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Numerology and the numbers
Number 90 Meaning

Divine Wisdom

The digits in the number 90 have the digit sum 9 which resonates with the planet Mars. 90 is often written as 90/9 where the digit sum is placed after the slash. To understand 90 more in depth we recommend you also read more about the digit sum 9 here.

Introduction to the number 90

The number 90/9 is about going to the essence of things. It is the number of the cosmic warrior who is always in a state of full action and activity - but at the same time, a "channel" for a universal cause.

The number 90/9 represents the cosmic dance between man and the universe - a dance that contains both action and non-action, all at the same time. It resonates with "Nataraja," which depicts the Hindu God Shiva as the divine cosmic dancer or "lord of the dance." He dances within a circular arch of flames, symbolically representing the celestial fire that in Hindu cosmology creates everything and consumes everything in the cycles of life. His face is completely tranquil even though he is in the midst of the continuous chain of creation and destruction.

In imbalance, this number tends to be uncompromising and to say things directly without considering the feelings of others. One may seem fanatical, but this is often because a person with an "ordinary" level of consciousness cannot see the divine source behind the actions inspired by the number 90/9.

In balance, the number 90/9 resonates with "Wuwei," meaning action without intent (from Taoist philosophy), and also the state of "karma yoga" (from Hindu philosophy), where you can work without expecting the fruit of your actions, which in this way are given to God. Through karma yoga, you become a channel of the divine will.

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The 90 in balance is:

  • A cosmic warrior who acts out the will of God
  • Downloading heavenly wisdom into its heart and mind
  • A master of "Wuwei" – acting without will or intent
  • A master of karma-yoga – allowing the Divine to work through it
  • A number of "divine wrath," where anger is used in a divine way to rectify the wrong

The 90 unbalanced is

  • Forgetting about its divine integration, and becomes manic
  • Taking the fruits of the action and growing the ego
  • Hurting others with its militant actions that it doesn't explain
  • Causing a lot of chaos and havoc because it doesn't inform others about its actions
  • Needlessly destructive

Keywords for inspiration

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 90 are:

Completes its goals, infinite potential and a cosmic drive, cosmic wisdom can be downloaded into its mind and heart, finds the essence of things, completes things others are unable to, outwardly warlike and battle-ready, but backed up with inner guidance from the universe, "divine" anger that is directed at things that need to be "burned" and transformed, direct connection to the cosmos, universal love and wisdom, sacrifices itself in the name of love, lifts the veil of the secrets of the universe, total power and total humility all at the same time, strong masculine consciousness, understands that there is no ego/self and that everything is unity and connected at a deeper level, thrives best in action and in a hierarchy, integration of one's actions, in contact with the universal will, spiritual warrior, its actions are in complete flow, letting go of the result entirely - is a cosmic channel for the best imaginable action, cosmic dance, both action and non-action, wu-wei (acting with no intention), "action" and "non-action" are two sides of the same coin, is pure and unselfish in its deeds, pure state of karma yoga, inner principles, experiences significant synchronicities, is the "arms of god", is a "channel" for action, example: Krishna and Arjuna in Bhagavadghita (cosmic warrior).

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 90 are:

Says things directly, but hurts others, too direct, warlike and fanatical, feels distant on a personal level, longs back to the source, hard time relating to others, down prioritizes social life, not everyone knows how to deal with the powerful and cosmic 9 energy, uncompromising and says its opinion, feels that social interaction is a waste of time, closed emotional life, fiery temper, spares no means, the goal justifies the methods used, stubborn and rigid mind.

90 is under the influence of MARS

Mars is a reddish planet, and it's surface is covered by towering rock formations and mountains that are twice as high as Mount Everest. There are Grand Canyon-like rock abysses, so scientists believe that there once was water on the surface.

Mars is 2/3 of the size of the Earth and has only approx. 60% of the gravitational field, so you can jump much higher on Mars than here on Earth.

Mars is the Roman god of war, which brings the final judgment and the end of times. Mars people are often warrior like and ready to conquer and subdue the world. They have the courage and strong will and, thanks to these qualities, achieve great success.

But impulsivity hurts their activities. They often do not weigh their strengths and do not distribute them rationally.

In love and partnership, they can experience difficulties as they are both often stubborn, proud, and insensitive.

Mars gives excellent organizational skills and leadership talent.

If they correctly harness their innate strength, discipline, enterprise, and focus, Mars people can achieve tremendous success.


The Big Diamond Chart™ for 90

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The Vibration Pyramid™ for 90

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