Numerology and the life paths
Life path 1 Meaning

Planet sun associated with the numerology of 1

The role model

The number 1 resonates with the the Sun.

What are your Pythagorean and Chaldean life path numbers?

Pythagorean Numerology: In this traditional Western system, the Life Path number is derived by reducing your birth date to a single digit or a Master Number (11, 22, or 33). This number represents the core of your personality, reflecting your natural tendencies, talents, and challenges.

Chaldean Numerology: This ancient system provides a different perspective. Here, your Chaldean Life Path number is calculated by summing the fully reduced values of your day, month, and year of birth. Unlike the Pythagorean method, this sum is not reduced further, so if you have pythagorean life path number 1, you have Chaldean life path number 10 or 19. The Chaldean life path number also represents the core of your personality. Additionally, Chaldean numerology introduces the "Big Life Path number," which is obtained by adding all the digits of your full birthdate without any reduction, capturing the full strength of your numerological influences. The big life path number represents your greatest potential.

Use the calculator below to find out both your Pythagorean Life Path number and your Chaldean Life Path numbers, including the Big Life Path number. Once you have found your numbers you can click on them to get to the relevant article.


Life Path 1: Its Meaning and Significance

Archetype: The Role Model, Influenced by the Sun

Life path number 1 in numerology is resonant with the Sun, symbolizing a source of life and illumination. This number stands for leadership, ambition, and self-reliance, traits that mirror the Sun's vital and enlightening attributes.

Significance and Traits

The essence of life path number 1 is characterized by an innate drive and vitality, an unyielding zest for life that infuses its bearers with optimism and a fervor to excel. This number fosters a strong spirit of leadership and independence, motivating individuals to innovate and create just as the Sun sparks life across the universe.
Those influenced by number 1 carry a natural confidence, often seen as wearing an invisible "gold medal." They possess a firm belief in their capabilities, seeking acknowledgment and flattery, which they find particularly affirming.

Challenges and Interactions

Engaging with a life path number 1 individual can be challenging due to their inherent stubbornness. Their reluctance to shift viewpoints or admit errors might be seen as arrogance or a sign of defeat. Additionally, their luxurious inclinations often extend to high-end clothing, fine dining, and premium vehicles, reflecting their taste for opulence.

Professional Life and Luck

In professional settings, the number 1 symbolizes entrepreneurship and leadership. These individuals are adept at conceptualizing ideas and thrive in roles where they can lead and delegate. Their pioneering spirit often brings them luck, although they find it challenging to face obstacles or periods of lesser fortune.

Emotional and Psychological Aspects

The primary emotional challenges for those resonant with number 1 include vanity, arrogance, and a propensity towards narcissism. They may struggle with accepting feedback, and an imbalanced expression of their traits can manifest as dictatorial or overly perfectionistic behaviors. Their deep-seated need to be perceived as the best often makes them averse to losing.

Achieving Balance

A balanced life path number 1 connects deeply with its solar energy, maintaining a steady and radiant inner power despite fluctuating circumstances. This balance allows them to shine consistently, embodying boundless enthusiasm and strength.

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Tarot card for 1 "The Magician"

The Magician: Manifesting the Power of Life Path Number 1

The Magician card in the Tarot is a potent symbol that resonates deeply with individuals on life path number 1, embodying the essence of initiation, mastery, and the proactive spirit that defines this path.

Symbol of Unity and Purpose

The Magician’s one hand pointing towards the heavens and the other to the earth illustrates the vital principle of "as above, so below." This gesture signifies the harmonious alignment of celestial and earthly energies, a balance that is crucial for life path number 1 individuals. These people often feel a strong connection to both the spiritual and material worlds and are known for their ability to manifest their desires into reality, paralleling The Magician's manipulation of his environment.

Tools of Power and Elements of Success

Arrayed on The Magician's table are instruments that represent the four classical elements—earth, air, fire, and water. Each item (a cup, a sword, a wand, and a pentacle) not only symbolizes these elements but also denotes the various facets of human experience—emotions, thoughts, will, and the physical body—that life path number 1 individuals masterfully balance to achieve their goals. The presence of these tools highlights their ability to harness and utilize their surroundings to build and innovate, reflecting their innate leadership qualities.

The Magician’s Attire: Purity and Passion

The Magician's attire further enriches his symbolic relevance to life path number 1. His white robe represents purity and the potential that life path number 1 has in starting afresh and creating something new from a blank slate. In contrast, the red mantle signals the intense passion and willpower that drive these individuals. However, it also serves as a caution against the pitfalls of ambition, such as egotism or wrath, reminding them of the need for humility and integrity.

