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The Different Numerology Systems

Numerology can be confusing when you don’t know the differences between approaches. What sets Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology apart? And how does Indian or Hebrew numerology differ?

In the chart on the right, you can see that these systems share many influences and have influenced each other. Each box represents a philosophical system or school that greatly impacted numerology as we know it today.

We’ve created a map of major historical movements. No system exists in isolation—they’re all influenced by other schools and systems. Exploring numerology deeply takes you on a spiritual journey through human history. Each layer adds subtlety and depth to numerology, reflecting our evolving consciousness and experiences.

Claiming one direction as the eternal truth doesn’t make sense. Numerology is multifaceted, with many influences—each with its own relevance and depth. Every system today has evolved through a long process of influences.

In this article, you’ll get an overview of different numerology systems and their uses. Discover the fascinating variety within numerology.

The origins, esoteric influences and sources of numerology. In the Professional Numerologist program, we explore all these deep and meaningful connections in more depth, so you can get the deepest and most holistic overview of numerology.

The two main currents

Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology

Renowned numerologists throughout history, such as Pythagoras from ancient Greece and Cheiro from the USA in the 1900s, journeyed to India to learn from esteemed numerological masters. Despite living around 500 BC, Pythagoras is considered a relatively “newer” figure in the extensive history of numerology.

Indian numerology shares the same letter alphabet as Chaldean numerology. When exploring the original sources, you’ll notice striking similarities between Indian and Chaldean numerology. In the works of the prominent Chaldean numerologist, Cheiro, one can sense both Indian and Hebrew influences in the number descriptions.

Cheiro serves as a primary source for many Danish and English numerologists. Short number descriptions found on websites often closely resemble Cheiro’s writings in his books.

As a Chaldean numerologist, Cheiro acquired his knowledge from Indian masters during his visit to Maharashtra, India. This highlights the interconnectedness of Indian and Chaldean numerology. Both systems utilize the same alphabet, and while Indian numerology has lost the numeroscope, it incorporates several alternative charts.

A fascinating journey
The Development of Numerology

Our research into the sources of numerology, both ancient, Renaissance and 18th-19th century, paints a clear picture that Chaldean, Indian and Pythagorean numerology were once one system.

Over time, some things have been preserved in one tradition but lost in another.

By digging deeper into all the systems and their sources, each system can become more complete – and that is one of the missions we have set out to contribute to through our research into the ancient sources of numerology.

Here you can see some of the characteristics of the different numerology systems. Where they are similar and where they are different.

The most known system internationally

Pythagorean Numerology

Pythagorean numerology is internationally renowned and draws inspiration from Pythagoras and sacred geometry. It is prevalent today, with various graphical charts sharing similar calculations.

Key Features of Pythagorean Numerology:

  • Emphasizes fate numbers (Life Path/destiny number) influenced by Chaldean numerologists.
  • Preserves knowledge of sub-vibrations.
  • Assigns numerical values to letters in alphabetical order.
  • Utilizes base numbers 1-9, as well as master numbers (11, 22, 33, and occasionally 44).
  • Name interpretation is less prominent and accurate compared to Chaldean numerology.
  • Lacks the numeroscope, focusing instead on “main numbers” like “Life Path,” “Soul urge,” and “Personality number.”
a j s 1
b k t 2
c l u 3
d m v 4
e n w 5
f o x 6
g p y 7
h q z 8
i r 9

The most precise for name change

Chaldean Numerology

Chaldean numerology, widely recognized as the official term, dominates search results on platforms like Google.

Key Features of Chaldean Numerology:

  • Retains the numeroscope, a unique feature absent in Pythagorean and Indian numerology.
  • Traces back to ancient times, predating Pythagorean numerology.
  • Alphabet based on phonetics and letter vibrations, not alphabetical order.
  • Incorporates tarot cards from European court culture in the 17th century.
  • Traditionally passed down in a secretive master-disciple tradition, resulting in fewer published books.
  • Deeper knowledge, such as the numeroscope and years rows, resides in hidden sources like private collections and rare books.
  • Internationally acclaimed as the most accurate system for name interpretation.
  • Widely practiced and complex for name changes.
a i j q y 1
b k r 2
c g l s 3
d m t 4
e h n x 5
v u w 6
o z 7
f p 8

Jewish mysticism from the 12th century

Hebraic/Kabbalistic Numerology

These forms of numerology are less common than Chaldean and Pythagorean numerology.

