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Do you find fulfillment in the spiritual industry, being a guiding light that leads individuals to tap into their innate potential and navigate life’s complexities with renewed clarity and understanding?

Our specialized numerology products are meticulously crafted to fulfill this very purpose. They are the culmination of extensive research and deep understanding of the field, providing people with profound insights into their unique potentials. Our comprehensive reports on birth dates and names offer a detailed and personal view into an individual’s numerological identity. These insights enable individuals to comprehend the powerful forces at play in their life and embrace their inherent strengths and capabilities.

Additionally, our products help identify super dates for key activities, transforming the way people plan and organize their life. They help highlight the periods of high energy and potential, allowing users to make the most out of these opportune moments. Our users learn to align their actions with the rhythm of the universe, inviting success and fulfillment into their lives.

Moreover, the journey of understanding doesn’t stop at the reports. We’ve put together in-depth online lessons on numerology, providing an avenue for continuous learning and personal growth. These lessons break down complex concepts into understandable segments, empowering individuals to delve deeper into this mystical science.

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By joining forces with us and promoting our high-quality numerology products, you’ll play a crucial role in this transformative journey. You’ll be contributing to a greater cause, aiding your audience to break free from their constraints, enabling them to live a more balanced and integrated life. This is not just an opportunity to grow your business, but also a chance to profoundly touch lives and facilitate positive change on a significant scale.

Let’s embark on this journey of transformation together, illuminating the path for those seeking spiritual growth and self-discovery. With our numerology products, you’re not just offering a service; you’re providing a roadmap to self-understanding and personal evolution.

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Meet Our Founders
Power Couple: Johannes & Estel Ehvass

Johannes Ehvass – the Technological Mastermind & Numerology Expert

Johannes stands as the backbone of Numerologist PRO, merging his passion for numerology and software development. An adept software architect, he combines his computer science background with years of coaching experience to create a systematic and step-by-step approach to numerology.

Raised amid the diverse cultures of Swaziland and Hong Kong, Johannes brings a global perspective to his work. His commitment to spiritual development is evident in his daily practice of meditation, yoga, and kung fu. Johannes aims to illuminate the fascinating mathematics underpinning numerology, bridging the gap between science and spirituality.

Estel Ehvass – the Numerology Innovator & Spiritual Researcher

Estel is the heart of Numerologist PRO. After an early encounter with numerology on a trip to India, she has dedicated her life to exploring and modernizing the ancient wisdom encapsulated in this discipline.

Estel’s unique approach to numerology extends to the empirical study of its effects, especially in the name-change process. In addition to her work as a numerologist and software designer, she guides others on their numerological journey as our Certification Leader.

Originally educated in musicology, Estel has studied various spiritual wisdom systems and has been a dedicated practitioner of meditation since her early teens.

Together, Johannes and Estel are committed to providing powerful tools and in-depth knowledge
to affiliates, fostering a community that values growth and empowerment.

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Full Numerology Report (Birthday & Name analysis)

Personalized report covering your 5 major Chaldean charts, including birth date and names. Membership site and 200+ page report.

Numerology Soul Affirmations

Experience the dynamic force of these personalized numerology affirmations for manifesting your dreams and desires.

The Crystal Report: Heal Your Energies

Discover the healing power of crystals with our tailored Crystal Report, based on your birth date numbers.

Superdates 2023: Amplify Your Luck and Success

Boost your 2023 using the power of key numerological dates. Experience increased synchronicity, flow, and success in business and personal life.

Chaldean Numerology Beginners Course

Master Chaldean numerology with the worlds leading learning and software platform. Engaging video lessons, manuals, quizzes, and tools.

Numerologist PRO Software

Chart profiles, all 5 major charts, in-depth info, day and year charts, relationship and business tools, advanced quizzes, celebrity database.

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