Authority and Influence

As a figure of profound influence and authority, The Magician epitomizes the dynamic spirit of those with the life path number 1. He demonstrates creativity and initiative, essential qualities that define leaders on this path. Life path number 1 individuals are seen as beacons in their communities and fields, capable of significant achievements and inspiring others to follow their visions.

Conclusion: The Magician’s Lesson for Life Path Number 1

For those on life path number 1, The Magician serves as both a mirror and a mentor. He embodies the boundless potential and ambitious drive that characterize these leaders, urging them to tap into their inner resources to shape their realities. By channeling The Magician's energy, individuals on this path can effectively use their leadership skills to initiate new projects and lead others towards shared goals, all while maintaining a balance between their high aspirations and the practical realities of the world around them. To see an in depth description of this tarot card please read this article:


The 1 in balance is:

  • Entrepreneurial
  • Optimistic
  • A freedom seeker
  • Individualistic
  • Perfectionistic and critical

The 1 unbalanced is

  • Critical and overly perfectionistic
  • Egocentric, arrogant and stubborn
  • Narcissistic and dependent on compliments
  • Spoilt and entitled
  • A bad loser"

LIFE PATH NUMBER 1 keywords for inspiration

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of life path 1 are:

Winner mentality, positive, optimism, lucky, self-guidance, strong-willed, natural-born leader, many ideas, creative, strong, honor-bound, lots of energy, passion, entrepreneurial, takes the initiative, perfectionistic, loves compliments and freely gives compliments to others.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of life path 1 are:

Egocentric, bad loser, stubborn, arrogant, dependent on compliments, cannot take feedback or criticism, doesn't listen to others, cannot take anything in, talks without listening, black/white opinions with no nuances, mets out justice on others, power-hungry, overly perfectionistic, narcissistic.

Life path 1 is under the influence of the SUN

The Sun's Influence on Life Path Number 1: A Beacon of Leadership

For those on life path number 1, the influence of the Sun is both profound and defining, mirroring their role as leaders and initiators in every aspect of life.

Pioneering Spirit and Vital Energy

The Sun, in its splendid radiance, is often considered the celestial body that gives life to all others. This role is strikingly similar to the pioneering spirit of life path number 1, which is constantly at the forefront, sparking new ideas, initiatives, and movements. Just as the Sun is central to our solar system, individuals on life path number 1 are often at the core of their ventures and social circles, driving progress and innovation.

Seeking Recognition and Inspiring Others

Much like the Sun, which stands alone and unmatched in the sky, those on life path number 1 thrive on their individuality and leadership. They have a natural tendency to seek recognition for their efforts and achievements. However, their desire for acknowledgment is not just about personal glory; it is also about reciprocating with generosity and positivity. By shining their light, they inspire and elevate those around them, fostering an environment of optimism and hope.

Inner Strength and Independence

The Sun’s power comes from nuclear fusion, an intense and self-sustaining process that occurs independently of external factors. Similarly, life path number 1 individuals draw their formidable strength from within. This internal source of energy makes them not only self-reliant but also resilient and determined in the face of challenges. Their whole and undivided nature is a testament to their strong sense of self and commitment to their convictions.

Natural-Born Leaders with Entrepreneurial Flair

Those guided by the Sun embody leadership qualities naturally. They possess dynamic and robust personalities that not only attract attention but also command respect and admiration. Their spontaneity and innate ability to lead make them excellent entrepreneurs and innovators, often at the helm of new enterprises or pioneering projects.

Conclusion: Embracing the Solar Qualities of Life Path Number 1

For individuals on life path number 1, embracing the qualities of the Sun means leveraging their leadership capabilities and pioneering spirit to make a significant impact. By recognizing their internal source of power and using it to inspire and lead others, they can achieve great successes and fulfill their potential as the luminaries of their communities and fields. Life path number 1 is about harnessing this solar energy to illuminate their path and the paths of those around them, guiding them towards growth and excellence.