There are several variants of Kabbalistic numerology, but most often the focus is not on the energies of the date of birth, but only on the interpretation of the name, which shows the lessons you have to go through as a soul in this life. There is usually no focus on name changes.

The Kabbalah system originates from Hebrew mysticism and includes the “tree of life”, a sacred geometric shape used to analyze a person’s level of consciousness.


Gematri is a Jewish mystical teaching from the 12th century about numbers and their esoteric meaning. The word derives from the Jewish set of rules for interpreting the sacred text, the Torah, based on the numerical value of the Hebrew letters. It was a source of inspiration for Christian mystics in the 16th century.


Many people associate the Bible codes with numerology. The Bible codes are an ancient theory that there are word codes hidden in the Jewish text, the Torah, which have predicted various historical events. It has been modernized and made widely known by the author Drosnin with his bestseller “The Bible Code”. In the book, he argues that the codes have come with extra terrestials, which have also brought human DNA to Earth. “The Bible Code” was published in the 1990s and is the first in a trilogy.

A variant of Chaldean

Indian Numerology

  • The true, ancient form of Indian numerology uses the same alphabet as Chaldean numerology, to which it is closely related by common ancestry.
  • However, on the internet you often find “Indian numerology”, which is simply Pythagorean numerology practiced by someone from India. It uses the Pythagorean alphabet, which is in numerical order. In Denmark, there are also numerologists who use the Pythagorean alphabet, and yet call it Indian numerology, so it is a common misconception.
  • Old Indian numerology is closely related to Chaldean numerology both in interpretation, alphabet and number descriptions.
  • Old Indian sources, however, have many much deeper numerical descriptions.
  • It has not preserved the numeroscope, which has been lost, but it has a number of other charts, which are less complex but have their own value. For example, the number pyramid.
  • True ancient Indian numerology is closely related to Jyotish, Vedic astrology, which also dates back many thousands of years. Here, name interpretation (and possibly name change) is used as a supplement to harmonize one’s astrological energies and date of birth.


The ancient Indian system, Jyotish, takes years to master and includes Vedic astrology (not Western) and a deep knowledge of crystals. You can find this knowledge in our crystal setup tool.

Homophones and Lo shu grid

Chinese Numerology

Chinese numerology is based on homophones, i.e. those names or numbers that are similar in wording to another word with either a positive or negative meaning are considered lucky or unlucky. For example, in China, the word for the number 8 is close to the word for prosperity, and therefore the number 8 is associated with prosperity and is seen as the most fortunate number. Whereas the wording of the number 4 sounds like the word for death and is therefore considered unlucky. When we lived in Hong Kong, our apartment was on the 13th floor – but it was actually the 12th floor because the 4th floor had been taken out as people don’t want to live on the 4th floor. There are also many buildings where the 13th and 22nd floors are left out because 13 and 22 have 4 as a cross sum.

In contrast to the Chinese view, Western numerology generally has a number view, where every number has both a positive and a negative potential, and it is up to the individual to use their potentials positively.

4 9 2
3 5 7
8 1 6


The various Chinese charts stretch back several thousand years, to somewhere between 2000-650 BC. The best known chart is based on the “bagua” chart from feng shui.

You take the full birthday and then count up how many of the numbers from 1-9 are present. The numbers you have energies you have available, while those that are missing are energies you do not have available.

Under the surface

Numbers and meaning

Many people are fascinated by the underlying patterns and meanings of geometry and the number system. Here, these patterns are explored to give us a deeper understanding of the structure of the universe. These philosophies have their origins in modern mathematics and physics, but also in ancient Egypt, and then Greece and Babylonia.

In sacred geometry, geometric shapes are considered to be created by the divine. These geometric shapes are found in nature and contain a truth that is the same everywhere and is older than the human world itself, one might say. Ancient cultures that understood this geometry were able to create societies with a high level of prosperity. The geometric shapes express the numbers from 1 to 12 and their deeper meaning. For example, the figure 8 and the octagon represent eternity, peace and stability (e.g. the baptismal font is octagonal). The sacred 7 and the heptagon are connected to the world soul. The 6 and the hexagon are associated with order, structure and the principle of love. The 5 and the pentagon are associated with life itself, the golden section, etc. Sacred geometry is an important key to understanding numerology. For example, the Chaldean numeroscope is based on sacred geometry, as well as the internal structure of numbers. Therefore, if you understand sacred geometry, there are important hidden keys to numerology that become apparent.

