Chaldean Numerology
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Life Transforming Revelations
Chaldean Numerology – An Advanced and Initiate Form of Numerology

Welcome to this introductory guide to Chaldean numerology.

Chaldean numerology is a numerology system based on ancient knowledge that can decode what the numbers tell about your life, your soul urge, your deepest aspirations and longings, your mission in life, your love life, your career, your life path and the obstacles that you meet along the way.

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Passed Up Through The Ages
The Origins of Chaldean Numerology

When numerology first appeared in Greece, it was through Pythagoras, who had his knowledge from the Chaldeans.

For this reason, ancient numerology is also called Chaldean numerology. Pythagoras modernised this system and made it his own – however, many of the original codes were lost, as was the original numerology alphabet, which came from the ancient script of “cuneiform”, an alphabet based on sound and vibration.

For thousands of years, the secret lineage of ancient Chaldean numerology was passed from master to disciple and was never written down.

Masters of Numerology
Cheiro – Father of Modern Chaldean Numerology

A famous Chaldean numerologist of this lineage was Cheiro, who lived in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Through his knowledge of numerology, he predicted global events. He predicted the fate of prominent people of his time, including royalty, politicians and famous people such as King Edward VI, Oscar Wilde, Joseph Chamberlain, Mark Twain, Thomas Edison and Sarah Bernhardt.

Only a small fraction of the knowledge Cheiro possessed was recorded in his books, as he kept this knowledge secret. Once we understand the code behind Chaldean numerology, we can read the classic texts and extract profound knowledge. For the uninitiated, however, the documents would reveal only a few guidelines, and the full picture would be neither revealed nor understood.

A High Level of Refinement
Chaldean Numerology Positions

Due to the complexity and level of refinement of Chaldean numerology and the numerology charts there are incredibly many number positions which tell about different aspects of your soul, psyche, vocation, personality and fortune in life.

Among the most important numbers we have:


  • Your big life path number
  • Your small life path number
  • Your birth number
  • Your month number
  • Your year number
  • Your dharma number
  • Your target number
  • Your outer life number
  • Your inner life number
  • Your childhood numbers
  • Your teenage numbers
  • Your twenties numbers
  • Your adult potential numbers
  • Your little hearts desire number
  • Your big hearts desire number
  • Your soul urge number
  • Your little personality number
  • Your big personality number
  • Your destiny number
  • Your life expression number
  • Your first name number
  • Your middle name number(s)
  • Your surname number
  • Your fortunate number (lucky numbers)
  • Your mental health numbers
  • Your physical health numbers
  • Your love life numbers
  • Your friends numbers
  • Your colleagues numbers
  • Your reputation numbers

And this is just scratching the surface…

The Science of

Everything in the universe VIBRATES.

The Chaldean system is based on the law of vibration.

Everything in the universe VIBRATES. Behind the reality that we perceive with our limited senses is an ocean of vibration. Numbers are a bridge between the world that we perceive and the underlying sea of vibration.

Dates have vibrations and your names have a vibration as well. That is why the date that you are born together with your names create a network of vibrational frequency around you, either attracting abundance, joy and love or sadness, anger, guilt and shame.

Chaldean numerology gives a method to DECODE the underlying vibrations affecting your life so that you gain a deeper understanding of why you face the challenges specific to you. With knowledge comes the power to heal, transform and let go.

Universal Archetypes
The Numbers 0-9

The most important numbers in numerology are the “fundament numbers” – the single digit numbers 0-9 because they are the purest fundamental archetypes that all the other numbers are built upon. All numbers in the universe consist of the numbers 1-9 and 0.

Like the star signs in astrology, each fundament number corresponds to a heavenly body.

  • 0 corresponds to the cosmos – the silent background of all the other vibrational energies
  • The number 1 corresponds to the Sun
  • The number 2 corresponds to the Moon
  • The number 3 corresponds to Jupiter
  • The number 4 corresponds to Uranus
  • The number 5 corresponds to Mercury
  • The number 6 corresponds to Venus
  • The number 7 corresponds to Neptune
  • The number 8 corresponds to Saturn
  • The number 9 corresponds to Mars

We offer more in-depth explanations of these numbers in our numerology courses, where we cover their energetical and archetypical qualities, and how they translate to the human experience.

