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Planet Saturn associated with the numerology of 8

The Michelangelo Philanthropist

The digits in the number 98 add up to 17 called the secondary digit sum, which again adds up to 8 called the primary digit sum which resonates with the planet Saturn. 98 is often written as 98/8 where the primary digit sum is placed after the slash. To understand 98 more in depth we recommend you also read more about the secondary digit sum 17 here and the primary digit sum 8 here.

The Numerology of 98: Its Meaning and Significance

The number 98 is the lesson of eternity and building things/projects that "last forever." Everything you do is measured up against a larger purpose. You should effectively be doing what it takes to get to the next level — great art or big projects that raise awareness.

98/8 is one of the most charismatic and spellbinding numbers. Outwardly it makes beautiful and timeless products. Inwardly it goes into the depths of its being to find the right inspiration and answers. It is a number that often experiences "divine interventions" – in the form of inspiration it suddenly downloads from the Cosmos – or through things that happen in the outer world that confirm an idea it has been turning in its head.

The 98/8 is in contact with an ancient splendor, traditions, and magnificence that it wishes to channel through any medium, usually art and music. The themes and motives that the 98/8 displays in its work have a sense of something timeless and something that will last forever.

We find the number 98/8 in the charts of great philanthropists and artists. For example, the artist Michelangelo has 98/8 in his numerological psychic self chart (Numerologist PRO Statistics).

In imbalance, one can feel immersed in problems and attract negative attention (imbalanced digit sum 17/8). There is also a tendency to take on too much on one's shoulders (inner 8 and digit sum 17/8) because there is a strong inner vision of how things should be. There can also be a fear of choices which leads to not making decisions. The 98/8 becomes paralyzed with anxiety can not move forward in fear of the consequences. 98/8 can remember so much and hold so much information from its "eternal memory" (8 and 17/8) that it can be perceived as wise but challenging to understand.

In balance, 98/8 is one of the most beautiful and high vibrating numbers that resonates with sublime art and eternal archetypes.

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The 98 in balance is:

  • Has a high status in the community with its spellbinding charisma
  • In the spotlight with grand humanitarian projects
  • Resonating with eternity and eternal archetypes
  • Resonating with great works of classical art and music
  • Good at politics, business, law, and finances"

The 98 unbalanced is

  • Taking on too much and cannot hold the energy
  • Afraid of the spotlight (digit sum 17/8 unbalanced)
  • Afraid of choices and to make decisions (inner diamond 88/7)
  • Paralyzed with fear and cannot move forward in fear of the consequences
  • Perceived as wise but difficult to understand

NUMBER 98 keywords for inspiration

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 98 are:

Exudes competence, strength and divine inspiration, thrives in large projects that have a positive impact on humanity, magical and spellbinding, leads through inspired actions and communication, strong conviction and inner strength, enjoys great respect and recognition, may experience "divine interventions", in contact with the universal and archetypal plane, leads others through its inspired actions, humanitarian and philanthropic, sees and reads the universal "signs", in contact with something that is magnificent and full of ancient traditions, resonance with classic and conservative virtues, classical art, busy with humanity's greatness and highest potential, genius and artistic sense, hard worker because it feels called, what one builds lasts forever, high status in the community, star status for their competencies, everything it does is measured against a larger purpose, efficient and competent, uplifts humanity through what it does/creates, makes realistic and balanced choices, channeling political or artistic ideas, perfects the existing, compassion, tolerance and balance, ability to shine a light into others, archetypal understanding of reality - eg personality types, symbols, etc.,inspired, divine wisdom, the universal spiritual laws, the calling and life purpose of the soul, inner wisdom and power, manifests wealth, persistent and responsible, many skills and talents, understands karma and the spiritual law of cause and effect, thrives on systems and procedures, resonance with large, conservative institutions, very charitable, resonates with business, laws and finance, resonates with tolerance and idealism, accrues wealth, the desire to donate to charity organizations, manages teams to achieve a common goal, economically sensible and thinks long term, sees the steps to get things done, efficient and productive, thrives on momentum and energy, uses its time, material and staff effectively, has a motherly/fatherly feeling towards humanity, channels archetypal ideas and hones them, completing them to perfection, in contact with the traditions, deep insights.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of number 98 are:

Attracts problems, one's actions have significant consequences, can't hold its own high energy, afraid of visibility, inner fear and nervousness, afraid to make decisions and choices, can't decide due to fear of the consequences, significant and complicated problems, uses its abilities for others but forgets itself, family problems, crisis after crisis, not appreciated for the good things it does, fiery and unpopular, negative spotlight, is perceived as wise but difficult to understand, people talk behind its back, things move beyond one's control, negative energies that escalate, wastes money and regrets it later, fanatic, unscrupulous, has an energy that can be overwhelming to others, is perceived as violent and belligerent, the goal sanctifies the means, does not have time for what it sees are minor problems and may thus offend some people, forgets taking people's emotions and slower pace into account, wants to involve itself in impossible tasks and projects motivated by good intentions but ends up with problems, stands up for others but loses in the process (time, money, energy etc), stands in the front and takes the garbage for others, either tries to escape being in the spotlight or goes into it too much which gives terrible repercussions.


Celebrities with 98 in their numerology chart

Birth day number 9 and lifepath 8

The 98 energy can be seen in the chart of people born on a 9 day (the 9th, 18th, or 27th) with an 8 life path, subtly giving the number 98.

Many of the following well-known people on the list show the resilience, charisma, and resonance with eternity characteristic of 98/8: Owen Wilson (actor), James Gandolfini (actor), Jean-Claude Van Damme (actor/martial artist), Ray Dolby (Dolby sound systems), Elizabeth Taylor (actress), Fred Shuttlesworth (civil rights activist), Pope Saint John Paul II (pop), Nelson Mandela (freedom fighter), Lyndon B. Johnson (36th US President), Carl Nielsen (composer), Ignacy Jan Paderewski (composer and first prime minister of Poland), Emil Fischer (chemist), Ulysses S. Grant (18th US president), Elias Howe (sewing machine), Hiram R. Revels (1st African American US Senator), William Bligh (naval commander), Johannes Kepler (astronomer), Amerigo Vespucci (discovered America), and Timur (Turkic conqueror).

98 is under the influence of SATURN

Saturn is perhaps the most beautiful of all planets with its huge ring system.

At Saturn's north pole, the clouds form a hexagoic geometric shape. The shape is vast spanning over 13,800 km making the shape wider than the planet Earth. The hexagon has six sides. The hexagon and the number 6 stand for love and beauty. In the middle of the 8 diamond, we also find the number 6 (digit sum of 15). This symbolizes the deep love and longing for love that number 8 feels at its core.

The vast rings of Saturn symbolize Saturn's resonance with eternity and eternal memory. But they also express Saturn's trait to keep people at a safe distance. There can be mistrust and skepticism.

Saturn people are receptive, often do not find understanding among others, and can suffer from loneliness. Their outward coldness and alienation hide the longing for a deeper and more profound love (the 6 core), but they do not know how to show it (the rings that keep people at bay).

Saturn people do not like superficiality; they like order and material security. Unfortunately, as Saturn is a planet of karma and fate, everything comes to them with difficulty, and everything must be achieved on their own.

Saturn people honor rules and laws. They are pragmatic, prudent, cautious, punctual, and methodical in everything that they do. They are hardworking and persistent in achieving their goals and ideas.

The energy of Saturn demands material well being and certainty of the future.

Saturn people both give and demand loyalty, and they are very reliable people.

Planet Saturn associated with the numerology of 98


The Big Diamond Chart™ for 98

The NP BIG DIAMOND CHART™ is one of the main tools in THE NP NUMBERS 1-99 ARCHETYPING SYSTEM™, which helps numerologists "unpack" a number so that they can see all the vibrations born from the meeting of the first and second digits in the numbers 1-99. The chart reveals remarkable details about the psychology and possibilities for each number. In the NP BIG DIAMOND CHART™, the number is first unpacked in the main diamond (bottom middle). The two digits are laid out along the top of the main diamond, and the digit sum is placed at the bottom. The rest of the numbers are found by recursively adding the numbers, entirely unpacking the vibration. The red and green arrows show the relationships between the numbers, revealing inner tensions and resources.

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The Numerology Big Diamond Chart for the number 98


The Vibration Pyramid™ for 98

The NP VIBRATION PYRAMID™ resembles the NP big diamond chart but is constructed in a different way revealing other details about the architecture of each number. While the big diamond chart reveals the sub archetypes present in every number, the vibration pyramid shows the different paths a number can take on its spiritual journey into the core of its being.

The NP VIBRATION PYRAMID™ is thoroughly interpreted for you in our Numerology Foundational Course, giving you a profound knowledge about the numbers, which will help you make highly accurate numerology chart interpretations.

The Numerology Vibration Pyramid Chart for the number 98

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