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The Worlds Most Detailed Numerology Report
See How Your Birthdate and Names
Influence You in All Areas of Life

Your birthdate reveals your unique life purpose, potentials and karma
and your names reveal how well you are supported in life –
what you attract in your intimate relationships and career, and whether you are
aligned with the energies of money and success.


Unlock Your Highest Potential
Know Your Numerology



Many People Struggle To Find Their Unique Life Purpose
Before You Can Manifest Efficiently
You have to TUNE IN

The OUTER WORLD starts dancing according to your tune.

Your universal codes of abundance are in your BIRTH NUMBERS and NAMES

Too many people don't listen to their hearts:

  • Statistics are showing us that over 53% of people are NOT SATISFIED with their jobs and what they are doing with their lives - for example:
  • People destined to be teachers spend years at law school with the false belief that they should be lawyers (studies show that 56% of lawyers are frustrated with their careers)
  • People destined to get a particular job don't even send the application because they lack self-confidence
  • People destined to be healers don't believe they have the necessary skills 
  • People destined to be authors feel inhibited by how many authors already are out there and therefore never allow themselves fully to follow through with their ideas
  • People who feel a secret attraction to astrology and numerology are afraid of being ridiculed by friends and family if they were to follow that passion
  • People who long for the attention of a person they secretly are in love with feel paralyzed and stay in a state of melancholy and passivity

The list goes on and on. And all of this comes from not daring to follow ones heart.

I am sure you can think of situations from your life where you did not dare to follow your heart. Perhaps you based your decisions on false premises, the wrong people, the wrong influences. Or maybe you didn't act at all, letting valuable opportunities pass you by.

A few examples
Are You Following Your Blueprint?

Some of the most important indicators in your numerology are the DAY VIBRATION number and the LIFE PATH numbers.
Below are some examples of what happens within you when you don't follow the loving and guiding energies in your numbers:

If you were born on the 1st, 10th, 19th or 28th in the month, you were actually born to be a winner and have success in society.

If this success does not come a feeling of resentment, disappointment, bitterness and being overly critical can set in.

If you were born on the 31st of the month, numerology tells us that you were not here to conform, but to always THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX.

And no matter what profession you are in - if you are not allowed to innovate or to think differently, you would inadvertently suffer and feel trapped by life.

If you were born on the 5th in the month, you were designed to be open, talkative and communicative.

But this is exactly where the karma also lies. Many people born on the 5th of the month experience problems with communication due to introversion and different kinds of speech impediments.

If your life path number is 16 you will have strong faculties of observation, an international inclination, an awakened intuition and a strong sense of spirituality.

And if your choices in life don’t reflect these qualities the result can be feelings of inexplicable fear and anxiety.

Time To Take That Quantum Leap
Knowing Your Numerology You Start Experiencing ...

An Inner Guidance That Awakens

When you start acting according to your numerology, you begin working in alignment with the will of the universe. You are following your "master design" - the way the universe intended you to be. This gives a feeling of having a compass - and always knowing where your true north lies.

With this alignment, you will start experiencing SYNCHRONICITIES:

  • You think of someone, and they call you
  • You need a specific thing, and it appears
  • You need a particular task accomplished, and someone completes it for you without you even asking
  • A long-lost benefactor calls and gives you the advice you need to move forward
  • The right people contact you to bring you forward in your quest

Things happen that solve your problem and solve the problems of other people involved as well, leaving you with a sense of awe – how could the universe think up such a clever solution, you think, a solution that takes so much of the common good into consideration ….

Being on the path of synchronicity is one of the closest things you can achieve in life to being on a path of MAGIC. This is what happens when you follow the higher path that is laid out for you.

Life purpose, karma, and hidden talents

When you know your numbers, you start connecting with your life purpose. Before, you might have felt your life purpose on a superficial level – but now it becomes anchored into your being.

Your purpose becomes a solid foundation and resting place upon which you can structure your life.

At the same time, you also start getting a clearer feeling of the karma you come with. Karma can be negative karma, in the sense that you are paying the price for previous karmic debts. Still, it can also be positive karma that lies buried within your psyche as a potential ready to be released.

Instead of seeing the problems you meet in life as impossible obstacles, you start seeing your problems as aspects of your karma that can be burned and transformed into energy that will fuel your life purpose.

When your life purpose is revealed to you and fueled by your karma, you also start experiencing that hidden talents, things you didn’t know that you actually are really good at, start coming to the surface.

There is a saying that when the student is ready, the master appears. This also goes for the inner world. When you are ready and show up for your purpose, an inner master awakens within you, offering you guidance and inner vision.

Success & Abundance

Once you tap into your soul power and awaken your numerology, your life 10x’s.

The great achievers, celebrities, and luminaries out there are all in some degree of alignment with their soul power.

Their success comes from a FEEDBACK loop of knowing WHERE to go and EMBRACING the opportunities and feedback that come back when receiving the ANSWERS and following the guiding SYNCHRONICITIES from the universe.