Celebrities with life path 1

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A pythagorean life path number 1 corresponds to Chaldean life paths 10 and 19

Celebrities with Chaldean life path 10

Prince Nikolai of Denmark: 999 Prince Nikolai of Denmark
Miley Cyrus: American actress and singer
Neymar Jr: Brazilian soccer forward
Jamie Lynn Spears: American actress
Lady Gaga [Stefani Germanotta]: American singer-songwriter
Carly Rae Jepsen: Canadian singer
LeBron James: American NBA basketball player
Daniel Agger: Danish footballer
Scarlett Johansson: American actress
Leelee Sobieski: American actress
Holly Valance: Australian actress
Drew Houston: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jenna Bush: twin daughters of U.S. President George W. Bush
Yang Huiyan: Forbes billionaire 2018
Katarina Martinson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Allan Søgaard: Danish footballer
Shakira: Colombian pop singer
Thomas Gravesen: Danish footballer
Isla Fisher: Australian actress
Tiger Woods: American golfer
Yusaku Maezawa: Forbes billionaire 2018
Kate Winslet: British actress
Jodhi May: British actress
Drew Barrymore: American actress
Anke Huber: German tennis player
Alanis Morisette: Canadian-America vocalist
Liu Qiangdong: Forbes billionaire 2018
Hamdi Ulukaya: Kurdish founder and CEO of Chobani
Eminem [Marshall Bruce Mathers III]: American rapper and movie star
Mike Dirnt [Michael Ryan Pritchard]: American musician
Shaquille O'Neal: NBA center
Christy Turlington: American model
Tommy Morrison: American heavyweight boxing champion and actor
David Einhorn: Forbes billionaire 2018
Helle Michaelsen: Danish model, actress and playmate
Hugh Jackman: Australian actor and singer
Melih Abdulhayoglu: Forbes billionaire 2018
Felipe VI: King of Spain
Heather Mills: English model, activist and writer
Michael Moorer: American boxing heavyweight champ
Vanilla Ice: American rapper
Flemming Povlsen: Danish footballer
Dmitry Rybolovlev: Forbes billionaire 2018
Andrei Bokarev: Forbes billionaire 2018
David Filo: Forbes billionaire 2018
Suleiman Kerimov: Forbes billionaire 2018
Mark Pincus: Forbes billionaire 2018
Elizabeth Hurley: English actress
Michael Dell: American computer manufacturer
Michael Saul Dell: Forbes billionaire 2018
Bjorn Lomborg: Danish mathematician
Henri Beaufour: Forbes billionaire 2018
Andreas Pohl: Forbes billionaire 2018
Tom Morello: American guitarist
Ron Hextall: Canadian NHL goalie
Evgeny (Eugene) Shvidler: Forbes billionaire 2018
Nicolas Cage: American actor
Zina Garrison: American tennis player
Coolio: American rapper
Sunil Vaswani: Forbes billionaire 2018
David Kabiller: Forbes billionaire 2018
Vadim Novinsky: Forbes billionaire 2018
Meg Mallon: American golfer
Svein Stole: Forbes billionaire 2018
Paul O'Neill: MLB right fielder
Henrik Jørgensen: Danish marathon runner
Nassef Sawiris: Forbes billionaire 2018
Yasseen Mansour: Forbes billionaire 2018
Tim Cook: American businessman
Vladimir Kim: Forbes billionaire 2018
Alexander Mamut: Forbes billionaire 2018
N. Murray Edwards: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jeffrey Gundlach: Forbes billionaire 2018
Pedro Moreira Salles: Forbes billionaire 2018
Fred Couples: American golfer and Masters Champion
Jamal Khashoggi: Saudi Arabian progressive journalist, author, and editor in chief
Denis O´Brian: Forbes billionaire 2018
Holly Hunter: American actress
Flemming Rose: Danish journalist
Ray Romano: American actor
Bulat Utemuratov: Forbes billionaire 2018
Seo Jung-Jin: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sunil Bharti Mittal: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sid Vicious [John Simon Ritchie]: English musician and bassist
Daniel Day-Lewis: English actor
Julio Patricio Supervielle: Forbes billionaire 2018
Antti Herlin: Forbes billionaire 2018
Carlos Hank Rhon: Forbes billionaire 2018
Lars von Trier: Danish film director
Walter Moreira Salles, jr. : Forbes billionaire 2018
Jamie Dimon: American business executive and CEO of JPMorgan Chase
John Paulson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ian Botham: England cricket captain, all-rounder
Najib Mikati: Forbes billionaire 2018
M.A. Yusuff Ali: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ramesh Juneja: Forbes billionaire 2018
Li Keqiang: Chinese Premier of the State Council and China's head of government
Nandan Nilekani: Forbes billionaire 2018
Brian Kobilka: American Nobel Prize winning chemistry professor
Steve Jobs: American computer entrepreneur and co-founder of Apple
Rolf Gerling: Forbes billionaire 2018
Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken: Forbes billionaire 2018
Michael Moore: American filmmaker
Blair Parry Okeden: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sting: British actor, songwriter and singer
Peter-Alexander Wacker: Forbes billionaire 2018
Anton Kathrein, Jr.: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ken Fisher: Forbes billionaire 2018
