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Number 9 Meaning

The Humanist

The number 9 resonantes with the the planet Mars.

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 9 are:
Hard-working, direct and to the point, honest, sense of justice, leadership skills, willpower, stamina, decisive, in control, self-confidence, self-reliance, motivates others, structured, inventive, disciplined, great wisdom, psychological understanding of people and situations, focused, overview, higher consciousness.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of the energies given by the number 9 are:
Dictatorial, dominating, temperamental, impulsive, controlling others, arguments and conflict, choleric, family problems, criticizes itself and others, judgemental, puts a lid on the emotions, explosive anger, self-righteous, negative inner dialogue, speaks harshly to others.

The number 9 as birth day number

In Chaldean numerology, the day you are born in the month is of particular importance as it profoundly influences your personality. The following explains how this number will affect you if you are born on the 9th and which themes might be present in your life.

9 is the strongest and most masculine of all the numbers, which gives you inner strength, power, and ability to focus your energies.

Celestial body

The number 9 resonates with the planet Mars also known as Ares. Mars was the Roman God of war and was strong – both physically and mentally. With a 9 fundament vibration, you will have a strong will, determination, and independence in the way that you deal with all aspects of life. But you can also be full of heart and very sensitive, which is reflected in Ares dual nature as both a strong warrior and a sensitive dancer.


The number 9 is the number of the warrior and has drive, will power, temperament, and the ability to get to the essence of things.

Although the 9 has the reputation of being a fierce warrior, it also has a more profound and softer underlying humanitarian outlook on life. 9 is the last of the numbers and has been through the lessons of all the other numbers. In this way, 9 intuitively understanding the trials and tribulations that each number has had to go through. This gives the tough and straightforward character traits of the 9 – but also gives an immensely compassionate heart. As a 9, you will help others not by giving them the fish, but by teaching them how to fish so that they can awaken their inner strength and resourcefulness.

Your heart beats for justice, and as a 9, you are willing to fight for a better world for all. 9's are good at understanding and motivating others and are natural-born leaders.

You most probably have a very straight forward style where you quickly tell others what your opinion is and how you believe that things should be done. You can sometimes be so honest and straight forward that you potentially hurt other people's feelings or frighten the more sensitive souls who need to hear things gently. But it almost always comes out more harshly than you intended, so sometimes the 9 can get quite devastated when he/she finds out that somebody got hurt by the harshness.

In childhood, you might have experienced that your boundaries were violated. You might have had a difficult childhood, with disharmony in the family or bullying at school. All of this was tests of strength for the number 9.

As a 9, you are probably very focused and disciplined in your work, but inherent in the number 9 is that success is usually only achieved late in life.

The number 9 is a temperamental number, but usually, the 9 controls itself by placing a lid over the emotions – but if overly provoked, the 9 can explode in an outburst of anger.

As a 9, you stand up for others, and in love, you will stand up for your loved ones.

Balanced the 9 is both a warrior and a dancer, in touch with their strength, body, and emotions.

If only in contact with the warrior aspects, you can tend to close down the emotions and overhear the body's signals - for example, by overtraining or pushing your self too hard.

Biggest emotional issue to greatest liberation

If the 9 energy is weak, the 9 reacts by becoming insecure, confused, depressed, impractical, and irresponsible. If the 9 energy becomes too powerful, the 9 becomes oppressive, dictatorial, overly hard-working, and militant.

The inherent sense of justice can become a self-righteous meting out of justice, and the 9 can walk around like an explosive volcano – impulsive and unreasonable.

Your life lesson is to stand for your feelings and to feel your deep inner strength. In this way, you will become wise and balanced.

The number 9 stands for the divine ending and perfection. The number 9 contains all the other numbers and therefore has access to a vast inner palette of wisdom and higher consciousness.

As a number nine, you have the fire and heart chakras awakened, which stand for the ego and the soul.?

As a 9, you will have the following inherent abilities in how you organize and deal with the energies and people around you – capabilities that are good to know so that you can strengthen these innate tendencies.

1) Centering – For a 9, it is important to be centered in its feelings – that means that you don't react to your own or other people's emotions or provocations. You contact your inner silence first before you do anything else. The inner calm gives you power because instead of reacting where you become the victim of an external agenda – you connect to your core first, which allows you to channel the power of the conscious void into your actions.

2) Overview – For a 9, it is essential to gain the overview of a situation – you will instinctually want to go upwards to see the lay of the land. 9's love maps, plans, or guides that give an overview as well as step by step instructions that allow the job to get done quickly. To use a warrior terminology – the 9 loves the "high ground" – which gives a vantage point and a better starting point for any battle.

3) Getting to the essence – the number 9 wishes to get to the heart of things – to "penetrate" any knowledge or emotion to get to the core of it. In any energy, interchange, emotion etc. there is fluff on the outside and the main gist of it in the inside. The 9 energy doesn't want to beat around the bush. If there is an issue in the room that nobody dares to address, you can be sure that the 9 will take it up and get to the essence of it.

In the battle of life, you can sometimes forget these principles – but you will find again and again that when you apply these 3 principles that everything becomes better and more natural.

By following these three principles, the 9 can very quickly gain control of any situation. It acts from consciousness, it gains an overview of any situation, and it quickly penetrates energy to get to the essence.

The 9 in balance is:

  • Very masculine consciousness
  • Straight forward and to the point
  • Focused
  • Strong will
  • Humanitarian

The 9 unbalanced is

  • Angry, fanatic, choleric - short-fused
  • Sudden action with no warning
  • Overly competitive
  • Dictatorial - 'My way or the highway'
  • The end justifies the means

9 is under the influence of MARS

Mars is a reddish planet, and it's surface is covered by towering rock formations and mountains that are twice as high as Mount Everest. There are Grand Canyon-like rock abysses, so scientists believe that there once was water on the surface.

Mars is 2/3 of the size of the Earth and has only approx. 60% of the gravitational field, so you can jump much higher on Mars than here on Earth.

Mars is the Roman god of war, which brings the final judgment and the end of times. Mars people are often warrior like and ready to conquer and subdue the world. They have the courage and strong will and, thanks to these qualities, achieve great success.

But impulsivity hurts their activities. They often do not weigh their strengths and do not distribute them rationally.

In love and partnership, they can experience difficulties as they are both often stubborn, proud, and insensitive.

Mars gives excellent organizational skills and leadership talent.

If they correctly harness their innate strength, discipline, enterprise, and focus, Mars people can achieve tremendous success.

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