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Chaldean numerology reveals how your NAME and BIRTH VIBRATIONS influence your love life, career, social life, cash flow, reputation - and much much more.

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Free access to our free Chaldean numerology CHART TOOL where you can enter your birth day and names and SEE YOUR OWN NUMBERS.

You can then look at your own numbers while you follow along with the masterclass video series.

In VIDEO 1 CORNERSTONES we will be teaching you about the origins of numerology and the 6 cornerstones of Chaldean numerology

  • The numbers 0-9
  • Digit sums
  • Numerological addition
  • Number meaning and archetype
  • Alphabet to number conversion
  • Balanced and unbalanced numbers

In VIDEO 2 CHARTS we will walk you through the 5 most important Chaldean charts – the higher self chart that shows your karma and highest potential, your psychic self chart that shows your development from childhood to adulthood, your vocation chart that shows your most intimate desires and longings, your personality chart that shows your charisma and how you affect other people and finally your name chart that shows what you attract into your life.

In VIDEO 3 YOUR NUMBERS we will look at how you can start analyzing your own charts, so that you can avoid the potential pitfalls and start living your life according to highest potential!

Numerology helps you to know who you truly are at a deep emotional and spiritual level. In this video, I will show you how to use numerology to gain the inner clarity and knowing that will transform your life.

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