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The Name Chart

The fifth of the 5 charts
The Name Chart

In this article we will take a closer look at the the Name Chart which is the big golden chart in the middle of the 5 Chart Numeroscope™.

The name chart is created by our names and our day of birth.

This interaction creates our different “life areas” and the structure of our personality.

Where the Higher Self chart gives a picture of our destiny, essence, and mission in life, the name chart gives us a more earthly, “here and now” view of the personality and the daily challenges that we face in life.

The name chart addresses the relationship with money, sexuality, how we deal with problems, how we deal with other people, what makes us happy or sad in daily life, how to process one’s own and others’ feelings, and how energy flows between you and other people.

Either our names support the resonances of the Higher Self or directly create a DISHARMONY with them.

Together with your day vibration, your names create all the other numbers in the name chart: the life expression, the centers, the auras, the pillar and the spine.

The name chart is the most “physical” of the charts and tells us what we meet in life – what are the actual physical outcomes that we meet.

In this section, we explore the meanings of your names and their energetic implications. In the next article, “life areas,” we will go more in-depth with the different areas of the chart.

To the right you can see the Name Chart of the famous pop icon Elvis Presley. 



There are 5 numerology charts:

The Higher Self, which shows our talents, strengths, karmic life lessons and unique life mission. It is calculated via our full date of birth.

The Psyche Chart shows our psyche, the subconscious mind, how we think and feel. It is also calculated via our full date of birth.

In addition, we have the Main Name Chart, the Vocation Chart and the Personality Chart, which are calculated by our current names. They show how we are affected by our names in all areas of life, from love life to career and more.

We look at all of this …
Overview of the Name Chart

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the Name Chart
and how they provide insights into a person’s life and energies.
Here is an overview of what we will cover.

1. YOUR FIRST NAME – Your heart that reaches out to the world

2. YOUR MIDDLE NAME(S) – What you identify with

3. YOUR SURNAME – Your family karma

4. YOUR LIFE EXPRESSION – The total resonance of your names and what you attract in life

5. FULL NAME LETTER COUNT – An energy that adds its flavour to the life expression

6. FULL NAME PYRAMID – The karma in your names

Your heart that reaches out
1. Your First Name

Your first name is on the front and OUTER side of the name chart, which is the RADIANT side facing the outer world.

The numerical value of your first name tells a lot about how you deal with the outside world and the first impression that you give to others.

In this sense it works alongside your charisma and personality chart to create that valuable first impression.

What you identify with
2. Your Middle Names(s)

The middle name can have a HUGE influence on the overall energy of the name chart. It can change the value of the life expression number and thereby the numbers in the lower auras – in this way, affecting what you attract in life and also your relationship to your nearest ones.

The heart and solar plexus centers of the name chart are also directly affected by the middle names. Your middle names, therefore, have a significant influence on the inner life and how you think, feel, and manage your energies.

There is some truth/wisdom to the saying: “My middle name is ….” where you fill the dots with a personal property that you feel adheres to you. The truth is that we, at a deep level, identify with the numerical value(s) of the middle name(s).

Your family karma
3. Your Surname

Your surname holds a significant place in the numeroscope as it resides on the inner side, representing the receiving, introverted, and emotional aspects of your life. It directly influences your inner world and your relationships with your loved ones.

Symbolically, your family name embodies the energies of your family lineage, carrying the legacy and ancestral karma into your life. Just as the first name represents the “sword” you carry, the surname acts as your “shield,” providing protection and support. This is why coat of arms were traditionally associated with family lineages, serving as unique symbols of identity and heritage.

Coat of arms, heraldic designs that include shields, crests, and other elements, originated in medieval Europe to identify individuals in battle and distinguish noble families. Today, they continue to hold ceremonial and symbolic significance, representing one’s identity, heritage, and achievements. Each coat of arms follows heraldic rules and traditions, often incorporating symbols and colors with specific meanings.

Our surname, or family name, serves as our shield, providing a sense of protection against the outside world. Consequently, it can be challenging for individuals to let go of their family name during numerology name change sessions, as it holds deep emotional and symbolic value.

The total resonance of your names
4. Your Life Expression

Your life expression number tells what your full name attracts into your life. We find your life expression number by adding up the digit sums of all the names.

The life expression is a kind of synthesis of our focus, dreams, and goals. This number has an immense impact on all the other numbers in the name chart. If the life expression number is good, it will have a positive effect on the entire 5 Chart Numeroscope™. If it is bad, it can create a lot of stress and inner tension.

Our life expression number also tells us what opportunities and obstacles we will encounter along our way.


We calculate the life expression by adding up the digit sum of your names.

For example, the names Elvis Aaron Presley add up to:

9 + 7 + 9 = 25 NB! Using Chaldean alphabet to numeral conversion

or written with numerological notation:

18/9 + 16/7 + 27/9 = 25/7

So the  life expression number is 25/7 and is placed at the bottom of the chart.

Adds its flavour to the life expression
5. Your Name Letter Count

The amount of letters in your name also has a subtle effect.

An analysis of over 100.000 names in our celebrity database shows that the number of letters in your name has a significant impact on what you attract into your life.

In this sense, the names letter count is somewhat akin to the life expression number, and we can see these two numbers as forming a unified whole that collectively informs us about what we attract into our life on the physical level.

We find the names letter count by counting the number of letters in all your names.

The karma in your names
6. Full Name Pyramid

The Number Pyramid is a structure that is primarily used in Jewish, Indian, and occult numerology (as used by the freemasons).

While the numeroscope chart shows energy as it is here and now, the pyramid chart shows the development of energies and vibration through the course of a period.

Every name or word has its specific pyramid that represents the energies (sometimes called karma) bound up in that name/word – energies that are experienced by the person who starts using the name.

For this reason, the numbers in a pyramid should be positive. Of most considerable importance are the final three numbers at the top of the pyramid that signify the “conclusion” of the whole journey. These numbers symbolize where the person is headed and how much success the person will have.

Whether a pyramid is good or not depends on two factors:

Factor 1: The numbers at the top
Any of the following numbers among the top three numbers are not so good: 11 signifies weakness, 12 signifies confusion, 16 signifies anxiety, and 18 signifies anger.

Factor 2: A low “weight” or ratio
The ratio is the “weight” of the pyramid. Underneath the pyramid, you can see that the system has calculated the weight of the pyramid. We give difficult numbers such as 11,12,16 and 18 or combinations such as 4,4,8 a certain “weight” or punishment points. The further up the pyramid we go, the penalty rises exponentially. We strive for a ratio that is below 3. Ratios above 3 signify a lot of disharmonious numbers and combinations in the pyramid.

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