Frederik Paulsen: Forbes billionaire 2018
Walter Becker: American rock bassist and record producer
Ian Livingstone: Forbes billionaire 2018
Larry Holmes: American heavyweight boxing champ
Anna Wintour: English-American editor
Michael Brecker: American jazz saxophonist
William Fung: Forbes billionaire 2018
Samuel L. Jackson: American actor
P.N.C. Menon: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ozzy Osbourne: English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter
Kurt Krieger: Forbes billionaire 2018
Alice Cooper: [Vincent Furnier], rocker
P. J. O'Rourke: American journalist and satirist
Kevin Kline: actor
James Dyson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Iggy Pop [James Osterberg]: American rocker
David Letterman: American comedian
James Patterson: American author
Pia Kjærsgaard: Danish politician
Stephen Allen Schwarzman: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ted Bundy: American serial murderer during the 1970s
Sally Field: American actress
Edward DeBartolo, Jr.: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ilie Năstase: Romanian tennis player
Birgitte Eva Henriksen: Duchess of Gloucester
Mohammed Ibrahim: Forbes billionaire 2018
Michael King: New Zealand historian and author
Nobutada Saji: Forbes billionaire 2018
Piero Ferrari: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ritchie Blackmore: English guitarist
Bruce Kovner: Forbes billionaire 2018
Janis Joplin: American rocker and blues singer-songwriter
Ronald Owen Perelman: Forbes billionaire 2018
Calvin Klein: American fashion designer
Charlotte Colket Weber: Forbes billionaire 2018
Robert F. Engle: American economist and 2003 Nobel laureate for economic time series analysis
Larry Flynt: American magazine publisher
Amitabh Bachchan: Indian actor
Steve Sabol: American filmmaker
Dave Stockton: American golfer
Dick Cheney: American politician
Jack Cockwell: Forbes billionaire 2018
Kagemasa Kozuki: Forbes billionaire 2018
Robert Budi Hartono: Forbes billionaire 2018
Wangari Maathai: Kenyan environmentalist and political activist, founder of the Green Belt Movement, recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize
Fran Tarkenton: NFL quarterback
John Menard: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ralph Lauren: American fashion designer
Max Robinson: 1st African American network TV anchor
Marvin Gaye: American singer
Klaus-Michael Kuehne: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jack Nicholson: American actor
Stewart Resnick: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jerry Reinsdorf: Forbes billionaire 2018
Carl Icahn: American businessman
Carl Celian Icahn: Forbes billionaire 2018
Yoshiko Shinohara: Forbes billionaire 2018
Larry King: American radio/TV host "143 Arivadechi"
John B. Gurdon: English developmental biologist
Rita Moreno: Puerto Rican singer, dancer and actress
Bill Walsh: NFL coach
Rupert Murdoch: Australian-born American media mogul
Keith Rupert Murdoch: Forbes billionaire 2018
Mikhail Gorbachev: General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union
Ernie Banks: American baseball shortstop, 1st baseman and hall of famer known as "Mr Cub" as he played all 19 of his seasons with the Chicago Cubs
Mobutu Sese Seko: Dictator and President of Zaire
Pat Summerall: American NFL player
Christopher Plummer: Canadian actor
George H Crumb: Charleston WV, composer
Pallonji Mistry: Forbes billionaire 2018
Liz Claiborne: American fashion designer, entrepreneur and founder of Liz Claiborne Inc
Martin Luther King Jr.: American clergyman and leader of the Civil Rights Movement
Maya Angelou [Marguerite Johnson]: American author
Frank Borman: American astronaut
Sidney Kimmel: Forbes billionaire 2018
William Peter Blatty: American scriptwriter and author of The Exorcist
Gabriel García Márquez: Colombian novelist, short-story writer, screenwriter and journalist
Lee Marvin: American actor
Norodom Sihanouk: King of Cambodia
Carl Reiner: American comedian, actor and writer
Rodney Dangerfield: [John Cohen], comedian
Jean-Bédel Bokassa: President
Betty Friedan: American feminist and writer
Mario Puzo: American novelist
Mohammad Reza Pahlavi: last Shah of Iran
Billy Graham: American Baptist evangelist
Jens Christian Skou: Danish scientist
Bobby Riggs: American tennis player
Nicolae Ceausescu: Communist dictator of Romania
Halfdan Rasmussen: Danish poet/WWII resistance fighter
Jiang Qing [Madame Mao]: Chinese communist and wife of Mao Zedong
Bảo Đại: Vietnamese emperor and chief of state
Robert Capa: Hungarian war photographer and photojournalist
Don Hutson: American College, Pro Football Halls of Fame wide receiver
Byron Nelson: PGA golfer
Kenneth Patchen: American poet and novelist
Jacques Cousteau: French oceanic explorer
Akira Kurosawa: Japanese director and screenwriter who was posthumously named "Asian of the Century" in the "Arts, Literature, and Culture" category