An Important Factor that makes the Chaldean System so Accurate
Compound Numbers in Chaldean Numerology

The Chaldean numerology number system doesn’t only look at the single numbers.

The great strength in the Chaldean numerology number system also lies in placing importance in the compound numbers. A compound number is a number that is more than one digit in length.

Chaldean numerology has in-depth descriptions of all the numbers from 1-99 and in some traditions from 1-108. And for numbers greater than 108 there is a specific advanced numerology chart that the Chaldean numerologist uses called The Big Diamond chart (see picture to the right), that reveals the inner meaning of the number.

Learning and mastering valuable lessons in life
The Master Numbers in Chaldean Numerology

A master number (sometimes called double numbers) is a number with two or more digits where all the digits are the same.

Where Pythagorean numerology only places emphasis on master numbers 11, 22, 33 and in some cases 44, Chaldean numerology emphasizes all master numbers – including 55, 66, 77, 88, 99 etc.

Based on the Science of Vibration
The Chaldean Alphabet

You understand the meaning of a name or word by finding its corresponding numeric value.

Our names are created by the letters in the latin alphabet, which each have a specific number value. When you add up all the letters in a name, you get the whole number. This number is the number value of the name.

Chaldean vs. Pythagorean number chart

To the left you see the CHALDEAN number system way of assigning numbers to the alphabet. The Chaldean numerology system is MUCH MORE PRECISE regarding the interpretation of names than Pythagorean numerology due to this system of assigning numbers to letters, which in large part is according to the PHONETICS of the letters.

The 5 Levels of our Subtle Anatomy
The Chaldean Charts

The Chaldean numerology chart is so subtle, advanced and accurate because it models the human being! In this way the chart becomes a MICROCOSM of the MACROCOSM – a holographic mirror representation of reality.

To intuitively understand the meaning of the numbers in the chart in their respective positions, you can see the chart as a representation of a person as seen from the side.

The numbers on the left side of the chart are what others can see and feel. This is what is publically “accessible” and what you choose to show the outer world.

The numbers on the right side of the chart are what is hidden from others. Your private thoughts, thought processes, feelings, and silent motivators of your actions. The right side is what is visible to your closest friends and family, but what you hide from the outside world.

In the chart as a whole, there is also a movement from the earthly and grounded to the spiritual.

In the bottom half of the name chart, the numbers represent emotional aspects.

In the top half of the name chart, the numbers represent mental aspects.

At the very top in The higher self chart we see the spiritual aspects: our karma and highest potential in this life.

Advanced Methods Revealing Future Events
See What Lies Ahead

Chaldean numerology also has advanced methods to predict future events.

This is done through the destiny rhythms, the year rows , and the day vibrations numerology charts. In the destiny rhythms chart you can see grand overarching themes in your life lasting from a single year to periods lasting 9 years. In the year rows charts you can see how your year unfolds month by month. In the day vibrations chart you can see how your day unfolds hour by hour.

In this way you always know what your ideal direction is and where you should be taking your life, both in the short run but also in the long run.

The Chaldean method gives you a clear picture of future events and what they bring.

A New and Fresh Start
Name Change with Chaldean Numerology

At birth you are given your names by your parents, and in this way they unwittingly lay out a large part of your destiny since your names will start attracting certain energies and life experiences into your life.

The energy of your soul is imprinted in your birth date numbers and the energy of your personality is imprinted in your names. If these two energies do not match, you will lead a life where your personality is continually getting in the way of what your soul wishes to express. In Chaldean numerology there is a specific methodology used to find the names that perfectly match up with the energy of your soul, so that you can start to experience an incredible flow in your life.

As we mentioned earlier, every letter has a corresponding number value – and so your names add up to certain numbers. Certain numbers are more HARMONIOUS than others, while others cause grief, pain, money loss and heartache. Your name number values also need to match your birthdate vibration so the numerologist looks at how your names vibrate with your birthdate vibration.

There are certain numbers which create disharmony in the personality. For example, the number 11 can make you a people pleaser, while the number 13 placed in the wrong place can give a continual longing for something else in your life (the “grass is greener” syndrome). The number 18 can give a lot of suppressed anger and the number 16 can make you feel empty, sad and afraid to lose what you have.

This is why people who get a numerological name change experience a letting go of old patterns which no longer serve them – and why their lives start to flow more freely. With new positive name you can live an abundant life from a place of deep inner harmony.

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