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The Power of Numerology
The 6 Numerologies That Significantly Enhance Your Life

Take your life to the next level
Find Your Frequency, Manifest Your Purpose

Numerology contains some of the most powerful methods to elevate your personal life, achieve success and manifest your dream life.

Here we list the 6 main types of numerology that we work with and how these types of numerology can help you to achieve what you want.

6 essential areas of life
Where do you want to enhance your life experience?

Learning to use numerology in your own life is something that can illuminate ALL AREAS of your life,
so that you experience more harmony, flow and success. Especially THESE 6 AREAS will be clearly upgraded:

Soulblueprint Numerology

The innate numbers tell about your talents, strengths, life lessons, karma and unique life mission.

Name Change Numerology

With a numerology name change, you can turn up the vibrations you want, such as inspiration, love and personal power.

Forecasting Numerology

Following the rhythms of the universal energies creates alignment and maximizes your flow and support.


Increase your influence, cashflow, inspiration and productivity through vibrations in your business setup.


Look deeply into other people and decode every relationship’s challenges and greatest shared potential.


Vibrational healing to bring harmony to your emotions and thoughts, and support your name change.

Tune in with
Soulblueprint Numerology

Soulblueprint numerology reveals your
unique life purpose & success codes for personal development.

Here is what you can expect when you start
working with Soulblueprint Numerology:

You get in touch with your deepest essence and life mission

Numerology is a magical, fascinating and complex archetype system that allows you to work with yourself. As we get deeper into the numbers, you will gradually unlock deeper levels and discover more possibilities that open up. Many of our students discover completely new paths because they can tune into new aspects of themselves that they didn’t know they had.

You raise your consciousness and create inner harmony

Working with numerology is a spiritual path that raises your consciousness because the number energies represent the purest archetypes in the universe. You will begin to download the power and workings of numbers into your being. As you discover how your different numbers cooperate and resonate with each other, inner tensions and conflicts disappear.

You get unique success codes that give you shortcuts to success

Your higher self reveals a whole series of deep and unique success codes that can get you out of frustration, overwhelm and feeling stuck in life. When you follow your success codes, it feels like going from being stuck in a traffic jam on the highway to suddenly being able to move forward towards your goals and vision.

Transform with
Name Change Numerology

Name Change Numerology gives you harmony and success in all areas of life. It empowers you with a magnetic charisma that effortlessly captivates and influences those around you. Simultaneously, it guides the energies of your soul, giving you more joy, love, connectivity, and inner freedom.

Here is what you can expect when you start
working with Name Change Numerology:

New names help you to find your true place in the world

Working with a skilled numerologist, you can work on a new name for yourself, one that fully reflects who you are at your deepest and most fundamental level. Your new name will enable you to live effortlessly from your deepest self and from the soul plane. The life you were meant to live.

Personal charisma that makes you magnetically attractive

With a numerological designed name chart you get pure vibrations in your name chart, vocation chart and personality chart. You get an irresistible shine that influences the world around you and makes you magnetically attractive to other people. Personal charisma is an important factor in achieving success in the world.

More clarity and less frustration and resistance

Many people experience inner frustration and tension because the vibrations in their names do not match the numbers in their birth date and higher self. With new numerological names, you will experience less frustration and tension in your life and gain more clarity. At the same time, you will also experience an increase in your inner level of happiness.

Align with
Forecasting Numerology

Forecasting Numerology will help you to align with the energies of the universe.
Plan your life by doing the right things at the right time for optimal success.

Here is what you can expect when you start
working with Forecasting Numerology:

You understand how things work at a deeper level, giving you flow

With numerology, you begin to see the deeper underlying causes of the things that happen around you in the world. You begin to see how specific dates or times of day affect people and events. You begin to achieve a cosmic mind that tunes in to how the universe works.

You do things at the right times which brings you luck

When you are in harmony with the universe, you begin to act in accordance with the universe. You begin to know the right times to do things, i.e. when to stand back and let the Universe do its work and when to involve yourself with full presence and action.

You do things in the right way, which removes resistance and gives you results

Not only the timing is important, but also the right actions are essential. When you know the configuration of the global and your personal energies, you also start doing the right things. When you do the right things, you achieve quick results and success.

Expand with
Business Numerology

Business Numerology helps you to expand your business so that
your business attracts the right customers, attracts more money and gets more business flow.

Here is what you can expect when you start
applying Business Numerology to your business:

You can merge at a deep personal level with your business

In numerology, a business is seen as a ‘living entity’ with distinct vibrations. Much like a child, it’s shaped and nurtured by its owner. Business numerology aligns the owner, the entity, the start date, and the numerical chart of the business name to create synergy that fosters growth. By decoding inherent strengths and potential challenges in the business’s numerical blueprint, we can strategize accordingly.

Numerology can be used in marketing with great success

Numerology serves as a guide, helping you choose the best release dates for books, films, and music. It also aids in creating numerologically favorable domain names, pricing for increased sales, and selecting phone and house numbers. You can use the day’s energy to strategically time business events like product launches or key meetings. Numerology, therefore, is a tool that enhances both personal and business decisions, aligning them with the universe’s rhythm for optimal success.

Aligning with your business and predicting the market

Through detailed analysis of the world’s foremost companies and a deep dive into their numerological blueprints, we can uncover patterns that signal growth opportunities and financial pitfalls, as well as predict fluctuations in stock prices. Business numerology allows you to tailor a business structure that aligns perfectly with the owner, company, timeline, and numerological profile – be it for authors, tech startups, coaches, artists, and so on.

Connect with
Profiling Numerology

Profiling numerology allows you to look deeply into the psychology of other people.
This improves your relationships and allows you to see compatibility in relationships and teams.

Here is what you can expect when you start
working with Profiling Numerology:

You attract and get more love into your life

Numerology can enhance your charisma so that you radiate your true essence to the world. For example, you can attract romantic partners who are a good fit for you and resonate with your energy. In addition, you will also feel more love in your life, as disharmonious energies and projections no longer create unpleasant drama in relationships.

You can improve the lives of your family members

With an understanding of others’ numerological patterns, you gain a window into their core being. This knowledge equips you with the tools to communicate, motivate, and inspire effectively, while also recognizing what truly drives them. The resulting clarity minimizes projections and misunderstandings, leading to deeper, more empathetic relationships.

You can improve relationships with your friends and colleagues

Numerology allows you to quickly see into the nature and personalities of other people. Why is your boss grumpy? Why are some of your colleagues easy to work with, while others are not? What makes your friends behave the way they do? Profiling numerology also helps you build the perfect teams.

Heal with
Healing Numerology

Healing Numerology is the vibrational cleansing of body, emotion, mind and spirit.
By working with the pure frequencies of the numbers you raise your vibrational level.

Here is what you can expect when you start
working with Healing Numerology:

You can tune into resonances that heal and uplift you

Numerology and resonance are closely related concepts that play an important role in understanding the subtle energetic influences that shape our lives. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at different frequencies. With healing numerology, you learn to tune into the frequencies for healing and results in your life.

You can cleanse negative vibrations

In numerology, we dive into a world of numbers and frequencies. Each number carries a unique energy signature or frequency that can affect different aspects of your life and personality. By understanding and consciously working with the pure frequencies found in these numbers, you can begin to cleanse and neutralize the negative aspects of your vibration.

You can raise your vibration and attract new life experiences

We will share with you the most powerful methods of numerological and vibrational healing available. Understanding and tuning into different frequencies and resonances is the fastest way to health, wealth and success. The law of resonance states that when you raise your vibration, you will automatically attract new situations and opportunities in life.

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