Momofuku Ando: Taiwanese-Japanese inventor of instant noodles and cup noodles
Clyde Barrow: American bank robber
Benjamin Siegel: American gangster who created casinos in Las Vegas
Albert Speer: German architect and Nazi leader
Emilio Gino Segrè: Italian physicist and Nobel laureate
Christian Dior: French fashion designer
Ray Milland: Welsh actor
Dr. Seuss: [Theodor Geisel], children's author
George Balanchine: Russian-American ballet composer and choreographer who founded the New York City Ballet
Walt Disney: American animator,
Fulgencio Batista: Dictator and President of Cuba
Agnes Moorehead: American actress
Spencer Tracy: American actor
Joseph Goebbels: German politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda in Nazi Germany
Georgy Zhukov: Russian deputy commander-in-chief of the Red Army during WWII
Joachim von Ribbentrop: Nazi foreign minister and war criminal
Kay Fisker: Danish architect
Sergei Prokofiev: Russian composer
B.R. Ambedkar [Baba Saheb]: Indian politician, jurist
Frank Costello: Italian-American gangster
Jose Raul Capablanca: Cuba, world chess champion
Leadbelly: American blues 12 string guitarist
Vincent Massey: Canadian diplomat, first Canadian-born Governor General of Canada
Georges Vezina: Canadian ice hockey goalie
Wallace Beery: American circus performer
Bess Truman: US First Lady
Arnold Rothstein: American gambler and mobster
Manuel Azaña: Prime Minister of Spain
Konrad Adenauer: chancellor of Germany
Abdulaziz Ibn Saud: Founder and first King of Saudi Arabia
August Krogh [Schack]: Danish zoophysiologist
Honus Wagner: American Baseball Hall of Fame shortstop
Ernest Shackleton: British-Irish polar explorer
W. C. Handy: American composer and musician known as the "Father of the Blues"
Thorvald Stauning: Prime Minister of Denmark
Ejnar Hertzsprung: Danish astronomer
Grigori Rasputin: Russian monk and confidant of Russian Tsar Nicholas II
Harvey Firestone: American industrialist and founder of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company
George Arliss: British actor
J. B. M. Hertzog [Barry Hertzog]: South African General and Prime Minister
William Jennings Bryan: American orator and statesman known as "The Great Commoner"
Georges Seurat: French post-impressionist painter
Nikola Tesla: Serbian-American physicist, electrical engineer and inventor, developed alternating current and the Tesla Coil
Andrew Mellon: American banker
Otto Valdemar Malling: Danish organist and composer
William McKinley: 25th US President
John William Strutt: 3rd Baron Rayleigh, English physicist and discoverer of argon
Johannes Eugenius Bülow Warming: Mandø, Danish Botanist
Ludvig Holstein-Ledreborg: Council President of Denmark
Georges Bizet: French composer
Alfred Nobel: Swedish chemist, invented dynamite and foundered Nobel Prizes
Stonewall Jackson: Confederate general during the American Civil War
Florence Nightingale: British nurse
Victor Emmanuel II: King of Sardinia
Susan B. Anthony: American social reformer and women's suffrage movement leader
Herman Melville: American author
Walt Whitman: American poet
Ada Lovelace: English mathematician considered the first computer programmer
Ludwig Leichhardt: German explorer
Ditler G Monrad: Danish theologist/bishop/premier
Wilhelm Marstrand: Danish painter
Benjamin Disraeli: 1st Earl of Beaconsfield, British Prime Minister
Domenico Gaetano Maria Donizetti: composer
Leopold von Ranke: German historian who founded the modern concept of source-based history
Zachary Taylor: 12th US President
Elizabeth Ann Bayley Seton: 1st American Catholic saint
Spencer Perceval: British Prime Minister
Marie Tussaud: French founder of Madame Tussaud's wax museum
William Pitt the Younger: British Prime Minister
Heinrich Christian Friedrich Schumacher: Danish surgeon
Henry Addington: 1st Viscount Sidmouth, British Prime Minister
Anthony Wayne: American military leader
Benedict Arnold: US general turned traitor
William Cavendish-Bentinck: British 3rd Duke of Portland, Whig Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
James Watt: Scottish inventor, mechanical engineer and chemist
Daniel Boone: American frontiersman and explorer
John Dickinson: American lawyer and Governor of Delaware and Pennsylvania
George Washington: 1st President of the United States
Hans A Brorson: Danish poet/bishop of Ribe
George I: King of England
Blaise Pascal: French mathematician, physicist and Christian philosopher
Charles I: King of England
René Descartes: French philosopher
Heinrich Schutz: German composer
Christian Sørensen Longomontanus: Danish astronomer
Akbar: 3rd Mughal Emperor of India
Martin Luther: German theologian and key figure in the Protestant Reformation
Niccolo Machiavelli: Italian politician and writer
Desiderius Erasmus: Dutch humanist and theologian
Kong Hans: 455 King John of Denmark
James Coulter: Forbes billionaire 2018
Henry IV: Holy Roman Emperor
Charlemagne: 1st Holy Roman emperor
Zenobia: Queen of Palmyra

