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Chaldean Numerology
A Unique Path of Self Discovery

Life Transforming Revelations
The Most Advanced Form of Numerology

Chaldean numerology can decode what the numbers tell about your life, your soul urge, your deepest aspirations and longings, your mission in life, your love life, your career, your life path and the obstacles that you meet along the way.

The energy of your soul is imprinted in your birth date numbers and the energy of your personality is imprinted in your names. If these two energies do not match, you will lead a life where your personality is continually getting in the way of what your soul wishes to express. In Chaldean numerology there is a specific methodology used to find the names that perfectly match up with the energy of your soul, so that you can experience an incredible flow.

However, not everyone wants or feels ready to change name. But just knowing your personal numbers and how they influence you, can help you to get in ALIGNMENT and COHERENCE with your true nature.

The Science of

Everything in the universe VIBRATES.

Behind the reality that we perceive with our limited senses is an ocean of vibration. Numbers are a bridge between the world that we perceive and the underlying sea of vibration.

Dates have vibrations and your names have a vibration as well. That is why the date that you are born together with your names create a network of vibrational frequency around you, either attracting abundance, joy and love or sadness, anger, guilt and shame.

Numerology is a tool that allows the numerologist to DECODE the underlying vibrations affecting your life so that you gain a deeper understanding of why you face the challenges specific to you. With knowledge comes the power to heal, transform and let go.

Universal Archetypes
The Numbers 0-9

The most important numbers in numerology are the “fundament numbers” 0-9 because they are the purest fundamental archetypes that all the other numbers are built upon. All numbers in the universe consist of the numbers 1-9 and 0.

Like the star signs in astrology, each fundament number corresponds to a heavenly body.

  • 0 corresponds to the cosmos – the silent background of all the other vibrational energies
  • The number 1 corresponds to the Sun
  • The number 2 corresponds to the Moon
  • The number 3 corresponds to Jupiter
  • The number 4 corresponds to Uranus
  • The number 5 corresponds to Mercury
  • The number 6 corresponds to Venus
  • The number 7 corresponds to Neptune
  • The number 8 corresponds to Saturn
  • The number 9 corresponds to Mars

We offer more in-depth explanations of these numbers in our numerology courses, where we cover their energetical and archetypical qualities, and how they translate to the human experience.

The Most Accurate Way
The Chaldean Alphabet

You understand the meaning of a name or word by finding its corresponding numeric value.

Our names are created by letters, which each have a specific number value. When you add up all the letters in a name, you get the whole number. This number is the number value of the name.

Chaldean vs. Pythagorean number chart

To the left you see the CHALDEAN way of assigning numbers to the letters. Chaldean numerology is MUCH MORE PRECISE regarding the interpretation of names than Pythagorean numerology due to this system of assigning numbers to letters, which in large part is according to the PHONETICS of the letters.

Advanced and Subtle
The Chaldean Charts

The Chaldean numerology chart is so subtle, advanced and accurate because it models the human being! In this way the chart becomes a MICROCOSM of the MACROCOSM – a holographic mirror representation of reality.

To intuitively understand the meaning of the numbers in the chart in their respective positions, you can see the chart as a representation of a person as seen from the side.

The numbers on the left side of the chart are what others can see and feel. This is what is publically “accessible” and what you choose to show the outer world.

The numbers on the right side of the chart are what is hidden from others. Your private thoughts, thought processes, feelings, and silent motivators of your actions. The right side is what is visible to your closest friends and family, but what you hide from the outside world.

In the chart as a whole, there is also a movement from the earthly and grounded to the spiritual.

In the bottom half of the name chart, the numbers represent emotional aspects.

In the top half of the name chart, the numbers represent mental aspects.

At the very top in The higher self chart we see the spiritual aspects: our karma and highest potential in this life.

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