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The Personality Chart

The fourth of the 5 charts
The Personality Chart

In this article we will take a closer look at the the Personality Chart which is the red chart in the bottom left of the 5 Chart Numeroscope™.

We build the personality chart from the consonants in your names. Consonants are what give the actual “form” to the words, while vowels are more subtle and hidden.

While your vocation chart maps out your inner desires, intention and will, your personality numbers define your personality and charisma. We see here the characteristics, traits, and qualities that you transmit to the outer world. The personality chart is the map of the first impression you give to others, and for the most part, this is how far you let others get to know you.

This is a fascinating chart that shows what others see and feel when they experience you for the first time. These are the energies that you send out to others.

To the right you can see the Personality Chart of the famous actress Scarlett Johansson. 



There are 5 numerology charts:

The Higher Self, which shows our talents, strengths, karmic life lessons and unique life mission. It is calculated via our full date of birth.

The Psyche Chart shows our psyche, the subconscious mind, how we think and feel. It is also calculated via our full date of birth.

In addition, we have the Main Name Chart, the Vocation Chart and the Personality Chart, which are calculated by our current names. They show how we are affected by our names in all areas of life, from love life to career and more.

We look at all of this …
Overview of the Personality Chart

In this article, we will explore the different aspects of the Personality Chart
and how they provide insights into a person’s charisma and personality.
Here is an overview of what we will cover.


How the personality chart is constructed and the subtle meaning of consonants.



  • The personality numbers (your overall charisma and where your personality is headed)
  • The personality mental diamond (your mental charisma)
  • The personality emotion diamond (your emotional charisma)

We will also present you with numerology use cases of the personality chart focusing on the personality numbers, personality mental diamonds, and personality emotion diamonds of the world’s three greatest pop icons of all time.



  • The Personality Chart has a big say in your career path
  • Powerful Big and little Personality Numbers confirmed by our statistics
  • The numbers in your Personality Chart should align harmoniously with the numbers in your higher self and psyche chart
  • The power of the Personality Chart needs to be AWAKENED
  • Changing your name(s) changes your Personality Chart and thereby your charisma and outer personality


The personality chart shows
1. The Energy of Your Charisma and Personality

We construct the personality chart based on the consonants in your names. Consonants shape the actual “form” of words, while vowels remain subtle and hidden.

In Semitic languages like Chaldean, Hebrew, and Arabic, words are written using only consonants. Vowels are added when reading or speaking. A specific group of consonants typically signifies a cluster of words with a particular meaning, while the added vowel sounds provide conjugation or contextual information. For instance, in Arabic, the root meaning “write” takes the form k-t-b. From this root, words are created by adding vowels and sometimes extra consonants, such as كتاب kitāb “book,” كتب kutub “books,” كاتب kātib “writer,” كتّاب kuttāb “writers,” كتب kataba “he wrote,” يكتب yaktubu “he writes,” and so on [source: Wikipedia – Semitic languages].

Symbolically, the same principle applies to the relationship between vocation and the personality chart.

While your vocation chart reflects your inner desires, intentions, and willpower, your personality numbers define your outward appearance and charisma. They reveal the characteristics, traits, and qualities you project to the external world. The personality chart serves as a map of the first impression you make on others, shaping how much they get to know you.

It uncovers your preferences in people, tastes, what you accept as facts, and the elements you allow into your being.

The personality chart unveils both the aspects you share with others and those that create dissonance. It aids in identifying individuals, situations, or things that you do not resonate with or prefer.

Energies in your personality and charisma
2. The Architecture of Your Personality

The Personality Numbers

The Big and little personality numbers are some of the most important numbers in your 5 charts. Our statistics on over 100.000 celebrities reveals that the day vibration together with the big personality number are the most precise indicators of your vocation and career. It is these numbers that most precisely map out to certain evocations and callings in life that make your presence felt to others.

The big personality number shows which kind of person you aspire to become in the long run and is one of the key figures in the chart when it comes to creating a goal (career or personal) that you would like to achieve. In the eyes of the world, you become the big personality number, so this is important to take into consideration.

Like the big personality number, your little personality number defines your personality and charisma.

