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The 6 Cornerstones of Chaldean Numerology

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Chaldean Numerology

When numerology first emerged in Greece, it was via Pythagoras who had his knowledge from the Chaldeans – which is why this ancient numerology is also called Chaldean numerology. Pythagoras modernized this system and made it his own – however, many original codes and profound complexities were lost, for example – the original numerology alphabet came from the ancient writing script “Cuneiform,” based on sound and vibration.

For thousands of years, the secret lineage of ancient Chaldean numerology has been passed from master to disciple and was never written down.

The secret of the ages
Numerology and Vibration

So how to start conceptualizing numerology and its effects?

We can compare our numbers and names with music, tones, and chords.

We vibrate with a specific range of frequencies given by our birthday, and these vibrations tell a story about all our innate potentials, talents, challenges, and strengths.

Our names also vibrate with a certain frequency that, like sound waves, create a” chord” of vibrations that resonate within us and around us.

These chords of different vibrations can either support or create disharmony in our lives, which is why our names affect us at a profound level.

Through their vibrations, our names affect all the different areas of our lives:

• Our body, energy level, vitality, health, and wellbeing
• Our love life, relationships, and family life
• Our emotional experience, sex life, and creativity
• Our career, money flow, and abundance

The 6 Cornerstones

To get you started on your numerology journey, there is some basic numerology that I will introduce you to here.
We have organized these basics into something that we call the six cornerstones.

And these are

Cornerstone 1 – understanding the numbers 0-9
Cornerstone 2 – the digit sum
Cornerstone 3 – Numerological addition
Cornerstone 4 – All numbers have a meaning and archetype
Cornerstone 5 – The Chaldean alphabet to number conversion table
Cornerstone 6 – Numbers and number combinations can be balanced or unbalanced.

And now to the cornerstones:

Understanding the Numbers 0-9

The most critical numbers in numerology are the ”fundament numbers” 0-9 because they are the purest fundamental archetypes upon which all the other numbers are built.

All numbers in our number system consist of the numbers 1-9 and 0 and each of these numbers has a unique symbolic significance, personality and connection to a heavenly body in the solar system.

But it doesn’t stop here, unlike Pythagorean numerology that only looks at the numbers 0-9 and the master numbers 11,22 and 33, Chaldean numerology has profound descriptions of ALL the numbers from 1-99 and has a system of charts that can interpret any number no matter how big it is making the system of Chaldean numerology infinitely nuanced.

The Digit Sum

All numbers can be “reduced” – meaning we can add the digits to find what we call the numbers digit sum.

So, for example:

The digit sum of 27 is 9 because 2 + 7 = 9.

The digit sum of 138 is 3 because 1 + 3 + 8 = 12 and 1 + 2 = 3.

Numerological Addition

Since numbers are seen as “archetypes,” we can almost see them as divine personalities that affect each other and have relationships.

The most basic way in numerology to see how one archetype relates to another is to add them together. The resulting number reveals to us the dynamics of that relationship. For example, 2 and 3 add up to 5. The relationship between 2 and 3 is, therefore, very much modulated by the energy of 5.

In Chaldean numerology you don’t add the numbers themselves, you add their digit sums. So for example 60/6 + 23/5 = 11/2 because 6 + 5 is 11. So 60 + 23 is not 83, it’s 11. This is Important to keep in mind.

All numbers have a meaning and archetype.

A number is not just its digit sum, we also look at the digits that make up the number.

We could say that the number 14 is a 5 because 1 + 4 = 5, but it is a SPECIFIC variant of the number 5 with influences from the number 1 and the number 4. So even if a number can be reduced to a specific digit sum, it still retains its character and quirks through the numbers that it contains. 14 is a sub archetype of the number 5 and an arbitrary number such as, for example, 113 is also a sub archetype of the number 5. Each of these numbers shares the common traits of their primary archetype 5, but each also has its uniqueness.

The Chaldean Numerology Alphabet to Number Conversion

The reason that Chaldean numerology is so powerful is the way it assigns number values to the alphabet.

Each letter in the alphabet is associated with a number. This assignment is based on the letters phonetic vibration and not merely on the order in which it arises in the alphabet, as we see in the Pythagorean system.

Balanced and Unbalanced

All numbers are “equal” in the sense that they are all emanations of the divine. But some numbers give us more significant challenges than others here on our physical plane ruled by time and space.

For example, the number 13 is often associated with death and transformation. Death is a natural part of life and reincarnation – but seen from our worldly perspective, death is terrifying, and something most of us are afraid of and want to avoid.

Another example, the number 16 is a number of deep contemplation and observation – but here on the physical plane it is often associated with loss, sadness and grief – until we learn the lesson associated with 16 which is understanding the higher meaning of things through transcending them.

So specific numbers and their symbolism terrify us and can create a lot of stress in our lives.

There are also certain number combinations or constellations in numerology that can cause stress and dismay, such as the relationship between 4 and 8 or 9 and 2. Certain combinations pose more significant challenges and inner conflicts within us.

For this reason, it makes sense to operate with the notions of balance in numerology. Some numbers and number combinations are easy for us to assimilate, while others pose great life lessons and challenges.

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