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Welcome to the worlds first original software for professional numerologists
LAUNCH 23. MAY 2018

The worlds FIRST online software for professional numerologists

We help you to optimize your business, brand and skills as a numerologist.

With Numerologist PRO you always have a complete overview of your clients and their numerology charts.

Avoid calculation mistakes and save time by letting the software do the calculations. Instead you can focus on interpretation and quality time together with your client.

More time with the client – avoid calculation mistakes – beautiful pdf printable reports for the client – brand yourself professionally by being the proud owner of our numerology software!

The video is in danish and will soon be translated to english!


Dear numerologist!

Are you also tired of:

  • The risk of calculation mistakes in your destiny rhythms, year rows, day vibrations and numeroscopes?
  • To use your time making long calculations for people instead of quality time with the customer?
  • Looking for a numeroscope that you can’t find?
  • That you never can save your charts in a structured way?
  • No overview of your clients?

numerologist PRO features


Numerologist PRO offers a lot of features
which makes life easier for you as a numerologist …


Create client profiles

The client profile is the central part of the software. It contains the clients charts, year rows, day vibrations and templates for new name numbers that fit the clients birthdate.


See numerological charts

Visual overview of the clients chart where you can click on the numbers and see short descriptions that help you with your interpretations. You can create “normal”, “new name” or business charts.


Analysis system

The system comes with standard analysis of the numbers placement in the chart. You can edit the standard analysis your self to create your own universe of interpretations which can be saved in the system.


Quick Analysis

The Quick Analysis tool looks at the most important numbers in the chart and will make you aware of the most significant traits in the chart, special patterns, characteristics, symmetry, many similar numbers and in depth interpretations of the most important numbers etc.


Year Rows

Here you will get a complete list of the destiny rhythms, year rows and day vibrations for as long a period as you want (110 years into the future per client).


Plan the day

You can also check your own and others day vibrations hour by hour, and thereby plan your day in the best way! Look up any day in the calendar to see the days vibrations.


Send your client a report

The system can make reports for your clients which contain the clients chart, number interpretations, name lists, year rows and your own conclusions about the chart.


Upload your own templates

Upload your chart templates for each fundament vibration so that you easily can find the best chart for the client. When you have uploaded your template you can use them in the “Best Name Tool”.


Find the perfect template

Use the computers power to narrow down the millions of possible charts to a few templates. Check off the rules that you wish to apply for the template – and see which templates the software finds.


Best Name Tool

Here you have drop down lists with approved names with the right number values, and a calculator field above where you can play with alternative spelling. After this then save your favourite name combinations which will help you in the name searching process.


Numerology for business

In the business chart the client can see and read what they can expect from their business chart. As with any other standard description you can add or overwrite with your own descriptions.


Business word lists

Choose between 6 different languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Italien and Danish. Just type in a number and get a complete list of words corresponding to that number. For use in business sessions, product titles, book titles, homepages and in numerological marketing.


  • Visual overview of the clients chart, year rows and day vibrations by entering name and birthdate
  • More time for presence and interpretation during the session
  • Quickly find or make new charts when the client calls and asks a question
  • Prepare yourself efficiently for a session



Does all of this seem enticing to you – but you dont feel you know enough about numerology?

Or are you already a professional numerologist well versed in pythagorean numerology?

Well fear not, in the online software we are developing chaldean numerology lessons so that you quickly can understand all the key concepts and start interpreting chaldean charts in a matter of days!





A few testimonials from the users of the danish version of Numerologist PRO …



Super cool software that gives me a numerological overview. The software helps me to get a quick and deep insight into my clients challenges, which I can use in my therapy sessions. Numerologist Pro is for all who wish to make their job with numerology easier and much more manageable. The instructions in the use of the product is outstanding, and if you should have any doubts there is good and quick help available. I can recommend the product to anyone as it is by far the most innovative and comprehensive product on the market. Every detail is carefully considered, and it is easy to use, whether you have a flair for technology or not. Thumbs up from here!

Matthias Friis

Sexologist and man coach

My best recommendations 5 out of 5 stars.


This ingenious numerological tool is made both for the professionalnumerologist and for students of numerology.

It is easy, clear and fast!

Simply enter a few numerical values ​​(names and birth data) and then you are on track! Quick overview!

You see a numerology chart, day vibrations, year rows and destiny rhythms – and not only for this day, or this year – you can forsee 90 or 100 years in the future!


It is also very useful for the student of numerology since there already exists available interpretations for each individual number in the chart according to its location.

You can make numerology chart comparisons, and there are proposals for names. And yet another brilliant detail – it is also useful and fast to make business charts!

You can write your own notes, so that it is tailored exactly to your customer or task, and finally you can choose whether you want to print it all in a PDF report that you can give to the customer / company.

I’m so enthusiastic about this. It’s so brilliant !!!

Micchelle Melisa Johansson Carstensen


Numerologist Pro is an amazingly intuitive tool that is VERY easy to use, while having all the features you need. The graphic design is top-notch and you can insert your own design as needed, thus personalizing the design. The quality of the product is also top notch, and it is easily felt that a lot of work has been done to make the product flawless to the smallest detail. It is a tool that can be used by all “types” of numerologists, as you can modify the descriptions of the numbers in the numeroscope. THANK YOU for making my numerology work a LOT easier, as well as much more professional and aesthetic.

Isabella Montserrat


Great numerology tool that quickly makes all the necessary calculations for you so that you can concentrate on the interpretational work of the numbers in the chart.

The model also provides suggestions for new name number combinations.

The software even provides interpretations of all the numbers in the chart – and you can configure the interpretations your self to match your needs. And on top of that there is the possibility of making reports to send to your clients.

A professional tool that I can warmly recommend after a trial period.

Birggitte Falgenberg




In Numerologist PRO you can get the system to create pdf reports with an in depth analysis of the clients numerological charts.

You can configure the reports by uploading your own photos, logo, frontpage picture etc so that the report becomes an extension of your brand.

Give the client beautiful reports which include name lists, numerological charts, interpretations, year rows etc and which add that extra value that they will remember you for – making your session an experience that your client will remember you for forever.




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