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Discover The Power of …
Numerology Soul Affirmations

What if you could access the power of your personal Success Codes, which are contained in your numerological birthday numbers?

Your individualized numerology affirmations act as a dynamic force for accessing the cosmic energy you were meant to embody. Manifest your inner powers, allowing you to embrace a life that fulfills your deepest passions and dreams, genuinely mirroring your true nature.

Your Personal Success and Abundance Codes
The 81 Numerological Soul Archetypes

There are 9 basic day vibrations and 9 basic life path numbers that make up a combination of 81 soul archetypes.

By harnessing your personal archetypal number energies, you’ll attract abundance, better relationships, and deeper spiritual connection. Your numerology affirmations unlock your potential, letting you use unique success codes in every area of your life, including love, career, mission, and purpose. Understanding the vibrational frequencies of different numbers creates powerful affirmations that resonate with you and align with your purpose. Numerology affirmations are a potent tool for tapping into the limitless potential of the universe to manifest your deepest desires.

Break Free from the Law of Attraction Myths
And Stop Chasing Your Goals

Do you believe in the law of attraction, but find yourself struggling to manifest the life of your dreams despite your best efforts?

There are some MAJOR misconceptions about the law of attraction that might be the reasons holding you back.

Misconception number 1:
Not Being Aware Of The Desire Trap

You might sit down and visualize your new car, or your new relationship, or your new house, and fill yourself with all the right inner feelings. But despite your best efforts, your subconscious mind remains acutely aware of the lack of that object in your life. 

As you sit there and visualize your object of desire, a shadow compartment is simultaneously created in your mind that is focused on the lack of that object. You begin to alternate, like a seesaw, between the positive affirmations and the shadow compartment, falling into what we call the “desire trap.” The desire trap keeps you in limbo where you desire your object of desire more and more while simultaneously becoming more desperate, needy and frustrated.

Misconception number 2:
Not understanding the depths of “limiting beliefs”

Many advocates of the law of attraction highlight the significance of transforming negative belief patterns, yet often overlook the need for effective tools to reshape one’s energetic body, false identification patterns, and accumulated karma from this life and past lives. As a result, focusing solely on limiting beliefs merely skims the surface.

Beyond these layers, at the core, lies your soul archetype in numerology.

By forging a direct connection with the archetypal energies inherent in your numerological soul archetype, you can tap into a potent shortcut for achieving profound transformation. This connection forms the basis of your deepest desires and most indelible imprints. Embracing numerological soul affirmations opens the door to unleashing your utmost potential, promoting enduring change and growth.

The Science Behind Success:
How Our Numerology Affirmations Work

Aligning with your Numerology Archetype

Using Chaldean numerology, we create affirmations that align with your birth numbers.

The day vibration, determined by your birthdate, reflects your personality archetype and can offer insights into how you interact with the world.

Meanwhile, the life path number, calculated by adding digits of your birthday, represents your soul’s energy and purpose.

Together, these numbers form a complementary balance of our active and feminine energies. Understanding and aligning with these energies can bring purpose, abundance, and miracles into our lives. Our numerological affirmations are a synthesis of your day vibration and life path number, offering a holistic approach to connecting with your true self.

Awakening Your Soul

Step 2 of activating your soul archetype involves awakening your soul through the most important concepts from all the major spiritual systems in the world.

This spiritual journey involves various critical steps, including being present, showing gratitude, balancing chakras, awakening the supramental mind, and more. By working through these steps, we awaken the mental body and connect with our higher purpose. Although it takes effort to awaken the soul, the process can be filled with joy, bliss, and aspiration.

That’s why we’ve created powerful affirmations to resonate with these steps and download them into your being. By aligning these affirmations with your numerology, you create a potent foundation for deep inner transformation. This two-step process will unleash the full potential of your affirmations and naturally align your outer world with your inner state, leading to a fulfilling life.

Gentle, yet Super Efficient …
An Affirmation Practice based on your True Self

Awakening your soul is transformative, easy, and effortless. Being in flow aligns you with your soul, naturally manifesting your desires.

Our guidance helps you access ancient knowledge, reprogram your mind, and align your energy with your desires. Overcoming limiting beliefs and desire traps becomes effortless, unlocking the law of attraction’s true power to manifest your dream life.

