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Life path 12 Meaning

Planet jupiter associated with the numerology of 12

The Hanged Man

The digits in the number 12 have the digit sum 3 which resonates with the planet Jupiter. 12 is often written as 12/3 where the digit sum is placed after the slash. To understand 12 more in depth we recommend you also read more about the digit sum 3 here.

Life path 12 is a Chaldean numerology concept and does not exist in Pythagorean numerology

Pythagorean numerology operates with the life path numbers 1 to 9 together with 11, 22 and 33.
Chaldean numerology operates with the life path numbers (called small life path numbers) 1 to 27 together with the big life path numbers 3 to 48

What are your Pythagorean and Chaldean life path numbers?

Pythagorean Numerology: In this traditional Western system, the Life Path number is derived by reducing your birth date to a single digit or a Master Number (11, 22, or 33). This number represents the core of your personality, reflecting your natural tendencies, talents, and challenges.

Chaldean Numerology: This ancient system provides a different perspective. Here, your Chaldean Life Path number is calculated by summing the fully reduced values of your day, month, and year of birth. Unlike the Pythagorean method, this sum is not reduced further, so if you have pythagorean life path number 3, you have Chaldean life path number 3, 12 or 21. The Chaldean life path number also represents the core of your personality. Additionally, Chaldean numerology introduces the "Big Life Path number," which is obtained by adding all the digits of your full birthdate without any reduction, capturing the full strength of your numerological influences. The big life path number represents your greatest potential.

Use the calculator below to find out both your Pythagorean Life Path number and your Chaldean Life Path numbers, including the Big Life Path number. Once you have found your numbers you can click on them to get to the relevant article.


Life Path 12: Its Meaning and Significance

Exploring Life Path Number 12: The Vibrant Path of Expansion and Expression

Life path number 12 is associated with creativity, expression, and personal growth. This number brings a vibrant energy that manifests in many facets of life, urging individuals to embrace growth, nurture their talents, and express their thoughts freely.

The Dynamic Nature of 12/3

Individuals with life path number 12 are endowed with the power to expand their horizons and cultivate their environments, whether through personal relationships, career, or hobbies. This expansion is not just external but also internal, urging them to explore their mental and emotional landscapes.

The vibrational essence of 12 is linked to the nurturing number 3 in numerology, which is influenced by the expansive and benevolent energy of Jupiter. This connection enhances their ability to see potential and opportunity everywhere, particularly in creative and communicative endeavors.

Nurturing and Generosity: The Hallmarks of 12/3

Those with this life path number are known for their exceptional generosity, often living by the maxim "Mi casa es su casa" (My home is your home). This not only highlights their hospitable nature but also their desire to share their abundance with others, making them excellent hosts and community leaders.

Communication as a Form of Understanding

Due to their expansive nature, people with the 12/3 life path may find it challenging to introspect deeply without expressing their thoughts vocally. They often need to articulate their feelings to truly understand them, which makes them great communicators but can sometimes lead to impulsivity in speech.

Strength and Adaptability in Careers

The robust energy of life path 12 makes it suitable for careers that require physical strength and resilience, such as sports or politics. Their natural ability to adapt and excel in various fields also allows them to succeed in diverse vocations.

The Dual Perspective: Pythagorean vs. Chaldean Numerology

While Pythagorean numerology views the number 12 as a symbol of growth and positive expansion, Chaldean numerology presents a more cautionary tale. In Chaldean interpretations, the number 12 can signify potential pitfalls, such as misunderstandings and a sense of victimhood, mainly due to premature or ill-considered expressions of opinion. This dichotomy highlights the importance of balance and thoughtful communication for those under this life path.

Maintaining Balance to Avoid Victim Mentality

The key challenge for life path number 12 individuals is to maintain balance. Without continual growth and expression, they may feel stagnant and slip into a victim mentality. Therefore, it is crucial for them to seek environments and relationships that foster positive expansion and self-expression.

