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Numerology Tells Us That
Your Business is Alive

From a numerological point of view your business exists in a vibrational harmony with you as the owner, but also as a living organism which has a subtle influence on you – for example by stimulating you to get the right ideas, to choose the right places and to meet the right people etc.

In other words – there is a mutual influence between you and your company.

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Business Session

Do you want to start a business or you are already a business owner who wishes to strengthen your brand popularity, income and expansion?

As numerologists we can calculate the best time to start, re-register and name your business. By choosing the right numerological names for the company, you can get the vibrations for international expansion, success, brilliant inspiration and brand popularity supporting you.

Price $900 (incl. VAT)
Duration 1 hour of coaching + personal material in written form (pdf)

Boost Your Sales

The right prices, titles and product names for your business

  • Product names, titles and prices that boost your sales
  • The best RELEASE DATES for your products and services
  • MARKETING: the best time to post LINKS, BLOG POSTS or VIDEOS
  • Numerological DOMAIN NAMES that boost your charismatic appeal
  • Magnetic words and headlines that you can use on your website, in newsletters, in adwords and facebook

Price $500 (incl. VAT)

Duration: 1 hour of coaching + personal material in written form (pdf)

With The Session Follows
Your Success Report

Business name lists & online tool

You get the most elaborate business name lists for your new business name numbers based on the latest electronic dictionaries.

Name lists are available in 6 languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish, French and Danish.

Easy online tool makes it easy for you to select an inspired business name that feels good.

The company’s year rows

The company’s year rows are your guide to follow the most harmonious and easy way to success.

The rows will tell you:

  • The best time to come out with new products
  • When to expect an international breakthrough
  • The periods with the greatest chances of success
  • What you should be focusing on when (according to your numbers there is a best time for creating products, writing, marketing, hiring etc)

Estel Ehvass
Book a Business Session

Write an email to with your desired dates for a session – and I will contact you within 24 hours.

Before our meeting on skype, I would need the following information:

– Your full name and your date of birth
– What kind of business you want to start (your industry / or your idea)
– If you already have a business, then you write your company start date (the day it was officially registered) and a brief description of your work.

In the email that we write back to you we will specify different payment options.
We look forward to helping you to lift your business and brand for optimal business success!


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