Celebrities with Chaldean life path 19

Katie Ledecky: American swimmer
Alexandra Andresen: Forbes billionaire 2018
Dolly the Sheep: first mammal to be cloned from an adult cell born in Scotland
Chris Brown: American R&B singer
Lionel Messi: Argentine soccer striker
Daniel Logan: New Zealand actor
Prince Harry: Prince of Wales, 5th in British succession
Khloé Kardashian: American reality television star
Donald Glover: American actor, singer and writer
Marie Besnier Beauvalot: Forbes billionaire 2018
Per Krøldrup: Danish footballer
Thomas Kirk Kristiansen: Forbes billionaire 2018
Wang Xing: Forbes billionaire 2018
Katie Holmes: American actress
Ayman Hariri: Forbes billionaire 2018
Peter Madsen: Danish retired footballer
Gerard Way: American singer-songwriter
Travis Kalanick: American entrepreneur
Charlize Theron: South African actress
Tobey Maguire: American actor
Gwyneth Paltrow: American actress
Dido: Kensington, pop singer and rap/dance music vocalist
Justin Trudeau: 23rd Prime Minister of Canada
Julian Assange: Australian founder of Wikileaks
Mary Lynn Rajskub: American actress
Noah Wyle: American actor
Glenn McGrath: Australian cricketer
Magdalena Martullo-Blocher: Forbes billionaire 2018
Wong Kwong Yu: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ice Cube: American rapper and actor
Cedric Pioline: French tennis player
Anne Heche: American actress
Marine Le Pen: French politician
Pham Nhat Vuong: Forbes billionaire 2018
Frederik: Heir Apparent Crown Prince of Denmark
Omar Camporese: Italian tennis star
Matt LeBlanc: American actor
Tom Kristensen: Danish race car driver
Alexander Otto: Forbes billionaire 2018
Alexander Klyachin: Forbes billionaire 2018
J. J. Abrams: American writer, producer and director
Brett Hull: Canadian-American NHL right wing
Thomas Mork: Danish actor
Tom Cruise: American actor
Clyde : NBA Guard
Aristotelis Mistakidis: Forbes billionaire 2018
Andrew Forrest: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ivar Tollefsen: Forbes billionaire 2018
Boy George [O'Dowd]: British singer-songwriter
George Clooney: American actor
James Worthy: American NBA forward
Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: Forbes billionaire 2018
Magic Johnson: American NBA Forward
Mike Pence: 48th Vice President of the United States
Ole Bornedal: Danish film director, actor and producer
Michael Flatley: Irish choreographer
Wayne Grady: Australian golfer
Thongma Vijitpongpun: Forbes billionaire 2018
Thomas Steyer: Forbes billionaire 2018
David Copperfield [Kotkin]: American magician
Tom Hanks: American actor
Jonathan Tisch: Forbes billionaire 2018
Hulk Hogan: [Terry Bollea], WWF heavyweight champion
Tim Allen: Canadian comedian
Patokh Chodiev: Forbes billionaire 2018
Gennady Nikolayevich Timchenko: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jimmy Connors: American tennis player
Stephen Lansdown: Forbes billionaire 2018
Suat Gunsel: Forbes billionaire 2018
Haider al-Abadi: Iraqi politician, Prime Minister of Iraq
Bill Belichick: American football coach
Tahir: Forbes billionaire 2018
Gérard Paul Philippe Wertheimer: Forbes billionaire 2018
Terrence Pegula: Forbes billionaire 2018
Gary Larson: cartoonist
Dermot Desmond: Forbes billionaire 2018
V. Prem Watsa: Forbes billionaire 2018
Arianna Huffington: Greek-American author, syndicated columnist and creator of The Huffington Post
Bruce Springsteen [The Boss]: American singer, songwriter and rock musician
Tommy Seebach: Danish musician
Alvaro Saieh Bendeck: Forbes billionaire 2018
Shelley Duvall: actress
James Jannard: Forbes billionaire 2018
Billy Joel: American rock vocalist
Phil Hartman: Canadian-American actor