In conclusion, life path number 12 offers a journey of vibrant growth, creativity, and expression. Those walking this path are encouraged to harness their expansive energy wisely and communicate thoughtfully to avoid the pitfalls of misunderstanding and to fulfill their potential in the most balanced and joyful way.

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Tarot card for 12 "The Hanged Man"

Insights from the Hanged Man: Understanding Life Path Number 12

The Hanged Man, the twelfth card in the Tarot deck, holds profound symbolism particularly relevant to individuals with life path number 12. This card often depicts a man hanging upside-down from one foot, suggesting themes of suspension and altered perspectives, which resonate deeply with the challenges and unique viewpoints of life path 12.

The Symbolism of Suspension and Perspective

The Hanged Man is not simply a victim of his circumstances but rather someone who willingly adopts a position of suspension to gain deeper insights. This inversion symbolizes a deliberate choice to view the world from a different angle, suggesting that life path number 12 individuals may sometimes need to upend their usual perspectives to truly understand their situations.

Misunderstandings and Victim Mentality

A key aspect of The Hanged Man is the perception of being a victim, which aligns with the experiences of those on life path number 12, as highlighted in both Pythagorean and Chaldean numerology. This tarot card emphasizes that feeling like a victim often stems from a misunderstanding or an inability to see things from a clear perspective. The figure on the card believes he is right, yet his worldview is literally turned upside down—portraying how life path 12 individuals might sometimes hold onto viewpoints that lead to misunderstandings with others who see things more traditionally.

Embracing Alternative Viewpoints

The Hanged Man encourages those with life path number 12 to consider that stepping back or looking at things from an unconventional angle can be enlightening. This perspective shift can be a powerful tool for personal growth, helping to dissolve feelings of victimhood by revealing new truths and pathways previously obscured by traditional viewpoints.

Positive Aspects of Reversal

While the imagery of The Hanged Man might initially evoke notions of sacrifice or limitation, it also embodies the potential for enlightenment and renewal. By embracing this upside-down view, life path number 12 individuals can uncover unique insights and solutions that are not apparent when viewing the world in the usual way. This card suggests that there is value in pausing and considering alternative perspectives, even if it means embracing discomfort or temporary setbacks.

Conclusion: The Transformative Power of The Hanged Man for Life Path Number 12

For those on life path number 12, The Hanged Man tarot card serves as both a caution and an inspiration. It warns against the pitfalls of misunderstanding and a self-imposed victim mentality, while also highlighting the transformative potential of viewing life from new angles. By recognizing that their challenges often arise from their perspectives, individuals with this life path can harness the card’s message to foster greater understanding and growth. In doing so, they can shift from feeling like victims of circumstance to empowered participants in their own lives, using their unique viewpoints to navigate and influence the world around them positively. To see an in depth description of this tarot card please read this article:


The 12 in balance is:

  • Ambitious, courageous and stands up for him/herself
  • Expansive - full of knowledge, wisdom and strategic sense
  • Free from the illusions of the mind and lives and thinks as it wants
  • A gardener with green fingers who makes everything grow
  • Fatherly/Motherly and generous 'Mi casa es su casa'

The 12 unbalanced is

  • Arrogant and puffed up - insisting on its perception of the world
  • Overthinking and analyzing causing misunderstandings and drama
  • Funny - but not on purpose
  • Held hostage by other peoples plans and feels like a victim
  • A buffoon, saying the wrong things at the wrong moment

LIFE PATH NUMBER 12 keywords for inspiration

The balanced aspects, traits and adjectives of life path 12 are:

Ambitious, big ideas and plans, always in a state of expansion, inner "rock star" attitude (meaning confidence that doesn't allow anyone or anything to stop it), speaks freely and from the heart, does as it feels, popular, stands up for itself and others, great courage, is admired, audacious, good at strategy, great sense of humor, knowledge is power, a master of knowledge, literary - reads and gains knowledge, greatness, magnificence, majestic heart, embracing, arms extended wide, what is mine is yours, generosity, mi casa es su casa, fatherly, motherly, puts formalisms aside and speaks and acts from the heart, greatness of spirit, offers itself for others, green fingers, everything it touches grows, indomitable spirit, the idea or ideal is the essential, magnanimous being, end of a cycle of perfection.

