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welcome to this journey through the enchanting universe of numerology. We, Estel and Johannes Ehvass, are your guides on this voyage of discovery. Our passion and vision is to open the door to a deeper understanding of the vibration and resonance of numbers through the esoteric sciences within numerology.

This book is the culmination of nearly a decade of research, teaching, and practical application of numerology, particularly the Chaldean system. We have dedicated our lives to exploring and disseminating this profound and transformative knowledge.

Dive into the fascinating world of numerology with ‘Numerology – The Complete Guide’, an extensive guide of over 600 pages that reveals hidden aspects of your personality and destiny.

PART 1: Essence Numerology Explore the magic of essence numerology and transform your life! Experience the power of being in harmony with your soul’s numerology, based on the numbers in your birth date.

  • Live Your Full Potential: Discover how essence numerology can help you realize your hidden talents and opportunities.
  • Find Deeper Meaning in Life: Understand how your unique numerological vibrations can lead you to a more meaningful life.
  • Prioritize What Matters: Learn to focus on what really matters and free yourself from less meaningful activities.
  • Discover Your True Life Path: Gain insights into what will make you more fulfilled and tap into all aspects of your personality.
  • Overcome Resistance and Karma: Understand how your birth date can reveal the challenges to be overcome, and how to handle them to achieve harmony and success.

In PART 2 ‘Name Numerology’, you will explore the energies associated with your name and their influence on your physical world. Dive into the sub-numeroscopes that reveal your innermost desires and charisma, and learn the art of interpretation to understand the lives of others. Discover the transformative power of a numerological name change and its impact on your life.

Through working with yourself and your numbers, you can:

  • Tame Your Inner Critic: Learn to transform self-criticism into self-love and empowerment.
  • Set Healthier Boundaries: Discover how to create respectful and rewarding relationships through clear personal boundaries.
  • Stop Overthinking: Free yourself from the thought-carousel and find peace in the present.
  • Break Out of Victim Psychology: Shift focus from powerlessness to strength and action.
  • Be Content Here and Now: Learn to appreciate what you have and find joy in the little things.
  • Learn to Dance with Others: Switch your inner naysayer for an open, welcoming approach to social interactions.
  • Calm Your Inner Restlessness: Find ways to inner peace and balance in your life.
  • Find More Luck in Relationships and Love: Develop deeper and more meaningful connections.
  • Overcome Depression and Anxiety: Learn effective methods to navigate through mental challenges.
  • Escape Loneliness: Create a sense of belonging and connection in your life.
  • Free Yourself from Stress and Overwhelm: Achieve mental clarity and calm in a busy life.
  • Be Yourself Regardless of Onlookers: Find the courage to be authentic, even under the gaze of others.
  • Become Less Temperamental: Learn to handle your emotions and reactions in a constructive way.

PART 3, ‘Forecasting Numerology’. Let forecasting numerology illuminate the path for a more synchronized and fortunate life! This ancient wisdom can help you understand and improve your timing, find luck in your life, and experience the power of magic and synchronicities.

  • Improve Your Timing: Learn how numerology can help you make the right decisions at the perfect times.
  • Attract More Luck: Discover how the right numbers can increase your fortune and luck in both personal and professional aspects of your life.
  • Experience the Magic of Life: Discover how numerology reveals the hidden magic and patterns in your daily life.
  • Synchronicities in Your Life: Understand how numerology can help you recognize and utilize magical coincidences and synchronicities.
  • Gain Clarity and Direction: Use numerology to gain clarity on your life direction and future opportunities.
  • Create Balance and Harmony: Learn how numbers can help you achieve a deeper sense of balance and harmony in your life.
  • Understand the Universe’s Signs: Become more aware of how the universe communicates with you through numbers and patterns.
  • Find Creative Solutions: Life rhythms, year sequences, and day vibrations can guide you to see new perspectives and find creative solutions to your challenges.

In PART 4, ‘Business Numerology’, we focus on optimizing your business strategy through numerology. Choose the best numbers and dates for your business, and learn how you can attract growth and success through numerologically aligned phone numbers, addresses, and prices.


  • Boost Your Business Success: Understand how numerology can guide you to the most favorable decisions and strategies for your business.
  • Increase Earnings: Learn how the right numbers can help you identify and exploit new revenue opportunities.
  • Integrate Enjoyment into Your Work: Find out how you can adjust your business strategy to include more joy and satisfaction in your work life.
  • Take Control of Your Business: Discover numerological strategies to ensure that you are driving your business, not the other way around.
  • Achieve Better Results Faster: Use numerology to optimize your time and resources for quicker and more effective results.
  • Embrace the World Conqueror Energy: Learn to apply the powerful number combination based on the Fibonacci series to create growth and expansion in your business.
  • Create Harmony Between Work and Personal Life: Use numerological principles to find a balance that promotes both business success and personal well-being.
  • Navigate Business Challenges: Use the wisdom of numbers to understand and overcome the specific challenges your business faces.

PART 5, ‘Relationship Numerology’, takes you on a journey into the influence of numerology on human relationships. Explore karmic connections, numerological archetypes, and learn how these affect your interactions and communication in relationships.

  • Improve Communication: Learn how numerology can help you communicate more effectively and understandably.
  • Minimize Misunderstandings: Find out how you can use numerological principles to prevent misunderstandings in your relationships.
  • Strengthen Understanding with Your Close Ones: Learn to express yourself in ways that reduce the chances of being misunderstood by your partner or children.
  • Clarity in Intentions and Words: Discover how to best convey your intentions so your words are perceived as you mean them.
  • Create Deeper Connection: Use numerology to find new ways to reach your loved ones on a deeper level.
  • Revitalize Boredom in Relationships: Gain insights into how you can inject excitement and new life into your relationships.
  • Enhance the Chemistry in Your Relationship: Learn numerological methods to revive or improve the physical and emotional chemistry.
  • Add Intellectual Stimulus: Find out how numbers can guide you to a more intellectually stimulating connection.
  • Handle Emotional Overreaction: Discover strategies for understanding and better handling emotional reactions in your relationships.

Finally, in PART 6, ‘Healing Numerology’, discover the power of numerological healing. Learn about numerological aura types, and how you can apply them to mental and emotional healing, combined with the principles of crystal healing.

  • Break Old Reaction Patterns: Learn to identify and change the entrenched behavior patterns that hold you back.
  • Understand Trigger Mechanisms: Gain insight into why certain people or situations trigger strong reactions in you.
  • Strengthen Self-Esteem: Discover how numerology can help you become more aware of and connected with your own feelings.
  • Overcome Neediness: Learn to create a healthier balance in relationships and avoid giving too much of yourself away.
  • Communicate More Effectively: Find a balance between listening and sharing, so you don’t dominate conversations.
  • Reduce Superficial Interaction: Develop deeper and more meaningful connections with those around you.
  • Handle Fear of the Unknown: Learn to meet the unknown with curiosity instead of fear.
  • Manage Social Anxiety: Find ways to feel more secure and calm in social situations.
  • Free Yourself from Confinement: Learn to set boundaries and not let others define or limit you.
  • Use the Supportive Energy of Crystals: Integrate the healing properties of crystals to ease your journey and carry some of your emotional weight.

‘Numerology – The Complete Guide’ is an invaluable source of insight and growth, offering you the tools to connect deeper with your true nature, enhance your business, strengthen relationships, and achieve healing and harmony in your life.


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