The NP Numbers 1-99 Archetyping System™

The NP Numbers 1-99 Archetyping System™
The numbers 1-99

The NP NUMBERS 1-99 ARCHETYPING SYSTEM™ is an archetype system that we have created that maps humanity and all human traits onto the numbers 1-99, giving us 99 archetypes. All the numbers in the different Chaldean numerology charts consist of number combinations described through the 99 archetypes. Therefore, it is valuable that the numerologist understands the numbers 1-99 at a deep level to make accurate interpretations and forecasts.

The system is continuously being developed, updated, and refined.

It consists of the following:

1) Research in different numerology traditions

2) Research in occult traditions close to numerology

3) Experience, Trial and Validation

4) In depth analysis of NUMBER VIBRATION charts

5) The NP Statistics™ project

You can see the results of this work in our 99 articles about the numbers 1-99. You can find the 99 articles here.
Now we will go more in-depth with how we do our research.

Going back thousands of years
1) Research in different numerology traditions

We research all the numerology systems in the world. Our primary focus is on Chaldean numerology, Pythagorean numerology, and Vedic numerology, which have all made valuable contributions to understanding the archetypical meaning of each number. But many other forms of numerology also give valuable insights about the number archetypes and how to think about them.

We also find valuable inspiration in exploring Egyptian numerology, Hebrew numerology, Geramatria, bible codes, Chinese numerology, and the Mayan number system. We see many common traits behind these different systems that enrich our understanding. We are deeply passionate about these things and often travel to distant places in order to study ancient unearthed books or interview different numerologists who have a special knowledge.

Numerology is so powerful because all the different numerological systems work from the fundamental understanding, that the universe is cyclical, and so is the number system – allowing them to directly map down all the major cycles in the macrocosm into the microcosm of the number system that they use.

Profound influences
2) Research in occult traditions close to numerology

We also research related systems close to numerology, such as Hermeticism, Tarot, Qabalah, Astrology, Enneagram, etc.

These systems have all influenced the numerological systems at different moments and came with valuable contributions. Numerological number archetypes can therefore also be studied in the light of these profound occult systems. Hermeticism creates a fundament by telling us that “as above, so below.” That the macrocosm can be mapped down into a microcosm. It is this philosophy that we apply when analyzing numerological charts.

The numbers 1-22 are all closely linked to the Tarot cards 1-22. Through studying these cards, we also get a much deeper understanding of the symbolism embedded in the numbers 1-22. In the Qabalah, we see the tree of life, which shows the architecture of human consciousness. Here the tarot cards correspond to the pathways linking the different centers of consciousness (sephirot) in the tree of life, again giving a profound insight into how to think about the numbers 1-22.

The numbers 1-9 correspond to a specific heavenly body in the Solar System. While numerology works with the planetary correspondences in number form, astrology explores these relations in a spatial context through their aspects: oppositions, trines, squares, sextiles, quincunxes, etc. From astrology, we can draw upon a profound and rich tradition exploring the different planetary archetypes and how their complex relationships affect humans. The Enneagram also resembles numerology as it also works with 9 major archetypes, which very much resemble the numerological archetypes 1-9.

Hands on experience
3) Experience, Trial and Validation

Together with our students, we have gathered a vast databank of experience through chart interpretations and name change numerology. One thing is knowing about the numbers from an academic viewpoint by reading texts – it is something else to experience the numbers by reading people’s charts and interacting with people one on one. Through years of experience through name change numerology, we directly witness the effects of name change and how different number values affect people.

These findings are not just the experience of a few people but a growing network of numerologists working with this system of archetyping who can share and compare results. We are continuously developing feedback mechanisms where we draw from the experience of our network and where we get feedback from clients on what worked well for them. It is easy to change names in Scandinavia, so numerology has exploded in popularity here. It gives us numerologists here incredibly powerful and fast feedback with everything we do.

We are continuously educating new numerologists who join our network and who help us to further test and validate the numbers

The science of vibration
4) In depth analysis of the number vibration charts

Numerology is a vibrational science. When looking at a number with many digits, each digit represents an archetype, but the digits also blend with the other digits to create a larger and more complex vibration.

We can compare a number with many digits to playing a chord on a piano. You don’t only hear the individual tones themselves; you also hear the interference patterns that the two vibrations create together. These interference patterns merge and blend to create a rich symphony of overtones, which gives the characteristic rich sound of a chord played on a piano. The same goes for numbers. Whenever two or more numbers meet, their vibrations create many “sub vibrations,” which gives each number a unique energetic field.

We can explore these vibrations through The NP BIG DIAMOND CHART ™ and the NP VIBRATION PYRAMID CHART™. These charts show how we can explore each number in profound detail to extract valuable information regarding the psychology, hidden motivations, and highest potential that lies within the psyche of each number. We are continuously studying these complex charts on the numbers 1-99 to deepen our understanding of how each number works.

To the right, you can see the NP BIG DIAMOND CHART and the NP VIBRATION PYRAMID CHART for the number 67.

Verifying, exploring and uncovering the truth
5) The NP Statistics™ project

The NP Statistics™ project researches the numerology charts of over 100.000 celebrities and well-known people. This groundbreaking new research project investigates whether there is a statistical correlation between specific human characteristics and birth and name numerology.

With the help of statistics software, it is now possible to study large groups of people who share a vocation or profession and see if they share the same numbers in their charts. This research helps to confirm or re-evaluate the number archetypes 1-99.

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