are often philosophically, religiously or scientifically minded, and they can be a bit compliant as there is a strong fearful streak.

They have deep and profound thoughts but can often lack the power of finality, which ground the thoughts into practical conclusions or results. Usually, they prefer to step back and observe instead of acting or participating.

These are people with subtle and highly sensitive natures - sensitive to the mood of others. They are usually not good at making decisions, often physically weak, and appear fragile. They do not accept or like quarrels and conflicts.

Neptune people sympathize and empathize with the suffering of the world.

Planet neptune associated with the numerology of 88


The Big Diamond Chart™ for 88

The NP BIG DIAMOND CHART™ is one of the main tools in THE NP NUMBERS 1-99 ARCHETYPING SYSTEM™, which helps numerologists "unpack" a number so that they can see all the vibrations born from the meeting of the first and second digits in the numbers 1-99. The chart reveals remarkable details about the psychology and possibilities for each number. In the NP BIG DIAMOND CHART™, the number is first unpacked in the main diamond (bottom middle). The two digits are laid out along the top of the main diamond, and the digit sum is placed at the bottom. The rest of the numbers are found by recursively adding the numbers, entirely unpacking the vibration. The red and green arrows show the relationships between the numbers, revealing inner tensions and resources.

The NP BIG DIAMOND CHART™ is thoroughly interpreted for you in our Numerology Foundational Course, giving you a profound knowledge about the numbers, which will help you make highly accurate numerology chart interpretations.
The Numerology Big Diamond Chart for the number 88


The Vibration Pyramid™ for 88

The NP VIBRATION PYRAMID™ resembles the NP big diamond chart but is constructed in a different way revealing other details about the architecture of each number. While the big diamond chart reveals the sub archetypes present in every number, the vibration pyramid shows the different paths a number can take on its spiritual journey into the core of its being.

The NP VIBRATION PYRAMID™ is thoroughly interpreted for you in our Numerology Foundational Course, giving you a profound knowledge about the numbers, which will help you make highly accurate numerology chart interpretations.

The Numerology Vibration Pyramid Chart for the number 88

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