Ken Dryden: Canadian politician and hockey player
O.J. Simpson [Orenthal James]: NFL Running Back
Jose Luis Cutrale: Forbes billionaire 2018
Bernd Freier: Forbes billionaire 2018
Eduardo Costantini: Forbes billionaire 2018
Danny Devito: American actor
Lorne Michaels: Canadian producer, actor and comedy writer
Frederick Smith: Forbes billionaire 2018
Peter Unger: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sam Tarascio: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ban Ki-moon: South Korean politician and 8th Secretary-General of the United Nations
George Lucas: American director
Ronald Lauder: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jimmy Page: rock guitarist
Carlo Benetton: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jim Morrison: American singer-songwriter
Lech Wałęsa: Polish Solidarity movement leader
Sani Abacha: de facto President of Nigeria
Robert Crumb: American cartoonist
Pauline MacMillan Keinath: Forbes billionaire 2018
Leon Cooperman: Forbes billionaire 2018
Joseph Stiglitz: American economist and Nobel laureate
David Lange: New Zealand politician
Nelson Peltz: Forbes billionaire 2018
Simon Reuben: Forbes billionaire 2018
Hans Peter Wild: Forbes billionaire 2018
Raquel Welch:
Rosely Schweizer: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ringo Starr: [Richard Starkey], Beatles drummer
George Akerlof: American economist
Dieter Schwarz: Forbes billionaire 2018
Monika Schoeller: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ali Hosseini Khamenei: Supreme Leader of Iran
Les Wexner: Forbes billionaire 2018
Peter Boyle: American actor
Hansjoerg Wyss: Forbes billionaire 2018
Thomas Bailey: Forbes billionaire 2018
Martha Ingram: Forbes billionaire 2018
Albert Berner: Forbes billionaire 2018
Bob Denver: American actor
Sophia Loren: Italian actress
Louise Fletcher: actress
Georg Nemetschek: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ralph Nader: American consumer advocate
Sheldon Adelson: American business magnate
Sheldon Gary Adelson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Eli Broad: Forbes billionaire 2018
Johnny Unitas: NFL quarterback
Norman Braman: Forbes billionaire 2018
Nina Van Pallandt: Copenhagen Denmark, actress
Julian Robertson, jr.: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sonny Liston: American heavyweight boxer
Casey Kasem: American radio personality
Ciputra: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sir Sean Connery: Scottish actor and producer
Tony Trabert: American tennis player
H. Ross Perot, sr. : Forbes billionaire 2018
H. Ross Perot, Jr.: Forbes billionaire 2018
Barbara Walters: American broadcast journalist and 1st female nightly network news anchor
Whitney MacMillan: Forbes billionaire 2018
Bob Cousy: Basketball Hall of Fame guard
John Gokongwai, jr. : Forbes billionaire 2018
Hans Rausing: Swedish/British industrial/billionaire
Jerry Lewis [Joseph Levitch]: American comedian
Pierre Boulez: composer/conductor
Truman Capote: American author
Leif Panduro: Danish writer
Howard Zinn: American historian and activist
Sir Christopher Lee: English actor
Toni Stone [Marcenia Lyle Alberga]: American baseball player
Arthur C. Clarke: English sci-fi author
Oliver Tambo: South African lawyer, anti-apartheid politician and co-founder
Ed Sabol: American filmmaker
John Bardeen: American physicist, electrical engineer and co-inventor of the transistor
Lita Grey: American actress
David Lean: English director
Anna Magnani: Italian actress
Simone de Beauvoir: French author and feminist
Grace Hopper: American computer scientist and US Navy admiral who invented the first compiler for a universal computer programming language and is credited with coining the phrase 'debugging’