An awakened soul provides a profound understanding of your purpose and effortlessly manifests everything you need. Experience divine ecstasy and deep love as your heart beats in alignment.

To simplify your journey, we’ve created affirmations for daily repetition, effortlessly ingraining powerful ideas into your consciousness. Don’t wait—start awakening your soul today and witness your life transform before your eyes.

Numerology Soul Affirmations
8 Amazing and Life-transforming Benefits

Discover your life's purpose

You will gain clarity on your life’s mission, aligning your actions with your deepest values and aspirations.

Foster your spiritual growth and unity

You will cultivate a deep connection with the divine, enhancing your spiritual growth and experiencing a heightened sense of unity.

Sharpen your intuition and decision-making

You will enhance your intuition, tapping into inner wisdom for confident, informed decision-making.

Manifest your dreams with ease

When you awaken your soul, you align with your true desires, and thereby effortlessly achieve your goals and dreams.

Cultivate inner peace and emotional stability

You will discover inner peace and emotional stability, navigating life’s challenges with calmness and grace.

Boost self-confidence and self-worth

You will boost your inner strength, self-worth and confidence, pursuing dreams and overcoming obstacles with determination.

Nurture a positive mindset and gratitude

You will find more optimism, gratitude, and deep appreciation for life’s abundant blessings.

Develop Profound Bonds & Relationships

You will develop empathy, compassion, and insight, forging stronger connections and rewarding relationships.

About the creators of the Numerology Soul Affirmations
Estel and Johannes Ehvass

Our mission…

To provide you with the most life-transforming personal affirmations ever created.

These tailor-made affirmations, based on your unique Chaldean numerology profile, will unlock the keys to personal success, harmony, and love in your relationships.

Through years of studying the Chaldean numerology system, we have discovered essential insights on how to follow your birth numbers and names to achieve success. We’ve condensed our knowledge into a series of personalized Numerology Soul Affirmations MP3s that tap into your UNIQUE, NUMEROLOGICAL ENERGIES.

What you get
Your Member Portal

Experience the Bliss
Daily Personalized Numerology Affirmations

Indulge in the luxury of personalized affirmations that are tailor-made just for you.

Our membership site unlocks the power of your unique numerology to create a daily practice that brings abundance, love, and harmony into your life.

Simply enter your birthdate, sit back, and let our system create affirmations that resonate with your soul. Download them and indulge in a blissful experience of listening to them twice a day. Immerse yourself in the opulence of a self-care practice that effortlessly aligns your inner world with your deepest desires. Join us now and experience the luxurious power of personalized numerology affirmations.

Understand the Theory
Your Theory and Workbook

Simultaneously, you will receive the comprehensive “Numerology Soul Affirmations” book, spanning over 60 pages, which delves into the theory and background of these transformative, life-changing affirmations. The book offers a thorough understanding of the soul awakening process, the power of affirmations, and the connection between numerology and your soul archetype. It also explores how to awaken your soul using ageless and enduring spiritual techniques.

Furthermore, the book provides guidance on maximizing the benefits of listening to your affirmations. It covers aspects such as the optimal frequency of listening, the best times to do so, and the ideal duration for continued exposure to these affirmations. By following the insightful recommendations in this book, you can harness the full potential of your numerology soul affirmations, leading to a more profound and lasting impact on your life.

Your investment is protected by a
30 day guarantee

You don’t have to say YES right now. You only have to say LETS GIVE THIS A TRY. Try the affirmations for 30 days risk-free from the day of purchase.

You can refund yourself anytime. No emails, no phone calls, no hassle. Just go to our refund page and get a full, friendly and fast refund. No questions asked.

Your satisfaction is important to us. We naturally expect you to absolutely love the product which has been developed over many years and which is built on the most profound principles of vibration, but we also know that not everyone can be 100% satisfied.

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Next steps
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Enter your data

On your membership page, enter your full name and date of birth to unlock a customized experience. You get your personalized affirmations, based on your numerology, and access to your soul archetype description. Additionally, you receive the Soul Affirmations manual to guide your transformative journey.

Surf and immerse yourself

With full access, explore the membership site and its features. Read the provided manual to better understand the process. Download your personalized affirmations and begin your soul awakening journey. Now you are ready to embrace this chance for growth, self-discovery, and unlocking your highest potential!

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