The imbalanced aspects, traits and adjectives of life path 12 are:

Arrogant, egocentric, overanalyzes, drama in relationships, brags too much, takes up too much space, puffed up, misunderstands others and is misunderstood, talks too much and listens too little, feels like a victim of life and other people, has success but loses it again, loss of money and possessions, wants to dominate others, rigid opinions, stubbornness, stupidity, believes in all kinds of conspiracy theories, turns things upside down, inflated ego, believes that others are wrong - when the opposite holds, feels weak, feels like a victim, is held hostage by other peoples plans, unclear and foggy mind, overanalyzes situations, says the wrong things at the wrong moment, funny – but not on purpose, incessant thinking turning things up and down, endless projections.

Life path 12 is under the influence of JUPITER

Expansive Presence and Leadership

Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system, resonates powerfully with those on life path number 12. Its expansive nature and significant gravitational pull, which commands a large family of moons, mirror the traits of individuals guided by this life path number. Just as Jupiter acts as a central force within its own system, life path number 12 individuals often find themselves naturally stepping into leadership roles, exerting influence and guiding those around them much like a patriarch.

Joviality and Social Engagement

The term 'jovial,' derived from Jupiter, perfectly encapsulates the essence of life path number 12. Known for their robust presence and charismatic personalities, these individuals are typically extroverted, enjoying the act of taking up space and making their presence known. They thrive in social settings, displaying a loud and confident demeanor that draws others to them. Their love for humor and ability to engage people not only makes them popular but also beloved members of any group.

Communicative and Influential

Jupiter's loud "voice," exemplified by the electromagnetic noise that overwhelmed Voyager’s sensors, parallels the communication style of those on life path number 12. They tend to speak loudly and clearly, possessing a massive field of influence that extends far into their personal and professional environments. This trait allows them to effectively spread their ideas and charm, making them effective communicators and persuasive leaders.

Optimism and Expectations

Individuals influenced by Jupiter are inherently optimistic, always looking for the best in situations and expecting significant returns from their investments in relationships and projects. They engage deeply with others, seeking meaningful interactions and exchanges. This optimism fuels their ambition and drives them to pursue goals that others might see as unattainable, often leading to substantial achievements.

Status and Self-Presentation

Jupiter’s ability to "puff itself up" can be seen in how life path number 12 individuals present themselves. They often portray confidence and a larger-than-life persona, sometimes exaggerating their capabilities or achievements to maintain status and command respect. While this can be a strength, it also serves as a reminder for them to stay grounded and authentic in their interactions.

Balancing Ambition with Authenticity

For those on life path number 12, embracing Jupiter’s qualities involves leveraging their expansive influence and jovial nature while staying true to themselves. By balancing their ambitious drive with genuine connections and maintaining humility, they can achieve great success and fulfillment. Jupiter’s demand for respect also encourages them to uphold their own standards and values in all aspects of life, ensuring that their quest for status does not overshadow their deeper need for meaningful achievements and relationships.

In conclusion, Jupiter’s attributes offer a profound framework for understanding and maximizing the potential of life path number 12. By channeling Jupiter’s expansive energy and maintaining an authentic connection with their core values, these individuals can lead, inspire, and flourish in all their endeavors.