The etymology of numbers looks at the human understanding of numbers and their role in physics, chemistry, gravity, music, art, architecture, mathematics, measurement, time and human consciousness. Geometric and mathematical patterns are explored and the constants of nature are found not only as numbers, but as patterns that recur at all layers of the number system. We can use the etymology of numbers to understand the emotional meaning and symbolism behind a number. The first etymology of numbers can be said to have originated in ancient Egypt, where archetypal, divine properties were attributed to the numbers, also based on their appearance. Here, each number in the sequence was a universal energy that could be tapped into and was also represented by one of the Egyptian deities. This view of numbers was passed on to ancient Greece, and has been carried on into modern Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology, through our contemporary understanding of the basic vibrations and their meaning (numbers 1-9).

The famous physicist Nicola Tesla said that when you understand the secrets of the numbers 3, 6 and 9, you will understand the secrets of the entire structure of the universe and the structure of consciousness. In vortex mathematics, you look behind the number system by observing the behavior of 3-6-9, but also the 1-2-4-8-7-5 patterns and cross-sum mathematics. It is a mathematical form that was used by the Babylonians to create our time system (24 hours, 60 minutes and 60 seconds) and the underlying patterns revealed by this system show how the world is fascinatingly made up of universal patterns created by numbers. Chaldean numerology’s sequences of years and rhythms of destiny are also based on vortex mathematics, as we have shown in some of our free videos over the years.

And there is more …
Other Numerology Systems

The vast majority of numerologists belong to one of the 2 main schools of thought: Chaldean/Indian or Pythagorean numerology.

However, some individual numerologists will always create their own systems, with e.g. their own alphabets, figures or graphs for interpretation. So you can find completely different systems than the ones described here in the literature, on blogs, etc. These systems are usually much less common, but sometimes a homemade system is still popular.

For example, numerologist Norman Shine, who lived in Denmark, created his own system based on the Pythagorean alphabet and was quite popular in this country in the 1980s-1990s.



3 6 9
2 5 8
1 4 7



This chart is very similar to the Chinese loshu grid, but is also used on names and most often on the Pythagorean alphabet

Kabbalah and its influence on Chaldean Numerology
The Origins of the Numeroscope

The numeroscope from the Chaldean numerology has its origin in the sacred geometric figure, the “flower of life”, which is known in many cultures, and in recent years has been the subject of research by, among others, the physicist Nassim Haramein, who talks about its inherent consciousness power and energy potential.

The numeroscope thus originates from some of the most fascinating sacred/universal geometry, which dates back to ancient Egypt. Here the “flower of life” was found in the temple dedicated to Isis and Osiris. From the same sacred geometry comes the shape of the ‘tree of life’, which is used in Kabbalah and Hebrew numerology. It is a complex and exciting historical development, which we have researched, and which also shows the inherent power of the numeroscope to raise the level of human consciousness to new heights through name changes. We provide this knowledge in its full length in the numerology training in the module on “esoteric influences and the origins of numerology”.

Divine origins
How do we research the sources?

There are two types of written sources/books in numerology; the known and the hidden.

Known sources are books you can find in libraries, see mentioned online or order from Amazon etc.

Hidden sources, on the other hand, are those books that are not readily available in libraries, Amazon, etc. and are often only available in a few copies worldwide. Some can be found in private international specialized libraries or private collections around the world.

Hidden sources therefore require much more research and time to obtain, and as far as we know, we are the only numerologists in Denmark and worldwide researching the hidden sources. Our mission is to collect them all, so that numerology can be as complete as possible, and all the lost parts can be put into the original and integrated system of deep wisdom.

An example of a hidden source we have obtained and used is a secret work by the numerologist Cheiro, which only exists in a few copies worldwide. Cheiro’s regular books, on the other hand, are available in libraries for anyone who wants to read them, but they don’t contain that depth of knowledge and can be considered books for beginners. However, this particular work, which is actually a collection of several books, he wanted to keep secret, as it is here that his greatest and deepest knowledge is to be found.

Similarly, we have carefully studied other sources from ancient times, as well as from the European mystical tradition, which contain knowledge of numerology.

Many of our trips are also dedicated to numerological research, from visits to Moorish palaces in southern Spain to trips to India, China and the USA. And occasionally meetings with scholars specializing in things like the Chaldean Empire, Sumerian culture, the Vedas and Tantras, or numerology in ancient Egypt.

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