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Get more harmony, flow and success with
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Based on numerology and the ancient indian system of Jyotish we here present you a method to heal your energies with crystals.

Crystals and crystal healing offer you the quickest way to raise your vibration and purify the energies on all levels of your being.

As they are linked to your birthdate your crystals will create balance and give clarity by channeling exactly the energies that you need. They also offer divine protection so that you feel safe, guided and in alignment with the universe.

Every number and number combination in your birthdate has its own crystal

Your personal crystals create balance in your innate energies from your date of birth and give you more harmony, joy, grounding, flow and success in your life. Each number in your date of birth are energies you have with you that affect your personality, relationships, your career and much more.

  • The day of the month you were born, for example, is your personality, and can be a number between 1-31.
  • Your month energy is your outward, active energy and controls your power of action.
  • Your year energy affects your subconscious and inner world .
  • Your life path numbers are your deepest nature, but also your karma and your greatest purpose in life .

Each of these numbers has positive and negative potentials, and by balancing your innate numbers with the power of crystals, you can connect to your own greatest potential, and strengthen your fortune.

Numerological crystal healing is one of the great treasures of ancient numerology.

In ancient numerology, numbers were linked to planets, and crystals. The correct use of crystals strengthens your potential and remedies the karma.

Do you experience any of the following?
Heal Your Numbersl

Every number has positive and negative aspects. The crystals can help to balance our numbers, so that we primarily experience the positive qualities in our numbers. Here are some examples of what certain numbers do to us when they are imbalanced in our numerological chart.

Oversensitivity and no boundaries - 11/2

If you have the number 11/2 in your setup, you can feel it as being easily disturbed by other people’s energies and you can experience problems with setting boundaries. There are crystals that can balance your 11/2 energy and thus give you healthy boundaries and an inner standpoint that makes you know when to be there for others and when to be there for yourself.

Overthinking and feeling victimized - 12/3

If you have the number 12/3 in your setup, it can give you a tendency to incessantly think over things and a feeling of being a victim of life. There are crystals that can balance the 12/3 energy and remove inner tensions, calm the mind and help you find the surplus, drive and confidence that lie within the number’s balanced qualities.

Dissatisfaction with life. The grass is greener syndrome - 13/4

If you have the number 13/4 in your setup, you may feel an inner dissatisfaction or an indefinable longing. There is a feeling that things should be different, or that you should be somewhere else than where you are. There are crystals that balance 13/4 energy, so you can use it positively to think new, innovative thoughts that can create positive change instead of just feeling dissatisfied.

Jealousy and dramas in relationships - 15/6

If you have the number 15/6 in your setup, it can give a lot of inner and outer drama in your emotional life. There are crystals that help to balance 15/6, so you are supported in creating close and loving relationships, which is a core quality of the 15/6 energy when it is in balance.

Anxiety, nervosity and fear of losing loved ones - 16/7

If you have the number 16/7 in your setup, you may experience a lot of nervousness and background anxiety. There are crystals that can “absorb” this nervous energy, and help you to gain mental clarity, access your intuition and ability to act, which are the positive aspects of the number.

Explosive and smouldering anger - 18/9

If you have the number 18/9 in your setup, you can experience a lot of explosive anger, but also a passive anger that simmers in the background, gives angry thoughts and suppresses the emotions. There are crystals that can channel the trapped energy in 18/9, and open up the energies and emotional life in a healthy and natural way.

Years of experience
Your Hosts

Hi and welcome to this page! We are Johannes and Estel and we run the largest school of numerology in Scandinavia based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have Educated over 100 professional numerologists who now use our system in their businesses. We offer a numerology education with many levels and help our students to become professional numerologists.

Through our coaching, we have served over 1000 clients in numerology. We guide our clients on how they can reach their fullest potential through understanding the potentials that lie within their day of birth and names. We also help clients who wish to have new names as new names come with new energies and new possibilities.

We have also helped over a hundred companies to establish companies on suitable dates and with good names.

We have over 20 years of experience with numerology and coaching and have been a myriad of times in Danish/Scandinavian media.

Crystal Healing
What You Will Heal and Purify

In this report we will be going through the crystals that heal the different aspects of your birth chart

Main personality archetype
Your Day Vibration

The day of the month that you are born is one of the most important numbers in Chaldean numerology.

Your day number is the portal between your higher self and your human self. It is your MAIN personality archetype and accounts for 30-50% of your most visible personality traits. It is the way that your higher self expresses itself on this physical plane, and it connects your higher essence with your daily life on Earth.

Your day vibration crystal will heal and strengthen your personality and make it act more in accordance with your soul structure.

Essence and highest potential
Your Life Path Numbers

Our life path numbers tells a lot about how we feel inside, our emotional life, the nature of the KARMA that we bring with us from earlier lives, our innermost yearnings, and longings, etc. As we grow older, we tend to transition from our life path number to our higher life path number which signifies our greatest potential. The higher life number usually awakens in our 30’s as we embrace our adult responsibilities.

Your life path crystal will help you to align yourself with the main vibration of your soul and to burn your karma in a harmonious way.

Mirror of your deepest being
Day Lifepath Diamond

The day lifepath diamond shows the interaction between your external personality (day energy) and your inner life (lifepath energy), describing the dynamics that occur between the outer and the inner. What is the influence of the lifepath numbers on the outer personality, and how does the personality influence the lifepath numbers.

Your day – life path crystal will help you to align your personality energy with your soul energy and dissipate internal friction.

Keys to inner joy
Your Inner World Numbers

Your soul’s relation to the inside world is created by the interplay between your year vibration and your day number. We look at your year vibration and the composite inner energy created by your day and year vibration to see how you can optimise your thought processes and emotions.

Your inner world crystal will help you to purify your emotions and thoughts.

Keys to abundance and flow
Your Outer World Numbers

Your soul’s relation to the outside world is created by the interplay between your month vibration and your day number. We look at your month vibration and the composite outer energy created by your day and month vibration and how you create most abundance and flow in the outer world.

Your outer life crystal will help you to get more success, abundance and flow in your outer life and career.

The full mind spirit potential
Your Dharma

The chart dharma line represents the communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. When there is good and pure communication between the conscious and subconscious, the two hemispheres melt together to form the “supramental mind.” This is a state of being in which the deepest secrets of the universe can be revealed. Therefore this number also tells the numerologist how you communicate with God/the universe and how you live out your inner spiritual life.

Your dharma crystal will help you to awaken and raise your mind and spirit potential.

Your membership page

Explore your numbers in the membership page where you see the different charts and information about your unique numbers and how to apply this information in your life to get maximum results.


Your Higher Self Chart in depth

Explanations of all your numbers

Your healing crystals

Steps to unlock your healing codes

Download as a report

In the membership site you can also download your report and save it to your desktop. The content of the report is exactly the same as you will find in the membership site – just condensed into a manual that you can download onto your computer.

47+ pages

Probably the most detailed crystal numerology report out there with over 40 pages of deep insights specifically about your birth numerology and crystals.

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