Celebrities with life path 12

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Life path number 12

Joshua Wong: Chinese activist
Dakota Fanning: American actress
Bonnie Wright: British actress
Ed Sheeran: English singer-songwriter
John Tavares: Canadian ice hockey player
José Altuve: Venezuelan professional baseball second baseman
HolaSoyGerman [Germán Garmendia]: Chilean YouTube star
Tyler Joseph: American singer-songwriter
Rihanna: Barbadian singer-songwriter
Colin Kaepernick: American football player
Maria Sharapova: Russian tennis player
Ellen Page: Canadian actress
Wayne Rooney: English soccer midfielder
Lily Allen: English singer-songwriter
Emile Hirsch: American actor
Cristiano Ronaldo: Portuguese footballer
Kenneth Emil Petersen: Danish footballer
Katy Perry [Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson]: American Pop Singer
Edward Snowden: American NSA contractor who leaked classified information
Kim Jong-un: Supreme Leader of North Korea
Misty Copeland: American ballerina
Malene Mortensen: Danish singer
Lynsi Snyder: Forbes billionaire 2018
Kelly Clarkson: American singer and winner of the inaugural season of TV series American Idol
Seth Rogen: Canadian actor and writer
Kate Middleton: Duchess of Cambridge [Kate Middleton], English wife of Crown Prince William
Joe Gebbia: Forbes billionaire 2018
Zara Phillips: English daughter of Princess Anne
Josh Groban: American singer
Julie Lund: Danish actress
Garett Camp: Forbes billionaire 2018
Emmanuel Macron: French politician, President of France
Tina Dico: Danish singer-songwriter
Claus Jensen: Danish footballer
Ronan Keating: Bayside Irish singer
Alejandro Santo Domingo: Forbes billionaire 2018
Søren Friis: Danish footballer
Reese Witherspoon: American actress
Ronnie O'Sullivan: British snooker player
Jonah Lomu: New Zealand rugby union winger
Chris Sacca: Forbes billionaire 2018
Svend-Allan Sørensen: Danish artist
Kelly Jones: Welsh singer
Steve Nash: Canadian NBA guard
Sachin Tendulkar: Indian cricketer
Cameron Diaz: American actress
Zinédine Zidane: French soccer midfielder/Real Madrid manager
Selma Blair: American actress
Martin Brodeur: NHL goalie
Andrey Melnichenko: Forbes billionaire 2018
Winona Ryder: American actress
Ma Huateng: Forbes billionaire 2018
Snoop Dogg [Calvin Broadus]: rapper
Mary J. Blige: American R&B singer-songwriter
King Pak Fu: Forbes billionaire 2018
Vince Vaughn: American actor
Michael Platt: Forbes billionaire 2018
Kylie Minogue: Australian pop star and singer
Eric Douglas: Forbes billionaire 2018
Celine Dion: Canadian singer
Kim Jung-Ju: Forbes billionaire 2018
LL Cool J: American rapper
Jamie Foxx: American actor
Noel Gallagher: English pop musician
Karina Orum: Danish golfer
Stelios Haji-Ioannou: British entrepreneur
Shania Twain: Canadian singer
Brooke Shields: American model/actress
Yasumitsu Shigeta: Forbes billionaire 2018
Alexander Anatolyevich Ponomarenko: Forbes billionaire 2018
Janeane Garofalo: American comedienne
Oleg Boyko: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ma Yun: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jürgen Klinsmann: German footballer and manager
Dan Brown: American author of thriller fiction
Lars Ulrich: Danish/US heavy metal drummer
Peter Schmeichel: Danish footballer
Alan Howard: Forbes billionaire 2018
James Hetfield: American heavy metal rocker
Henri Leconte: French tennis player
Stefan von Holtzbrinck: Forbes billionaire 2018
Elena Baturina: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jon Stewart [Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz]: American Comedian
Jodie Foster: American actress
Carl Cook: Forbes billionaire 2018
Hana Mandlíková: Czech tennis player
Henadiy Boholyubov: Forbes billionaire 2018
Kent Nielsen: Danish footballer and football coach
Reggie White: American NFL defensive end
Abigail Pierrepont Johnson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Yuri Milner: Forbes billionaire 2018