The difference is that while the big personality number shows the person that you aspire to become in the view of others, the little personality number represents the person that you are here and now – what you project in your daily life in your dealings with other people.

The Personality Mind diamond

The numbers at the top of the personality chart here represent your mental charisma, how do others experience your mental sphere.

These number shows the “flavor” of your mental charisma. What do others perceive when they tune into you on a more mental level? Do they see a philosopher or an artist? Do they sense a revolutionary or somebody who thinks traditionally – or do you convey an air of mental confusion?

This number here, together with the little and big personality numbers, have a strong influence on your career path as they project your way of organizing data and creating meaning out of your world.

The Personality Emotion Diamond

The personality charts emotional charisma number is something people feel when they stand near you.

Your big and little personality numbers are things that can be seen and felt at a distance without the person knowing anything at all about you. Your mental charisma is felt, especially when holding a lecture or discussing a specific topic.

In the case of the emotional charisma, it is especially felt by the other when they enter your more intimate aura sphere – from about 2 meters and closer. These are the emotions you project, the feelings that lie in your facial expression, your body postures, the small inflections that are perceived by others through the movements of your hands and body.

Numerologist PRO Cases
The Personality Charts of The 3 Greatest Pop Icons of All Time

Like we did in the article about the Vocation Chart, we will look into the numerology of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Madonna. The selection of these three as the greatest pop icons of all time is based on their immense popularity, cultural impact, and lasting influence on the music industry.

Elvis Presley’s fusion of various genres, his charismatic stage presence, and his cultural impact as a symbol of rebellion helped shape the foundation of modern popular music. Michael Jackson revolutionized the music video medium, set new standards for live performances, and achieved unparalleled success with his album “Thriller.” Madonna, with her provocative image, empowered female artists, and pushed the boundaries of artistic expression in pop music.

These three individuals have had an enduring influence on subsequent generations of artists and continue to be recognized as icons in the world of pop music. For this reason it is interesting to study their numerology charts. In this article we will look closer at their personality charts.


When examining Elvis’s Personality Chart, we notice the number 17 again. So not only does 17 appear as the Heart’s Desire number, but it’s also present as the Personality number. When people see Elvis, they primarily see the number 17, signifying celebrity and star quality.

A recurring number combination in Elvis’s Personality Chart is 87/6, known as “The Occultist” or “The Magician.” We see it as a diamond between the personality mind center main vibration and consonants middle name, between the personality emotion center main vibration and consonants middle name, as top right aura diamond and bottom right aura diamond. 

The number 87/6 grants immense, almost occult-like charisma, and when placed in the Personality Chart, it bestows an almost otherworldly power of fascination. The energy of 87 captivates followers or fans, causing them to lose their individuality and feel an overwhelming need to express devotion.

This combination appears in the charts of many captivating historical figures, such as Lady Diana, who also had 87/6 in her chart and mesmerized the masses. However, 87/6 is a double-edged sword that can be beneficial or detrimental, depending on how it’s wielded. Both Adolf Hitler and Elvis had the 87/6 number in their charts, and while they can’t be directly compared, they both held a mesmerizing sway over crowds, with their charisma so potent that people seemed to lose themselves in their presence.

Seeing these numbers in Elvis’s chart certainly helps explain many aspects of his personality and influence.


Michael Jackson possesses a big personality number of 46/1, radiating an undeniable “Apollon shine” that bestows upon him the aura of being “the chosen one” or “the perfect son.” This energy emanates a glossy vibe, which aligns well with the aspirations of politicians and famous Instagrammers who strive for an impeccable image. The number 1 signifies a powerful vibration, reflecting a winner mentality and a pursuit of perfectionism, qualities that Michael Jackson undeniably embodied.

In terms of mental charisma, Michael Jackson’s number is 87/6, similar to that of Elvis, showcasing a mesmerizing charm and a captivating presence that carries an underlying current of occult power. It is worth noting that an imbalance in this charisma can also reveal the darker aspects associated with the occult. This connection is further reinforced by Michael Jackson’s association with the music videos from his “Thriller” album, which exude a mysterious and occult atmosphere.

