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In the video I tell you about all the numerological number combinations and success codes that lie in August 2023 and how to use them to succeed personally as well as in business.

Are you ready to upgrade your life to the next level, today and for the next year? Discover our continuously updated offering, “Superdates: Your Guide for the Next 12 Months and Beyond”.


Superdates: Your Personalized Guide

With our e-book, online tools and calendar, you gain access to an ever-evolving overview of superdates, starting from your day of purchase and extending a year into the future. Explore over 162 carefully analyzed dates with in-depth descriptions of their success codes.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • The 16+ SUPERDATES within the next 12 months from your sign-up date are ideal for the MOST IMPORTANT EVENTS, from launching businesses and releasing books to setting wedding dates.
  • The 80+ GOOD DATES are perfect for activities ranging from marketing campaigns, sending out newsletters, hosting business events, to planning personal events such as parties and travel.
  • The 66+ WATCH OUT DATES are the ones to steer clear of for major events, new initiatives, or extensive travel.
  • Plus, you’ll get 12 DHARMALINES, highlighting each month’s numerological theme and success codes, guiding you to focus on what energies are most potent month by month.

Take control of your future with numerology and maximize the potential of each day with Superdates.

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