Tran Dinh Long: Forbes billionaire 2018
Vladimir Olegovich Potanin: Forbes billionaire 2018
Stephen Bisciotti: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ba Duong Tran: Forbes billionaire 2018
Stephen A Feinberg: Forbes billionaire 2018
Erivan Haub: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jorn Rausing: Forbes billionaire 2018
Michael Hutchence: Australian rock vocalist/actor
Weird Al Yankovic [Alfred Matthew]: American parody singer
Kenneth Tuchman: Forbes billionaire 2018
Carlos Rodriguez-Pastor: Forbes billionaire 2018
Lawrence Taylor: American NFL player who is considered the greatest linebacker in history
Annette Bening: American actress
Alec Baldwin: American actor
Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha: Forbes billionaire 2018
Karl Scheufele, III.: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jaime Gilinski Bacal: Forbes billionaire 2018
Richard Tsai: Forbes billionaire 2018
Glenn Dubin: Forbes billionaire 2018
El Chapo: Mexican drug lord and escape artist
Ivan Glasenberg: Forbes billionaire 2018
Stefan Pierer: Forbes billionaire 2018
Mae Jemison: 1st African American woman in space
Mima Jausovec: Yugoslavian tennis player
Leonid Fedun: Forbes billionaire 2018
Steven Anthony Ballmer: Forbes billionaire 2018
Aras Agalarov: Forbes billionaire 2018
Finn Rausing: Forbes billionaire 2018
Leonid Viktorovich Mikhelson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Leonid Simanovsky: Forbes billionaire 2018
Dennis Martínez: Nicaraguan baseball pitcher
Idan Ofer: Forbes billionaire 2018
John de Mol: Forbes billionaire 2018
Mo Yan: Chinese novelist and nobel laureate
John Grisham: American writer
Kevin Costner: American actor
Henry Samueli: American NHL team owner
Andrej Babis: Czech businessman and politician, Prime Minister of Czech republic
François Hollande: 24th President of France
Alijan Ibragimov: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jackie Chan: Hong Kong martial arts actor
John Travolta: American actor
Georgina Hope Rinehart: Forbes billionaire 2018
Denis Potvin: Canadian born NHL defenseman
Keith Hernandez: MLB 1st baseman
Paul Krugman: American economist and New York Times columnist
Andrew Beal: Forbes billionaire 2018
Thomas Siebel: Forbes billionaire 2018
Larry Fink: American chairman and CEO of BlackRock
Harvey Weinstein: American film producer
Steven Seagal: American actor
David Shaw: Forbes billionaire 2018
David Cheriton: Forbes billionaire 2018
Hamilton James: Forbes billionaire 2018
Richard Oetker: Forbes billionaire 2018
Gilbert Perreault: Canadian NHL center
Robbie Coltrane: Scottish actor
Julius Erving: American Basketball Hall of Fame forward
Maurice Gibb: English rocker
Robin Gibb: English rocker
Manuel Villar: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jeff Bridges: American actor
António Guterres: 114th Prime Minister of Portugal
Marc Garneau: Canadian astronaut
Steven Tisch: Forbes billionaire 2018
Glenn Frey: American rock vocalist
Dave Cowens: American NBA forward
John Carpenter: American film director
Hillary Rodham Clinton: US 1st Lady
Enos Stanley Kroenke: Forbes billionaire 2018
Carlos Santana: Mexican rock guitarist
Larry David: American actor, comedian and screen-writer
Shirin Ebadi: Iranian lawyer, human rights activist and 1st Iranian Muslim woman to receive a Nobel Peace Prize
Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo: President of the Philippines
Alan Sugar: English multi-millionaire/computer manufacturer
David Bowie: English singer-songwriter
Peter Martins: Danish dancer and choreographer
Murdaya Poo: Forbes billionaire 2018
N.R. Narayana Murthy: Indian businessman
Giorgio Perfetti: Forbes billionaire 2018
Ken Starr: American lawyer who Investigated Bill Clinton
C. Dean Metropoulos: Forbes billionaire 2018
Patrizio Bertelli: Forbes billionaire 2018
Valdemar Bandolowski: Danish sailor
