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The Journey of a Life Time
Walking The Path of Your Soul

Each of us are born with a unique karma and a unique set of life lessons that we have to learn

The Soul

Our soul is the deepest and most profound aspect of us and connects us to the will, mind and heart of the creator.

Getting to know your soul is connecting to the highest aspect of your self – an encounter that reveals who you are at the deepest level and that will give you guidance every step of your way.


Your soul lives in a different dimension of time than your physical body and has subtle access to all of your different incarnations. In each incarnation you have a unique set of life lessons that you need to learn.


Our present condition is an exact reflection of both our positive and negative karma. Our birth date shows us the karma that we reincarnate with, and the keys both to burn the negative karma in the quickest way possible – and to ride on the wave of the positive karma.


Each incarnation is a new possibility for us to live up to our highest potential. You can resist, even refuse to walk the path of your destiny – or you can decide to take the highway that leads you to the life that you were born to live.


When you act in accordance with your soul blueprint, your life potential and mission – the whole universe has your back and will help you in every conceivable way. The right people, situations and opportunities will present themselves to you.

Numerology and your soul
7 Essential Truths

That help you to get in alignment with your unique life purpose ...


You have a purpose of life

We all have a life purpose – but many of us refuse to accept this.

But our deep inner self knows that we have one and sends messages to us through our dreams and intuition. All the major happenings in our lives are not random events - but reflect essential milestones in fulfilling our destiny.


Life can feel very confusing - and that's the point

When we don't know - or are not aligned with our life purpose, life feels random and chaotic.

We might feel that there is more in life than what we have, but the feeling is elusive – we cannot put it into words or pictures, and it remains as a gut feeling that something is missing.

Not knowing our purpose is quite natural – and one of the basic conditions of life. One of the big reasons why we incarnate on this physical plane is precisely to unravel the great mystery of who we are, why we are here, and what it is we are here to do – and until we start actively asking the right questions, looking in the right places and connecting with our soul – that feeling will remain elusive.


There is a greater truth behind everything

The universe is a giant holograph. Each part reflects and contains the whole, and the individual psyche fits into this holograph, recreating the wholeness within ourselves.

Our number system is the perfect microcosm that acts as a mirror image of the macrocosm – the universe. The numbers 1-9 are a holographic image of the universe where each number from 1-9 reflects a particular development of consciousness in the overall process. The number system continues upwards to infinity, but no matter how large the number is, the digit sum of all numbers is always 1-9, which shows that the universe is both cyclical – but grows like a spiral at the same time.

The numbers and vortex mathematics (which lies at the heart of Chaldean numerology) show how our universe can be stable and cyclical but spiral, dynamic, and evolving simultaneously.


You have a soul

The soul is the most profound wisdom core and the total memory of all your incarnations.

Your soul is timeless and has access to all your incarnations. What you did hundreds of years ago in a previous incarnation, and what you do in an embodiment in hundreds of years, affects you here and now.

According to the most profound spiritual wisdom, our souls are all connected to the divine.

You incarnate again and again, and with each incarnation, you learn essential life lessons. By knowing your soul blueprint, you connect to your soul's mission in this incarnation, and you speed up the process to liberation.


You are on a path leading up to the top of a mountain

Our path in life can be symbolized as a mountain path leading to a summit.

Seeing the journey of our lives like a mountain path is a useful comparison because it tells us that the journey is not always easy! Some parts of the path are steep, and others are treacherous. Facing challenges is ingrained into our existence – and to pass the difficult parts of the path, we need courage, determination, and wisdom.


Destiny exists - but you can accept it and live it positively

The accomplishment of our life purpose represents the top of the mountain, and the numbers in our date of birth show the way.

We can sometimes slow down or stop to rest before moving on. Many give up along the way and resign.

We have FREE WILL so how you choose to climb your path is UP TO YOU.

But the mountain will not go away because you don't feel like climbing it. You can put it off, choose to ignore it, or decide to spend your days in the valley. But ultimately, you will have to climb it - because the mountain is your destiny. If we fail in climbing to the top of the mountain in this life, we will incarnate again with the same numbers and challenges.


Numerology can help you to reveal the purpose of your life

Numerology shows a clear, objective method of understanding our psyche in relation to the universe and bringing us clarity about our life purpose.

The numbers in our date of birth tell about the different aspects of the journey that we are facing.

Of particular importance is your day vibration (the day of the month you were born), representing your outer personality archetype and the life path numbers, which are all the digits of your date of birth added together.

The life path numbers show the most profound lesson you need to learn in your present incarnation and tell you about the nature of the mountain you are here to climb.

Introducing the
Authors of your Soul Blueprint

Together Johannes and Estel lead the largest school of numerology in Scandinavia
where they have certified a whole generation of professional numerologists.

Numerologist and certification leader
Estel Ehvass

Estel is a numerologist, coach and psychotherapist, certification leader and software designer at Numerologist PRO.

Estel met numerology at a very young age on a trip to India, and has been interested in numerology ever since.