When it comes to emotional charisma, Michael Jackson’s diamond is 76/4, known as “The Artist.” Without a doubt, Michael Jackson was an extraordinary artist, displaying exceptional talents in composing, singing, dancing, and performing. His artistic abilities were truly remarkable. However, it is important to mention that in some cases, the number 76/4 can project a sense of eccentricity or solitude due to its digit sum of 13/4.

Therefore, Michael Jackson’s charisma can be described as a glossy and radiant (46/1) combination of an occult wizard (87/6) and an eccentric artist (76/4).


Madonna possesses has big personality number of 38/2, where the fascination with power play is prominent. The combination of the powerful numbers 3 and 8, with their digit sum of 11/2, creates an interplay between strength (3 and 8) and meekness (11/2). This dynamic generates a profound fascination with exploring concepts of strength versus weakness, superiority versus inferiority. In extreme imbalance, this can manifest as sadomasochistic tendencies. Madonna, known for incorporating sadomasochistic themes in her performances, exemplifies this interplay. Additionally, 38/2 serves as Madonna’s higher life path number, further amplifying its significance in her chart. 38/2 is often referred to as “The Dominator” or “The Dominatrix”.

In terms of mental charisma, Madonna’s diamond is 73/1, associated with creating beautiful products or performances. What sets 73/1 apart is that the focus is often on the creation itself rather than the producer or performer. The digit sum of 10 signifies cosmic perfection, a quality that resonates strongly in Madonna’s exceptional performances.

Madonna’s emotional charisma is represented by 27/9, symbolizing strength and leadership. Furthermore, the emotion center’s main vibration and middle name consonant diamond is 96/6, embodying sexuality and sensuality. This adds a distinct sexual flavor to Madonna’s artistic expression, as she heavily relies on the exploration of sexuality in her performances.

Things you need to know
3. Aspects of Your Personality Chart

The Personality Chart has a big say in your career path

In our quest to deepen our understanding of numerology, we’ve embarked on one of the most ambitious research projects ever undertaken in this field.

Using advanced software, we’ve analyzed the numerological charts of over 100,000 successful and famous people throughout history.

Our study examined their Day Vibration, Month Vibration, Year Vibration, Life Path Numbers, Names, Vocation Chart, and Personality Chart, correlating the results with their personality traits, career choices, and levels of success.

Our findings reveal that the Day Vibration and Personality Numbers are the most crucial indicators of career choice and success.

Powerful Big and little Personality Numbers confirmed by our statistics

  • 17/8, known as “The Star,” bestows celebrity and star qualities.
  • 33/6 signifies success in career, particularly traditional careers. This number is prevalent among successful doctors and lawyers.
  • 34/7, called “The Spiritual King,” grants international resonance, often resulting in global success.
  • 35/8 provides organizational talent, as well as the desire to lead and dominate.
  • 36/9 imparts leadership skills, which is evident in many leaders and presidents who share this number.
  • 37/1 gives beauty and courage to one’s personality, often seen in royalty and skilled poets or orators.
  • 38/2 resonates strongly with entertainment, and is commonly found in musicians.

The numbers in your Personality Chart should align harmoniously with the numbers in your higher self and psyche chart

When the numbers in your Personality chart align harmoniously with your higher self and psychic self, you’ll feel comfortable and confident in your own skin. However, if these numbers are discordant or don’t resonate with your higher self, for instance, if they express a personality and outer world charisma that diverges significantly from the understanding of who you are based on the higher and psychic self charts, it can lead to emotional upheaval and drama in your inner life and cause you to always second doubt yourself.

The power of the Personality Chart needs to be AWAKENED

For many people their charisma energies lie dormant, like a potential that never gets fulfilled. But when you suddenly discover their power you tap into a huge force – you tap into the very OUTER POWER of your NAMES. So when you align yourself with these numbers you activate a powerful force of manifestation that dynamizes you in a powerful way.

Changing your name(s) changes your Personality Chart and thereby your charisma and outer personality

People may experience a different charisma and perhaps even personality after changing their name. We often witness this in women who take their husband’s last name after marriage. For some, this change introduces new numbers and brings positive life changes. However, for others, the strength in their personality structure that was fueled by the numbers in the Personality Chart may suddenly shift or even vanish – which may cause resentment. 

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