Thomas Schmidheiny: Forbes billionaire 2018
Franz Beckenbauer: German footballer
William Macaulay: Forbes billionaire 2018
Martin Ebner: Forbes billionaire 2018
Tim Rice: English lyricist
Bernard Broermann: Forbes billionaire 2018
Richard Yuengling, Jr.: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jerry Jones: American businessman and owner of the Dallas Cowboys
Elaine Wynn: Forbes billionaire 2018
Erik Paulsson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Glen Taylor: Forbes billionaire 2018
Heinz Hermann Thiele: Forbes billionaire 2018
Heidi Horten: Forbes billionaire 2018
Faye Dunaway: American actress
Chuck McKinley: American tennis player
Herbie Hancock: American pianist
Erik Hansen: Danish 1K kayaker
Seamus Heaney: Irish poet and playwright
Robert "Evel" Knievel: American motorcycle daredevil
Paul Martin: 21st Prime Minister of Canada
Peter Jennings: news anchor
Bill Cosby: American actor and comedian
J. Hyatt Brown: Forbes billionaire 2018
Tom Stoppard: Czech-born British playwright
Mortimer Zuckerman: Forbes billionaire 2018
Sybill Storz: Forbes billionaire 2018
Billy Dee Williams: Harlem actor
Merle Haggard: country singer
Pope Francis [Jorge Mario Bergoglio]: Catholic Pope
Mary Travers: American folk singer
Silvio Berlusconi: former Prime Minister of Italy
Andrew Grove: Hungarian-American pioneer in the semiconductor industry and one of the founders and CEO of Intel
Wilt Chamberlain: American College & Basketball Hall of Fame center
Francois Pinault: Forbes billionaire 2018
Drayton McLane, Jr.: Forbes billionaire 2018
George Lyle Lindemann: Forbes billionaire 2018
Gary Player: South African golfer
Charles de Ganahl Koch: Forbes billionaire 2018
Robert Henry Lawrence: Jr., 1st African-American astronaut and U.S. Air Force major
Ghita Nørby: Danish actress
Maggie Smith: English actress
Ken Rosewall: Australian tennis player
Manuel Noriega: Panamanian general and dictator
Gordon Getty: American businessman and heir of J. Paul Getty
Jalal Talabani: Iraqi-Kurdish politician and President of Iraq
Amartya Sen: Indian economist and Nobel Prize laureate
Hobart "Hobie" Alter: American surf and sailing entrepreneur and pioneer who created the Hobie Cat
Nina Simone: American singer and civil rights activist
Robert Pettit: American NBA star
Chuck Noll: NFL coach
Randall Rollins: Forbes billionaire 2018
William Shatner: Canadian author, director and actor
Ib Norholm: Danish composer and organist
Robert Evans: American director and actor
Edward Crosby Johnson: Forbes billionaire 2018
Edward Johnson, IV: Forbes billionaire 2018
Malcolm Fraser: Prime Minister of Australia
Sarik Tara: Forbes billionaire 2018
Teh Hong Piow: Forbes billionaire 2018
Alan Gerry: Forbes billionaire 2018
Mike Ilitch: American businessman
Imelda Marcos: Filipino politician and First Lady of the Philippines
Anne Frank: Dutch Diarist and Jewish victim of the Nazi Holocaust
Audrey Hepburn: British actress
W. Herbert Hunt: Forbes billionaire 2018
Jacques Plante: Canadian Ice Hockey goalie who was the first to wear a goaltender mask
Noam Chomsky: American linguist
John Nash: American mathematician
James Watson: American molecular biologist, geneticist and zoologist
Antione : American rhythm & blues star of the early rock ’n’ roll era
Neil Simon: American playwright
Manuel Moroun: Forbes billionaire 2018
Albert Uderzo: French cartoonist and script writer
Pope Benedict XVI: Catholic Pope
Bernard Lewis: Forbes billionaire 2018
Patricia Neal: American actress
Robert F. Kennedy: American politician
Robert Altman: American screenwriter, producer and director
Douglas Engelbart: American computer scientist
Shirley Chisholm: 1st African American congresswoman
Robert Mugabe: Zimbabwean revolutionary, Prime Minister of Zimbabwe
Ned Rorem: composer and author
Gyorgy Ligeti: Hungarian classical composer
David Murdock: Forbes billionaire 2018
Judy Garland: American actress and singer