She researches and goes in depth with the ancient sources of numerology, and has modernized the ancient knowledge of consonants and vowels in the names to a whole new level. Estel also researches empirically on the effects of numerology – especially in the name change process.

Estel was originally educated in musicology at the university of Copenhagen. She has studied many forms of spiritual wisdom systems, and has been practicing meditation since she was 19 years old.

Numerologist and software developer
Johannes Ehvass

Johannes is a software architect at Numerologist PRO in addition to numerologist, coach and education manager.

Johannes has a degree in computer science and after many years as a software engineer has worked independently as a coach. During this time his interest in numerology and the more spiritual aspects of life have grown so he today fully integrates his interest in software development and numerology.

Johannes has a systematic and step-by-step approach to the learning process, number combinations and interpretation, where he combines knowledge and intuition with his eye for the fascinating mathematics that underlies numerology.

Johannes grew up in Swaziland and Hong Kong and has a daily practice of meditation, yoga and kung fu.

Why this report is important
Your unique benefits

  • Knowing your life path numbers will put you in alignment with your highest mission in this life.
  • Save time by knowing where you are going. Make your choices in life in alignment with your life path.
  • Act in ways that are more congruent with who you are.
  • Know the intimate dynamics between your inner life and your outer life – what tendencies do you display outwardly and how do your actions sync with how you feel inside?
  • How can you develop yourself in the quickest time possible to create QUANTUM LEAPS in your life
  • Harness the law of attraction through knowing your numbers
  • In the online membership area you can see and interact with complex numerological CHARTS that look complex but actually are easy to read and internalize because the Chaldean number charts MIMIC the structures in the body.
  • The most important numbers come along with 5 step keys that will help you to ACTIVATE your numbers in the most harmonious and fast way possible.
  • See videos and read explanations that clarify everything.
  • With the report all the information that is presented in the membership site is put in a pdf so that you can download it, print it out and take it with you whereever you go.
  • Multiple channels of learning – online, video, mp3, text and pdf manuals allow for a total immersion in your unique numbers.
  • You are actually LEARNING advanced numerology while learning about YOUR SELF.

Your Soul Blueprint
Revealing Your Soul Aspects

In this report we will be going through the first of the 5 major Chaldean charts – the HIGHER SELF CHART which covers all aspects of your soul and karma.

Main personality archetype
Your Day Vibration

The day of the month that you are born is one of the most important numbers in Chaldean numerology.

Your day number is the portal between your higher self and your human self. It is your MAIN personality archetype and accounts for 30-50% of your most visible personality traits. It is the way that your higher self expresses itself on this physical plane, and it connects your higher essence with your daily life on Earth.

Essence and highest potential
Your Life Path Numbers

Our life path numbers tells a lot about how we feel inside, our emotional life, the nature of the KARMA that we bring with us from earlier lives, our innermost yearnings, and longings, etc. As we grow older, we tend to transition from our life path number to our higher life path number which signifies our greatest potential. The higher life number usually awakens in our 30’s as we embrace our adult responsibilities.

Keys to abundance and flow
Your Outer World Numbers

Your soul’s relation to the outside world is created by the interplay between your month vibration and your day number. We look at your month vibration and the composite outer energy created by your day and month vibration and how you create most abundance and flow in the outer world.

Keys to inner joy
Your Inner World Numbers

Your soul’s relation to the inside world is created by the interplay between your year vibration and your day number. We look at your year vibration and the composite inner energy created by your day and year vibration to see how you can optimise your thought processes and emotions.

The full mind spirit potential
Your Dharma

The chart dharma line represents the communication between your conscious and subconscious mind. When there is good and pure communication between the conscious and subconscious, the two hemispheres melt together to form the “supramental mind.” This is a state of being in which the deepest secrets of the universe can be revealed. Therefore this number also tells the numerologist how you communicate with God/the universe and how you live out your inner spiritual life.

Mirror of your deepest being
Day Lifepath Diamond

The day lifepath diamond shows the interaction between your external personality (day energy) and your inner life (lifepath energy), describing the dynamics that occur between the outer and the inner. What is the influence of the lifepath numbers on the outer personality, and how does the personality influence the lifepath numbers.

Quantum leaps
Your Target Number

The target number is a magical number that shows you what you have to do to activate your higher life path number in the quickest way possible. The target number is sometimes called the quantum leap number because implementing the qualities of this number in your life is the direct path to your liberation.

Gateway to cosmic consciousness
Your Planetary Influences

When tuning into the planets that your numbers correspond with in the higher self, you subtly download and receive a lot of information about some of the main influences exerted upon you.

Your membership page

Explore your numbers in the membership page where you see the different charts and information about your unique numbers and how to apply this information in your life to get maximum results.


Your Higher Self Chart in depth

Explanations of all your numbers

Steps to unlock your number codes

Download as a report

In the membership site you can also download your report and save it to your desktop. The content of the report is exactly the same as you will find in the membership site – just condensed into a manual that you can download onto your computer.

54+ pages

Probably the most detailed numerology report out there with over 50 pages of deep insights specifically about your birth numerology.

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