Louis Leakey: British paleoanthropologist and archaeologist
Paul Dirac: English physicist
Humphrey Bogart: American actor
Ernest Hemingway: American author
Shirley Booth: American actress
Alexander Calder: American sculptor
Gertrude Lawrence: English actress
Irene Joliot-Curie: French physicist,
Fredric March: American actor
Eddie Eagan: American boxer
George Hainsworth: Canadian ice hockey player
Aldous Huxley: English author
Mae West: American actress and singer
Elsa Schiaparelli: Italian fashion designer
Charlie Chaplin: British actor and comedian
Béla Bartok: Hungarian composer and pianist
Cluny MacPherson: Canadian doctor and inventor of the gas mask
Harald Kidde: Danish writer
Mata Hari [Margaretha Geertruida Zelle]: Dutch exotic dancer, courtesan and convicted German WWI spy
James Cash Penney: American department store founder
Charles Vyner Brooke: 3rd and last White Rajah of Sarawak
Piet Mondrian: Dutch abstract painter
Ernest Rutherford: New Zealand physicist and father of nuclear physics
Jacob Ellehammer: Danish inventor
Andres Randolf: Danish-American actor
Maria Montessori: Italian educator
Nicholas II: last Tsar of Russia
Pietro Mascagni: Italian composer
Henry Ford: American industrialist and auto maker
H. H. Holmes: 1st known American serial killer
Rabindranath Tagore: Indian philosopher, poet, writer
John J. Pershing [Blackjack]: American general and WWI commander
Engelbert Humperdinck: German opera composer
George Eastman: American inventor
Leoš Janáček: Czech composer
Princess Thyra: daughter of Christian IX of Denmark
Charles Villiers Stanford: Irish organist/composer
H. H. Asquith: British Prime Minister
Doc Holliday: American gambler, dentist and gunfighter
Michael Peter Ancher: Danish painter
W. G. Grace: Victorian England's greatest cricketer
Edvard Grieg: Norwegian composer
Emil Christian Hansen: Danish physiologist
Amilcare Ponchielli: Italian composer
John Pemberton: American pharmacist
Leo Tolstoy [Lev Nikolayevich]: Russian novelist
Ellen G. White: American religious leader
Stephen Foster: American composer
Anton Bruckner: Austrian composer
Emily Brontë: English novelist
Karl Marx: German philosopher
Christian Emil Krag-Juel-Vind-Frijs: Danish nobleman and politician
Isambard Kingdom Brunel: British engineer
Agustin I de Iturbide: General and 1st Emperor of Mexico
Niccolo Paganini: Italian composer and violin virtuoso
Daniel Webster: US Secretary of State
Robert Jenkinson: 2nd Earl of Liverpool, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Alexander von Humboldt: German naturalist and explorer
Napoleon Bonaparte: French military leader and Emperor of the French
Luigi Cherubini: Italian prodigy and composer
Louis XVIII: 1st post-revolutionary King of France
Alessandro Volta: Italian physicist and inventor of the 1st battery
James Cook: British explorer, navigator and cartographer who was the first European to explore much of Australia, the Pacific Islands and New Zealand
Nikolaj Eigtved: Danish architect
Edmond Halley: English mathematician and astronomer
Elena Cornaro Piscopia: Italian mathematician and the 1st woman to receive an academic degree from a university
Maria Theresa of Spain: Queen of Louis XIV of France
Miguel de Cervantes y Saavedra: Spanish author
Elizabeth I Tudor [Virgin Queen]: Queen of England and Ireland
Anna of Brandenburg: Queen of Denmark
Catherine of Aragon: Spanish princess, 1st wife of Henry VIII, Queen of England
Ludovico Sforza [il Moro]: Italian duke of Milan
vlad III the Impaler: Wallachian prince
Saint Francis of Assisi: Italian founder of the Franciscan Order

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