Iannis Xenakis: Romanian-born, Greek-French composer, music theorist, and architect who helped revolutionize 20th century classical music
Doris Day [Kappelhoff]: American singer, animal welfare activist and actress known as the "girl next door" actress
Andrei Sakharov: Russian nuclear physicist and an activist for disarmament, peace and human rights
Sugar Ray Robinson [Walter Smith]: American middle/welterweight boxer
Lis Hartel: Danish equestrian dressage
Yul Brynner: Russian-Swiss actor
Pierre Trudeau: 15th Canadian Prime Minister
Leif Kayser: Danish composer and organist
Spiro Agnew: American politician
Ted Williams: American baseball player and last player in MLB to bat over .400 in a single season
Guy Gibson: British aviator who led the Dambusters
Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan: 1st President of the United Arab Emirates
Spike Milligan: Irish-British actor and comedian
Indira Gandhi: 4th Prime Minister of India
James Herriot [Alfred Wight]: English veterinarian and novelist
P. W. Botha: President of South Africa
Harry Morgan: American actor
Thomas Merton: French-American Catholic writer and Trappist monk
Alec Guinness: British actor
George Reeves: American actor
Archie Moore: American light-heavyweight boxing champion
Vivien Leigh: English actress
William Hewlett: American engineer and businessman
William J. Casey: American head of the CIA during the Iran-contra scandal
Loretta Young: American actress
Werner von Braun: German rocket scientist
Mahalia Jackson: American gospel singer
Joseph Barbera: American animator
Johnny Mercer: American lyricist
Claude Lévi-Strauss: French social anthropologist and ethnologist
Joseph G. Hamilton: American physician who was a pioneer of using radioactive isotopes in disease treatment and diagnosis
Moss Hart: playwright
Salvador Dali: Spanish surrealist artist
Cecil Frank Powell: English physicist who discovered pion
Amy Johnson: British pilot, first female pilot to fly alone Britain to Australia
Bing Crosby [Harry Lillis Crosby]: American actor and singer
Eddie Shore: Canadian NHL hall of famer
Norma Shearer: Canadian-American actress
Thomas E. Dewey: Governor of NY and Republican presidential candidate
Margaret Mead: American anthropologist
Salvatore Quasimodo: Italian poet, critic and translator
Dennis Gabor: Hungarian-British engineer and physicist
C. S. Lewis [Clive Staples]: British sci-fi author
Henry Dixon Cowell: Menlo Park California, composer
Hattie McDaniel: 1st African American actress to win an Oscar
Carl Brisson: Danish actor
Basil Rathbone: South African born British actor
Oliver Hardy: American comic actor
Henry Miller: American author
[George] Bugs Moran: American gangster
Ole Kirk Christiansen: Danish inventor
Ronald Colman: English actor
Groucho Marx [Julius]: American comedian
Joe Malone: Canadian ice hockey center
Boris Pasternak: Russian novelist and poet
Edwin Hubble: American astronomer
Jim Thorpe: American all-round athlete
Niels Bohr: Danish physicist who expanded quantum physics
Chester Nimitz: American admiral who commanded the US Pacific fleet in World War II
Peter Fraser: British-born New Zealand statesman and 24th Prime Minister of New Zealand
Molla Mallory: Norwegian tennis player
Franz Kafka: Czech author
Niels Bjerrum: Danish chemist
Owen D. Young: American industrialist
Thomas J. Watson: Sr., American businessman
Andre Gide: French writer
John Heisman: American football coach who legalized the forward pass, originated the center snap and for which the Heisman Trophy is named
Albert Kahn: American architect
Robert A. Millikan: American physicist
W. E. B. Du Bois: American civil rights activist, writer
Madam C. J. Walker [Sarah Breedlove]: African American entrepreneur
Marie Bregendahl: Danish author
Johann Strauss III: Austrian composer and conductor
Billy the Kid [William H Bonney]: American frontier outlaw
