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Intro to the NP Statistics Project™

The NP Statistics Project™
A Profound and New Understanding of Humanity

How numerology is on its way to being the most accurate archetyping system that exists.

The NP Statistics Project™ is a groundbreaking new research project investigating the statistical correlation between certain human characteristics and birth and name numerology. This ambitious work forms the foundation of the NP NUMBERS 1-99 ARCHETYPING SYSTEM™, which is a project to map the numbers 1-99 on all human traits and personality features.

Here we will look at how numerology might evolve in the future by looking at it more objectively and scientifically – because that will actually help us understand it even more deeply.

What is special for us here at is that we spend an enormous amount of time researching numerology.

We have many ways of researching. One way is through statistical research, where we look at large numbers of numerology chart cases in different groups – from billionaires to classical composers, actors, scientists, etc.

These are some of our findings from this statistical research, which we will share with you here.

So why do we do research in numerology statistics?

The classical tradition of numerology claims that certain numbers tell certain things about people and affect people in different ways through their vibrations – why not see if we can deepen our knowledge by seeing how those numbers play out in action in large groups of people? It is interesting to contrast the classical numerological descriptions of numbers with what the statistics show, to see if there are in fact the correlations that numerology tells us about.

We see that there are amazing correlations, and here we’ll show you some of them.

The NP Statistics Project™ is part of the


The NP NUMBERS 1-99 ARCHETYPING SYSTEM™ is a unique methodology that we use to study the numbers 1-99. It involves research in multiple numerology systems, different occult systems, the NP BIG DIAMOND™ and NP VIBRATION PYRAMID™ charts that reveals the vibratory architecture of the numbers, and the Numerologist PRO Statistics™ research in the numerology charts of over 100.000 celebrities and well-known people. To see more about this profound and refined archetyping system please click on the button down below.

The worlds largest database of numerology cases
Numerology and Statistics

We have over 100.000 cases in our research database. Thats a lot of celebrities. Most people can at most list 100 well known people. When we start reaching this amount of people certain patterns start emerging.

Numerology actually lends itself quite well to scientific inquiry and statistics, because we are already dealing with numbers.

What makes it difficult to do completely scientifically is that we are dealing with archetypes, personality characteristics, which are something that seems very intuitive – but we can still use science and statistics to support the classical numerology number descriptions, and to ensure that we proceed with a solid foundation.

Populations we have studied
Deep and Ongoing Research

With our software we have mainly studied these groups of people where we have looked at distributions of birthdays, month, year, name values, life themes etc:

Survey conducted on 1062 forbes billionaires
We looked at the world’s richest people and the results are astonishing. The billionaires have a clear preponderance of the numbers that the numerological tradition has associated with money, growth, finances and success (the numbers, 28/1, 19/1 and 14/5).

Survey of 11,000 actors
First we looked at the very best known actor celebrities from 1930 up to the present day – that is 435 of the very best known actor celebrities. Next, we looked at all 11,000 actors in the database. The results are surprising – and yet not. Among other things, actors have a preponderance of the number 17/8 in very specific positions in their numeroscope. The number 17/8 is traditionally called the “Star” and is all about being famous, attracting the spotlight, and shining on stage.

Survey conducted on top 200 classical composers
What combinations of numbers and numbers indicate artistic and musical talent? This was a most eye-opening study of some of the most fascinating people in world history!

Study of the top 509 physicists in the history of the world
Gallilei, Newton, Einstein, Bohr etc – what did they have in common? And what figures helped give these intellectual giants their curiosity, intelligence and pioneering spirit?

Study of over 10,000 famous politicians from the history of the world
What makes a politician break through? Is it passion? Is it leadership? Is it popularity? This study was a revelation in what qualities it takes to make a popular and successful politician.

Survey of all 46 US presidents
What primarily motivates American presidents? There are some very specific traits and characteristics that shape these men

We have also studied the following groups of people

In addition to the populations mentioned above, we also studied the following groups of people. The results of these studies, however, are only discussed in our training as professional numerologists, as they support the teaching and give the students a greater understanding and clarity about the numbers and the potentials that lie in numbers and names.

  • Architects (survey of 500 world famous architects)
  • Footballers (survey of Danish vs English footballers)
  • Tennis players (survey of 847 tennis players)
  • Authors (survey of 2337 authors)
  • Baseball players (survey of 2699 baseball players)
  • Warriors (survey of 238 martial arts practitioners)
  • Educators (survey of 208 well-known educators)
  • Intelligence agents (survey conducted on 113 agents)
  • Painters (survey conducted on 1007 of the most famous painters of all time)
  • Activists (survey conducted on 885 activists)
  • Golfers (survey conducted on 1018 golf players)
  • Heroes (survey conducted on 105 heroic people)
  • Magicians (survey of 51 of the most famous magicians)
  • Artisans (survey of 127 well-known artisans)
  • Judges (survey of 148 well-known judges)
  • Journalists (survey of 968 journalists)
  • Keyboard players (survey of 151 rock keyboard players)
  • Mathematician (survey of 481 mathematicians throughout the history of the world)
  • Models (survey of 1065 famous female models)
  • Newsreaders (survey of 142 newsreaders)
  • Nobel Prize winners (survey of 651 Nobel Prize winners)
  • Pianists (survey of 581 pianists)
  • Prime Ministers (survey of 629 prime ministers throughout history)
  • Saxophonists (survey of 144 world-famous saxophonists)

This list is in no way exhaustive. In our software we have over 10 times more categories of people and careers allowing us to really fine tune our research.

Survey results
Powerful Implications

Our surveys show many interesting correlations between people’s date of birth and profession, interests, desires, etc. The results are evident and in line with what the numerology tradition tells us and sometimes reveal new and exciting correlations. For example, many billionaires have 14/5 in their numerology charts and are born on the 28th of the month. Numerology calls the number 28/1 a “success and millionaire number .” The number 14/5 is also known in numerology to resonate with money, communication, and commerce.

Some results are also surprising, such as the preponderance of politicians in our database born on the 20th of the month. But when you think about it a little deeper, it makes sense. The number 20 stands for following your passion, waking people up from their “slumber,” and is a number that gives popularity because it enables you to tap into the collective subconscious.

It’s fascinating to study human archetypes and how numerology reveals what abilities and qualities lie within our innate numbers. Our understanding of numbers has become even more profound with this new knowledge – examining the classical numerology tradition through statistical and scientific study. We can now help our clients and guide our students on a much deeper level.

Numerologist PRO Software
See the results yourself

See the most intimate numerology of over 100.000 celebrities in our chart database. What is it that makes them tick?

What better way to learn numerology than to study the birth date and names of over 100.000 of the world’s greatest celebrities? How have they used their numbers and potential to gain fame and bring humanity forward? 

In our online software, we give you access to explore the charts of all these celebrities and look into chart statistics. Search celebrities by day of birth, month of birth, year of birth, life path numbers, name values, life expression values, or career. If you, for example, search by profession, the system will show you a statistics overview of how many in that career group are born on a particular day, month, year, life path number, etc. Our work is public so that it can help bring numerology research forward.

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