Not only will abundance and career opportunities start to roll in, but also the right people start coming to you.

Not toxic, evil, or needy people …

But good, powerful, and kind people that are genuinely interested in helping YOU to achieve your dreams.

See or feel something that you before might have thought of as genuinely impossible for you to achieve, and now imagine yourself achieving this with ease when you bring yourself in alignment with your BLUEPRINT.

Harmony in Relationships

When you know yourself and your numbers, you realize how the world is a projection of yourself. When you stop associating pain with the outer world and start taking responsibility for who you are, your relationships automatically start improving.

Harmonious relationships arise when you stop projecting your pain onto other people. Instead of a "victim" mindset, you become more proactive, creating the kind of relationships you would like with people. Instead of focusing on problems, you focus on the solutions that are provided by your numbers. We call these "soul-utions".

If you are looking for romance, you also start attracting potential partners into your life as you begin to shine. There is nothing more attractive than a person in contact with their soul power because this person is in tune with the mighty pillars of the universe, as shown to us through the numbers. Instead of relying on your "ego" power, you rely on your "archetype" power.

Your Destiny is Not Set in Stone But is
A Potential Waiting For You

Some people don’t take action because they believe that their lives are predestined at a deep level. God, or destiny, or the universe wanted me to be like this, so I stay like this.

Sure, destiny does exist …

And sometimes destiny feels “solid as rock.”

But the truth of the nature of the universe is that it is


Meaning that parallel paths exist

You have a path predefined by your EGO, which tells you that:

 “I am like this – and life will unfold like this, and there is nothing I can do” – and then your life will also unfold in that way.

But you also have a more open path, a path of endless possibility that is defined by your SOUL.

Your soul does not set things in rock.

Your soul says, “there are certain valuable life lessons I need to learn.”

And when you start listening to your soul and start collaborating with it, you begin the necessary deep inner conversation that opens you up to receive the right information, and light starts pouring in through the cracks.

The only thing that you have to do is to ACT.

The Blueprint is Built on The Worlds Largest Body of Numerology Research
We Have Studied The Numerology of Over 100.000 Celebrities and Luminaries

These people attained success because they dared to follow their blueprint, thereby getting the most out of what was given to them!

Using advanced software, we have made NUMEROLOGICAL STATISTICS on over 100.000 celebrities and luminaries. We have looked at all of the main numbers in their charts - the day vibration, the month vibration, the year vibration, the life path numbers, the names and correlated the findings with their personality traits, careers, and results.

And the results are nothing short of amazing...

When we look at statistics over such a large body of people, we notice specific "trends."

Celebrities and luminaries have reached where they are in life because they succeeded in following their design, their BLUEPRINT.

How would your life look if you followed your numerology blueprint?

Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves
Some Results From Our Research

Introducing the
Authors of your Numerology Report

Together Johannes and Estel lead the largest school of numerology in Scandinavia
where they have certified a whole generation of professional numerologists.

Numerologist and certification leader
Estel Ehvass

Estel is a numerologist, coach and psychotherapist, certification leader and software designer at Numerologist PRO.

Estel met numerology at a very young age on a trip to India, and has been interested in numerology ever since.

She researches and goes in depth with the ancient sources of numerology, and has modernized the ancient knowledge of consonants and vowels in the names to a whole new level. Estel also researches empirically on the effects of numerology - especially in the name change process.

Estel was originally educated in musicology at the university of Copenhagen. She has studied many forms of spiritual wisdom systems, and has been practicing meditation since she was 19 years old.

Numerologist and software developer
Johannes Ehvass

Johannes is a software architect at Numerologist PRO in addition to numerologist, coach and education manager.

Johannes has a degree in computer science and after many years as a software engineer has worked independently as a coach. During this time his interest in numerology and the more spiritual aspects of life have grown so he today fully integrates his interest in software development and numerology.

Johannes has a systematic and step-by-step approach to the learning process, number combinations and interpretation, where he combines knowledge and intuition with his eye for the fascinating mathematics that underlies numerology.

Johannes grew up in Swaziland and Hong Kong and has a daily practice of meditation, yoga and kung fu.