Philippe Pétain: French marshal and Chief of the French State
Arthur Rimbaud: French poet and adventurer
Alice Mary Robertson: American educator, social worker and 2nd woman in US Congress
Jacob Riis: Danish-American social reformer and "muck raking" reporter
Bram Stoker: Irish theater manager and author
John Thompson: 4th Prime Minister of Canada
Pablo de Sarasate: Spanish violinist and composer
Robert Koch: German pioneering bacteriologist
Georg Brandes: [Morris Cohen], Danish literary historian and critic
George Dewey: American admiral, naval hero in Battle of Manila Bay
henrietta : American businesswoman and financier whose wealth and miserliness saw her known as the "Witch of Wall Street"
Edwin Booth: American Shakespearean actor
Levi Strauss: German-born American clothing designer
William Magear Tweed : American politician and corrupt New York fraudster
Charles Tupper: 6th Prime Minister of Canada
James Longstreet: American Confederate general
William Tecumseh Sherman: American Major General in the Union Army
Queen Victoria: Queen of the United Kingdom and Ireland
Charles Dickens: English novelist
Joseph E. Johnston: American military officer
Victor Hugo: French author
Gail Borden: American manufacturer and inventor of condensed milk
Nat Turner: American leader of a major slave rebellion in 1831
Wilhelm Grimm: German story teller
Steen Steensen Blicher: Danish poet and short-story writer
Johann Nepomuk Hummel: composer
Fernando Sor: Spanish composer, baptized in Barcelona, Spain
Jane Austen: English novelist
Friedrich von Schelling: German philosopher
Samuel Taylor Coleridge: English romantic poet
George Canning: British Prime Minister
Isaac Brock: British Army officer
John Quincy Adams: 6th President of the United States
Andrew Jackson: General and 7th US President
Eli Whitney: American inventor
William Grenville: 1st Baron Grenville, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Robert Burns: Scottish poet
Peter Andreas Heiberg: Danish author and philologist
Alexander Hamilton: US Founding Father and 1st United States Secretary of the Treasury
Muzio Clementi: Italian composer
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe: German social philosopher
Joseph Banks: English botanist and naturalist who accompanied James Cook on board the Endeavour
Thomas Paine: English-American political essayist
Ann Lee: American founder of the Shakers
Richard Arkwright: English industrialist and inventor
Frederick North: Lord North, Prime Minister of Great Britain
Giacomo Casanova: Italian writer, adventurer and famous lover
William Blackstone: English jurist
Adam Gottlob Moltke: Danish statesman
Lauritz de Thurah: Danish architect and architectural writer
Anne Bonny: Irish pirate
George II [Georg August]: King of Great Britain and Ireland, Elector of Hanover
Cotton Mather: American Puritan minister
Prince George of Denmark: Prince Consort of Anne of England
William Kidd: Scottish pirate legend
William Penn: English Philosopher, Quaker and founder of Pennsylvania
Charles Perrault: French author and fairy tale writer
Kurt S Adeler: Danish admiral/ship builder
Johannes Fabricius: Danish astronomer
Frederick Henry: Prince of Orange and stadtholder of Holland, Zeeland, Utrecht, Guelders, and Overijssel
John Smith: English explorer
Guy Fawkes: English Catholic conspirator who was convicted in the "Gunpowder Plot" to blow up the British Parliament
Henry IV: 1st Bourbon King of Navarra
Paracelsus: Swiss physician and alchemist
Guru Nanak: Founder of the religion of Sikhism and the 1st Sikh Guru
James I: King of Scotland
Temür Khan: Second Emperor of the Yuan Dynasty
Kong Valdemar den store: 131 King Valdemar I of Denmark
BC Confucius: Chinese philosopher and founder of Confucianism
St Gregory of Tours: Gallo-Roman chronicler and bishop
BC Julius Caesar: Roman military and political leader
Tom Persson: Forbes billionaire 2018

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