Why this report is important
Your unique benefits

  • Knowing your life path numbers will put you in alignment with your highest mission in this life.
  • Save time by knowing where you are going. Make your choices in life in alignment with your life path.
  • Act in ways that are more congruent with who you are.
  • Know the intimate dynamics between your inner life and your outer life - what tendencies do you display outwardly and how do your actions sync with how you feel inside?
  • How can you develop yourself in the quickest time possible to create QUANTUM LEAPS in your life
  • Get to know yourself at a deep level by understanding the ARCHITECTURE of your psyche
  • Revisit your childhood and release old traumas
  • Revisit your teens to uncover the base of your survival thought patterns
  • Revisit your twenties to rediscover how your social intelligence is built up
  • Harness the law of attraction through knowing what you secretly desire
  • Find out if your desires in life are actually fulfilling your psychological needs. Should you be changing your DESIRE to match your needs - or should you go full on with your desires?
  • How is the voice of your soul being channelled outward through the desires that you have in your life?
  • How do others SEE and EXPERIENCE you? Might you unintentionally be sending out energies that push other people away?
  • How can you MAGNIFY the positive aspects of your CHARISMA so that you naturally harness the energies that you come with in your birth date and names?
  • How to understand the mechanics in areas of your life such as your SEX LIFE, your LOVE LIFE, your FRIENDSHIPS, your relationship to your COLLEAGUES, your BUSINESS, CAREER and your relationship to MONEY.
  • In the online membership area you can see and interact with complex numerological CHARTS that look complex but actually are easy to read and internalize because the Chaldean number charts MIMIC the structures in the body.
  • The most important numbers come along with 5 step keys that will help you to ACTIVATE your numbers in the most harmonious and fast way possible.
  • See videos and read explanations that clarify everything.
  • With the report all the information that is presented in the membership site is put in a pdf so that you can download it, print it out and take it with you whereever you go.
  • Multiple channels of learning - online, video, mp3, text and pdf manuals allow for a total immersion in your unique numbers.
  • You are actually LEARNING advanced numerology while learning about YOUR SELF.

Layer by layer
Revealing Your Most Profound Depths

In this report we will be going through your 5 major Chaldean charts which goes through every aspect of your personality alll the way up from the level of the soul down to what you experience in day to day physical life

The higher self chart
Your soul numbers

The numbers in the higher self chart are created solely by the numbers in our birth date. The essence numbers (common denomination of all the numbers in the Higher Self) are some of the most fascinating numbers in numerology as they tell the story of your unique life mission in this incarnation.
The numbers in the higher self can never be changed as you cannot change the day that you were born!

The psychic self chart
Your psyche numbers

The psychic self is a fascinating chart that the chaldean numerologist uses to look deeply into the psyche. It is used after analyzing the higher self to go even more in-depth with the person’s psyche and mental development. During our lives different psychological needs, faculties and psychic powers awaken within us. The psychic self chart is a map that shows us when, where and in which areas of our lives our latent possibilities and highest potentials will awaken. In this way we can use this chart to get the best out of our lives by tuning into the fascinating aspects that the chart reveals to us.

The vocation chart
Your vocation numbers

We build the heart’s desire chart from the vowel values in your name. They tell about your desires, likes/dislikes, and the hidden motives behind everything that you do. These numbers also show you what your true intentions are behind your many choices. These numbers are also “resonators,” meaning that they attract what you desire into your life. These numbers show how you like to use your time – your hobbies and your interests.

The personality chart
Your personality numbers

We build the personality chart from the consonants in your names. Consonants are what give the actual “form” to the words, while vowels are more subtle and hidden. While your vocation chart maps out your inner desires, intention and will, your personality numbers define your personality and charisma – your “outer” and “final form” that you take in the physical world. We see here the characteristics, traits, and qualities that you transmit to the outer world. The personality chart is the map of the first impression you give to others, and for the most part, this is how far you let others get to know you.

The name chart
Your names

Together with the birth day vibration, your names create all the other numbers in the human self chart: the auras, the theme of life, the column, the backbone, the number of vitality, the radiation number, and the centers. The human self is the most “physical” of the charts and tells us what we meet in life – what are the actual physical outcomes that we meet. In this section, we explore the meanings of your names and their energetic implications.

And finally
Your life areas

In this section we explore your different life areas: Your communication, your brand, your love and sex life, your friends, your colleagues and your relationship to money. All these things can be read from your name chart.

Your membership page

Explore your numbers in the membership page where you see the different charts and information about your unique numbers and how to apply this information in your life to get maximum results.


Clear overview

Responsive Design

Deep insights

Download as a report

In the membership site you can also download your report and save it to your desktop. The content of the report is exactly the same as you will find in the membership site - just condensed into a manual that you can download onto your computer.

150+ pages

Probably the most detailed numerology report out there with over 150 pages of deep insights into numerology and into your numbers.

Next Steps
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Enter your data

After you have entered into your membership site you enter your full name and your date of birth. This will generate all the numbers and charts!

Surf and immerse yourself

Now that you have entered your data you will see your charts with numbers and explanations. In the menu to the left there is a button that you can click on that will generate the 150 page report for you.


Meet Estel and Johannes Ehvass

We run the largest school of numerology in Scandinavia based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

We have Educated over 100 professional numerologists who now use our system in their businesses. We offer a numerology education with many levels and help our students to become professional numerologists.

Through our coaching, we have served over 1000 clients in numerology. We guide our clients on how they can reach their fullest potential through understanding the potentials that lie within their day of birth and names. We also help clients who wish to have new names as new names come with new energies and new possibilities.

We have also helped over a hundred companies to establish companies on suitable dates and with good names.

We have over 20 years of experience with numerology and coaching and have been a myriad of times in Danish/Scandinavian media.

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